Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, March 06, 2008

WOW...fell asleep last night and when we woke up we realized we never even posted...THAT is a first...

The line-up is out...last year was FREAKIN' GREAT...this year is GOING TO BE EVEN BETTER!!!

HEY TEAMSTER!!!! We get to see Mr. Musslewhite...!!!!

Thinking Friday night is going to be a tough night. They use three stages and the Blues tent and the shows go on simultaneously - We are hoping Musslewhite, Jonny Lang, Keb Mo' and Ben Folds are not all on somewhere at the same time...and would like to see Joan Jett again...and Sheryl Crow...thinking that may be too much to ask...

Saturday the MUST is Santana (most likely main stage last of the evening...) and we would like to see Richard Johnston (he is playing all three days), Lou Reed and Blind Mississippi Morris...

Sunday is simple Black Crowes, ARETHA! and Doyle Bramhall are the must sees....

$63.00 for all THREE DAYS...this is one hell of a deal...


We will feature two memes on Monday...the iPod meme we are borrowing from Travis and we will finally unveil our Message In A Bottle meme from the Queen Of The Meme's, Ms. Mimi...

We have been teasing her for the last few weeks - and she in turn refuses to score me fairly on the Comeback Challenge has been teasing me back...

We have avoided the dungeon and have even engineered a break-out but it has all been in fun...

So, our Message In A Bottle will appear then also...


Moving on...moving on....

So, BIG NEWS!!! Memphis is expecting somewhere between 2" and 5" of snow over the next 24 it was about 60 in the afternoon...once again, there is not a quart of milk or a loaf of bread on the shelves within 200 miles...

It is a phenomena we, from the Northeast, can not comprehend. We will of course, stay off the road as much as possible, because the natives who take to the roadways are...well, they are NOT adept at operating 2 tons or more of steel on slick roadways...let's leave it at that...

Enjoy your weekend..............................................................................................enjoy some Tuneage

"That's The Way She Loves"
Aaron Neville

"Angel From Montgomery"
Bonnnie Raitt & John Prine

21 Of Your Sparks

  1. That is indeed a smokin' hot deal on the music festival tix. You be a lucky one, Mr. Bond.

    Enjoy the snow; I'll be basking in sunny weather with temps near 70 degrees.

  2. Schmoop Says:
  3. Enjoy the weekend. We are suppose to get at least 10" of snow. I can dig it. Cheers!!

  4. Schmoop Says:
  5. We are suppose to get 10" of snow tonight and tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend. Cheers!!

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. Snow sure is a rarity up there in the North East! Be safe!

  8. SONGBIRD: It was warm yesterday....pppptttttttt come on down for the concert

    MATT-MAN: Hope you have enough milk and bread...LOL

    KYRA: Ya mean down here in the mid-south? SMOOCH

  9. Tug Says:
  10. Wow, my brain overloaded just READING the line-ups! Have a blast, as I'm sure you will - hopefully without snow.

  11. Oh oh oh! Angel From Montgomery is in my 10 favorite songs of ALL time. LOVE John Prine. That line up is truly stellar. Go see Sheryl if you can she is awesome. The Crows are great too, expect the mega jams =)

  12. Angell Says:
  13. *wonders if she can talk hubby into taking vacation in Memphis instead of Ohio, and in May instead of August...*

    As for the snow, I am with you. Only, as I stated on Matt-Man's blog, I live in CANADA. These people should be USED to manoeuvering in the blinding white, but nooooooooooooo....

    *sigh* Morons.

    I did Trav's meme. It's fun :D

    Have a great weekend hibernating - hopefully Nancy can join you.

    SMOOCHES and hugs to both.

  14. BeckEye Says:
  15. Looks like a cool festival. Minus Disturbed and My Chemical Romance. Who invited them??

  16. Mimi Lenox Says:
  17. Ahhh....the festival. Glad you escaped the dungeon long enough to attend. Looks fabulous. I hope the weather is kind to you.

    Message In a Bottle meme? What meme? What bottle? What challenge? What answers? Oh stop! You know you're funny! (you meme-dodger you....)

    Seriously, I'm sure your bottle will be unique. If not, it's back to the dungeon for you mister.

  18. DrillerAA Says:
  19. $63.00 is a great bargin. However, I'd pay $25.00 to keep Jerry Lee Lewis home. I thought he would be in a home by now.
    Santana, Aretha, Lou Reed are worth the price of admission by themselves.
    I'm sure you're planning of having a great time.

  20. Liz Hill Says:
  21. Now THAT is a lineup. Why why why why does it have to be Derby weekend???

    And am I the last person on Earth without an iPod??

    I have to remember to do the meme in my car.

    Man that is some lineup ......

  22. Travis Cody Says:
  23. Only $63! Wow!

    I think my head would explode from all that incredible music.

  24. Meribah Says:
  25. Them Southerners sure get excited over a little snow, eh? And 2-5 inches is NOTHING! I wonder what they would do with 12 inches of the stuff? Do yuh suppose The South would close down? LOL
    Oh, and snow means slow, people! Even some Northerners (who you'd think would know better) don't get that. Sheesh.

    Have a happy weekend, everybody! :)

  26. Jeff B Says:
  27. 2-5 inches is nothing to be proud of. Now 8+ inches is something else! Oh, sorry you were talking about snow weren't you?

    Sounds like quite the musical bonanza too.

  28. Julie Says:
  29. Wow! Something for everyone in Memphis!

    Yeah this snow business.....whoa! I think our county is really struggling. Moving $$$$ from one fund to another. Pothole fund to need more salt fund.

    So much for people's tie-rods!

    Like Matt said many many inches!!

    **blink** Ummm what did I just say?

  30. Hope you survive the snow. They say we got a light "dusting" in Birmingham, but that's enough to create somewhat of a panic too.

    Sounds like quite a lineup at the upcoming music festival. I may have to check the work schedule and see if I can make it up there.

  31. DrillerAA Says:
  32. SXSW (South by SouthWest) starts this week in Austin, TX. It's a huge music and film festival. The tickets are huge as well. I believe they start around $500.00 for all events for all four days.
    There is no way one could see everything.

  33. TopChamp Says:
  34. oh my god - that's amazingly cheap. I want to go.... Get in as much as you can and tell me EVERYTHING!

    P.s. Don't bother with Cat Power - just got an album and think it's rubbish.

  35. katherine. Says:
  36. the festival looks incredible! If only it was a week earlier....

  37. Luke Says:
  38. hey guys, before you hit the Beale Street Music Festival, why not head over to and claim your Beale Street Name?

    Also enter to win 4 tix, a room in a nearby Casino, and a limo to drop you off at the front gate. Not bad.


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