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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Build your vocabulary, feed the hungry...
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Arg....H-Rod making her acceptance speech...not a big fan at all...

Watched American Idol tonight....just do not feel much from any of these guys - David Cook did a great job with "Hello"...

Quite a few of my female friends like the other David Archuleta kid...the vote is still out on him...

So, Hucklebee has decided to go back to looking for hitchhikers in bright orange jumpsuits....as he exited stage left last night from his run at the White House...

Is H-Rod serious...like she knows what it takes to get up at three in the morning because of a crisis...sheesh...

"Yes We Can" ... "Yes She Can"... - personally, we like the WE

Absolutely hated this kid Danny Noriega - he just is to over the top...

But honestly, they touted "The Best Group Of Singers Ever Selected" when they went to Hollywood...

If so...They left some great singers behind...

Now she is chanting "Yes We Will"...sheesh...very original...

And she is going to "heal and lead the world"? Does she know that this election is only for the U.S.A.???

Lot of light blue for Clinton in Texas, but the dark blue for Obama is in the heavily populated areas...unless they are trying to get the cattle to vote out there...

Had some snow here today in Memphis...very light, nothing stuck to the ground...there is not a gallon of milk or a loaf of white bread left on the shelves within the region...

Have you checked out the story Jeff is telling over at A Word In Edgewise, his wonderful blog home. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find Part 1 and then read through the six installments.

To me, it had a Jean Shepherd feel....

Ya KNOW..."A Christmas Story"....A old fashioned family story...

THANKS JEFF...for sharing that day.

Brett Favre has announced his retirement...First round Hall Of Famer....if the Packers could have enticed Randy Moss, Favre would have been back with bells on...though Favre is denying it...maybe he is tired...but that team looks so good right now it seems like one more year would have been a smart choice...

These three played in a row this evening...is it too much music? If you open a new window or tab to view another site, does the music still play for you? Just curious...

We like doing threesomes (HEY....Mom Joan reads this! ) - We mean taking a sample of three songs, as it really allows iTunes to reach out...

WAIT WAIT WAIT...OK, maybe we are behind the curve here, but "Hush" from DEEP PURPLE is the new song for Jaguar??????????
bwahahahahahahahahahahhahaaa - Kiddies...THAT right there is the word IRONY at work!

Where were we? OH yeah...three songs...here is how iTunes spit them out....

"Spirit Voices"
Rhythm Of The Saints
1990 - Warner Brothers

"Can't Get Enough Of Your Love"
Can't Get Enough
1974 - 20th Century Records
#1 US Charts

"More Than Ever"
More Than Ever
2004 - Dreyfus Records
In case you are interested: Rosario Giuliani.com

40 Of Your Sparks

  1. I liked David Cook as well and the Aussie who did the Simples Minds cover. I love David Archuleta. He just seems like such a sweet kid. And mom went to school with his grandfather and she says he is was a nice man as well.

    Farve is tired. Ya know he has done this for a long time and I'd rather he go out with his bod still intact. I take it he is going into broadcasting?

    As for Hillary, I totally understand your feelings and respect them. I have my own issues with her AND Obama. I still wish Edwards were around. The whole thing is just starting to feel like one giant 'Smores fest with a rousing round of Kum By Ya fest :P

  2. Schmoop Says:
  3. I am glad to see Favre retire. He's had a great career and he can walk away with his health in tact. Cheers Vinny!!

  4. TopChamp Says:
  5. If I open a new tab it still plays yup!

    no - not too much for me.

  6. Kb Says:
  7. I chortled at you Huckabee image. How would chortling be abbreviated for online use... hmmm.... CHTL?

    Barry White is the Dude!

  8. Travis Cody Says:
  9. It's really never too much music...unless I only have a couple of minutes before I have to go to work and can't listen to all of it before I leave.

    Well...it's still not too much because I can always come back later. And sometimes I do open a second window to continue with blog reading and let the music play over here.

    We really enjoyed David Cook. He showed that you can be true to your rocker style with a pop song and actually make the song better. We like the Archuleta kid too.

  10. First of all, Barry White first thing in the morning? Wow. I haven't been this schmoozed since hubby and I were first dating.

    Secondly, about Favre - I'm glad he's going out near the top and not wracked by injuries. I think he feels he can walk away and leave the team in good shape. He already said the only way he would have stayed in longer is if he'd gone out as a Super Bowl winner, and I think he's pretty confident that it probably won't happen this next season. His team is a bit young. I can imagine he's mentally exhausted; the hopes and dreams of the entire Packer nation has been on his shoulders for a looooooog time. Let Rodgers carry the burden now; he's earned it.

  11. Tug Says:
  12. I am SO ready for this whole election to be over! Not thrilled with AI this year, either...nobody's 'grabbing' me.

    Favre did the right thing I believe...it was time, and he is still healthy for the most part.

  13. Jeff B Says:
  14. Thanks for mentioning my story. It was a lot of fun to put together.

    As the others have said, I too am glad to see Favre leave the game with his body and dignity in tact. He's had a great career and it's nice to see that he knows when to call it 'good enough'.

  15. Liz Hill Says:
  16. I LOVE that Barry White tune ;-)

  17. AtriaBooks Says:
  18. I myself chortled.

  19. DrillerAA Says:
  20. McCain will be having a great time watching the Democratic candidates rip on each other for another month or two. Are we there yet? Honestly, Hillary wants to socialize evertything and turn us into a French colony, while Obama is just not the right man for the job.
    If McCain can get either Huckabee or Condelesa Rice as a running mate, I thnk the Dems. are in deep trouble.
    AI is starting to lose my attention. I say that, but I will still watch every episode and whine every week that Danny Noriega is still in the hunt.
    As or Bret Favre...thanks for the memories. You gave us a boat load of them.

  21. STARRLIGHT: Yes, the Aussie was also good, though they trashed him...
    Hillary...ugh, but I like Obama..
    Brett..yes he is walking away on his own terms, which is a good thing

    MATT-MAN: Agreed Sir...

  22. TOPCHAMP: Still plays for me also, was curious...and glad you enjoyed...

    KB: I chortled that you chortled and enjoy a good chortle...LOL ...Barry makes the knees weak, no doubt

  23. TRAVIS: glad you enjoy the music...wondering if you liked Mr Rosario Guiluiani? That is a find for me..something that was stuck in the back of my CD collection...interesting how I am discovering music I did not know I had...
    David Cook really impressed me...

    SONGBIRD: Make ya wanna crawl back under the covers and let the world disappear, leaving only the two of you there...
    Yes, I agree Brett is doing it his own way and he will always be at the top of the list of greats

  24. Ya know what sucks though Bond? All the sportswriters saying he made a mistake, still playing strong, blah blah blah.

    The guys says he is mentally tired. Who are they to decide this for him?! I swear, we suck our hero's dry in this country don't we?

  25. TUG: So far...David Cook is the only male that impresses me...
    Seems everyone is thrilled for Brett

    JEFF: Loved the story dude and had to give it a shout-out

  26. TURNBABY: Glad you enjoyed...

    DOC: So now we have KB chortling and you chortling and i, myself, am chortling....over the fact that i said I, myself... LOL

  27. DRILLERAA: Not a fan of McCain at all...he seems like more of the same and after 8 years of the same...I am looking for something new... having Huckabee in the White House is a scary thought IMHO...
    Danny might be gone this week..his act is getting thin..though as someone mentioned...he could be getting the Snajaya vote...now if he shows up with a Mohawk I will throw something at the TV

  28. Danny is an ASSHAT. I have a link to his whiny little YouTube video up on my site. What a wee turdlet.

  29. STARRLIGHT: Ya know, so many of those guys saying that are ex-athletes and I think they are just feeling the sorrow they had when they left the game. it is difficult for most, from what i understand, to leave the 'family' you develop. It will be even more difficult for him in July/August when he would be heading for training camp.
    There are so few real athletic heroes left today, that our tendency is to not want to let go of the real good guys.

  30. STARRLIGHT: LOL..have not seen it...will look when i get home...Not to be cruel, but the thought that kept going through my head is "should he not be singing tomorrow night (tonight)"

  31. BeckEye Says:
  32. All your gal pals can have Archuleta. I want the Aussie.

  33. Anonymous Says:
  34. Well, you know I agree with you on the political front. I haven't been watching as much AI as I have in the past and it's not out of any kind of disinterest, really. I either forget to turn it on or am watching the news/debates/returns.. etc. I see a lot more of the girls than the guys for some reason. Less must happen on Wednesdays!

  35. BECKEYE: I will let them fight over the boy...but you might have some competition for the aussie...

    And I remember when everyone knew the names of these contestants...now they have descriptions!

  36. KYRA: move away from the TV and stop obsessing over Huckabee...do it now dear...
    And you should be listening to the Radio happy Hour on Tuesdays....MY GOODNESS GIRL...get with it!

  37. Anonymous Says:
  38. LMAO... The Huckster occupies only the part of my brain that finds amusement in things. I'm almost sad that he dropped out. I was having so much fun making bumper stickers of him.

    I wrote a post today on my 108 blog... stop by if you get a chance and throw your two cents in. I'm curious to see your thoughts.

  39. KYRA: Look... one blog per person is my rule...so it is up to you....what do you think I have all the time in the world to read your 400 blogs??? huh missy?


  40. BOND: LOL! You are so very busy, love... Smoooooch!

  41. KYRA: heheheheheheheh SMOOCH

  42. Travis Cody Says:
  43. Didn't get a chance to listen to the Giuliani piece this morning. But I just listened to it and I loved it!

    I like all kinds of jazz, but this kind of melodic jazz is really my favorite.

    Nice find.

  44. Unknown Says:
  45. I like David A :D

    :plays Barry White 10 times in a row:

  46. TRAVIS: Which is why I asked...had had a feeling you would enjoy it...glad you did...I mentioned to someone today that I am finding things I did not know I owned now that it is all going to one place.

  47. Oh let me clear this up right here...I loves Lil David Arch but the aussie is schtupable ;)

  48. "schtupable"...OK...running for some sort of dictionary....LOL

  49. Allow me, Vinny.

    I'd like to be the vegamite in his sandwich ;0

  50. Unknown Says:
  51. Starrlight said, "Allow me, Vinny.

    I'd like to be the vegamite in his sandwich ;0"

    I concur.

  52. Mimi Lenox Says:
  53. At first I was fascinated by this election process - still to a degree - but I hate the feeling that my "fascination" is for entertainment purposes only. We're electing the President of The United States for heaven's sakes, not the next American Idol.

  54. DrillerAA Says:
  55. Ya gotta believe that the Red Phone in the bedroom had "Call Forwarding" on it because chances are, Bill wasn't there. He was down and Monica's apartment letting her blow his horn.

  56. Julie Says:
  57. Voting for a prez AND an idol all in the same year????


  58. katherine. Says:
  59. still not an AI fan....

    hat tip to favre


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