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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, March 03, 2008



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"Karn Evil 9: 2nd Impression"
Keith Emerson
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So....we have had...ummmm...how many days off???...Wednesday...Thursday...Friday...ummm that would be three days off...what the hell did we do with that time?

Well, we spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday NOT feeling well at all... We left work early on Thursday and took Friday off and spent most of Saturday in bed...Bad cold, sore throat, body cramps...ugh - at least it was not the flu...as we are feeling a tad better...We had darlin' Nancy come over and play nurse on Friday and that was nice...

It did cramp our plans for Saturday evening. We had tickets to a Memphis Grizzlies game and reservations at a local restaurant - all set up by her boss who gave us his seats for the game.

As we have mentioned, we got the iMac last weekend and we did spend some off our time, moving all of our CDs into iTunes, giving us a nice start on reviving our music collection on-line.

OH...AND....WE GOT A CALL ON FRIDAY from Computer Labs - the folks who have our old iMac. They have it up and running!

At that point they thought they had recovered everything, but were doing a few more diagnostics to it to and would be calling back today. We have a decision to make...whether to drop in a new larger hard drive or leave the 60gb drive and just buy an external 500gb hard drive for backing everything up.

So, we have all of our music and photos and documents back. It also means we have our Photoshop and Illustrator back. Granted, they will need to stay on the old machine (they are not compatible with Leopard, the new Mac operating system).

But after pulling everything else onto the new Mac, the old one will have plenty of space...

We also tracked down the USB turntable we want ... BUT - another device by the same company came into the picture...ION makes it and it is a converter called u record that takes the outputs from either a turntable or a cassette deck and converts it to go into the computer and comes with all the same software for removing clicks and snaps when using vinyl.

Our turntables are just fine, both work great, though the one we would use for transferring - A Pioneer Direct Drive we used when we DJ'ed, needs a new stylus.

We also have two cassette decks in great shape, In the end it is about 3/4 the cost of the turntable alone, and then we would need to buy the USB Cassette. Not sure we will ever use cassettes again after we digitize them, so why spend the money.

OK, let us say one thing here....WAKE UP FOLKS....that was in case anyone had nodded off...

The iMac has given us one problem. Last week, we used SKYPE to 'call' into the Radio Happy Hour and using the same headphone/mic set we have used on the work laptop, the sound quality was unacceptable.

Not sure why it is giving us an echo - or making us sound "as though we are sitting in a bathroom" - as Doc put it...or did he say the phone WAS a bathroom???

We have checked all the settings - so we will need the laptop when doing the show...

What else....oh what else did we want to talk about? OH yeah... we have to change the title of "The Quest", the short story (found HERE) we are working into a novel...Seems there is a movie called "The Quest" already...we happened to notice it on the STARZ in-Demand selections this weekend.

It is a 1996 Jean-Claude Van Damme you to all hell you hack... OH, sorry...got carried away there. As the storyline follows what my lead character calls THE QUEST, we will just need to change the title when we are ready to submit to a publisher.

OH, yeah, so we have a century or two before we need THAT problem solved! No, really, we have been jotting some notes and want to get back into that.

OH...and that wild, fun, talented guy Roger, bestowed upon us this cool badge...THANKS ROGER!!

My Blog Rocks!

Well, think we have rambled on long enough...

There is all sorts of new music sitting on the computer...so we will just shuffle it all up and let you hear the first two...just because we can!

"You Got A Way With Me"
Thunder And Fire
A&M, 1989
The band's only outing on A&M, and their last studio album of the 1980's.

"Like A Rolling Stone"
Bob Dylan
Winterland Arena, SF, CA
October 10, 1968
Personal Collection

23 Of Your Sparks

  1. So glad you're back and feeling better, my friend. Also glad you got your computer woes straightened out. It's tough on geeks when electronics fail us, isn't it?

  2. RW Says:
  3. I am glad your going to get your photos & files back what a nightmare I am sure I will have to deal with some day! I have beat my head into a wall trying to find out why I cant hear a live show on blogtalkradio on my desktop, I have tried different browsers Google search the topic (none)I am sure it is something I have to enable or disable, works fine on my laptop lol!
    Good to have ya back Vin glad ya like the award because your blog truly "ROCKS!!"

  4. Anonymous Says:
  5. Welcome back sweetums. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well but glad to hear you're imac is up and doin' it's thang!

  6. Schmoop Says:
  7. Glad to hear you are feeling human again. Cheers Vin!!

  8. TopChamp Says:
  9. hello there - nice to see you're feeling better. Think i caught your bug though - feeling pretty grotty.

  10. DrillerAA Says:
  11. Welcome back. Sorry you're not feeling all that well.
    Don't ya just love transitioning from and old computer to a new one, especially when a new operating system is involved. I jsut finished a desktop transition and some things didn't make the trip.

  12. Travis Cody Says:
  13. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I didn't know what that song was called.

    So welcome back. And good news about the Mac.

    It's another busy week for me.

    Later dude!

  14. Angell Says:
  15. Welcome back buddy. Sorry to hear that you're still not well. But I'm sure with Nurse Nancy around you'll be just fine soon enough.

    I need one of those contraptions so I can get rid of all the damn cassette tapes I have - I'd throw most of them out if I could find the songs online, but some are impossible - and then there's my old karaoke collection. Some of the notes I hit in those songs are priceless (and should be destroyed except I'm a firm believer of remembering where you came from).

    Thanks for the great tunage - and as for the title of the novel, I'm pretty sure there's no copyright issue with that. Look how many song titles have the same name, how many books...I'm pretty sure that the only issue would be if it was the same medium. But I could be wrong too...

    Again - glad ur back babe.


  16. Roger is right, you are a rock star, welcome back.

  17. Tug Says:
  18. Hope you're feeling better Bond!

    That's awesome that they recovered all that - I know you were a little upset thinking they might not...

  19. Anonymous Says:
  20. It is comforting to have my couch back. You're not allowed another extended absence in 08.

  21. leelee Says:
  22. Glad you are feeling better...I so dig ELP. Thanks!!


  23. The Teamster Says:
  24. glad you're back and refreshed vinny...I can put the "music" IV back in my arm.......Oh...what a lucky man I am.....I can envision Kieth Emerson spinning in the air with his piano as I listen to one of the great songs of our time (or of any time)....and who doesn't love Hendrix. I guess only the true die hards still have their vinyl (i'm ashamed to say I don't)...there are a few great music stores in nor-cal that still sell used records....but now everything's digital...I don't think i can squeeze Memphis blues into the trip...I'm saving myself for the Santa Cruz blues festival in May (rumor is bonnie raitt, musslewhite, tommy castro, roy rogers...)the teamster's glad you're back..

  25. SONGBIRD: TY dear...and yes all is well...just picked it up

    ROGER: Thanks again for the award...very cool...not sure why you can not hear on your desktop..that is weird

    KYRA: TY darlin'...loading the old music tonight

    MATT-MAN: Now where did I say i was feeling human? LOL

    TOPCHAMP: I did not give it to you...promise!

    DRILLERAA: MACs are normally more compatible, and I still might be able to make the transition...we will see...

    TRAVIS: I bet many did not know the real name...Don't let the week make you crazy

    ANGELL; It is only $60/US ...not a lot to spend to get your music back...and comes with all the software needed

    SARGE: TY Sir

    TUG: TY my friend..I am excited

    DOC: Well - we will just see about that...hoping for a vacation this year...LOL

    LEELEE: Glad you enjoyed...HUGS

    TEAMSTER: Beale St Music Festival lineup comes out this Thursday...will share when it does...Santa Cruz sounds like a great concert also...
    All my vinyl (albums and 45's) will go into storage when i convert...but I will never get rid of them...the cassettes maybe but not the vinyl

  26. Jeff B Says:
  27. It is alive!

    Good to see you back in the swing of things. I gave my brother my vinyl, but the good news is he still has them. I'll have to look into converting them to digital so I can once again bang my head while crusin' down the highway.

  28. Meribah Says:
  29. **Makes some chicken noodle soup for Vinny** Sorry you spent so much of your off time sick, Bond, but glad you are starting to feel better. My dad is starting to get over his cold too. Colds suck! Hope I don't get it next!

  30. So very happy that you are feeling better. Now if you had called, Tony and I would have been more than happy to take those Grizzlie tickets off y'alls hands. ;-)

  31. Kb Says:
  32. Welcome back! Missed you and your personalities.
    Catch you tomorrow night in or out of the bathroom. Just don't forget to zip and mute the phone if you flush!:)

  33. Sorry to hear that you were under the weather during your time off. That is never any fun.

  34. Julie Says:
  35. So Roger is done giving his balls away?

  36. Welcome back Vinny! Sorry you felt crappy on your days off. That is always the pits. I am enjoying my break, at least I think I am, I am still super tired. Glad to have you back to read!

  37. JEFF: Yes, we are alive...LOL
    Do it my friend... The device I mentioned is so inexpensive and from all I have read does a great job...IF you have a turntable with a good stylus.

    MERI: TY my friend...very kind....

    DIXIE: LOL...sorry...next time though

    KB: TY VM...See ya tomorrow...

    RWA: TY Sir... Getting back around again...

    JULIE: I guess that would be a yes dear...LOL

    STARRLIGHT: The time away does do good..Yo rest up...you have been through so much...

  38. Mimi Lenox Says:
  39. Sounds like you had a rough time with the flu thing. Glad Nancy is there to fix you up. That's a blessing for sure.

    We did not nod off....we just brew an entire pot of coffee when we read your posts (!) and sit back and enjoy. A novel? A novel? YAH! I shall read....more coffee....


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