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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, March 27, 2008

So, because it might not have been clear - not too much has been the last two days, the migraine was on Tuesday. It happened as we woke, and we fell back to sleep. Went to work at about 11 but then left around 2.

Came home and laid back down and fell asleep. Woke around 7pm and turned on that singing show...about 5 minutes later the TV went off and we just laid there in the semi-darkness. We were planning on trying to get on the air with the Radio Happy Hour and the next thing we knew, the phone was ringing and it was darlin' Nancy telling me Doc was all comfuzzled on where we were ...

We asked her to either call him or put something in the chat room and two seconds later we were asleep again. The night was full of fits and starts and drenching of the sheets in NOT a good way...we were sweating like a 600 pound man running a marathon in Hawaii in July wearing a purple velour jumpsuit. Or maybe like Matt-Man three weeks into his no-meat Lenten fast as he drives by a burger joint...but you get the idea.

Wednesday was not so bad but the damn thing hung around like an underfed kitten after having been given a treat by a 6 year old girl. Or like Matt-Man when any woman looks at him with anything but disdain.

OK...OK..sorry Matty me boy...not sure why you are invading this space so much today...maybe it is to try and steal some of the huge traffic you have built up...maybe it is just because we feel so much man-love for you...

Our wonderful friend Tug hit on the fact that there has been some pressure in our life the last few weeks and that very well could be causing this illness we have been fighting...

Without details, as it really is none of your f**king business really is difficult to put out there - we are dealing with a mortgage company who reneged on an agreement when we sold our house up north last year and we finalized the end of our marriage yesterday.

The former, we will deal with in one of 4 ways...the later, well...we are thrilled and saddened at the same time. Sure it is sad...this thing we entered into thinking it would last a lifetime did not. Are we happy with our life right now...? We could not be happier...but it is still a tough thing to admit to the failure of part of our life.

We want the best for her in her life...we want Matt to continue his incredible life. It has been difficult on him, as an only child, to see it all happen and not being there face-to-face to tell him it is finally over was tough.

So, we need to now get our health back together...KB asked about vitamins. We do not take them, but are planning on buying some tomorrow. We have not been exercising the last couple of months and put back on much of the weight we lost last year. We need to step it up a notch and start again.

We need to start eating better again, as we have been taking some short-cuts with that, eating too many prepared foods during the week.

This seems to have become a physical intervention today (given for me by me - "help meeee to help youuuuu") and we really do not want to seem like life is hell...overall, we could not be happier. We have an incredible group of friends in real life and here...we have the most marvelous woman in our life right now. Without her caring, we might be in even rougher shape. Our family is incredibly supportive and loving and we cherish each and every one of them...

OH! WONDERFUL NEWS...LOL...our niece Candice has left the dark side and come into the light, having bought herself a brand-spanking new MAC-Pro laptop! We spoke to her the other day and told her it was the second best decision she had made...right behind becoming a NY Yankee fan! She laughed her beautiful laugh and that made us smile.

We spoke to her brother Joseph and asked when he was going to get as smart as his twin...he is already a NY Yankee fan, but coming into the light would help. He just replied "I am thinking about it". He might be saved yet. They both head off to college next September. Wait while I feel old for a second here...OUCH!

Sorry, our visits to your blogs have been sporadic the last two days...we will get caught up...promise...and maybe next week we will do the naked thing...OOOOOOO something to look forward to...or to ensure you skip us totally!

HEY...head over to the incomparable Schmoop's and wish her a Happy Happy Birthday!

Having lost a whole day and after the lousy sleep last night, we are behind on chores - especially laundry - so we will close out today with a song of renewal and hope and brightness and fun...

"Good Vibrations"

Brian Wilson & Mike Love

Released as a single on October 10, 1966 (backed with the instrumental "Let's Go Away For Awhile"), it was the band's third U.S. number-one hit, after "I Get Around" and "Help Me, Rhonda", reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in December 1966, as well as being their first British chart-topper.


27 Of Your Sparks

  1. Lizza Says:
  2. Great to learn your migraine is gone.

    Things don't always work out the way we envisioned them in the beginning...but I'm glad you're doing well. Best wishes to you and yours, Vinny.

  3. I was just gonna say with regards to divorce that you should head over to Deserts for that post. Not a failure Bond. Just a change.

    Oddly enough after nearly 8 years the ex (ish) husband and I are finally doing the papers and going to the class.

    And apparently on his birthday last Saturday he got reamed by his current girlfriend and his dad for not pushing harder for the divorce AND for getting along so well with me!

    I guess the fact that we talk on the phone like friendly people and have turned our relationship into something pleasent for our daughters is bad. His GF says I am manipulating him to keep him in my life. Newsflash, bitch, I will always be in his life. We have a child!

    Poor kidlet was in tears that people were ripping on both her parents and the Ex was totally blown away that they would even go there. Poor guy. That woman is nuts and does not get that when he said he wouldn't marry her, he meant it!

    That type of behavior constitutes failure, Vinny. Recognizing that people grow apart and respecting each other enough allow you both to look for happiness elsewhere is not a failure. Oh and her kids hate her. Go figure.

    As for the mortgage company that sucks major ass. They are all criminals in my opinion =(

  4. Schmoop Says:
  5. I love it when you beat me like a rented mule. It makes me hot. I hope you start fellin' better soon V-Man.

    And seriously, if you get a good vitamin, after a couple of weeks or so, you'll notice a different. Potassium supplements are great too.


  6. Liz Hill Says:
  7. I agree with Starr--it's not a failure. I think a life unlived is.

    And I kinda think you are a little naked here---

    And that's a good thing ;-)

  8. Kb Says:
  9. Chin up, Vinny! You've got us!

    Have have recently begun the a journey of self care and it ain't for wussies. It is hard work to take care of yourself!

    I hope this finds you feeling better in your heart and in your head! XO

  10. feel better honey. oh, and i am typing this on my new macbook air, i call her doris!!! sweet.

    thanks for encouraging me, it really helped!

    smiles, bee

  11. LIZZA; TY sweet friend...Life moves on and I am looking forward to what comes next

    STARRLIGHT: We are actually speaking to each other nicer than we have in years and it pleases Matt to see that...Mortgage companies don't need guns...all they need are pens...UGH

    MATT-MAN: You are hot...will check out a Potassium supplement thingy too

    TURNBABY: Yup yup and you are right...I guess I was a little naked

    KB: OH, I am good dear...honestly...the undiscovered is exciting to me

    BEE: You and Doris will have so much fun together

  12. BeckEye Says:
  13. Hey Bond, sorry to hear about your divorce. But don't think of it as a failure. Not too many things last forever.

  14. I won't get into the divorce discussion again. You know how I feel.

    BTW, are you saying my post yesterday didn't make any sense to you? I think it's your migraine to blame! Everyone else got it.



  15. Angell Says:
  16. Having gone through some really rough patches in my marriage the last few years, I always find solace in the advice of a friend of mine (who's gone through two ex's and is on the third future ex).

    "When they said Till Death Do Us Part - people only lived until they were fourty."

    People change, and sometimes it's not always in synch with the other. But you have an amazing son, and will always have that to remind you of the good times.

    And you'd better start taking better care of yourself or we're all gonna jump a plane to Memphis and collectively kick your onion!!

  17. BECKEYE: TY but it was a foregone conclusion when I moved to Memphis and she staying in NJ

    SONGBIRD: I do...I do....NOT your post silly...yesterday you said I never make GRIN

    ANGELL: Yeah ...i got that forty thing too...and I am good with what happened...but it still takes it's toll

  18. AtriaBooks Says:
  19. Vin Bo, if you ever need to talk, can we do it on the show? I think it would be a fascinating segment. :)

  20. Tug Says:
  21. So at least it sounds like things may be starting to look up soon; I'm glad to hear that. Much luck with the mortgage company - then you can truly move forward.

    Hang in there... ((hugs)) to you!

  22. Anndi Says:
  23. Turnbaby said it best... the only failure is if you don't try.

  24. Anndi Says:
  25. I'm not even saying anything about your "feeling old for a second" comment...

    Holy crap this fever really is getting to me.

    Can't wait for me to be back to my old self eh?

    Bwahaha *cough cough* hahahahaha

  26. DrillerAA Says:
  27. I trust that everything is moving forward and upward for you.
    Whew! Good Vibrations, might just be the best song ever recorded by the Beach Boys. This was actually my favorite group as a teen. Even growing up in Oklahoma, I preferred them over the early Beatles, Animals, and Stones.
    Have a great day.

  28. I have to agree with Starrlight. While I have never been married, let alone divorced, I have had several friends go through a divorce.

    I'm sure it's not fun, but it should be looked at as change rather than failure.

    Hang in there. I'm sure you'll feel better soon.

  29. OBLadyBug Says:
  30. Since I’ve been through it myself you know I understand the sadness that goes along with the finality of a divorce and communicating it to Matt. It is though … but it will get better.

    Hey - I’m not dating a married man anymore. Geeez get the vitamins I’m ready for you to start feeling like your old self again.

  31. DOC: What and take away all my material for The Couch? LOL

    TUG; Always moving forward like the great white shark, or ya die

    ANNDI: I guess it came off wrong in some most certainly have to try and without that marriage, Matt is not in my life...and you just remember how it feels to not be snarky...sometimes! LOL

    DRILLERAA: Sir, it is and ty

    RWA: Thanks my friend

    NANCY: Yes baby..I know it is tough and i am already moving forward and this single guy is ready for you anytime!

  32. Travis Cody Says:
  33. It's not a failure to discover that you can no longer make a life together. And now you've got that rough patch behind you and you can look forward to some good stuff.

    Thanks for the Beach Boys.

  34. twinnsmom Says:
  35. Hope you are feeling better! Now I know why Candice is in bed with a 103*. She caught it from you!
    Candice is enjoying her Mac and proud that she bought it herself. Thank goodness for that!

  36. katherine. Says:
  37. divorce is never easy....but how cool you have so many other wonderful things in your life....

    sounds like you better get going on those vitamins!

  38. Anndi Says:
  39. Vince, it feels like my eyeballs are on fire and I could cook an egg on my legs???

    I'm not liking it... nope.

  40. TRAVIS: I guess failure was the wrong word in some ways...I am hoping the good stuff is close! Well some of it is already here...

    TWINNSMOM: Sister Lynn...I ... I ... I ...I did not get her sick! I LOVE she bought the Mac...

    KATHERINE: It is very cool katherine...THANKS! and yes I am...

  41. ANNDI: What are you taking? That was me two weeks ago...I am so sorry...I hated it myself...and umm..DID You see the doctor?

  42. RW Says:
  43. Good Vibrations Vin! Have a great weekend my friend.

  44. Unknown Says:
  45. :runs for a chocolate milkshake:

    There - good for you, good for a migraine, and good for what ails you.

    :hugs and kisses:


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