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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do not forget to head on over to Travis' and get his take on last nights "Dancing With The Stars", or as we like to call it "Hot Legs And Shoes"...

Finally beginning to feel better after almost 3 weeks of feeling like a glob of goo...just in time to get prepared for the trip to Tampa, the first weekend of April. It looks like there will be about 30 TKEs and guests swooping in from around the country. We will be missing a few select Brothers, but life does invade on what we would like to do sometimes...

The other day we talked about our meeting Rick Wakeman from YES. It took place at WITR Radio, the station on the campus of R.I.T. When we arrived on campus, we knew we wanted to be on the radio, so on day two, we headed over to the academic side of campus and walked into the station.

Mike L., the station manager, greeted us and we spoke for a while. He asked about musical tastes and think he was impressed with the spectrum of my tastes. He gave me a tour of the station and we knew we belonged there.

1972...albums...WITR had thousands and thousand of albums. Floor to ceiling, every wall in two rooms and three more rows in each room. HEAVEN! The trumpets were playing in our head.

Mike gave me a lesson on one of the soundboards. Back then it was all dials and large. Two turntables to your left. Looking into the 'news booth' where the people who did news would sit. Or if we did interviews, we used the same room. On the other side of it was another studio. It was more advanced and was only used by the seasoned DJs and for production work.

Well, the next day, we were on the air at about 3 in the afternoon. The non-freshmen were arriving on campus and we were broadcasting through speakers around campus.

This was a live on-air test for us and then we would take over our first two shifts which were Friday/Saturday midnight to 3am and then Saturday/Sunday midnight to 3am.

Everything was going great...we had only made a couple of technical errors - not starting the turntable on time and once we had not cued the record properly and it started before the turnable was up to speed "a-wahhhhhhhhhh"...

Now when the microphone is on the "ON AIR" light outside the door goes on. First rule of radio or TV or movies, when the "ON AIR" light is on, you do not walk in talking about the station and how far our reach is and how the DJs get to program...

SO we are doing a PSA and this occurs and without thinking we turn and say...outloud...."WHAT THE F**K, CAN'T YOU SEE I AM ON THE AIR"....ummmm oooopsey!

Jaws drop and Mike comes in and looks and shakes his head, and we start a song and close the mic and we discuss the F word... LOL

SO, everything is fine again and we select our last song of the night...Janis Joplin and Big Brother Live "Ball & Chain"...

The version of the song we put on was live and near the end, Janis rips off the F-word about 3 times.... and we just cringed....

We began our normal shift that week and spend 4 years on air there. It led us to some jobs in local clubs and also some shifts on the local commercial radio station WCMF. This is not the version we used on the radio show, but comes from the Monterey Jazz Festival


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Then, actress Francia Raisa stops by. She’s starred opposite NBC’s “Heroes’” Hayden Panettiere in “Bring it On: All or Nothing” and can now be seen in ABC Family’s “Cutting Edge 3: Chasing The Dream.”

Also, Singer Sherri Eldin will perform live on the air, Dangerous Lee co-hosts, Vinny Bond drags his Big Leather Couch into the Radio Happy Hour Lounge to chat live with the listeners and Justin the Weatherman stops in to tell us how he almost drowned in Costa Rica.

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22 Of Your Sparks

  1. Where did you learn to speak - from a gutter rat? WTF is wrong with you?!?!?!


  2. katherine. Says:
  3. glad you are feelin' better....

    I didn't know Melendez stuttered....then again I usually watch Dave. (no pun intended)

  4. TopChamp Says:
  5. I take it he doesn't stutter now? I am a bit of a weirdo about speach impediments in people on telly or radio - it annoys me even though I know I'm just being a b'tch.

  6. Anndi Says:
  7. Quick reactions are not always good when it comes to being in public LOL

  8. DrillerAA Says:
  9. "Hot Legs and Shoes"...I love it.

  10. Schmoop Says:
  11. Do you kiss your mom with that gutter mouth? Cheers Vin!!

  12. Travis Cody Says:
  13. The legs were smokin' last night too! Thanks for the shout.

    Great story about your early days on the radio. And glad to hear you're feeling better. I think I'm coming down with it now.

  14. hey bond i bought the mac! i call her doris! ha ha (like doris day) so far so good...

    smiles, bee

  15. Kb Says:
  16. Hey Vinnie,
    Didn't you have to crank the Victrola to hear your radio show?? XO!
    J/K :) Catch you later, tater!

  17. DrillerAA Says:
  18. How much of your early days on the radio resemble WKRP in Cincinnati?

  19. SONGBIRD: YO...whatcha know bout hows we talks from da Bronx huh? LOL

    KATHERINE; The stuttering was how he first got noticed by Howard Stern ..and what gave his his initial fame

    TOPCHAMP: He still has it but it is controlled...for comedic effect, he will let it out

    ANNDI: Except I was not in public...I was in a broadcast booth with an ON AIR sign lit and that means Stay OUT

    DRILLERAA:Well, is not that what the show is about? I have heard they dance on the show, but I have never noticed

    MATT-MAN: No but I do kiss Schmoop with it

    TRAVIS: the shout is deserved....and I did not give it to you!

    BEE: I know...are you loving it????

    KB: it is VinnY dear...LOL and no we did not have to crank it...we had hampsters in cages that provided the power

    DRILLERAA: ummm...somewhat...though we were much more organized than they were!

  20. What the French, Toast?!?!

    I dig the potty mouth. Cause I have one :P

  21. Kb Says:
  22. Apologies, VinnY... you get one wet noodle whack!

  23. And people wonder why the FCC has such strict rules now. Ha!!!!

    Great story.

    I've never heard of Francia Raisa, but she is quite an attractive young lady.

    One of these weeks, I won't have to be working on a Tuesday night, and I'll be able to check the show out.

  24. Vinnie, thanks for visiting me... glad you're feeling better...

  25. Tug Says:
  26. I always thought it would be awesome to be a DJ...my brother was one for awhile in Vegas. Glad to hear you're feeling better!

  27. DrillerAA Says:
  28. Well, Hot Legs and shoes is what the show is about, but don't forget Edyta's abs! WoooHooo!!!!

  29. Sparky Duck Says:
  30. Is Rick Wakman the new color commentator on Yes?

    *snort* TKE *snort*

  31. AtriaBooks Says:
  32. Where the h-e-double hockey sticks were you tonight?!?

  33. Ok Bond, I know you are loathe to mention it, but I gotta know what you think about tonights Idol. I am liking David Cook.

  34. RW Says:
  35. Glad your feeling better Vin, I am just getting better to, damn cold!

  36. DrillerAA Says:
  37. While your group may have been more organized, I would assume there were a few ecentric personalities roaming the halls.

    While DWTS may be Hot Legs and Shoes to you, it's all about Edyta's abs to me.


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