Almost Tuneless Tuesday...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, April 22, 2008

So I had a whole Tuneage Tutelage all set to go. Part of the Delta Blues Series and lifelogger will not accept any of my uploads.

This threw all my plans for tomorrow's (that would be TODAY'S) post out of we are free-styling here.

I could just throw up some music already uploaded, but you have heard them all. Sure, there are many deserving of a repeat.

But if I just keep typing here, eventually I will have a post. It will probably be complete nonsense, but maybe no one will notice.

Hopefully, the issue will be worked out tomorrow and we can share the post with all y'all.

OK, we can go back to the post from Friday where we talked about concerts and had you, our guests, tell you best and worst concert stories.

I really enjoyed reading your recollections and thank all who took the time...

We selected two experiences to win the CD of music that has been played on The Couch. The first was the poignant story told by Angell of her Styx concert after a tragedy. She wrote:

Well, since becoming a security guard five years ago, I have attended some totally amazing shows, but had to work them, and wasn't actually able to pay attention.

But the best concert ever, for me, was when Styx came to Hamilton about six years ago. I had just lost one of my best friends, Ruth (some may remember her story), and was not in the partying or Styx mood (yah, I know - others fainted in shock). But my other friend Cathie, had never been to a Styx show, and I promised her I would take her. So we got to Hamilton early - it was a GA show. We stood for two hours, at the front of the stage, through the opener and set change, and then the boys came on stage.

At this point I had barely registered anything that was going on, hardly speaking to Cat, just totally miserable, and wondering why God had taken such a wonderful person and left me here. Well, the boys came on stage and started playing. I couldn't get into it. I didn't think it was fair that I was able to be there when Ruth was gone. I felt Cat nudge me during Lorelei (one of their older songs for those that don't know), and when I looked at her, she grabbed both sides of my head and turned it to face the stage.

I looked up and the bassist, Glen Burtnick, was looking down at me, smiling and singing. Didn't matter at all. In fact, I almost started crying. During the guitar solo that Tommy threw in there, he knelt at the edge of the stage and held out his hand to me. I put mine in his, and he mouthed at me, Smile sweetheart. Then he kissed something and pressed it into my hand.

When I opened it, it was one of his guitar picks. I smiled, for the first time in days, and mouthed up to him - I love you. And he mouthed it back.

I enjoyed the rest of the concert, and will forever remember that show as the one that reminded me that there's a lot of life left to live.

The second memory is a tale of woe for a young woman and her boyfriend BFF when they are confronted with unfamiliar stimuli and time restraints...from LeeLee...

Worst? In maybe 73-74. My BFF and I went to Roosevelt stadium in Jersey City to see Rod Stewart. One of our Moms drove us down there and one of our Dads was picking us up at 11pm.

We got there at like 3pm. Found a space on the floor pretty close to the stage..and were pretty psyched. We had no idea that Rod Stewart was the last act...the first was Lynyrd Skynyrd. We were teeny boppers and didn't even know who they they start and the crowd rushes to the front and basically crushed us.

After Skynyrd, Alvin lee and 10 Years after comes on..and the crowd pushes even further..(ashamed to say now I didn't know them either) We were majorly uncomfortable and not too happy. At like 10:30..finally Rod The Mod comes on...and we had to 11..~sigh~ It was one for the record books. I saw RS a few times after that...but that one will always stick in my mind.

And then we kept coming back to one other flashback (maybe in more ways than one! LOL). This comes to us from Mickey-T, a true tale of a fan making the most of the experience.

The best, Watkins Glen [you know who was there]

THE COUCH NOTE: In case you do not, was The Band, The Allman Brothers & The Grateful Dead. A fantastic show it was!

About a week before the show I was hitching back from Calif. to Boston by myself. [100 thousand miles first 5 years out of school]

It was a warm day and my ride through NY offered me to come to this public pool. I chatted the pretty lifeguard, and she said I could crash with her friends in Geneva. Party house all the way! The next day they invited me to the Can Am Race at the Glen. Paaarrrtttyyy!!!!

My first race and then they told me that next week the concert was going to happen, so stick around. Well the last night of the race it's customary to burn junk cars in this bog of mud. I was in the thick of it, burning ,screaming, mudding. I lost my voice and my wallet that night.

Next day hitched home pennyless, went to the bank and got my 10 dollars [lost traverler check in the mud] Hi mom, by mom. Hitched back to the Glen, got there on a rainy wed night and slept under a bus with about 20 others. So at a dollar a hit for the mind set and 25cent bagles, the next four days were the best time and music outdoors I ever did have!!

So, if the three of you will send me an email and tell me the following:
  • Your snail mail address
  • So you want me to just select at will or do you want to send me a list of artists/songs?
  • OR...are you not interested in the CD? Remember, it will be our secret!

See, now we should play some music from each of the bands listed...and we can throw up some Dead we have used -


"Ramble On Rose"

And we can give you some Skynyrd...
"Gimme Three Steps"

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24 Of Your Sparks

  1. Dana Says:
  2. Skynyrd was in my neck of the woods on Friday, along with Hank Williams Jr. All reports (I wasn't there) were that Hank Jr. stole the show.

  3. Schmoop Says:
  4. She may be only 16 but to me she has 8-15 years in the pen written all over her. Cheers Vinny!!

  5. Liz Hill Says:
  6. You should try imeem---it seems to be working quite well now.

  7. Travis Cody Says:
  8. I need to figure out one of these alternatives so I can start putting music in my posts without doing videos. I like the videos, but they clutter up a post sometimes.

    Unless they having dancing and legs and ankles and shoes of course! Then they are scenic enhancements to any post!


  9. DANA: They are supposed to be here in June. Deciding if I can afford to go after the Beale St. Blues festival and plans for a small vacation.

    MATT-MAN: That she does Sir...why not come around and hit on her tonight

    TURNBABY: I plan on looking into it as a backup.

  10. TRAVIS: Lifelogger is a great option...except when there are problems, as there can be with any site. If you need help navigating, let me know.

  11. leelee Says:
  12. very cool. One hitch though...and I hope this doesn't ruin my win. but BFF stands for Best Friend Forever, not my boyfriend..although I suppose it could.

    By the way Sue, my BFF then is still my BFF now. :-)

    Thanks Vinny!


  13. LEELEE: No, it does not ruin your win and I know what BFF means... I just read it as BF... sheesh...

  14. Those are some great concert experiences.

    As far as this Montana teenager, if she is just 16, someone needs to be giving her some serious advice on appropriate attire.

  15. Bar Says:
  16. Hey Bond,

    Sorry I never noticed the rice thing here before - you have so many things here I just missed it.

    Hope you're having a great day@

  17. Hey Vinny you following the Allmans news lately? Gregg is not doing so hot. They have cancelled Beacon Theater. Hep C is not good.

  18. RWA: LOL...she is a bit over the top - isn't she

    BARBARA: No worries... I have been told this place is too messy and am about 2-3 weeks closer to revealing the new Couch

    STARRLIGHT: I had heard he was not doing well, and had seen they rescheduled the shows, but not the latest moving them back to 2009.
    Hoping he gets the treatment and gets well.

  19. DrillerAA Says:
  20. Hey, most of my posts start out "freestyle". It's sheer magic if they wind up someplace on purpose.
    Love the Skynyrd tunes!

  21. DRILLERAA: More than not, so do I, but tend not to tell anyone! LOL

  22. Ken Says:
  23. HOT DOG!!! No bagels today!

    Thanks Vinny, that is very cool, and I most certainly will except any tunes you throw my way!

    Thank You again.

  24. MICKEY-T: Nope, no bagels dude...OK, all you have to do is send me your snail mail and i will burn the CD and get it out. Congrats

  25. Julie Says:
  26. **waves at Vinny**


  27. 99% of my post start off unplanned and unorganized. I seriously suck at writing if I think at it too much.

  28. BeckEye Says:
  29. Awww, Angell's story was so sweet.

    I'll never forget when I met Glenn Tilbrook and at the end of our brief chat, I told him how much the concert meant to me (my first Squeeze show!) because my Dad had just had surgery and I was so stressed all week. At that, the security guard prodded me along and Glenn gave me a big hug and said "I wish you didn't have to go." AHHHHH! Never forget it. :)

    You probably already read that on my blog, but it bears repeating. :)

  30. Mimi Lenox Says:
  31. Concert wouldn't want to know. Trust me.

  32. Meribah Says:
  33. Nice post for someone who supposedly had nothing to talk about. Rambling posts can make for some of the best posts...sometimes. :)

  34. RW Says:
  35. lifelogger I been having a hard time with it on the upload takes me forever, but it is a great flashplayer. Thanks for the good tunes Vin!

  36. Coco Says:
  37. Got here and don't know what to write. well, good night Vinnny.

  38. I'll be back to play along...but wanted to mention that I saw your comments on Travis blog re:marlee on DWTS. I couldnt agree more. Nothing like pointing out her disability every week.


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