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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, April 18, 2008

In the comments area from yesterday LeeLee and I went back and forth with a conversation regarding concerts we have seen. She is lucky enough to be going to see Mr. Springsteen this evening. I have seen Bruce twice, both times at his "shrine", The Meadowlands in NJ. Not even sure what they call the arena that is there now. But it is one of those hockey arenas that has very little acoustical soul and can put you 6 1/2 miles from the stage.

THE COUCH NOTE: Dad Vince sent an email this morning informing us that LeeLee will not be seeing Bruce tonight as Danny Federici, the longtime keyboard player for Bruce Springsteen whose stylish work helped define the E Street Band's sound on hits from "Hungry Heart" through "The Rising," died Thursday. He was 58.

Federici, who had battled melanoma for three years, died at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. News of his death was posted late Thursday on Springsteen's official Web site.
Sad news... R.I.P. Danny.

In some aspects, I have thought I would get more satisfaction from sitting at home with my eyes closed and an album blasting from the speakers. Of course that is not a totally serious comment...but there is a thread of truth to it.

Arena rock began in the late 60's, early 70's when bands realized they could do one show for 25,000 people, instead of 5 nights in a small theater for 5,000 each night. Does it make sense? Well hell yeah, from a financial and time standpoint. Does it impact your fan-base? Nah...if someone wants to see you live, it does not matter if they are in the first row of the Beacon Theater in NYC, or a half a mile away at Woodstock or Ozfest.

Part of the concert experience is the crowd and the energy that runs through a building (or outdoor arena) no matter how large the place. Over the last few years, I have not done too many live shows due to fiscal restraints, but as most of you know, I did get to two days of the Beale Street Blues Festival last year and was not surprised that on Friday, I made sure I got there early enough and moved as close to the stage as possible.

No seating...I knew it was going to be about 5-6 hours of standing and that slowly the 'personal space' I currently had would disappear entirely. Did not matter. 20 feet from The Allman Brothers and Govt. Mule and Jerry Lee Lewis and Derek Trucks was worth every elbow in the kidney or toe stepped on.

If you have not been around long, we posted this on our story about the weekend HERE :

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Also last year we went to Birmingham, AL and met up with a whole group of crazy muthaf**kers wonderful people for Taylor Hicks' concert in his hometown. It was at the Alabama Theater, a wonderfully built, acoustically orgasmic building. My seat was in the 4th or 5th row of the loge. So it equated to being in the 15-20th row of the Orchestra, without all the heads in front of you.

COUCH NOTE: If ya have not guessed, we are not the tallest tree in the forest.

It was a fantastic show - the man is a showman and until you see him live, you can not really judge. Did it help that it was in a theater like that? Absolutely and, without a doubt this is the way I would prefer to see a show.

I do miss the Palladium in NYC. What a great venue that was. They would sometimes hold two shows a night there (as they did with the Fillmore East and West). Going to the second show, which would start at about 1:00 am, and walking out as the sun comes up after 5 hours of a Dead show is something that has to be experienced. Not sure they would even attempt that in today's world.

We have been to outdoor fests (Allman Brothers, The Band & The Dead), football arenas (Bruce, The Rolling Stones, The Dead to name a few), indoor arenas (Led Zeppelin, The Dead, Pink Floyd, Elton John - with a surprise visit from John Lennon, Allman Brothers, Jethro Tull, Springsteen, Jeff Beck, get the idea...) but nothing beats the intimate theater or club (Hot Tuna, Jeff Beck, Jerry Garcia, Stevie Wonder, Linda Ronstadt). Seeing B.B. King in a 500 person club on Long Island in the 80's is something I will never forget.

We keep adding names above and are leaving out many others.

And - OF COURSE - let's not forget the ticket prices...LOL...$200.00 tickets today. We put together some show here...sure look at the artists, but look at the prices!

As Always...Click To Enlarge
COUCH NOTE: In the center is game 6 World Series - Yankees/Dodgers
Reggie Jackson hits three home runs on the first pitch of three consecutive at bats.
Sorry Travis!

So...let's start a little discussion...

What was THE BEST concert you have ever seen, what was the venue and why was it the best?

What was THE WORST concert you have ever seen, what was the venue and why was it the worst?

I was asked the other day if I would consider putting together a CD of music that has been featured here on The Couch. This person even offered to pay for it! LOL...Not sure we will do that, but how about if we do a CD for the BEST and the WORST story? You will have the choice of a random sampling or you can ask for specific songs. If you are the winner and could not be bothered with the CD, well we can make that our little secret, just let me know. LOL

Let's play fair here and no making stuff are on the honor system on this.

So, of course we go all live...a selection from my collection of bootleg concerts to share with all ya'll

Here we go is midnight...blogger will not let me publish...lifelogger has slowed to a crawl...If the post happens to publish but there are no audio players, come back after 7:00 am Central Friday morning and they should be there...

Three uploaded...two to go 12:08 am

FINALLY....12:20 am...night...

Have a Great Weekend...ENJOY...

Fox Theater, Boulder, CO
"Walkin' Blues"

Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA
"Promised Land"

Chicago, IL
"Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On"

Santa Clara Fairgrounds, CA

Quebec City, Canada
"I've Seen All Good People"

41 Of Your Sparks

  1. I am hard pressed to pick a best concert ever. John Mellencamp during the Whenever We Wanted tour (not sure of the year) was an incredible show. Saw him at Desert Sky Pavilion (now Cricket Pavilion) in Phoenix. Outdoor amphiteatre, that concert ROCKED HARD. Other than getting accosted by the drunk lesbian sitting in front of me, it was THE BEST concert I had attended up until then.

    My other best concerts were two by U2 (of course). One was at Sun Devil Stadium on the campus of Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. It was during the Achtung Baby tour. The sound wasn't all that great, but the stage setting was incredible and the energy was amazing. It FAR outweighed the concert I saw of them in the Hoosier/RCA Dome in Indianapolis circa 1987. The best by far was U2 in 2005 at Glendale Arena in Glendale, AZ. Fabulous acoustics, fantastic light show, and incredible music set going all the way back to Boy and including the most recent Atomic Bomb.

    Another kick ass concert I attended was Fleetwood Mac at the Hollywood Sportatorium in Hollywood, FL circa 1979. I was in the third row, center seats - the sound coming off the stage during "Tusk" was frickin' amazing (although the USC Marching Trojan band was NOT there).

    The worst, I hate to say, was a concert by The Boss. It was a tour with the E Street Band (circa 2000), and the music was awesome, but the acoustics SUCKED THE BIG ONE. America West Arena in Phoenix (now called US Airways Center) is the WORST venue for a concert, and our seats were behind the stage, which added to the bad sound. Crappy, crappy, crapola.

    Oh wait...I just remembered another great, great show - Sting at Assembly Hall on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, IN circa 1987. Great acoustics, believe it or not, wonderfully intimate concert, Sting is amazing.

  2. Kb Says:
  3. First concert I attended was Michael Jackson (Journey Tour) at Texas Stadium 1984 or 5. I felt SO COOL.

    My favorite concerts I've attended .. Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Dixie Chicks and Fleetwood Mac.

    Ahh the memories...

  4. Kimmie Says:
  5. Hey Bond!
    Loved your comment over at Mary's about being Italian. My Mother was 100% Scilian. I know all about feeding everyone that walks through the door! She did it, and instilled it in everyone of her children. You really took me back to my younger years at home where there was always someone sitting at the kitchen table visiting, drinking and eating. It was so much fun to sit around and listen to all that was going on. I wish it could still be that way. The world has changed so much. So sad. the early 80's I worked for Harvey and Corky Productions. It was a great ride. I saw many concerts. My favorite was when John Couger Mellencamp opened for Kiss. What an awesome concert that was. It was held in the Old Memorial Auditorium in Buffalo. I had a blast! The place just rocked! I loved when JCM sang "Cherry Bomb", I think the whole place was stoned and grooving like a well oiled machine. Oh the memories....

    The worst concert...The Rolling Stones at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The music was good, but I was on the field. Everyone was so messed up, it wasn't pretty. The crowd was pushing and I got squished and it hurt. I think there is something to be said about having a seat instead! Your not as close, but you don't get bruises. LOL!
    I have so many other great ones I could share, but these two stood out in my mind the most. This was is always good to have a blast from the past, especially on a Friday Morning!

    Thanks Bond!
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Schmoop Says:
  7. I haven't been to too many concerts. I amm so sheltered. My first was seeing NIck Lowe opening up for my fave, The Cars.

    My most recent was seeing Eddie Money. He autographed an old Eddie Money album cover of mine. We do share the actual last name after all. Cheers Vin!!

  8. RW Says:
  9. I see ya out there in the crowd Vin, cool photo! Have a great weekend!!

  10. leelee Says:
  11. Vinny, thanks for the shout out...and yes..a real shame about Danny Federici's passing. Another great soul has risen to rock and roll heaven for sure.

    Oh as I have hinted already I have been to many many concerts and contiue to go as you know, today... well not today literally :-(

    I need to process and take a look in my ticket stub collection to pick out a vignette to share. I WANT TO WIN THAT CD!! ;-)

    I'll be back later after my morning walk.

    HUGS!! and thanks again for the mention!

  12. SONGBIRD: Did you mean BECAUSE you got hit on by the lesbian it was he best show ever? Just asking...hehehe...nice representation.

    KB: This is a memory post...thanks

    KIMMIE: OK, have to ask when the Stones show was, because if you see the tickets is for the Stones at the Stadium in Buffalo...Aug 8, 1975...
    I have written about always having an "orphan" at our table for holidays..someone who had no where to go who was 'kidnapped and tied up and dragged to our house' LOL

  13. MATT-MAN: You sheltered...LOLOL...OK, the album thing is very cool. What kind of venue did you see Money in?

  14. ROGER: I did wave at you! LOL thanks..enjoy your weekend.

    LEELEE: Sorry about the concert...truly sad news. I had to shout-out to inspired the post! Looking forward to seeing and HEARING about your best and worst...enjoy the walk.

  15. Twyla Says:
  16. First of all, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who saves all their concert tickets. :-)
    I'm not sure that I could pick a best or worst concert.
    The first concert I ever saw was Bon Jovi in '94. I was a 14 year old girl in love with the man, and he performed the entire concert in tight jeans, no shirt and a black leather vest. It was a good day for me. Oh, and the music was great too. LOL
    If had to pick it would probably be a music festival called Summersault, in 2000...only because there were so many great bands. Foo Fighters, Our Lady Peace, and Smashing Pumpkins. It was their final tour and I ended up in the mosh pit during there set. Greatest time of my life (and scariest!) Of course, my backpack got stolen that night with all our money it in, but it was still an awesome concert experience.
    I've seen a bunch of Canadian bands in smaller venues..bands that most people haven't heard of...but they all put on amazing shows.
    I was at a Treble Charger /Sum 41 show, while pregnant and having 'morning sickness'. Okay, I guess that was probably the worst, but the music made up for it. LOL
    I saw Aerosmith last summer. We drove 9 hours there, watched the concert and drove 9 hours back that night. It was a rain storm the entire day and we were up to our knees in mud, but what an experience!!!
    Now that I think of it, I think it's impossible for me to have a bad concert experience. The music always makes up for anything that goes wrong.
    Way to get us all thinking Bond! Have a great weekend! :-)

  17. TWYLA: I tend to agree with you. It takes a lot to ruin a concert, but I have seen some shows in barns where the sound from a 5 year olds, playskool record player sounds better! I remember your tale of the Aerosmith show.

  18. DrillerAA Says:
  19. I know man, I've still got my Beach Boys tickets from high school (1964) and I think they were $7.50! I saw Sir Elton John back in the day, before he was a sir and tickets were either $12.50 or $15.00. It was just prior to the release of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. It's been a while since I've been to one of those events. I do miss it though.
    Have a great week-end my man.

  20. Angell Says:
  21. Well, since becoming a security guard five years ago, I have attended some totally amazing shows, but had to work them, and wasn't actually able to pay attention.

    But the best concert ever, for me, was when Styx came to Hamilton about six years ago. I had just lost one of my best friends, Ruth (some may remember her story), and was not in the partying or Styx mood (yah, I know - others fainted in shock). But my other friend Cathie, had never been to a Styx show, and I promised her I would take her. So we got to Hamilton early - it was a GA show. We stood for two hours, at the front of the stage, through the opener and set change, and then the boys came on stage.

    At this point I had barely registered anything that was going on, hardly speaking to Cat, just totally miserable, and wondering why God had taken such a wonderful person and left me here. Well, the boys came on stage and started playing. I couldn't get into it. I didn't think it was fair that I was able to be there when Ruth was gone. I felt Cat nudge me during Lorelei (one of their older songs for those that don't know), and when I looked at her, she grabbed both sides of my head and turned it to face the stage.

    I looked up and the bassist, Glen Burtnick, was looking down at me, smiling and singing. Didn't matter at all. In fact, I almost started crying. During the guitar solo that Tommy threw in there, he knelt at the edge of the stage and held out his hand to me. I put mine in his, and he mouthed at me, Smile sweetheart. Then he kissed something and pressed it into my hand.

    When I opened it, it was one of his guitar picks. I smiled, for the first time in days, and mouthed up to him - I love you. And he mouthed it back.

    I enjoyed the rest of the concert, and will forever remember that show as the one that reminded me that there's a lot of life left to live.

  22. DRILLERAA: Same kind of pricing as on the tickets I show...Other than the Blues festival last year, it has been a while since I partook...need to get back to seeing some shows.

  23. ANGELL: Beautiful story...thanks for sharing...Interesting that he was able to pick up on your sadness...and turn it around...

  24. BeckEye Says:
  25. I just saw the story about Danny Federici on Yahoo before coming here. So sad.

  26. Ken Says:
  27. I'm a 2 finger typer Shit!!

    The best, Watkins Glen [you know who was there]
    About a week before the show I was hitching back from Calif. to Boston by myself. [100 thousand miles first 5 years out of school] It was a warm day and my ride through NY offered me to come to this public pool. I chatted the pretty lifeguard, and she said I could crash with her friends in Geneva. Party house all the way! The next day they invited me to the Can Am Race at the Glen. Paaarrrtttyyy!!!!My first race and then they told me that next week the concert was going to happen, so stick around. Well the last night of the race it's customary to burn junk cars in this bog of mud. I was in the thick of it, burning ,screaming, mudding. I lost my voice and my wallet that night. Next day hitched home pennyless, went to the bank and got my 10 dollars [lost traverler check in the mud] Hi mom, by mom. Hitched back to the Glen, got there on a rainy wed night and slept under a bus with about 20 others. So at a dollar a hit for the mind set and 25cent bagles, the next four days were the best time and music outdoors I ever did have!!

    The worst was in Conn. I went to a Neil Young Concert and was duly dissapointed to see that he had... turned Rock Star! Jumping and running and.......Not the Neil I knew from La Honda CA.

  28. Coco Says:
  29. *sits with tears in my eyes as i recall some of my concert experiences* Great memories, Vinny ... I needed these thoughts today. Thank you. *big hug*

    I can't decide which show was the best ... Clapton or Santana in Montreal, or Lightfoot at the Capital (a very small, local, acoustically perfect venue), Aerosmith last summer or Supertramp, Foreigner, or Chicago (got to party with them) at the local arena back in the 80's ... all so different, yet so memorable in their own way. Maybe Rush ... or Triumph ...

    omg I forgot Healey's show two summers ago. THAT was awe-inspiring. Anyone who missed seeing Healey live has my everlasting sympathy, because the man was one of the greatest performers EVER!

    Maybe I should give honorable mention to my first concert-going experience, because that was pretty wonderful, too - Burton Cummings. My friend and I got crushed against the stage (it was the summer I turned 12) and he pulled us up out of the crowd and let us sit on the edge of the stage for the whole show and sang to us. I still get goosebumps when I hear "I Will Play A Rhapsody" or "Stand Tall" ...

    This spring and summer, I am in concert heaven here - Dylan, Cohen (yes, Leonard), John Fogarty, and a longtime dream - the Eagles (I won tickets to see them too, so isn't that cool?) Add to that Colin James, Ozzy, and Michael Buble earlier this year, and you can bet i am one musically satisfied Coco.

    Yeah, I think I have to go with Healey, Vinny, as the best. He was the greatest, truly.

    Worst is easy - Rod Stewart. He came onstage, played for 35 minutes and left. No opening band and no sound check, so the whole show was far too loud for the venue, to the point of distortion. Sooo disillusioned about that.

  30. I have really been blessed with mostly have awesome concert experiences. I am really hard pressed to pick a favorite so I will pick three :p

    Green Day's American Idiot was fantastic. The band sounds awesome, the crowd was really into it and it was frankly one of the funnest concerts ever. Something about making kidlet's childhood by taking her to see her favorite band probably added to that.

    Tied for that would be the HTDAAB
    U2 tour that we saw in 05. U2 live is more along the lines of a religious experience than merely a concert. They have been the soundtrack of my life dating back to being 12.

    Worst concert I would have to say was David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails. Trent and NIN were awesome. David was in pissy artists "I will subject you to 2 hours of my new experimental crap and I will NOT play what you came here for" mode. Seriously...not a single classic outside of his encore of Under Pressure.

    THAT was irritating. Shut up with the oboe and play Young Americans. It's a massive peeve for me when artist refuse to play their hits. I don't care if they are tired of it, *I* am not and *I* am paying.

    Other stand outs for me would be The Cure, ACDC, David Lee Roth (oh yes, I said it) and Social Distortion. And I am so looking forward to George Michael and Rush for this summer.

  31. katherine. Says:
  32. this is a tough I won't decide.

    their are three concerts that tie for best.

    1977 Senior year in high school...for my birthday...Seals and Crofts at Flint Center De Anza College FRONT ROW CENTER. My boyfriend was 6'5" with curly red hair and was taking pictures. Long story short...the came and stood RIGHT in front of me and sang "I'll Play For You" to me.

    1980 UCLA. The Outlaws dedicated the singing of their song, "Green Grass and High Tides Forever" to my soon-to-be-husband and I. (This is his all time favorite song and his roommate was the student body president...and we had just become engaged...)

    As for "acoustically orgasmic" both of the Toby Keith concerts at Shoreline in Mountain View. That man totally sends me. Anywhere...anytime...anyplace.

    I can't think of the worst concert...oh well...

  33. MICKEY-T: Ah the glen....great great show...I still have my "Ball & Boogie" T-shirt from that one!

    COCO: Some great memories there and very cool you won tickets to such a fantastic show!

  34. STARRLIGHT: I agree that when an artist plays the 'it is my concert, so screw ya I will indulge myself" card they are basically telling their FANS that they matter little...
    Thanks for sharing your memories

    KATHERINE: Some great moments there...and it is great you can't think of a 'worst' one...not sure I can come up with a true stinker either...

  35. leelee Says:
  36. God, I don't know where to even start. There is no way I could pick ONE best concert. I have seen so many.. Memorable for me was YES at MSG in the round. We had terrific Mezzanine seats like first level off the floor. The sound was awesome. Bruce at Seton Hall University in 1975 3rd row..that was the year he started singing Santa Claus Is Coming to town (

    Oh there are too many to list.

    Worst? In maybe 73-74. My BFF and I went to Roosevelt stadium in Jersey City to see Rod Stewart. One of our Moms drove us down there and one of our Dads was picking us up at 11pm. We got there at like 3pm. Found a space on the floor pretty close to the stage..and were pretty psyched. We had no idea that Rod Stewart was the last act...the first was Lynyrd Skynyrd. We were teeny boppers and didn't even know who they they start and the crowd rushes to the front and basically crushed us. After Skynyrd, Alvin lee and 10 Years after comes on..and the crowd pushes even further..(ashamed to say now I didn't know them either) We were majorly uncomfortable and not too happy. At like 10:30..finally Rod The Mod comes on...and we had to 11..~sigh~ It was one for the record books. I saw RS a few times after that...but that one will always stick in my mind.

    I definitely had more good memories than bad. thanks for helping me bring them all to the surface again.


  37. Ken Says:
  38. I remember I found this stick with a big nob on the end. I held it up high while walking and when I looked back there was this hugh line of people following the stick, so that afternoon I felt compelled to keep walking! What a weekend!!!!!!!!!

  39. Anonymous Says:
  40. Uh oh... I can´t decide... Elton John or U2? I guess it´s a tie (venue: Gelsenkirchen, Germany).

    I also enjoyed

    - DTH (German Punk Rock) in Vienna, Austria
    - Alanis Morisette in Oberhausen, Germany
    - Robbie Williams in Cologne and Gelsenkirchen
    - Linkin Park in Cologne

    The worst... hmmm... Vonda Shepard in Oberhausen, Germany. Just horrible.

    your next-door neighbor *g*

  41. LEELEE: Ah the trials and horrors of teen girls at a 10-Years After concert! LOL Thanks for jangling my brain to come up with this post!

    MICKEY-T: Pied Piper Of Psychedelic People!

    SANNI: Some great shows listed there too...Thanks for sharing neighbor! LOL

  42. Anndi Says:
  43. I think Coco and I were at the same Santana concert in Montreal (I saw 3 of them.. or wait, was it 4?)
    His concert that stands out the most for me had to have been by the water outdoors at La Ronde (first time I saw him)... I was young and owned the world.

    The only positive arena experience I had was Pink Floyd... AWESOME! They actually had great sound and I was with a crazy bunch of fun guys.

    But on a personal note... THE BEST - going to a Taylor concert in Watertown, NY and seeing the sparkle in my Chicklet's eyes when she met him after the show and he took time to actually talk to her (have I ever mentioned he touched me that time? - and no Dana.. I did not give him strep). She still sleeps with her autographed Taylor bear in her bed and wants to know when the next concert will be. The road trip that went with it rocked... and rolled (the girl loves rollercoasters hehehe).
    When you can have a bonding experience with your child over music... THAT rocks!

    Now, I'm looking forward to Skynyrd with my honey... *sigh*
    Music and someone you love - perfection.

    (I read that strike out BTW... *smack on the butt*)

    The worst? I've never had a truly bad concert experience. And for that, I'm thankful.

  44. Nice memories...sharing the love of music with your child is an experience...
    You read the strike-out and in many ways it is the truth!
    Thanks for sharing.

  45. Tug Says:
  46. OMG, here you are, making me think again. ;-) I, too, am having a hard time picking a fave. Elton John & Billy Joel together in Phoenix - I was not speaking to the friend I had tickets with, but refused to give mine up...beyond awesome.
    Chris LeDoux riding a mechanical bull while singing & putting on a fantastic show at a small venue in Vegas - & he got right in my face when he saw my camera; smiled, then turned like I asked him to so I could get the wrangler butt pic while he walked away.
    My first Jimmy Buffet concert - parrotheads totally took over the MGM Grand in Vegas...watching old men in coconut shell bras & grass skirts having the time of their lives!
    Alan Jackson signing my tank top on stage while singing... *sigh*

    The worst? I'd say New Kids on the Block (hee), but it was my daughter's first concert & she LOVED I'll go with Garth Brooks - total disappointment after much hype - I think it would have been great had tickets not sold out immediately, so he added 3 more nights & just didn't 'bring it' the first night.

  47. Lu' Says:
  48. Best concert Frank Sinatra at the Circle Star Theater in San Carlos Ca. It was the best because my Mom loved Frank Sinatra and I was with my Mom.

    Wort was this past October Johnny Winter and Leon Russell at the Whitaker Center. Worst because sound system was the worst I've heard in quite some time.

  49. Well, it is too bad that I had not discovered your blog prior to your trip here to Birmingham for the Taylor Hicks' show.

    Isn't the Alabama Theater a wonderful place?

    As far as best shows, I would have to say Pink Floyd when they played at Legion Field (an outdoor stadium) here in Birmingham several years ago. I'd also throw in George Strait, who I saw at the Civic Center Coliseum here not long ago.

    Worst? It would have to be the B-52's at a local outdoor amphitheatre. Nothing against the group or the show. A friend won free tickets on the radio, so we went - primarily to hear "Love Shack." It wasn't quite full, so we sat in the back away from the mob. Unfortunately for us, they didn't play "Love Shack" until the encore.

  50. Oh, and since I wasn't at that particular show, I will overlook the fact that you described some of our local folk as "crazy muthaf**kers"


  51. TUG: Some great concerts there....NKOTB!?!?!...we do someincredible things for our kids...don't we!?

    LU' OOO The Chairman...that would have been great.

    RWA: The Alabama is wonderful...and when I talked of the crazy muthaf**kers" I meant the friends I know who came in from around the country for the concert...NOT the locals LOLOLOLOL

  52. Travis Cody Says:
  53. Great discussion you got going about concerts. I haven't been to a lot of live just hasn't been my thing.

    I went to see Brooks & Dunn not too long ago and that was a great show. Years ago I went to a 50's music festival...met Wolfman Jack and saw the original American Graffiti T-Bird. That was cool!

    I forgive you for the mention of that World Series game.

    I read about Danny yesterday.

    Have a great weekend!

  54. Unknown Says:
  55. You are absolutely right, Bond-Baby. People shouldn't say anything bad about Taylor until they see him live. I've gone to two of his concerts with non-Taylor fans and came back with two newly made Taylor fans.

  56. Anndi Says:
  57. when I talked of the crazy muthaf**kers" I meant the friends I know who came in from around the country for the concert...

    But the foreigners were perfectly normal and sweet... Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

  58. TopChamp Says:
  59. That's a hard question - picking my best and worst gigs.

    OK... best: the Tryptich festival last year, Glasgow. Supporting Gruff Rhys were Euros Childs (who is my boyfriend's favourite), Espers (who I love), Boom Bip (who neither of us had heard before but we both liked although we'd have preferred it later on) then finally the headliner (see For a bargain price. And I was sober... which is unusual actually.

    Worst: Gorky's Zygotic Mynci in the Art School, Glasgow. Hate that place, hate that band.

  60. TRAVIS: Used to listen to Wolfman religiously....Hope your weekend is going great

    DANA: TY Dana... so true

    ANNDI: Well...they were kinda nice...when conscious! bwahahahahahahahahaa

    TOPCHAMP: OK, I do not know one of those band....Thanks for your story.

  61. i have two favorites, paul simon at the miami arena doing the african music and the beach boys in the late 80's in the west palm beach "leaky teepee", oh and liberace at the same place. my worst was the beach boy(s) in hiawassee georgis at the fair grounds.

    smiles, bee

  62. Kimmie Says:
  63. Yes, was 1975! The Stones At The Stadium! I went with my boyfriend. He did not look out for me once we got there and he wandered off. Thus, me getting lost in the shuffle.

    You were there cool is that??? It was the Summer after my Junior Year. A wild time indeed! Good thing I had me a little buzz on, otherwise I may have had to open a can of whoop*ss on a few of those rude, messed up birdbrains! LOL!

  64. Kimmie Says:
  65. more...did you by any chance make it to the Stadium for the Eagles and Judy Collins? It rained, but it was still good! I don't remember if that was the same summer. Getting old is a b*tch. My memory seems to go on the blink alot!


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