Is It Worth It......?

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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There comes a time in everyones life when you have to decide if something is worth it. Is the job you have today worth it? Is a friendship worth it? Is the relationship you are in worth it?

The key to those questions are 'worth it'. Only you can know what the worth of a job or a friendship or a relationship is to you. This last year and a half, we have had to evaluate what is 'worth it' in our life.

We made a move 900 miles to find a new job. It meant leaving behind Matt and some most excellent friends. We also knew that by taking the job our relationship would, most likely, end.

It had not been solid for years, so it was no surprise when it did end. Does it change the care and concern we have for the other person? Hell no...but we had grown apart and needed something new in our lives. We only hope that happens for her.

Was it worth it? The friends we left behind are still in our life. Matt is obviously still in our life and always will be. The job has brought us satisfaction in our career and we have found a new home here in Memphis.
YES, it as worth it.

We have also struggled with a friendship for the last year. Both of us have reached out and tried to repair it and have patched it a number of times. Is it worth it? We think so, or why would we continue to try and salvage it?

Will it be saved? Only time will tell. Maybe it will be saved to the point that we remain friends as we used to be. Maybe the friendship will evolve and change and not be what it was, but still be there, in our life.

We have made some mistakes. They have also. It is now time for all parties to evaluate what the original friendship is worth. We are hoping it is worth all the grand things it brought into our life.

Losing a friend is a real bite. Is it worth trying to keep? Yes!

The move also allowed us to find a new relationship. It is one that has amazed us. How so you ask? Well, honestly, we have never had a relationship that is so compatible before. When we were thinking about this recently, it did amaze us. With all the relationships we have had, none can even compare with the one we are in now. There are no expectations from either of us on how we would like the other to be - because who we are is accepted and DESIRED.

It is open and honest all of the time. No holding back to spare a 'discussion'. When you can tell them there is something bothering you and they listen and you discuss it, well there is nothing in the world like it.

It might seem strange, but in 53 years, we really have never had that. There was always some point where we held back as to not cause a 'problem'.

Now, the problem occurs if we are not honest and open.

We do not have to do something to have fun together. We can cook a meal together and sit on the couch and watch a movie and share a bottle of wine and be totally content.

Being happy just sitting next to each other...watching her face as the scary movie is on the TV...seeing her expressions change is just so wonderful. The relationship is still so new, so we are still learning, but after 6-months, we could not be happier.

When you look into the eyes of the person next to you and you see love and respect and caring and support and friendship, it is a most wonderful thing. I see that now, and even thought there are other areas of our life in turmoil, that look always lets us know things will get better. We also know that when she looks into our eyes, she sees all the same things.

So....has it all been worth it? The answer is unequivocally YES!

For her...'darlin Nancy

and for you...those with loves
and for those who still search for that love...

A Song Of Love...

By Eric Clapton and Nizami
Performed By: Derek & The Dominos
Eric Clapton - Guitar & Vocals
Duane Allman - Guitar

Bobby Whitlock -Organ & Vocals

Carl Radle - Bass

Jim Gordon - Drums

Recorded August 31, 1970
The Layla Sessions - 20th Anniversary Edition

I am yours.
However distant you may be,
There blows no wind but wafts your scent to me,
There sings no bird but calls your name to me.
Each memory that has left it’s trace with me
Lingers forever as a part of me.

I am yours.

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56 Of Your Sparks

  1. Lizza Says:
  2. Dammit, that is just so sweet, you made me all teary-eyed. I'm so happy for you and Nancy!

    And I hope things work out with your friend.

  3. I'm so glad you and Nancy found each other. It's a true gift when you find someone with whom you are truly compatible.

  4. Lu' Says:
  5. Well put. Interesting, my post today is of a similar tone, yet of a more time sculpted love.

  6. Liz Hill Says:
  7. You know I couldn't be happier for you sugar. Smooch

  8. Kb Says:
  9. I love the friends I have that I can not see or talk to for a year and we get together or pick up the phone and pick up where we left off -- no hard feelings on not staying in touch and no tension. Those are true friends.

    In the last year I have weeded out the fair weather friends and the ones "worth it". I was amazed at how many true friends I have and how many new ones I've met.

    **Raising my coffee mug up** Here's to the ones who are worth it!

  10. LIZZA: TY and I am hopeful the friend thing works out.

  11. SONGBIRD: It truly is a gift....TY

    LU': I will come read

  12. TURNBABY: And all good things come to those that wait... KNOW that! SMOOCH

    KB: I actually renewed a friendship long lost this year also...

  13. Liz Hill Says:
  14. I think 48 years is a good long wait ;-) *giggling*

  15. TURNBABY: MY point exactly =] SMOOCH

  16. Schmoop Says:
  17. Isn't that sweet...Now spill it. What did you do to piss Nancy off? Cheers Vin!!

  18. RW Says:
  19. Sweet sentiments Vin! Glad you wrote this, its time I got in contact with some old friends back east. Moving can be very hard but if it is the right thing for you, ya got to do it. Great post Vin.

  20. Angell Says:
  21. DAMN Vince!

    You made me cry again - someone got any tissues cuz I'm all out.

    I couldn't be happier for you my dear friend.


  22. MATT-MAN: No really... I didn't do a thing...But maybe this will help in the future if I do!

  23. ROGER: TY Sir...and yes it is tough when you move. I try and call the boys up in NJ at lease every other week.

  24. ANGELL: Here is a tissue dear.. TYVM...I am very happy...

  25. Dana Says:
  26. What a timely post ...

    I've been in a bit of an "Is it worth it?" funk for the past year or so, and am finally reaching the point where it's time to stop the fence sitting and move forward. I'm about to find out - on several fronts - if it's worth it!

  27. Julie Says:
  28. You express yourself with such tender words. I wish you so much happiness and fulfillment.

    There's some funny stuff going on with my sign-in. I hope this works.

  29. leelee Says:
  30. That was a wonderful post Vinny. I really love the honest and open way you write. I don't think there is anything quite as wonderful as a relationship that you just described. I new to your blog, but I wish you all the happiness that life can bring joy into the world through your words and music.


    PS: Can't stop smilin' :-) I've read some really great posts today.

  31. Lovely post Bond! Inspite of my grumbly nature I do believe in that kind of love, I have just stopped worrying about finding it. Had to find myself first =)

  32. DANA: DO it girl....get it in line...believe me, it will do your mind good.

  33. JULIE: It worked and TY so have become such an important friend.

  34. LEELEE: Why TY so much. What kind words. I know no other way to write than from the soul. And the music is just my way of sharing what i have come to believe is some great music.
    Keep looks good on you.

  35. STARRLIGHT: I also had to find myself and it is not the easiest sometimes. That love is there for each and every one of us. Sometimes it takes a while and many attempts to find it. Yours is out there.

  36. Ken Says:
  37. That was a heart felt post, you must be a very lucky man.

    Never heard that tune, it went well!

  38. MICKEY-T: I feel like I am very lucky at this point in my life...and that is one of my all time simple, yet so wonderfully loving.

  39. Yup I think so too. I am just not in a rush anymore. Concentrating on the kidlet and myself for the next couple of years. I look at what the ex is going through in the name of not being alone and just....bleh.

  40. OBLadyBug Says:
  41. My sweet Vince what a beautiful post. I’m truly grateful you gave me a second chance when we first met … little did I know at the time you would become the man of my dreams. Our adventure together has just begun …

    I’m sorry about the friendship heartache and hope you both will work repair the relationship.

  42. Anonymous Says:
  43. I just came over to let you know your badge is (finally) flying on sanni-licious... and to thank you for caring about me and your kind comments... and now...

    I read this most wonderful post!

    I am so SO happy for you, my friend... may I have a tissue, please? *SMOOH*

  44. Well, it certainly sounds like Memphhis - for the most part - has worked out well for you.

    I'm glad to hear it.

  45. STARRLIGHT: you know what? these things happen when you are not looking for them. So, enjoy kidlet...enjoy life and one day BAM! he will be there.

  46. NANCY: It really was not a second chance... I was going to hound you until you gave me a shot! LOL The adventure has just begun and i so look forward to it with you.

  47. SANNI: WOO I will come look for are a special friend who introduced me to so many people here...and TY so very much dear.

    RWA: It sure has sure has.

  48. Twyla Says:
  49. Awww...that was so sweet. I'm very happy for you! :-)

  50. AtriaBooks Says:
  51. I too am so pleased that Nancy came into your life, VinBo. It enabled us to add another listener to the Radio Happy Hour.

  52. Liz Hill Says:
  53. Awwwww Nancy's words made me smile.

  54. TWYLA: TY ...I am also very happy

    DOC: You are such an arse! But I love ya dude.

    TURNBABY: Think how they made me feel! And I am happy for you also...KNOW that!

  55. It is great that you've made such a life. You should be proud...

  56. BUD; AND...she was a date! It can happen!

  57. Was it really Bond? That is actually good to know. Like I said dating is on hold for now. I'd hate to meet a guy and then have to tell him if ya like me you better be prepared to move in 5 years. But I figured when the time came I might give that a whirl. But no long distance stuff. Been there, done that, have the airline miles.

  58. STARRLIGHT: hey...he might want to move to the sunny south... have to be ready to have your eyes open and your heart stolen...if you are not, then it can be a disaster...
    YOU my dear deserve it and will find it

  59. twinnsmom Says:
  60. So when does the family get to meet her?????

  61. SISTER: Well some of you might in May...Not sure there will be a chance to get to NY this summer...but you never know.

  62. Meribah Says:
  63. The puppy can be the biggest cynic in the world at times...but, after reading about you and Nancy, all I can say is "aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww! :D

  64. MERIBAH: and that is the nicest thing you can say...Thanks

  65. Travis Cody Says:
  66. You know, I read Nancy's words and that made me remember yet again how lucky I am too!


  68. Anonymous Says:
  69. ...gotta tell ya...I've been listening to Derek and the Dominoes since their inception and I NEVER saw the lyrics to this song in's like hearing the song for the first time...thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!

  70. katherine. Says:
  71. ahhh Vincent you are truly having Nancy...and by gaining insight into your life!

    enjoy it all!

  72. KATHERINE: I am certainly trying my friend...

  73. Kimmie Says:
  74. Hi Bond,
    I'm Kimmie...this is my first visit to your blog. I read what Dana had to say about this post, and knew I wanted to read it. I just want to say your post was beautiful. Heartfelt feelings coming from a man is very rare these days. You are always such a gentleman, that is so refreshing. Nancy is a lucky lady, as you are a lucky man. It is wonderful that your second chance at friendship worked out for you. Your story touched my heart. May you both find happiness and love in the "buddig" of your new relationship. The song was an extra bonus! Loved that also.

  75. KIMMIE: Hi and welcome to The Couch...always room for another guest. TY for your kind words. darlin' Nancy is a special lady and i am very lucky.

    Always music on The Couch, so come sit anytime.

  76. Tug Says:
  77. I have wondered way too many times if my move to Hell was worth it. Then? My daughter needs surgery, and only her mama can take care of her. Or the first 'whole night away from the kids', and only her mama can be trusted to stay with them... yeah, that makes it worth it.

    I'm glad you found Nancy, and things are working out so well with your move - YOU are worth it!

  78. Unknown Says:
  79. That's wonderful - and I couldn't be happier for you and your Darlin' Nancy!

  80. TopChamp Says:
  81. I'm pleased that you and Nancy are so happy x It's lovely... and now I'm feeling all mushy.

    I need to go and suck back in my emotions like a proper Brit.

  82. TUG: To be near family is ALWAYS worth it and TY...that is sweet of you to say

    DANA: Smooch

    TOPCHAMP: Need a tissue? LOL


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