Monday Mediocrity...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, April 14, 2008

Head on over to DrillerAA's site and wish him a HAPPY ONE YEAR BLOGGIVERSARY...

Just to clarify from last week. The Green Jacket is a symbol of membership to Augusta National. All members of the club have a Green Jacket. The only member allowed to take the Green Jacket off premises is the PGA player who is current champion of the tournament. Once their reign is over, their jacket can only be worn while on the premises.

On that note, does not look like Tiger win win the Grand Slam this year. The leaders are still on the course, but Tiger is only three back and this is Augusta. Congrats to Trevor Immelman who held the 3-stroke lead and just slipped on the coveted Green Jacket.

Did you see that some Red Sox fan working construction on the new Yankee Stadium buried a David Ortiz jersey in some cement? The Yankees found out about it through an article in the NY Post and when other construction workers heard the story they gave information so the jersey could be located. It was unearthed this weekend.

The Yankees say they will offer the torn jersey to The Jimmy Fund, a Boston area fund associated with finding cures for cancer in children and adults at the Dana-Faber Cancer Institute, in the hopes it raises some money to help the cause.

YUM...that is the aroma of a big pot of gravy simmering on the stove. darlin' Nancy was a fantastic Sous Chef earlier today, browning the sausage and putting the tomatoes through the food mill and giving the chef some kisses...yup that is the way to make a kitchen hummm

OH GOODY...our weather-bug just told us there is a freeze warning from Monday night through Tuesday...the weather here in the mid-south is as kookie as it gets. 76 one day, 48 the next and now a freeze warning.

Do you have a weather-bug on your computer? It is a cool little feature. Just go to, download the tool bar software and install. It sits quietly on your tool bar, giving you the temperature. If there is a weather warning it will "cricket" at you and flash on your screen. Just remember to turn your speakers off at night or you might just hear "cricket cricket cricket" at 3:00 am like we have!

Ummm...did this post even make sense...? ? ? ? Mediocre at best me thinks....

In 1974, Richard Betts released his first solo album. The album leaned more toward country than what he was playing in the Allman Brother's Band, where he was known as Dickey Betts. The usage of the "Richard" for this album was his subtle way of showing the difference in the musical tastes contained on the piece of vinyl you were about to put onto your turntable.

On this track, credited to Mr. Betts, the players all take their turn going round and round. It is called "Hand Picked" and features; Vassar Clements on the Fiddle, John Hughey on Steel Guitar, Chuck Leavell on piano, David Walshaw on drums, Stray Straton on Bass, Jeff Hanna on Acoustic Guitar and Richard Betts on Lead Guitar.

We just digitized this weekend and really like the sound quality we achieved. There is still the richness of the vinyl in the sound, especially on the fiddle.


27 Of Your Sparks

  1. That was a nice choice, Bond! Kidlet and I did dinner with the parentals and I have been fighting a headache all weekend. But all that gravy talk has me hungry again :P

  2. Travis Cody Says:
  3. I like a good rambling post on a Monday.

    Is the Red Sox fan still working on the Stadium? I applaud the Yankees for doing something to benefit charity with the jersey.

    We watched a bit of the game tonight...they came up just short.

    My Lakers can take the top seed in the west if they beat Sacramento on Tuesday. They had big wins Friday against New Orleans and Sunday against the Spurs. Go Lakers!

    Have a great Monday!

  4. Schmoop Says:
  5. I love cooking. I used to have the Weather Bug, but I found it would make my computer hang up once in awhile. It is cool however. Cheers!!

  6. DrillerAA Says:
  7. Great tune. I always liked the Allman Brothers, but this is a really nice piece of work.
    Today is my 1st blogoversary, stop by and bring all your friends.
    Have a great day my man.

  8. STARRLIGHT: of my favs from way back when. Hope you had a wonderful time with the parentals...and you know, if Memphis was still in your plans, you coulda tried the gravy! LOL

  9. MATT-Man: Maybe we should open a place...Bond & The Man Eatery
    Never hung up on me yet....and it is cool

  10. DRILLERAA: Glad you enjoyed the Tuneage...HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY...I added a note to today's post.

  11. Angell Says:
  12. Gravy sounds YUMMMMMMMY. Hubby was wishing he'd bet against Tiger taking the grand slam - apparently the odds were for him? I dunno - I don't pay attention.

    That's cool about the jersey. Although I'm surprised they weren't a little more upset about it.

    I managed to follow the train of thought today - so it can't be that mediocre. But it's no Monday Matinee (hint hint hint).


  13. AtriaBooks Says:
  14. I know it may be a bit out of character to do so, but I must disagree with you, my silver haired pal: The weather bug is one of the more irritating toolbars or widgets known to man. The cricket noise is torturous!

  15. Ken Says:
  16. Good stuff!
    I got to remember to open the comment page first so the tune doesn't stop!
    Good stuff!

  17. Julie Says:
  18. Happy Monday my friend. Yup-you make me hungry!

  19. leelee Says:
  20. Yum...your SAUCE sounds delish!!! Love sausage in it..did you have it on Rigatoni? I make a sauce with pork country falls off the bone after simmering all afternoon...OH NO..I'm hungry!

    Love the tunes...nothing like a little fiddlin around on a Monday afternoon.


  21. ANGELL: I would have bet he would do it, so glad I saved my money. No one has said they would not file aoms sort of lawsuit against the guy who did it yet...

    DOC: LOL but if you click on the ladybug, the cricket goes away...

    MICKEY-T: I did not think the tune did stop when you open the comment page, since the comment page is separate...hummmmm...glad you enjoyed

    JULIE: Happy Monday to you sweet friend.

  22. Liz Hill Says:
  23. The Weather Bug isn't really needed on the iMac cause my Dashboard grabs my weather for me.

    And LOL at Doc--nothing could be as annoying as the 'boing' from your player

  24. LEELEE: Actually last night it was on Gemelli pasta...two short tubes that are twisted together.
    Glad you enjoyed the Tuneage

  25. TURNBABY: Never thought about that ... and LOL at the Doc comment..but we now have them without the BOING!

  26. Vinny, so somebody (a Red Sox fan) buried a shirt now not way back when? So they made him dig it up? Is that the story? It's great the Yankees are giving the money for the shirt to the Jimmy Fund! :D

  27. leelee Says:
  28. LOVE Gemelli!

  29. THE TEACH: Yup...he buried it a few weeks ago in the new stadium...he bragged, it got heard about it and told them where to look (based upon where he was working)...they dug it up...HE should have to pay the double-time and material costs ...

    LEELEE: too

  30. cathy Says:
  31. There's nothing mediocre about sausages and gravy, damn! now I'm hungry! LOL.

  32. CATHY: You are correct about that... the post started with a bang and petered out is all...

    Guess what? I am hungry too....

  33. Kb Says:
  34. I'm is the cricket supposed to wake you up if there is bad weather in the middle of the night?? I thought dead air on radio is called "crickets".

    Do you have any left over gravy? I don't wanna make dinner.

  35. BeckEye Says:
  36. I don't like golf but Immelman's hot. And I love that accent. :)

  37. Jeff B Says:
  38. You silly Italians! My wife has always called "sauce" gravy. She of course says that we Americans are the ones who have it backwards.

  39. KB: The cricket is just an alert tone. I guess it could be used to wake you up...I have plenty - I made 2 gallons!

    BECKEYE: LOL... Whatever gets people to watch I guess

    JEFFB: Your wife is correct...your Americans are wrong! Macaroni and gravy...

  40. RW Says:
  41. I saw that on the Redsox shirt on the news hahaha. They knocked on the door of the guy who did it and his daughter answered, they ask what she thought of her Dad and what he did, she said he was the best Dad in the whole world! cute story.

  42. "...the richness of vinyl..." I wholeheartedly agree!


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