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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, April 16, 2008


36 Of Your Sparks

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  3. OK...well..all of these were shot from a vantage point that sadly, no longer exists.

    Can you identify them? Not your normal NYC pictures, I grant you, but my eye always went to the lesser thought of angles - pictures of things people pass over.

    And of course...if it is NY, it is The Ramones and Blondie (though we could have used so many others) but since these feature more of downtown than anything else... my brain went to CBGS's (rest in peace)


  4. Oh yeah Vinny, force me to listen again! And Debbie is beyond cool.

    I wanna be sedated!

    My god I love The Ramones. I weep over CB's being a high end mens store. Almost makes me glad Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Hilly are not here to see it.

    And those pictures are amazing! Although I am feeling vertiginous looking at them. Nice work, Mr Uplifted Gormandizer ;)

  5. Julie Says:
  6. That's okay Vinny...it's your blog...ramble on!

    I, however was able to go wordless...I paid tribute to rebuilding of an unspeakable act.

    Happy WW my dear.

  7. Liz Hill Says:
  8. Apparently it's impossible ;-)

  9. STARRLIGHT: I knew you would respond to The Ramones and Blondie....

    JULIE: But I did go wordless...there are no words on the post....I have seen many WW where they put a comment up to explain... hummmm

    TURNBABY: The post IS wordless...

  10. Schmoop Says:
  11. Great shots Vin. Cheers!!

  12. MATT-MAN: Thanks dude...

  13. Travis Cody Says:
  14. Loved the tunes, except I couldn't get the third one to play.

    I always thought that the pictures I took from the Empire State building were cool...looking down on such a huge city. But it sure was hard to look across at that gap in the opposite skyline.

  15. I do not so wordless WW as I did this week. Cause I am a rebel like that, yo.

  16. Is the bottom one the Brooklyn Bridge? I am having a Saturday Night Fever lets be a dink on the bridge flashback.

  17. TRAVIS: It seems to be playing now...
    Would love to see your pictures someday.

  18. Gee, I wonder where you got your inspiration to post NYC photos? *grin*

    I'm sad these particular views don't exist anymore, but you have them embedded in your memories, so they're safe.

    I saw Blondie in concert once - great time.

  19. STARRLIGHT: LOL...well I thought if my words were in comments then it was still WW...I am a rebel in that i do not use the linky thingy
    and DING DING

    DING...YUPPERS..Manhattan access to the Brooklyn Bridge...

    but ummm STARR...they were on the Veranzano Narrows Bridge between Brooklyn and Staten Island when they were screwing around on the railings...

  20. Details details! I got a ding and I am keepin it :P

  21. STARRLIGHT: What details...that is the Manhattan access to the Brooklyn bridge. On that side of the bridge, you empty right into China Town.

    The Saturday night fever thing was not the brooklyn Bridge, but was the Veranzano narrows...

    SONGBIRD: Well, we know exactly where dear...LOL They are embedded in my memory and on film...i have many others from up there.

  22. katherine. Says:
  23. great shots....it is hard to wordless...

  24. KATHERINE: Well, I thought I was in the post... LOL

  25. Angell Says:
  26. Beautiful shots Vince. And great tunes.

    Mourning the loss of landmarks I shall never get to see....I knew I should have stayed in NYC longer than four days when I was there.


  27. katherine. Says:
  28. funny boy

  29. ANGELL: sorry you never got to see them up close...SMOOCH

    KATHERINE: I try! =]

  30. leelee Says:
  31. New York..just like I pictured it....skyscapers and everything

    Livin ain't just enough, just enough for the city...

  32. LEELEE: It is a great wonderful city

  33. leelee Says:
  34. it is..I was merely quoting Stevie Wonder. I grew up 15 miles west of the Lincoln Tunnel. Great photos!

  35. LEELEE: Sorry...I did get the Stevie reference...one of my fav songs by him actually.

  36. leelee Says:
  37. Me too....I have it on my ipod...listened on my walk today...funny you posted those pics..now I am jonesin' for NYC

  38. LEELEE: I love when i can anticipate the needs of my guests! I did it yesterday for Dana...hehehehe

  39. Mimi Lenox Says:
  40. Bond - Don't tell me. It's New York City.

    Am I right? Huh?
    I'm kind of sharp that way ya know...,(grin)

  41. Ralph Says:
  42. The Brooklyn Bridge looks fabulous from the sky. There is no bridge anywhere that has the grandeur of those stone towers with the arches. I like the style of a more 'modern' bridge (like the GWB looking so majestic on its way to Fort Lee), but they lack the facade of anything covered in brownstone...

  43. TopChamp Says:
  44. no I don't recognise them but I do really like them.

    It's so different to anything here.

  45. Both terrific shots and a touching tribute...

  46. Lu' Says:
  47. Hmm I like number one pic and number two song.

  48. MIMI: Close....no really, you are right... LOL

    RALPH: Totally agree with you Ralph...

    TOPCHAMP: NYC is different than any other...

    BUD: TY Sir...

    LU': Glad you enjoyed..thanks

  49. RW Says:
  50. Beauties Vin! I love the angles, very cool!!

  51. ROGER: Glad you appreciate them...you do wildlife...i do cities


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