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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, April 24, 2008

This whole lifelogger / imeem thing had me flustered. Of course reading the story can be satisfying, but Tuneage Tutelage is very much about the music. Not having any music, or almost worst, to only have snippets of music is horrible.

I am also not happy with the download capability of imeem. I enjoy sharing the music with you, but do have a problem with sharing. As I have said before, I have downloaded some music, but it was all music I owned in another format. Now that I have the ability to transfer analog to digital, I will not have to do so.

Back to the point of this post...I had been considering a video Tuneage Tutelage for a while and decided to put one together for Howlin' Wolf.

This is not the full idea we have for a future Tutelage, but I am very happy with how it turned out

OOOOO showing an ego now are we????

I just found some little tricks with iMovie I was not sure existed....

The video is about 9 minutes, but we wanted to give you as much music as possible. PLEASE let us know the following...
  1. Is this an idea I should continue to explore?
  2. Is it too long (less music next time)
  3. Would putting two together, both about this length be too much (if we have the content to fill it), if we wanted to 'tell the story' as a video?


35 Of Your Sparks

  1. RW Says:
  2. Hang in there Vin! Have you tried Podbean there flash player is ok, but formate has to be in mp3 and wav files won't work which is a bummer I know. Good luck on your search.

  3. Dana Says:
  4. I did enjoy! I don't mind the length, as long as I know ahead of time that I'll need X minutes to watch the entire video. Putting it in two parts is an option, but could feel a bit choppy or forced. I guess it depends on if there is a natural break.

    Excellent work! Please continue!!

  5. Anndi Says:
  6. Ed note: I have a suggestion.. I'll write it up and post it when I get away from the monkeys.

    You know, that video has a jukebox feel (except we don't know what'll play next).. kinda like you stood in front of one and loaded a series.

    And you're right, with artists like this is more about the music.

  7. ROGER: I will check it out

    DANA: TY glad you enjoyed it

    ANNDI: OK, not sure... is juke-box feel a good thing?

  8. Schmoop Says:
  9. Fantastic job Vinny. One thing, I am a bit if cynic and I think that the average attention span of a blogger is 3 minutes, top. Cheers!!

  10. MATT-MAN: Thanks...well if you are correct, then only one song could be featured and that will not work for a Tutelage...so I would not be able to use this idea.

  11. Travis Cody Says:
  12. 1. Please do continue exploring and tinkering with the idea. I really enjoyed hearing the artist tell about himself in his own words.

    2. It is a little long, but it's a musical history, in which case it could be too short! LOL. Perhaps in the case of a video like this, music snippets would be effective to cut the length but still give a solid retrospective of the evolution of the artist.

    3. Two of this length could be a bit much. I think you should do what makes you happy, but as a suggestion I would say listen to your internal editor and include the best content at about 10 minutes for the main video.

    Question: Will video replace the information you usually provide in the text of your posts? I enjoy reading your thoughts about the artists as much as I enjoy being introduced to music I didn't know.

    I think it's great that you are evolving the Tutelage theme.

  13. TRAVIS: Thanks for your comments...I think 10 minutes would be the limit...and maybe using portions of the songs will allow me to get as much music in.
    In regard to your question...part of my original plan would be to narrate the video with the knowledge I have imparted in posts...it is difficult to find audio of artists speaking about themselves, but will continue to hunt it down when I can.

  14. my attention span is sadly that of a flea. i wish it was longer but it is not. well, unless it's about cake.

    smiles, bee

  15. I loved it but I do think it might be a bit long for most people. I think we all tend to peek while at work. I actually think just the one video would have more impact, plus you have a way with words and I'd miss your writing.

  16. BEE: OK, so you live in the world Matt described...3 minutes or shorter.

    STARRLIGHT: I am pretty sure it would only be one video...tops 10 minutes...with me narrating with the music behind me at times.

  17. I loved it ... but I may not be the most objective person to answer the question since I absolutely love Howlin' Wolf's music.

  18. RWA: Thanks...and in many ways you are the target for these posts. They always contain a ton of information and music players and if you do not spend the time, you do not get the whole story.

  19. Anndi Says:
  20. Did you pay any attention to my comment yesterday?

  21. ANNDI: I did not equate it with your comment today, nothing more.

  22. Yeah, Vinny, a little shorter...cause I have places to go, people to see! :D

  23. THE TEACH: Thanks for the input...not sure it can be done this way and be shorter, so maybe this is not the way

  24. Liz Hill Says:
  25. Jammed for time so I'll watch tonight.

  26. TURNBABY: S'ok - thanks =]

  27. Kb Says:
  28. Music and Band teachers could use these for educational purposes. Good Job!

  29. KB: What a wonderful compliment... thanks

  30. cathy Says:
  31. I can't listen to it, my husband is watching telly.

    Well I'll just say hello then...

    ... Hello!

    It is Easter in Greece this weekend so I will be having an egg to celebrate. Have a good weekend:)

  32. CATHY: Time for a set of headphones!
    Happy Easter!

  33. Unknown Says:
  34. Cool beanie weenies - I like it!

  35. Tug Says:
  36. I am the person Matt talked about (not literally, but ya' know). I'm going so many different directions all day, I have a hard time sitting & concentrating. I love the music, but not overdone (length-wise). The thing about the way you have done it in the past, is I could read your words when I had a sec (going back & re-reading or continuing to read as time/concentration allowed), and I could listen to the music piece by piece when I had time.

    I do love hearing the musicians talk about how they became who they are, but to sit & fully pay attention? That's tough (for me anyway).

  37. DANA: Thanks

    TUG: I am conflicted...LOL...I might try one more and then decide which way to go..

  38. Tug Says:
  39. Bottom line? It's YOUR blog, and we will be here for you no matter what you decide. ;-)

  40. Lu' Says:
  41. Wow wow I don't mind the length either as long as you don't min=d evening views because it's surely not an at work view. OK I've got to give my brother in-law this link. He is so into blues. All music but blues is a passion. thanks Bond.

  42. TUG: Bottom line...thank you for coming back!

    LU': Thanks so much. That is the reasoning behind my doing them on Fridays...then you have all weekend since I only publish 5 days a week!

  43. Ken Says:
  44. I like it too! This would be a nice Sunday morning thing for me.

  45. MICKEY T: Yup..that is why it must be done on Fridays me thinks

  46. You really don't me opion now, but I did enjoy it. I think TRavis has good suggestions.

  47. BUD: Your opinion ALWAYS counts when it comes to music dude.

  48. DrillerAA Says:
  49. You're right, these artists don't need today's technology to make magic. There is something almost spiritual about the raw energy in these blues. Love it, love it, love it.

  50. TopChamp Says:
  51. Hello - I like it in video form - it's nice.

    How about if you gave us a rough idea of where the tracks start afterwards... ie. Track 2 "Song A" 1:34. That way if I'm in a hurry but I still want to hear (coz you choose great examples for these posts) I could skip in and out?


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