TKE 'Clambake' Tampa 2008...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Don't forget to head over to Travis' for dancing and shoes and ankles and legs and umm..oh yeah dancing....

What a fantastic weekend. Did we do many things? Not really, but we had a most excellent time.

Darlin’ Nancy and I arrived in Tampa around 10:00pm and were met at the airport by George, john and Dick. We all headed back to George’s house and the beers began to flow. Along with the Cuban Cigars. You see, George makes trips to Cuba bringing medical supplies and he gets to return with the cigars.

We fell asleep somewhere around 1:00 am.

Friday morning we woke and made some breakfast and get ready to go over to the resort. It was a nice place; Little Harbor is the name and is a recommended spot if ever in the Tampa area.

We headed to the Tiki Bar on the beach and found some of the other party-goers already indulging in cocktails. Throughout the day others began arriving and the greetings each time were boisterous and fun. It was incredible to see some of the Brothers who we had not seen in 30+ years. We did not recognize Roy at all – he won the award for looking unlike he used to….and Bruce was totally unrecognizable. He walked up to George and said “I think I know you.” George responded “Really, from where” (thinking it was a local resident of Tampa and George should know him from there). Bruce looks at him and says “George, it is Bruce K.” We all almost spilled our drinks.

The women – most who had never met – all bonded quickly and joined in the frivolity of the day.

We probably dropped over a grand at the bar that day and everyone was feeling no pain as the day turned into evening.

Stories flowed easily, some remembering things exactly, others remembering them with a film of 30+ years clouding the details. Dinner that night was at the resort and we took our seats at a table set for 30. Not sure we intruded too much on the other guests, but we certainly had some laughs.

The next day began around noon and began at the Tiki Bar once again. George had brought his boat to the resort to do rides around the bay, but the wind was whipping and the chop on the water prevented rides…well that and a generous dosage of libations!

Around 2, we decided that we had filled the coffers of the bar enough and we headed to the pool area with coolers of beer and wine and spent the rest of the afternoon there with Jay’s Bose iPod boombox blasting out the Tuneage.

The pool water was sublime and many partook in swimming and a nasty version of dodge-ball!

We also got the group shot before we broke up to get dressed for dinner that evening. Dinner was at a nice restaurant where we had three tables on the veranda. There were other patrons outside and they all seemed to have no problem with the raucous group of 50-somethings.

The Memphis Tiger game was on and the TV’s were not close to us, but we kept taking peeks and getting updates and getting more and more excited. At one point darlin’ Nancy disappeared and returned wearing her newly purchased “Memphis Tigers Final Four” t-shirt.

As the drinks flowed, the volume rose and the wildness became infectious with many playing ‘leg-air guitar’ and just basically having one hell of a time. We basically closed the restaurant at around midnight or so.

darlin' Nancy got used to being called "Mrs. Marini" after about the 2nd or 3rd time! LOL

One of the waitresses who handled our tables was named Gloria and every time she came near us, the room erupted in a chorus of:

Jay was being so very friendly until I asked her to tell him how old her father was. When she said 52, it kind of ruined it for him, so he began chatting up the other waitress Kimberley. When she said her dad was only 43, well, Jay’s night was ruined! LOL

Some of us went back to George and Lynnes and continued for a while longer, until the heads began to nod…

We headed for the airport the next day and after a delay due to weather, we took off and arrived home safe and sound.

There are already discussions about doing this again in a year or 18 months, maybe changing locales to spice it up a tad.

We were also surprised to hear how many of our Brothers are actual visitors to The Couch....or as Dave has taken to calling it (and this is going to really cause all y'all to get snarky) The Big Leather Crotch...but we just know he is jealous...bwahahahahahahahaha

We asked darlin' Nancy to write a few words...

Thank you all for the warm welcome and a weekend filled with laughs, sharing memories of past, and the making of many new memories (or at least the ones I can remember). Just kidding but I’m sure I killed my share of brain cells this weekend.

Special Thanks to George and Lynne for allowing us to stay with them, dear Dickie for driving me to George’s Friday for the shower I was promised before dinner (Vinny you know you were trying to back out), too many drinks that so many of you bought it’s impossible to name each of you, and Jamie for the ride to the airport Sunday morning. And Extra Special Thanks to all the wives for making me feel comfortable even though I was the only hmmmmm significant other. (COUCH NOTE: Actually, Janice, who came with Herb was also a sig-other, but who is counting).

You are a special group of brothers! Cheers to all who attended TKE 'Clambake' 2008 – TAMPA.

All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them


Shirley, Bill & Dave S (S & B are Wade's Parents who came by for a few hours)
John M, George C & Dean R (my Fantasy Football partner - CHAMPIONS)

Cindy M, Dave S & Jay F
darlin' Nancy and her date
Roy W & Mike C "What do you mean by that Mike?"


Nancy & Bruce K.
Ginnie & Mark G
Valerie W shocked at the Murdock!
John M & Dean R
Founding Father Herb G & date, Janis C
Lucille C, George & Lynne C (our hosts)
Giving Dave S some hair


Bruce & LuAnn C, Valerie W
darlin' Nancy, Steve & Cindy M, Buzz D
Janis C, Paula & Doug D (Doug is also a Founding Father)

Buzz makes a toast

Dave breaks down because of it

The Group Shot
The ladies wanted it to be just the guys
and Mark hid for every one!

Done as a slide show with some Tuneage

Congrats to the Memphis Tigers for a remarkable season and
to the Kansas Jayhawks, the NCAA D1 Basketball Champs.

We had the most wins in our pool, but ended up in 4th place -
out of the money =[

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38 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. Sounds like a fun time was had by all. Cool!

    Just when Memphis was convincing me that they could win it all, the free throw problem bit them right in the backside. 2 out of 4 in that key stretch would have done it, and they had the guys at the line who had been making them too.

    That sucks though...most wins and out of the money. Sheesh.

  3. Angell Says:
  4. Looks like it was a blast Vinny. Thanks for sharing. :D

    Can we come to the next one? :P

  5. Anndi Says:
  6. Glad you had a blast and came home safe without the need for bail money.

    There are no toes in the sand shots! Where are the toes in the sand shots????

    And here I was thinking it would be U2s 'Gloria'.

    Did I read NASCAR?

  7. wonderful bond! looks like you really had a great time. and big leather crotch??? bwahahahahah...

    smiles, bee

  8. TRAVIS: Actually one out of the four at the end would have changed it all...AH hell...they had a hell of a run....

    ANGELL: Are you willing to pledge?

    ANNDI: No bail money needed...gee...never took that shot...damn...and yes NASCAR

    BEE: LOL..knew someone would jump on that.

  9. AtriaBooks Says:
  10. Nice topless pic, Bondage.

  11. Those are some AWESOME pictures! Glad you had such a good time. I am jealous of the warm weather. I can't WAIT to move!

    Niki Taylor, eh? She is a decent girl. I remember first seeing her on Seventeen magazine with her sister Krissy before she died. And Make Me A Supermodel was a great show! Ask her for Ben's phone number :P

  12. Big Leather Crotch definitely sounds like a fraternity boy comment. *grin*

    How nice that Wade's parents could come by for part of the festivities. I'm sure it doesn't make up for his absence, but it was wonderful that he could be "included" in some way.

    And, as Anndi said, where are the beach scenes? Dude - WTF????!!!!

  13. DOC; Of course YOU would look at that picture

    STARRLIGHT: TY ... yup come on by and listen to the show! Ben?

    SONGBIRD: The bar was right on the really was not a beach party...and yes, it is nice Wade's parents could join us.. #23 LIVES!

  14. Ben the gorgeous prison guard from Make Me A Super Model. He can lock me up ANY day of the week.

    And you can't be The Big Leather Crotch...that is my ex husband's girlfriend :P

  15. Tug Says:
  16. Big Leather Crotch sounds.....sweaty.

    Sounds like an awesome time, and Nancy's very pretty!

  17. Anndi Says:
  18. It wasn't a beach party??? Who the hell cares! There are pools in Memphis...

    Toes in the sand dude!

    Good grief.

  19. STARRLIGHT: ah... huh? OK...

    TUG: LOL yes it does and yes she is

    ANNDI: Umm - did you miss where the bar was ON THE BEACH...I did not take a photo..but my toes were in the sand... and you know what...the party was in Tampa and that is where I was...
    Good grief indeed

  20. Well I don't like his girlfriend currently. She is acting like a douche and I think she dumped kidlets migraine medicine just to be a beyotch. So I am referring to her by a number of rude names. I liked Big Leather Crotch. So did Kidlet, fyi. She shot Special K out her nose when I shared that one :P

  21. STARR: well, in case you need it - you have my permission to call her that...better than The Couch being called it!

  22. Angell Says:
  23. Abso-freaking-lutely!!

    As long as I don't have to eat insects or swim naked through scorpions - everything else is fair game!!


  24. Well frankly I was horrifed they would call The Couch that. It is just so Un-Vinny!

  25. leelee Says:
  26. OMG what fun!!! Looks like a great fun crowd, no wonder you want to do it again in a year or so...who wouldn't! What a great time!!


  27. Schmoop Says:
  28. Great Pics and glad that you had a good time. Mmmmmmm, Niki. Cheers!!

  29. ANGELL: How about eating scorpions and swimming through insects?

    STARRLIGHT: LOL..well Dave is un-Vinny for sure

    LEELEE: It was a fantastic time...thanks

    MATT-MAN: Ya need to come listen some Tuesday night dude...

  30. Well, Vinny, everybody looks like they're having a lot of fun! :D

  31. Anndi Says:
  32. Yes dear, I read that the party was in Tampa, and that you were at the party (cause you're in the pictures in a pool and are giving a recap of said party). The last time I was there, there was no beach and ocean in Memphis, hence the get your toes in the sand where you can comment...


    *insert sunglasses smiley here*

  33. Man, that sounds as good as it gets. I'm not in touch with many college guys, but I can so relate when we have the WTIT Reunions! Say hi to Darlin'!!

  34. THE TEACH: OH yeah... fun, sun, and even some rum (not me - I had beer and Jack and Sambuca

    ANNDI: And that was understood...and the toes were in the sand....there just were no pictures....Capish?

    BUD: It was pretty damn good my friend and i will make sure darlin' knows you said hi

  35. Meribah Says:
  36. Wooo! Glad y'all had such a good time! Poor to discover you're an Old Fart! Hehehehehe! :P

    Big Leather crotch, eh??? Hmmmmm. :P

  37. Lu' Says:
  38. Enjoyed the slide show Bond. I have to check you out here at home because for some reason my work computer has a broblem opening your blog.

  39. Mimi Lenox Says:
  40. What a great set of photos. It looks like you had a blast. Good to see you enjoying yourself and being happy! Wonderful!

  41. OBLadyBug Says:
  42. What a beautiful recap of a very memorable weekend. Thank you for allowing me to be a part your past and meet such an awesome group of guys and ladies. You never cease to amaze me.

  43. RW Says:
  44. I wish I could have went to!! Good times!!

  45. Looks like y'all had quite a time. You should definitely do that again ... soon!

    Sorry about Memphis. They did have a hell of a season.

    And Niki Taylor?!??!? How do y'all pull off these great guests?

    I can't believe I missed it again.

  46. Kb Says:
  47. So glad you had a blast!

  48. Julie Says:
  49. Awwwww Vinny! So glad you had an exquisite time! And thanks so much for sharing!

  50. MERI: We are NOT old Farts...we are mature individuals

    LU': Not the first time I have heard that. Going to get rid of some of the things that slow it down when we reupholster.

    MIMI: It was a blast and we all had a great time...thanks

  51. NANCY: Your presence helped make the entire weekend complete.

    ROGER: Wanna pledge with Angell and then you can both come?

    RWA: We are planning on doing another in 12-18 months...yeah Memphis had a wonderful season except for the last two minutes of it. Doc has some great connections...

    KB: TY dear

    JULIE: Me loves to share...LOL

  52. katherine. Says:
  53. what great fun! old friendships renewed can be very special indeed.

    I can relate to Nancy and being the only...."SO" in a group of wives.

  54. KATHERINE: And I would bet you do as well as she did...

  55. Unknown Says:
  56. I'm jealous...I so would like to have been there!

  57. smlytle Says:
  58. If you ever come back this way please feel free to reash out to me. I am president of the TKE Tampa Bay Alumni Association and we would love to meet other alumni.

    If you want to pass my information along to the local brothers you can do so. My contact info is or 8133944087.

    Our website is


    Stephen Lytle


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