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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Found it interesting that there were so very few (actually as of 2:35 pm only one), comment on the music from yesterday. Was it the format it was presented in?

Even though we used a video to present it, it can be played as an audio player also. The time of our Tuneage is normally between 4 – 5 minutes depending upon the song and when using the lifelogger audio player we seem to get listens.

As we alluded to yesterday, we are working on using a flash player to present Tuneage to you going forward, but we will have to move The Couch to its own domain to do so. We are looking at a few web hosting companies to do that and are leaning toward godaddy.com. And no, it is not because Danica Patrick will be coming to visit us if we do – though if that offer was on the table, we might make the move sooner…hey, we mean so she can show us how to drive an open wheel Indy car…nothing more! (psst Travis...it's about the shoes! ---->)

Over the last three weeks we have slowly been redesigning The Couch. Designing ways to clean up the sidebars and make it easier for you to navigate the site. We are real excited by the new look that is developing. The colors are changing…the fonts are changing…but in the end, it will still be the same old Couch…comfy and inviting (we hope) and open to all thoughts and opinions.

This design has been around for 16 months now, and there are some worn spots that need reupholstering. The new design will make reading old posts a bit difficult, so that is another reason to change hosts. Either that or stay with Blogger and just start a new page.

We have seen The Couch badge on some of our friend’s sites, but it is not spreading like wildfire as we had hoped. We have not had anyone send us a photo to be included…so only Travis has himself on The Couch at this point in time.

We actually have been considering starting a second blog just for music, but think we might hold off on that.

There is something new right around the corner. It still involves music, but we will be getting the opportunity to receive new music to review here for all y’all and, very possibly, having additional copies of some of the new music to use as giveaways.

If all goes well, that will start in the next week with a review of the newest offering from a gentleman you might be seeing on TV this week.

Saturday is Santana (top left) and Buddy Guy (middle left)…two phenomenal guitarists. Our conflict comes in between the two. Buddy takes the stage from 7:05pm – 8:30pm. Then Lou Reed (bottom left) is on the same stage from 9:00pm – 10:15pm. Santana follows from 10:45 – 12:15am.
Now the conflict is that from 9:35pm – 10:45pm Pinetop Perkins (top right), Hubert Sumlin (middle right) (Howlin’ Wolf’s guitarist) and Billy Gibson (bottom right) are playing together in the Blues Tent. THAT should be a HOT HOT set.

Do we hold the position we have on the stage and keep with Lou Reed, or do we go over to the Blues tent and then go back to the stage and try and get upfront for Carlos?

What would you do???

Still have to present the music this way…UPDATE: Just uploaded a song successfully at 11:02 pm, but already had this prepared...Looks like music will be coming back.

Now...where were we? Oh yeah...a little Carlos to set The Couch on fire….Ya can just listen...but ummmmTRAVIS...you need to watch!
From the debut album...."Evil Ways" (4:00)


Damn...forgot about that pesky YouTube logo...
gotta remember that...

30 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:

    Damn! That first pair got my heart going but that last pair nearly knocked me over.

    It's all about the SHOES!

    And Danica...I love a woman who can drive and wear SHOES!


  3. katherine. Says:
  4. yikes. I forgot the picture thing.

  5. Sparky Duck Says:
  6. Keep it to one blog, its hard to keep up with more than one. My photos have suffered and thats an easy one. Though if Danica was visiting, I would have alot more photos.

  7. DrillerAA Says:
  8. I dunno man. I was a Santanna fan back in the day, but that blues tent is awfully tempting. I just might have to set up camp in the blues tent and then just be happy to be in the room when Carlos hits the stage. "Evil Ways" is an absolute classic... a defining moment in his career. I had that album and wore it out. I loved the organ work almost as much as Carlos' gutiar.
    Looking forward to the new look on the blog.

  9. leelee Says:
  10. Having a second music only site is fun because you can really concentrate on teh tunes. The downside is, for me anyway, is I don't have the time to properly keep up with it. I've let mine slip... I've considered intergrating the two.

    sooooooooooo how does this couch sitting thing work? You need a sit down photo?

    as far as the festival (and it sounds fantastic..really) If I were faced with your dilemma, and who wouldn't want to be..I'd opt for going over to the Blues tent and then go back to the stage and try and get upfront for Carlos.

    Remember though...as great as it is to be up front as closely as possible and see the amazing guitar work... It's always about the sound..so if you don't get right up front..find a comfy spot and just listen..

    Wow it sounds like a great show..have a great day Vinny!

    PS: I've posted another Name That Tune.

  11. Schmoop Says:
  12. How can you not go see someone named Pinetop Perkins? Go Vinny, Go. Cheers!!

  13. RW Says:
  14. Hey I dint know that Carlos had a shoe line. Awesome guitar, thanks for the music Vin!

  15. ...Santana...the ONLY artist ever to headline at the Fillmore without having released an album, Bill Graham being a huge fan of Latin music...me 'n' Carlos go way back...thanks for the tune...

  16. You know, the thing about a second blog is that you're likely to develop a separate, albeit maybe smaller, set of readers. I've had a photo blog for a year and a half, I only have about 8-10 people who regularly visit it to begin with, and I'd say the crossover population is very, very small.

    Your case might be different, however.

  17. TRAVIS: I did think about the order of the shoes when i put it together....LOL and it took me longer then normal because I kept THUMPING

    SPARKY: Yeah... that was only a passing thought

    DRILLERAA: I have to be in the Blues tent...I have decided...so even if I can not be near the stage for Santana, I will be there

    LEELEE: I am concerned with that also and have tabled it for now..

    yes, a photo sitting down and I will put you on The Couch and send back the code to embed. You are right on the Carlos thing...

    MATT-MAN: I asked myself the same question and I answered YOU HAVE TO SEE HIM

    ROGER: Not just a shoe line a THUMPABLE shoe line

    PHFRANKIE: See now that is something I was not aware of...thanks for sharing

    SONGBIRD: Yeah...and the second one is now history me thinks...now if I hit the lottery and do not have to work, that might be an option!

  18. I agree with Sparks. Keep it to one blog. As for your dilemma I'd have to go Buddy and Lou. Buddy's got years on Carlos and much as I LOVE Santana (I used to pull myself up on our iron fence and shake to Santana as a baby) I'd have to go Buddy.

  19. STARRLIGHT: OH I can see Buddy and Carlos...my dilemma was whether to leave after Buddy and go see Pinetop/Hubert and Billy...missing Lou and then having to try and get back close to the stage for Carlos...

    Not sure I can miss Pinetop/Hubert/Billy...so I will just have to sneak my way back up front for Carlos!

  20. Dana Says:
  21. We have seen The Couch badge on some of our friend’s sites, but it is not spreading like wildfire as we had hoped.

    I actually attempted to put it on my blog, but the sizing was goofy (it wouldn't fit in the sidebar) and I was not able to alter it enough to get it to fit.

    Carlos Santana - no doubt about it!! Evil Ways should be my theme song *giggle*

  22. Anndi Says:
  23. If you don't enjoy Lou, why ask? How big is the area for the audience? I mean, is it like you could end up miles away from the stage? Having seen Carlos many times in concert, it doesn't matter where you are as long as you are "there".

    Glad lifelogger is working again...

  24. DANA: Carlos is it ...

    ANNDI: Where did it say I do not enjoy Lou? LOL...I am going for the tent and then back to Carlos...

  25. Anndi Says:
  26. It was an impression I got. The dilemna seemed to be centered on being able to get back in a decent position for Carlos and didn't seem to be "how do I pick between Lou and the Blues tent set".

  27. Liz Hill Says:
  28. The Blues tent has folks who may not be around ---I'd got there and then slip back to see Santana. You are pretty slippery when you wanna be;-)

  29. ANNDI: Well..that is/was the dilemma...but I do like Lou...and would have enjoyed Lou if I wanted to hold position...but I have decided the blues tent it will be and then return to Carlos

    TURN: That really ended up being the deciding factor especially with Pinetop and Hubert....and I can be slippery when i want....heheheheh

  30. Ken Says:
  31. Ayyy Caalos!!!
    I know I'd love a visit to that blues tent. Maybe someday!

  32. TopChamp Says:
  33. When I saw the comment for Trav I thought you must have put a pic of his dream car on there... but no, shoes it is!

  34. MICKEY-T: Dude...ya gotta get to the Festival...and now you even have a place you can crash!

    TOPCHAMP: LOL...yup...Carlos does not have a line of cars...but he does have S-H-O-E-S!

  35. Fred Says:
  36. Th Couch badge is now on my sidebar. Looks great!

  37. Tug Says:
  38. Hi, I'm late & you decided, so I won't tell you that I was going to say Blues & back to Carlos. ;-)

  39. Sparky Duck Says:
  40. wow someone agree with me

  41. FRED: TY Sir...

    TUG: LOL TY ...makes the most sense...

    SPARKY: Didn't I? ummm about what? =]

  42. I think you definitely have to take your chances in getting back close for Carlos. You can't miss that trio.

    As for your new site, I fell for Danica's charms and am in the process of building a site with Godaddy myself. They have been very helpful.

  43. Jeff B Says:
  44. Thanks for the great song. I'd be camped out for Santana myself. I barely have time for one blog, balancing two would be waaaaay to much for me.

  45. RWA: Yup ... they are a can't miss...As soon as my template is how I want it, I think I will be moving.

    JEFFB: Anytime..we aim to please here ya know! And the two blog thing... nah..fleeting thought!

  46. Julie Says:
  47. Ohohohohohoh grab that cute little pic of me sitting on the wall April 277th....the last one-OKAY? Put me on your couch! I can't do it dear. Will it work?

  48. Unknown Says:
  49. Dang...good video.


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