Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, May 08, 2008

75 years ago today, Joan Rose, my wonderful mother came into the world. She and Dad Vince are on a five day cruise beginning today.

Mom...you are one incredible woman. Raising three children, rejoining the work force and becoming the Treasurer of a successful Investment Banking Firm. An incredible grandmother to your 5 grandchildren.

A true warrior, you were attacked by Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and took it head on. When you went to Chemo, you brought comedy tapes with you and maybe even unnerved some of the other patients as you laid there laughing out loud. This never surprised me because you taught me to keep humor in my life at all times...

This is for you mom...I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together...

FYI, as I have been asked - The first song is Cyndi Lauper, "I Want A Mom"; the second song is Stevie Wonder "Happy Birthday To Ya"

50 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. Miz Joan Rose....Best Wishes for your birthday...enjoy your cruise.

    ya did a good job with Vincent...smile

    and Vinny....very nice tribute!

  3. Liz Hill Says:
  4. This is just wonderful Vinny. Happy Birthday Mrs. Marini!

  5. Lizza Says:
  6. Happy, happy birthday to your Mom! Wishing her many more lovely years - and lots of crab legs. What a great video you put together for her. Thanks for showing us some of the highlights of her life (I'm sure there's lots, lots more pictures you weren't able to include in the clip).

    Bond, your wedding haircut made me giggle. :-)


    TURNBABY: Thanks

    LIZZA: It was much longer, but youtube only accepts 10 minutes...and the haircut makes me giggle now too!

  8. Twyla Says:
  9. What a beautiful tribute to your mother! I loved the older pictures...especially her prom pic...she looked beautiful.
    I just realized that our parents are around the same age. Strange eh? :-)

  10. TWYLA: TY so glad you enjoyed it

  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. Happy Birthday Mom! We all love you and wish we could celebrate with you. Have a wonderful time on your cruise!
    Vinny--Wow! What a great birthday gift! Thank you for sharing it with us. I guess you are Mom's favorite now! I look forward to seeing the rest of the photos. I love you and miss you.
    Lynn, Kevin, Candice, and Joe

  13. LYNN: Now now...you know she does not have favorites! Right mom? That is what you told me to tell her...right mom? LOL

  14. Julie Says:
  15. Very, very beautiful tribute Vinny! I would love to see her face when she sees this!

    I hope she gets her crab legs today!

    Happy Birthday Joan! You have a wonderful loving son.

  16. Anonymous Says:
  17. My entire office just watched the video. Everyone loved it! We all want to know what is the song that is playing in the background.
    FYI--I just spoke with Mom and she didn't say anything about you being her favorite. Remember that I am her only daughter!
    Your sister

  18. DrillerAA Says:
  19. A lovely tribute to a lovely lady.

    I really need to learn how to do some of this stuff.

  20. JULIE: TY sweet friend. I spoke with her this morning and she has watched it numerous times!

    LYNN: I updated the blog with song names and artists.

    DRILLERAA: I do mine in iMovie on my Mac...You can use Powerpoint to put something like this together also.

  21. BeckEye Says:
  22. Happy Birthday, Bond's mom!

  23. Anonymous Says:
    I watched it three time this morning (4AM) :)and then sent it to my entire address book of family and friends. She is a great Mom and a wonderful wife.
    Happy Birthday, Joan and Happy Mother's Day.
    Gotta go - gotta catch that cruise ship so we can start celebrating.
    Love you,

  25. BECKEYE: On her behalf...TY

  26. Schmoop Says:
  27. Happy Birthday to Mama Vin. Many more healthy and happy years to ya!! Cheers!!

  28. cake?? a cruise?? now THIS is a post i can wrap myself around! ha ha ha

    happy birthday bond's mom!!! you live near me. i could slip over for cake any time honey!

    smiles, bee

  29. leelee Says:
  30. Oh Vinny..what a wonderful, beautiful and fitting tribute to your beautiful Mom. Happy Birthday Rose! What a blessed life you have had so far. So much love..

    God Bless!


    Vin, I see both mom and dad in you...neat!!

  31. Ken Says:
  32. What a great way to show her how much she means to you.

    Boy, she got rid of you guys and went out to have some fun huh? Good for her and your Dad.

    Happy Birthday Vinnys Mom!

  33. leelee Says:
  34. I mean Happy Birthday Joan Rose

  35. this is a very nice post Mr Bond, happy birthday for a nice lady.

  36. Happy Birthday, Bond's Mom!!!!

    Great videos. Fantastic work...

  37. Holy crap, 75 sound old, but not when you are almost 71......

  38. MATT: TY Sir

    BEE: LOL..I am sure Mom would share her cake

  39. LEELEE: Ah TY so much...yes looking at younger Joan I see me too..most see dad.
    AND we knew you meant Joan Rose! LOL

    MICKEYT: LOL yeah...they are still traveling...I can only hope I can do so when I can finally retire (I might be 90 by then!)

  40. SARGE: TY Sir and don't let her hear you say 75 is old!

    RWA: TY and mom Thanks you

  41. DAD: You need to sleep more! LOL Hope your cruise is fantastic!

  42. OBLadyBug Says:
  43. My dear Vince this is such a touching and beautiful tribute to your mom for her birthday. You are always so thoughtful in everything that you do. Happy Birthday Mrs. Marini and I hope you have a great time on your cruise.

  44. NANCY: TY, so glad you enjoyed it. I look forward to your meeting both mom and Dad soon

  45. The Ferryman Says:
  46. Beautiful tribute! Happy Birthday to your mom. She sounds like a remarkable woman!

  47. MR. FAB: TY and she most certainly is

  48. That was wonderful Vinny. Your mom sounds awesome =)

  49. STARRLIGHT: TY and she certainly is....

  50. Dana Says:
  51. WOW! What an awesome tribute! Makes me want to have tea with your mom!!

  52. DANA: And I am sure she would love to sit and have tea with you dear.

  53. Travis Cody Says:
  54. Wonderful tribute.

    Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day to your mom.

  55. Fred Says:
  56. Beautiful, Vince, beautiful. Since I was sometimes the "kid who wouldn't go home", your mom meant a lot to me growing up. She never threw me out, although she probably should have a few times.

    Happy Birthday, Joan.

  57. FRED: TY and there was never a time you deserved to be...BUT, if there was, Joan would never ever do that! LOL She and dad took in 'strays' at all the holidays...

  58. Meribah Says:
  59. Happy B-day to Vinny's mom! Moms are such a treasure. Glad to see you appreciate yours. :)

  60. Tug Says:
  61. I knew I didn't watch this at work, as bored as I was...if your mom doesn't cry while watching this? It's OK - I did for her. Hi, my name is Tug, and I am a sap.

    Happy Birthday Joan!

    Vinnie, are you hire-able? Seriously...awesome, awesome job!!

  62. MERIBAH: Yes they are...and so are dads! hehehe

    TUG: She loved it.. and you are not a sap...lol
    and send me an email and let's talk...


  63. I cried while I watched this. It was...well, you know.

    Your mother WILL last forever because you hold her in such high esteem in your heart. She's lived a wonderful life, and it show not just in the photos of her travels, but mostly in the faces of her loved ones.

    You are blessed in her, my friend.

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. Marini; may you be blessed with many more.

  64. Kimmie Says:
  65. ~*~Happy Birthday Mrs. Marini!~*~

    What a Wonderful son you have raised. He is Genuine, A Gentleman and shares so much of his Heart. I know You have so much to do with the man that he is today. Thank You for that. :-)

    You were Beatufil at 16 and still are at 75. Bless Your Heart. Keep Rockin' Miss Joan Rose! Have a lovely cruise with Mr. Marini.


    Bond: You are a "Keeper". Hugs to you also for that big heart of yours. As the old saying goes..."men who love and adore their Mothers will love and adore their wives". :-) You are Very Special.

  66. Sorry I came late to the party. The way you show your love to the special people in your life is very touching. Give your mom a hug from me...

  67. Unknown Says:
  68. Happy Birthday, Mama Bond!

  69. Anonymous Says:
  70. WOW that was beautiful, it made me cry ,you did a great job.
    Love you Joan Happy Birthday
    Terry Stabile

  71. Amelia Says:
  72. Grandma was such a snappy dresser as a young lady. I want all her clothes...

  73. Mimi Lenox Says:
  74. Vinny - What a wonderful thing to do for your mother. I'm sure she will treasure this always.
    Happy birthday to her!

  75. Anonymous Says:
  76. What a great tribute to your wonderful, loving Mother! You did an outstanding job. Yes, it's all about family . . . I would be your third cousin? Paula

  77. Anonymous Says:
  78. Well cousin I am sure you have made mom proud. I would say that is the best birthday gift anyone could ever get. Getting it from your child makes it all the more wonderful.I am still sitting here with tears in my eyes. You are quite special my cousin this I have always known.Your tribute to your mom was not just beautiful but right on target. She is a remarkable mother indeed....Happy Birthday Aunt Joan hope you have wonderful cruise. Cousin you are such a wonderful man, Your warmth and sensitivity is remarkable. Where you find the time I will never know.
    Love to both you and mom.
    Love Denise


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