I Got Nothin'...Mix It Up!

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I tell ya...I got nothin' for ya today...

Nothing wrong, but it is late and well...I got nothin'

Did the Radio Show and that was fun...check it out...and the chat room was blazing as always...
then had to watch the Finale of Dancing With The Stars which was TiVo'ing downstairs...

YES! I fast forwarded through most of the dances by the eliminated couples...YES! I fast forwarded through the second Usher song...

But for a real recap of what happened and because I post this before Travis finishes watching, if you want to know what happens check out my good friend Travis, he knows his DWTS...yup he does....

Spoke with darlin' Nancy for a little while and then finished the show. So it is 11:00 pm and normally on a Tuesday I will have written the post at lunch, but never got it done yesterday with all the meetings at work...so anyway, his is why I got nothin' for ya...

So, you know what happens when I got nothin', right?

You got it...

Mix It Up!

I am giving you a three song mix here..something different...having a tool like Audacity will allow me to do these...


24 Of Your Sparks

  1. I got something for ya - for the first time in the history of my life, I watched an entire episode of a "reality" show. I watched the DWTS finale. Yeegads! What's the world coming to? Wait...was that a pig flying by my window?...

  2. Dana Says:
  3. Ooooooo! I *heart* that mix!

  4. SONGBIRD: Yes it was a pig and I also saw a cow and a lamb float by...

    DANA: Ah TY...I liked how the three songs worked together also...

  5. Travis Cody Says:
  6. YAY for Songbird!

    I actually enjoyed Usher on the show last night, which was completely unexpected.

    Great mix on the tunes and thanks as always for the shout!

  7. katherine. Says:
  8. both RHH and DWTS were enjoyable....can do both in my timezone....

  9. boy bond i can understand that!!!

    smiles, bee

  10. leelee Says:
  11. Great tunes...your Nothin' is SOMETHIN'


  12. I don't keep up with reality television, so all of the "Dancing With The Stars" discussion is over my head.

    However, the "mix" is outstanding. Those three songs work very well together. I have Audacity, but I haven't figured out how to do stuff like this yet.

    "Heavy cloud but no rain..."

  13. Nice mix Bond =)

    Usher...meh :P

  14. TRAVIS: I just could not deal with usher...eh...
    Glad you enjoyed the mix...I had fun going back to my roots of mixing tuneage

    KATHERINE: And having you at the RHH is always a pleasure

    BEE: LOL...yeah it happens

    LEELEE: LOL glad you enjoyed

    RWA: This is one of the better reality shows where they don't have to survive on worms or screw over the opponents...

    Glad you enjoyed the mix..if you want some 'help' figuring it out...let me know it is actually not difficult at all...just need a tad of patience to get the songs to mix properly...a bit more difficult than doing it with turntables...

  15. Tug Says:
  16. I don't think your meetings had anything to do with it. I think Steven Segal come in and stole your brain like a thief in the night with his powerful ninja skills.

  17. STARRLIGHT: meh..that was my reaction..so thankfully..fast-forward..
    Glad you like the mix I will be doing more

    TUG: he wants me to tell you he knows where Hell, CO is and might be paying YOU a visit!

  18. Tug Says:
  19. Bring it Stevie! LOL

  20. Fred Says:
  21. Blogger at my comments twice.

    I'm going away mad now. (If you ever get to read this.)

  22. Vinny, thanks for the Bronx Zoo story! We drove down Southern Blvd to get into the Zoo! :D

  23. Kb Says:
  24. Some days as long as you bring yourself to the table -- that is all that matters! Thanks for a little Eric.

  25. Do you think American Idol ended when Taylor won? What no prediction? And don't try "David will win." I saw that lame joke in two newspapers and a blog. Your fans expect info here, dude. I always "got nothing", so at least I can relate!

  26. TUG: Be careful...he just may show up!

    FRED: It didn't eat this one, but this one is like my post...'nothin''

    THE TEACH: Mary, I would love to visit it again...I Love the Bronx Zoo

    KB: AH TY dear

    BUD: American Idol is still on? I thought Season 5 was the last...LOL

    I do like Coo better than "Archie" as many are calling him

  27. Ken Says:
  28. You know, I'm really glad you got nothing! It's something all us bloggers HAVE to have every once in awhile. Who do we think we are that we can come up with new and exciting shit every day? Give us a break, will ya?
    Sorry, I just had to rant that.

    Wow! I just noticed that Desparado won! Such a sad song, that won the hearts of millons! Good one!

  29. Jeff B Says:
  30. I think Slow Hand could play a kazoo and make it sound good. The guy really has a gift with music.

    Thanks for the tunage mix. Always good to sit on the couch for a spell.

  31. MICKEY-T: LOL...exactly...what are we automatrons! ? !

    JEFF: I think you are totally correct Sir. Glad you enjoyed it.

  32. Coco Says:
  33. this one didn't make it either??

  34. COCO: I did not see any comments other than the one

  35. Mimi Lenox Says:
  36. Vin - Even when you "got nothing" YOU got something. Got it?
    We love it all.


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