It's A Family Affair....

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Head over to Travis' for a full recap on who wore the hottest shoes danced the best last evening...

Crank up the music, 'cause today is a FAMILY AFFAIR...

To begin, Mom Joan & Dad Vince are back from their 5-day cruise and had a terrific time. One of their party played in the Texas Hold'em tournament and won a free cruise to play for $100,000.00! WOOOO

Mom sent this to me via email and asked me to share it with all y'all:

Hi Vincent,

Your birthday Blog was truly creative. It brought back wonderful memories.

Your thoughtfulness was always one of your better qualities, among many.
I love you and thank you for your tribute. I am proud to be your Mother.

Thank you to all friends and family who left comments on the Blog.
Tea and cake sound like a good idea. I'm available. Now, you all know Vincent does not get his writing ability from me.

Stay tuned for the next big one "80". Ugh.


Wanted to alert you to a new blog linked on my sidebar. This is a new blog by my niece Amelia. The blog is called Mad Moons & Tarnished Spoons. She is 18-years old and goes to college along the Hudson River in NY.

Her new blog is about the music she listens to. Stuff I have never heard of before for the most part, but it shows the love of music runs in her genes...

One of the first posts is a tribute to her boyfriend and is really cool.

If you visit, leave her a note and tell her "Uncle Vinny" sent ya...

Now, this is Amelia's sister Adele, who danced with the San Antonio Metropolitan Ballet. Adele is in the yellow, so she is easy to pick out. I grabbed these off the photographer's website, thus the watermark you see on them all. The photographer's name is Sharen Bradford and her site is called The Dancing Image. (Remember click any to enlarge)

My niece and nephew, the twins, Candice and Joseph have selected their college. It ends up they will both be heading to the University Of Scranton. This was Candice's first choice of school, but Joseph had been heading to SUNY New Paltz. His plans changed when the swimming coach at New Paltz resigned, so he will go swim at U of S.

Scranton is a nationally recognized Catholic and Jesuit university in Pennsylvania’s Pocono northeast region. The University offers more than 80 undergraduate and graduate programs with a total enrollment of almost 5,000 students.

I received this from my sister Lynn this week, their H.S. Graduation photo. Gosh we are one damn fine looking family, aren't we? LOL

Also had a long chat with Matt this week and he has made a decision that I support 1,000%. He is going to continue to work toward his degree in Psychology, but has decided to take the exam to become a Police Officer in his hometown in New Jersey.

This is something he has always considered, but never really was sure about. After a long talk with one of the Sargent's (whose son Matt instructs in baseball), he has taken the plunge.

He must first take the written test and if he does well there (which I fully expect he will), then he will take the physical test. At that time, he also has a number of people in town who will go to bat for him to get the job.

This will allow him to continue going to school, continue working for Power Pitching & Hitting (you can see their staff listing HERE), acting as a coach for the American Legion team in town and playing on the two competitive teams he is starting catcher for at this time.

So, my most wonderful guests, send some good thoughts his way that he can make this a reality.

Coming up this week on DR. BLOGSTEIN’S RADIO HAPPY HOUR:
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We’ll press Dean for names, find out why he wrote this book and explore hip hop’s deepest, darkest secrets.

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Will he convince Dr. B to marry a Russian woman from a catalog? Will he convince Vinny Bond not to attempt marriage again? Will he survive the wrath of Dangerous Lee?slowpoke.gif

Also, searing political commentary from cartoonist and author Jen Sorenson, whose “Slowpoke” comic strip is published weekly in over 20 alternative newsweeklies throughout America and new book, “Slowpoke: One Nation, Oh My God!“, is currently on sale.
As if all that isn’t enough, we’ll also find out what its like to meet “Philsquatch” and hear a new remix of “Radio Jesus” courtesy of DJ Reasons.
All that plus , Vinny in the Radio Happy Hour Lounge chatting live with the listeners, Justin the Weatherman and we’ll take your calls at 646-652-4804
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Sly & The Family Stone
Music & Lyrics: Sly Stone
Released: November 1971
Format: 7" single
Recorded: 1971
Label: Epic
* All lead vocals by Sly Stone and Rose Stone
* Bass and drum programming by Sly Stone
* Rhodes piano by Billy Preston
* Guitar by Bobby Womack

38 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. hey...did you change the background color...or font size or something? Its kinda hard to read for me...

    (or maybe I need new glasses)

  3. Your nieces and nephews have really got it going on, Vinny. You must be a very proud uncle. Congrats on the kudos, and I wish Matt lots of luck.

  4. Lu' Says:
  5. What a take me back tune, ahh. Nice family post Bond. Seem to be go getters. Good to have a dream and set out after it :)

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. Vinny you're hilarious!

  8. Liz Hill Says:
  9. Such nice news all around about your family sugar. Your mom is so sweet.

  10. nice family post bond! i like that...

    smiles, bee

  11. RW Says:
  12. You have a great family Vin. Congrats to who ever hit that poker game cruise wow!

    I wish I could here Dr.B live my internet is satellite which cause some problems of delay. But the archives do come in good.

    Have a great day Vin.

  13. Julie Says:
  14. Good job! Lots of family doing lots of things and making their lives better or more full.

    That's the way to do it!

  15. KATHERINE: I did not change anything. Could your monitor settings have changed?

    SONGBIRD: Yes, they are all great kids...

  16. LU': Glad you enjoyed the tuneage...yeah some great kids they are.

    TT: ummm was I trying to be? Thanks for sitting on The Couch!

    TURNBABY: ah TY sweetie...and yes she is!

    BEE: Thanks..did you see mom would meet for tea and cake?

  17. ROGER: TY Sir...yeah, would be nice to hit something like that...Hopefully one day you can come in live and call in and chat!

    JULIE: Yup yup yup...SMOOCH

  18. TT Says:
  19. Our paths have crossed before yes and I am glad to see that you are keeping it real.

  20. TT: OK, I think I may have figured it I right?

  21. Travis Cody Says:
  22. Lots of good news on the family front these days. Congrats to all the younguns.

  23. DrillerAA Says:
  24. Katherine is correct, the background has changed for me as well, both on my desktop and my laptop. It is now a darker blue, which makes the black lettering a little difficult to read and that highlighted blue really difficult.
    I don't know how that happened, but there is a different background color right now.

  25. Great post. It sounds like a lot of good stuff is going on with your family. That's always good.

    Nice note from your mom. Let me know when the tea and cake party is scheduled.

    Headed over to your niece's music blog now..

  26. TT: TISHA! So wonderful to see you around again

    TRAVIS: TY Sir

    DRILLERAA: Very weird. I have looked at it on the Mac desktop and PC laptop in Firefox and also the PC laptop in IE and I do not see what you two are seeing.

    RWA: TY and I will let mom know you are in for tea and cake.

  27. leelee Says:
  28. It's a family affaaaaaaaaaaair - LOVE LOVE LOVE SLY!!


    You write so well, I feel like I've known you all forever!!

    Thanks for sharing your family!!

    WB to your Mom and Dad!


  29. LEELEE: Ah shucks...TY for the kind words...and the Sly song was the only one I could choose for this...OH and guess who I burned a CD for last night (I know it has taken forever!)
    Just have to print the cover for it tonight.

  30. leelee Says:
  31. omg...I am sooooooooooooo excited!!!!!

    yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and thanks!!


  32. Thanks for your comment on my post today Mr. 007, I respect your input because I see that we must find a way across the divide, unfortunately I do not see a way to get to the other side.

  33. Tug Says:
  34. Yeah, it hurt my eyes, too - was the font always black? If so...the background IS darker.

    YAY MATT! Many good thoughts headed his way, as well as for the niece & nephew.

    Your mama's a sweetie!

  35. Kb Says:
  36. You're so funny!
    See ya later!

  37. LEELEE: Hope you still are when you get it!

    SARGE: As we have always said...differences are accepted if they are given with class and dignity

    TUG: I am clueless as to what you are seeing...
    TY and yeah mama is a sweetie

    KB: Well...ummm...thanks!

  38. Tug Says:
  39. I just e-mailed you a screen shot.

  40. Well, it looks like the grey area that my posts are supposed to appear on is no longer there and you are seeing the background color. I checked my html and everything looks fine.

    As I said, I have even checked this with IE on my laptop and all appears fine.

    I am comfuzzled

  41. Tiggerlane Says:
  42. Oh, the niece likes Radiohead? Freakin' AWESOME! She had cred with me, for sure! Good to read today - I've been absent for too long. Missed ya!

  43. Dana Says:
  44. Nothing better than when the music compiments the post! What an amazing family you have!

  45. Fred Says:
  46. Thanks for the latest edition of The Hometown News. Your mom and dad sound just like mine - I'm always getting emails from someplace other than the U.S.

    What a great shot of TwinsMom and BIL. I'm tempted to post a picture of my HS graduation and a recent shot. Could be interesting.

    BTW, the Six'Em have settle on a summer trip to Philadelphia. Stay tuned.

  47. RW Says:
  48. Thank you for posting my ad Vin your tops man!

  49. Excellent note from Mom! And go going for Matt! Gonna check out that music site =)

  50. twinnsmom Says:
  51. Love your blog today. Guess you are the favorite uncle today! Sorry Rich.

    I am a little confused. Does Freddy think that photo is Kevin and me? Wow! Wish I did look that young still. Hope all is well with you Freddy! The photo is my kids!

    FYI--the first time I went on the site today, I had a hard time reading mom's letter. Then I clicked off and went back on and it was fine. ????

    Love and Miss You!

  52. TIGGERLAINE: LOL...glad she had cred...welcome back, your seat is still here

    DANA: TY very much, they are pretty cool...

    FRED: Dude.that is the niece and nephew, not Kevin and Lynn! Silly guy!
    I am sure I will hear all about it

    ROGER: My pleasure Sir.

    STARRLIGHT: Explain it to me if you know who she is talking about! LOL

    LYNN: LOL..I get favorite son and favorite uncle in the same week?
    Weird problem...happened to a few people.

  53. I know Radiohead although they are not one of my favorites. I can't help but feel they are not quite as smart as they think they are and they can be a teensy weensy bit self indulgent.

    But they do have several really great songs and they will never be accused of being a one trick pony act.

    She and Him I FRICKIN love. It's Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward. Think Peter Paul and Mary meets the Ronettes. Seriously Vinny check them out.

  54. Kimmie Says:
  55. Hey bond,

    Family Is Forever...something my Mother always instilled in us. :)

    What a wonderful post. You are such a dear heart to share your family with us. Tell Mom I would love to come to the Tea and Cake Gathering also! I am happy your parents are home safe and sound.

    Best Wishes to your your son and all the rest of your family. They surely do have it all together.

    Sly just put the icing on the cake! I Love that song!

  56. Maggie Moo Says:
  57. Good luck to Matt! He's lucky to have such a supportive father-but he knows that already, I am sure. :)

  58. Unknown Says:
  59. What a sweet note from mom! I'm very proud of Matt. Good and solid policemen are hard to come by and I know he'll make a good one.

  60. Fred Says:
  61. I will no longer drink wine when reading and commenting.

    Better yet, I'll comment on your blog posts, then have my first glass of wine.


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