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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, May 19, 2008

Last week, when I played The Eagles here. a discussion began in comments over which is the favorite Eagles song for some of our guests...

So, after a weekend of watching Peter play baseball and hearing about Matt's games, I thought it would be fun.

You get THREE let's see what the guests here on The Couch think are the top three Eagles songs...

I am sure I will get comments that I did not include a song someone loves, but I didn't think listing some 100 songs would be wise...I thought these 8 gave a cross-section of Eagles music.

What is a poll without the music? A BORING POLL, that's what...

So whether you want to vote and not listen, listen and not vote (spoil sport), or vote AND ya go to start a workweek...In alphabetical order, not in choice order.








36 Of Your Sparks

  1. Liz Hill Says:
  2. I just voted for the ones I liked the most out of this list. I don't think this list is the top 8 Eagles songs. And I like so many of their songs.

    The gray background looks good.

  3. Schmoop Says:
  4. I can see again, I can see again. Cheers Vinny!!

  5. DrillerAA Says:
  6. favorite might be "Heartache Tonight", followed by "Tequilla Sunrise." That would put "Peaceful Easiy Feeling" in third place for me, follwed by 'Desperado", and "Life In The Fast Lane". I know, I'm being difficult, but they have so many to choose from. One of the great bands of all time. Thanks for the great tunes this morning.

  7. TURNBABY: See...I knew someone would not like my choices!

    MATT-MAN: And the world is a better place! LOL

    DRILLERAA: Glad you enjoyed the tuneage..thanks for voting!

  8. I voted for the following:

    "I Can't Tell You Why"

    "Life In The Fast Line"

    "Seven Bridges (Road)"

    While your list may not include what everyone considers to be the best songs by The Eagles, I think it is a good "mix" of their various work over the years.

  9. Sparky Duck Says:
  10. Desperado, hands down, though I voted for 3.

  11. Julie Says:
  12. Dagnabbit I wish I could play your music. I voted! Thanks dear.

  13. RWA: Well as I said...listing 100+ songs was out of the question...TY, I thought it was a good mix also

    SPARKY: Cool - thanks for playing

    JULIE: And exactly why can you not?

  14. leelee Says:
  15. Dang..I would have voted for 7 bridges...but I couldn't think of the song just by the's too early!

    enjoyed the music anyway.


  16. Travis Cody Says:
  17. Oh man! I'll have to come back later. It's just too early in the day for me to seriously choose only 3 off of this list.

    Actually, I probably need a write in category for about 20 more.


  18. LEELEE: I think you can change your vote with Vizu...glad you enjoyed the tuneage

    TRAVIS: LOL..well get back here before the Dancing begins!

  19. yo dude, the old fart picked the most popular so far, Hotel California....

  20. What timing, The Eagles are on the cover of my current Rolling Stone magazine AND I just read a review of Heaven and Hell, My Life With The Eagles by Don Felder. I love the Eagles music but Don Henley is a raging asshole and always has been. It really is all about showing him the money.

    His quote that bands are not a democracy is a pretty good indicator of why they broke up so often. I have always liked Bono's quote that bands should break up over track lists rather than money.

    All that aside I grew up with The Eagles and I fully expect Hotel California to pass up Thriller one of these days as the top selling album of all time. That poll was HARD! I went with Peaceful Easy Feeling just because it brings back some really wonderful memories.

  21. SARGE: Thanks for playing

    STARRLIGHT: When they charge so much for tickets, it is always about the money...

  22. Fred Says:
  23. Hotel California is in the lead. I'm not surprised. Sometimes I'll play music in class and the kids like that one.

    The Big Leather Couch is Item #2 on my blog. Maybe you'll get an extra visitor or two.

  24. Agreed Bond. When U2 tours, the best seats aka general admission on the floor and inside the inner ring are always the cheapest tickets. Last tour they were 49 bucks.

  25. AtriaBooks Says:
  26. Desperado
    Take it Easy
    Life in the Fast Lane

    in that order.

  27. Tug Says:
  28. I've never been a big Eagles fan (yeah, no idea why), but I do love Desparado! Hotel California goes on for DAYS...ugh.


  29. Lucy Stern Says:
  30. Fred sent me....I like Hotel California...

    So, you are a baseball fan! Whose your team? I'm from Houston, so the Astro's are my team....

  31. Jamie Dawn Says:
  32. Hello! I'm here via Fred.
    Niiiice couch!
    My son was just in Memphis for Memphis in May.
    He and some friends really enjoyed it although that was when there was a tornado watch which made me nervous.
    We live in Hot Springs, AR. We moved here from CA nearly three years ago. I love the south! I'm being hickified by the day, and soon I'll be toothless and have tattoos. Woo Hoo!
    I voted for my fav Eagles' songs.
    You've got a fun place here.

  33. FRED: Thanks for the shout-out...Out of all of them Hotel California is not my fav...

    STARRLIGHT: Yeah...I just hate when the seats up front are $300+...that is just totally ridiculous...and THEN the scalpers sell them for more!

  34. DOC: Thanks for playing

    TUG: I am actually surprised how many people love them...Always been a fan, but not to the extent of some

  35. LUCY: Thanks for sitting on The Couch...YANKEES all the way here

    JAMIE: MIM was great - even with the Friday t-storms and tornado know you don't have to go toothless!
    Come back and take a seat anytime.

  36. Ken Says:
  37. That is some tough picking! They have so many kickass tunes, I went with PEF, SBR and Desparado

  38. MICKEY-T: Three great choices...
    Check your snail mail in about 4 days.

  39. I hear you Bond. I went looking on the web for something last week and came across a copy of the ticket stubs for the 85 INXS show I saw. Third row center....12 bucks.

  40. Oh and other than PEF my other two were 7 Bridges and Desperado.

  41. Kimmie Says:
  42. Hey Bond...this is nice. I Love the Eagles.

    I picked:
    Peaceful Easy Feeling
    I Can't Tell You Why

    One of my very favorites is "Love Will Keep Us Alive". Only out about 11 years I think. Maybe 12. Very nice song also. This group was very well rounded. Thanks for visiting today, I left you a comment! LOL!

  43. STARRLIGHT: All good choices

    KIMMIE: Thanks for playing...Glad you enjoyed...

  44. Travis Cody Says:
  45. Well, I just chose my favorites off this list. And it was still hard to choose!

  46. RW Says:
  47. Great list Vin! I went with top choice Seven Bridges,New kid,Peaceful, just cause I have heard the others so many times lol there all great!

    Thanks for the input on my header, I think I have it right know let me know if ya can see it when ya get a chance, thanks man!

  48. Dana Says:
  49. DANG! I'm behind in my blog reading and missed the poll! The Eagles are one of my all time favorites, and Hotel California my absolute favorite!

  50. Unknown Says:
  51. I'm saying Desperado. I saw a video of the Eagles - must have been their "Hell Freezes Over" tour - with a piano that was just awesome.

  52. Coco Says:
  53. can't remember if i commented here or just did the poll thingy. i love the Eagles, Vin. ... and did i mention that i'm gonna get to see the Eagles this summer, right here in my home town?? *dance of joy*

  54. TRAVIS: Did not mean to make it too hard! LOL

    ROGER: Glad you got in your picks...

    DANA: Sorry you missed the poll..dang girl, you must sit every day! LOL

    DANA: TWO IN A ROW! A good choice

    COCO: So lucky ...enjoy them

  55. Mimi Lenox Says:
  56. Peaceful Easy Feeling I must have listened to a million times and still sing the harmony to when it graces the airwaves.


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