Separated At Birth???

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, May 12, 2008

IT'S THE FINALS THIS WEEK, so you MUST check out what shoes Cheryl, Kristi and (growwwwl) Edyta wore last night...

Or maybe you want to see how they actually danced...Did Christian's arm hold him back? Did Jason sack the competition? Did Kristi throw in a triple-lutz and carve up the men?

Well, if you want the full dance-card, there is only one place to go...and that is over to TRAVIS'

He will give you the top notch scoop...and Pam will throw in her opinions also...

So, Friday evening after I got back from Peter's baseball games, I turned on the TV looking for something to occupy my time. I see a Steven Segal picture about to begin, one I have never seen before.

:::Stands up::: "Hi, my name is Vinny Bond and I watch Steven Segal movies"

Now since about 2003 every one of Mr. Segal's movies have been released straight to video/dvd. basically what this tells you is no one wants to put up the money to release these things to the big screen.

He has stated that the government is out to kill him...that the mob is out to kill him....that the universe is out to kill him...

He is putting up a large portion of the funding for his movies...and this flick on Friday...I got all confused at one point because there is a shot of him speaking and the camera cuts away, but you still hear the dialog, but it is no longer Segal. seems all the post-production dialog was dubbed in by someone trying real hard to impersonate Segal, but doing a totally horrible job. It was not only one scene it happened throughout the 35 minutes I could stand of it before I grabbed a pencil and gouged out both my eyes and ruptured my eardrums.

What? ...could have just turned the channel or turned the TV off and not done harm to myself...??? OH, well, yeah I guess so...

He is also very very heavy and can hardly move. the fight scenes, always the best part of his movies are almost comical with this rotund guy, slowly moving his arms but packing a wallop as the bad guys go flying across the room.

In my half-asleep state a thought came to me...Could Steven Segal and Elvis Presley be one and the same person...Separated At Birth????

They both began their careers are young, studs and transformed into over weight, caricatures of themselves...they both starred in movies and recorded music...

Wait...what? You didn't know Stevie was a musician...that he has released five albums??? Well, to be honest, he released his first album Songs From the Crystal Cave in early 2004, then re-released it with a DVD later that year.

Then he released the album Mojo Priest THREE TIMES on THREE DIFFERENT LABELS between 2006 and 2007! SO in reality...two albums...multiple releases!

So, we grabbed some photos and tried this...

Well, what we do know is that neither of them was considered an accomplished actor, but at least Elvis could sing...Steven..not so much! Can you tell them apart?

"It's Now Or Never"

"Girl, It's Alright"

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