Separated At Birth???

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Results from our poll as of 11:15 pm CDT...
Desperado 51.9%
Hotel California 40.7%
Peaceful Easy Feeling 407%

OK, so what song would you have voted for, but it was not listed?

Down to the final three and the huge question after last evening's show is...

WHO WORE THE HOTTEST SHOES! OK, and who danced well and who is going home.

Did Cristian overcome his injury and push away from the others? Did Jason sack the other competitors? Did Kristi pull out a triple-lutz and carve up the men?

All of these questions can be answered by visiting TRAVIS and finding out how he and Pam felt...

So, Friday evening after I got back from Peter's baseball games, I turned on the TV looking for something to occupy my time. I see a Steven Segal picture about to begin, one I have never seen before.

:::Stands up::: Hi, my name is Vinny Bond and I watch Steven Segal movies"

Now since about 2003 every one of Mr. Segal's movies have been released straight to video/dvd. basically what this tells you is no one wants to put up the money to release these things to the big screen.

He has stated that the government is out to kill him...that the mob is out to kill him....that the universe is out to kill him...

he is putting up a large portion of the funding for his movies...and this flick on Friday...I got all confused at one point because there is a shot of him speaking and the camera cuts away, but you still hear the dialog, but it is no longer Segal. seems all the post-production dialog was dubbed in by someone trying real hard to impersonate Segal, but doing a totally horrible job.

he is also very very heavy and can hardly move. the fight scenes, always the best part of his movies are almost comical with this rotund guy, slowly moving his arms but packing a wallop as the bad guys go flying across the room.

In my half-asleep state a thought came to me...Could Steven Segal and Elvis Presley be one and the same person. The both began their careers as young, studs and transformed into over weight, caricatures of themselves through the years...neither one of them could/can act worth a damn but had/have huge followings...and they both had careers as singers.

WHAT? You did not know that Steven has released albums 5 times...YUP..He released his irst one twice and his second one THREE TIMES on THREE Labels! Hey give the man a high five for perseverance...

Could it be...could Steven Segal & Elvis Presley be the same person, or maybe separated at birth???????

So, we grabbed some photos and tried this...

Bet you can't even tell them apart vocally...

"Girl It's Alright"

"It's Now Or Never"

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26 Of Your Sparks

  1. Bag of Toys sounds like a mobile porn store :P

    Not on the list it would be The Last Resort.

  2. DrillerAA Says:
  3. If Segal sings as well as he acts, it's no wonder he's had to release the same albums multiple times. I'll bet that only friend and family own his music.

  4. Sparky Duck Says:
  5. It helps loads that Kristi Yamaguchi is hot as hell.

    Segal? He's still alive?

  6. Schmoop Says:
  7. Segal is a sad, sad figure. Cheers Vinny!!

  8. STARRLIGHT: Only you would equate that with a mobile porn store girl!
    Another great song.

    DRILLERAA: Well, you tell me ..what do you think of his singing?

  9. SPARKY: It also helps from her being a skater...some would say Segal is dead I am sure

    MATT-MAN: And he speaks so highly of you...

  10. Travis Cody Says:
  11. I didn't even know Segal still made movies.

    My mom saw good Elvis in's one of her all time favorite shows. She also saw fat Elvis in Vegas and got lucky that it was one of his better shows. He finished most of the songs he started and remembered most of the words.

    So she got lucky and has fond memories of her Elvis experience.

  12. TRAVIS: We were leaving comments at each others blogs at the same time!

    LOL..well not sure they are truly movies, but he still tries to act!
    Cool beans for mom...

  13. Wow, none of the three I chose made the top three. Oh well, I have gotten used to my musical preferences not agreeing with the "popular" vote over the years.

    As far as the "Dancing With The Stars" nonsense, I've had no use for that show ever since their first season when they awarded the title to Kelly Monaco, then people said, "Oh no! How on Earth could you give it to such a slutty, trashy woman?" - to they did the finals again and, surprise!, she lost.

  14. Oh Vinny, I would have voted for Desperado. the Eagles are my favorite even today! :) I'm sorry I missed the voting!

  15. I try Vinny ;0

    As for Elvis, I love Elvis. Right up to the 69 comeback. Then it just gets sad.

  16. RWA: Well 2 of my three did not make it either, so you are not alone. I was not watching during season 1, so I am unaware of that whole scene.

    THE TEACH: Sorry you did not vote...but Desperado did win!

    STARRLIGHT: LOL..yes you do and I agree with the Elvis comeback

  17. Tug Says:
  18. Is there a 12 step program you can join, my friend? Please??

  19. Fred Says:
  20. In a million years, I would have never put Segal and Presley together.

    Let me refine Tug's point. Go for the 1-step program - don't ever watch a Segal movie again.

    That'll be 5 cents, please.

  21. TUG: LOL...but Segal is cool.....I am a robotron....Segal is me please

    FRED: OK, but I did...did you see it? huh? Or am I a total lunatic..NO ANSWERS PLEASE!

    And who are you Lucy with your sidewalk psychiatric booth? LOL

  22. Hi-
    Missed your post (and everyone elses') yesterday. I would have been frustrated with the choices. My top two favorite Eagle songs are "All Ready Gone" and "James Dean". But, there are no bad ones...

  23. Unknown Says:
  24. Steven Segal? Really? The poster child for Jabootu? BUWAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, dear, you're serious. Um, good luck with that.


  25. Tug Says:
  26. Sorry dude, you know I love ya', but you're on your own there. ;-)

  27. BUD: AH good songs...yup I do like James Dean..

    DANA: umm well thanks...I think

    TUG: sigh...ok

  28. RW Says:
  29. Elvis & Steven the anthologie lol!

  30. ROGER: See someone gets it! LOL

  31. Coco Says:
  32. *howls with laughter* they do look and sound a little alike ... that is too precious!

  33. COCO: I have a convert...can you say Hallelujah!

  34. Coco Says:
  35. of course the comment that took the least amount of time and thought made it ... and a convert to what?

  36. A convert to the side of Segal Supporters?


  37. Coco Says:
  38. is that like athletic supporters? cos Seagull doesn't look so athletic to me anymore ...


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