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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sheesh... I formatted this on my test site yesterday and never moved it here...

Well, due to my trip and schedule I was not able to join Doc and Dangerous last evening on the Radio Happy Hour. It had the makings of a great show, so click on the player on the left sidebar and find out yourself. I am planning on doing so some time today.

I am planning on getting the photos from the Beale Street Music Festival up for Friday, so look for those. Still not sure they will be great, but they will be here none the less.

I had mentioned some time last week that I was beginning a new affiliation to bring you, my most wonderful guests, more music news, reviews of new albums coming out and, hopefully, some freebies of some of the new music about to be released.

This affiliation is with Sony/BMG Music and I want to thank my friend Layla for getting me connected with this giant of the music industry.

Today I received the following email and it is pretty exciting news as far as I am concerned. I have been a fan of Pink Floyd since I was a fledgling music-lover and truly have enjoyed the sounds of David Gilmour.

David Gilmour has announced the release of Live In Gdańsk in September, 2008 on Columbia Records. The album was recorded during the last concert of Gilmour's 2006 summer tour, which was held in front of 50,000 people at the shipyards in Gdańsk , Poland . The concert was the only occasion on which Gilmour performed the tour material with an orchestra, using the 40-strong string section of the Polish Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Zbigniew Preisner, who was responsible for On An Island album's orchestral arrangements.

Other unique features of the show included the special 6-screen design, created by lightmeister Marc Brickman to allow each band member his own dedicated screen for the edification of the audience; the performance of “A Great Day For Freedom” with the orchestral arrangement of the late Michael Kamen, and a guest appearance by prominent Polish pianist Leszek Mozdzer, who reprised his piano part from On An Island’s “A Pocketful Of Stones”.

David Gilmour’s most recent offering, On An Island, was multi-platinum around the world, hitting #1 in Europe, #1 in the UK and #6 in the U.S.

Best known as guitarist, vocalist and writer with Pink Floyd, Gilmour is also renowned for his solo work and collaborations with other artists including Kate Bush, Paul McCartney and Pete Townshend.

I am hopeful I will receive a copy of this epic concert prior to the release for a review and even some extra copies to use as giveaways.

I officially hate the new shower heads they have installed at Marriott hotels. These are those "rain forest" type shower heads that make you feel like you are standing in a light rain. Personally, I like a hard shower. The water blasting on me. I never feel like my hair is free of shampoo nor the soap off my body with these shower heads.

First they make all their hotels smoke-free (not a real hassle, but too P.C. for me), and then the wussy shower heads. The hotel I am in is ahead of the curve with a new desk that contains outlets for internet, and to allow you to connect your computer to show videos on the TV in the room. This room also has a flat screen 36" TV. Not that I actually have time to enjoy it!

Tomorrow, I have a special video post for an incredibly special woman in my life. I hope you come by and visit. It is not short, so plan accordingly. I tried to make it shorter, but in the end, she deserves the entire tribute.

Digging into the about we do some David Gilmour with Pink Floyd... Gilmour on lead vocals for the verses, Richard Wright singing lead on the bridges...Gilmour's guitar solo after the first verse is considered by many to be one of the best of his career.

Dark Side Of The Moon
Composers: David Gilmour/Nick Mason/Roger Waters/Richard Wright


14 Of Your Sparks

  1. TopChamp Says:
  2. Vinnie Bond I think you are fantastic.

    Just thought I'd tell you that.

  3. leelee Says:
  4. are right on with the David Gilmour trib. He is one special musician.

    3 Floyd concerts are in my ticket collection:

    Wish You Were Here
    The Wall

    All at MSG when the albums came out respectively. Still listen to all the albmus regularly and recently my 19 y/o Daughter has nicked my DSOTM cd..curses!! I'll just have to get another..can't blame the child for wanting excellent tuneage in her car.


  5. Liz Hill Says:
  6. I hate wimpy shower heads--I have thick hair like you and it never feels like I can rinse it enough in those low flo things.

  7. Tug Says:
  8. DANG, awesome affiliation! Go Bond!!

  9. DrillerAA Says:
  10. I posted my anniversary tribute to my wife this morning instead of saving it for Friday. I still haven't located our wedding album for those great 70's pics that we all know and love.
    I'll have to check yours out on Monday since we will be in Tulsa celebrating our anniversary this week-end.
    Best wishes my friend.

  11. What's wrong with bathing naked in a rain forest?

  12. Mimi Lenox Says:
  13. How do you do all this??? And a video too? Can't wait to see it. I know it will be special. It is sooo good to see you happy and joyful, my friend.

  14. I had to tell you that your tuneage pic looks almost identical to the wall in my guest room with all my vinal. In the homes I owned WTIT's studio was a custom built room in the rec room. When I went back to apartments after my last divorce I've used the "dining room" for the studio and the wall of record albums would be there. In this apartment the dining area is a bit smaller. They would have fit, but it would have been a little tight.

    How far have you got with your conversion?

  15. katherine. Says:
  16. always learning something new here..

    but those showers are TERRIBLE...think how long it takes to get the shampoo out of MY hair!!

  17. Travis Cody Says:
  18. I love to listen to Gilmour.

    I know what you mean about those shower heads. I end up staying in the shower a little longer with those, which seems to defeat the water saving idea.

  19. Julie Says:
  20. I happen to LOVE those shower heads...I was thinking of buying one.

    Now about David Gilmor..I had a Gilmor album...oh man....late 70's....what was it called...perhaps self titled? It had some great songs but I can't remember the names...I remember what I was doing while listening to the album though...ummmm that's probably why I don't remember the names!


  21. Ahh Floyd. Love the Floyd. That live album sounds awesome.

    I hear you on the shower. Get out the fire hose cause I hate feeling like angels are tinkling on me :P

  22. TOPCHAMP: Wow... thanks!

    LEELEE: Saw the same WYWH show at the garden... Actually was in a sky box for that one...
    Also saw them on their first tour with an older brother of a girl I was dating...Got a tad drunk on Tom Collins' - don't ask!

    TURNBABY: OH man my hair felt like s**t all day today

    TUG: thanks

    DRILLERAA: HAVE A GREAT TIME! I will get over there tomorrow to see it

    SONGBIRD: ummm now that you put it that way...

    MIMI: Ummm... I never sleep? Nah... LOL...I hope people enjoy the video

    BUD: Not far enough... Just been so dang busy, but I made a pledge that i will get at least one if not two done a day.

    KATHERINE: Yup you have the length - I left a comment card!

    TRAVIS: I am looking forward to this album

    JULIE: LOL..OK, want to try that again?

    STARRLIGHT: EXACTLY! My shower in the apartment is hard and gets nice and hot - I can get cleaner faster and get a little neck massage at the same time

  23. Unknown Says:
  24. If I wanted to take a shower in the rain, I'd go outside.


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