Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, May 30, 2008

It was a beautiful day on Thursday. Low humidity, bright sun and temps in the 80's, so I left the sunroof open and the windows down and the rugs are dry. WOOOOO

Thanks for the suggestions I got in comments...

I am sure there will be plenty of mentions for those who blog on Sunday. As I don't, I will begin the weekend...a HUGE weekend for my dear friend

Today a new chapter begins
She is celebrating her birthday on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So...LET'S PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help yourself to some champagne

For You Turnbaby
A True Proud Hootchie Mama
And More So A Friend

...DON'T WORRY...We made sure we had enough Maker's Mark for everyone

A New Home And Life
Now Standing On The Threshold
Happily Step Through

Have We Said

Since YOU liked it so much at New Year's...

Today Is Your Day
Your Life Swirls With So Much Change
Explosions Of Joy

Strawberries Will Fall From The Sky

A Celebration
Time Everlasting For Love
Two Hands Embraced Now

We Will Even Have Guided Tours Of Her Collection...
And This Song Came To Mind...
Happy Birthday
No More Sleeps
Be Happy

Don't Forget To Join Turnbaby
On Sunday Night To Celebrate
Her Birthday!

Have A Great Weekend All...

31 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. nicely done Vincent.

    Happy Birthday Turn...
    and Happy...ya know..other stuff...

  3. Lu' Says:
  4. Happy Birthday Turnbaby. What a nice birthday salute Bond. Very nice.

  5. Kb Says:
  6. CAKE!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Turnbaby! Vinny, have you ever thought about party planning?!? Have a great weekend!

  7. RW Says:
  8. Happy Birthday to Turn! Great birthday planing Vin, have a good weekend!!

  9. Happy B Day to Turnbaby! Excellent call on the Makers Mark, it's my drink of choice!

    Someday we shall all have to meet up and get run down by the Mark Cart together!

    And as usual Vinny, a lovely Birthday shout out. Your cakes owns all others!

  10. KATHERINE: TY...glad you liked

    LU': Thanks...help yourself to some food

    KB: Yup and antipasto and drinks and CAKE
    I have planned many parties in real life...I totally enjoy it

    ROGER: Thanks Sir...enjoy your weekend...

    STARRLIGHT: The meeting sounds like a blast...and ah shucks...ya like my cakes! OOOOOO that sounds dirty and I LOVE IT

  11. Travis Cody Says:
  12. I was doing ok until the rear view shot of the blue spiked heel. That's when I got light-headed.

    Then you hit me with the closet full. That's when I had to sit down.

    Then the CAKE! That's when I passed out.

    Happy Birthday to Turn!

  13. Liz Hill Says:
  14. This is so sweet! OMG I am all verklempt now--

    I love you my dear friend


    and a little grope ;-)

  15. TRAVIS: I so thought of you when I saw that blue spiked heel...I did!
    I hope there was a soft landing spot for you my friend...

  16. TURNBABY: I love getting you verklempt...it is so cute.
    Love you too sweetie...have a glorious weekend...
    I love me some gropes!

  17. Poor Trav. I'm not sure his heart can take all those heels and then cake. Tsk, tsk. Vincente, you know better than that.

    Wonderful birthday post for TB. I shall head over and wish her the best.

  18. well done Mr Bond, happy birthday turnbaby, nice shoes....

  19. OBLadyBug Says:
  20. Happy Birthday Turnbaby! Great birthday celebration post.

  21. Bond, you certainly know how to celebrate a birthday.

  22. Schmoop Says:
  23. Happy Birthday Turn. Nice job, Vinny. Let's rock the house. Cheers!!

  24. Fred Says:
  25. That picture of the shoes? Multiply it by at least three and you have an idea of what I have to live with.

    I'm ready to put on the goofy hat and sing Happy Birthday!

  26. leelee Says:
  27. Happy Birthday Turnbaby!!! Enjoy your special day..

    Nice shoes...YUMM-O

    and speaking of YUMM-O...Vinny that "antipast" looks too too good... YUMM-O

    HUGS have a great weekend!

  28. SONGBIRD: He has nothing on me when it comes to Thumping over shoes!

    SARGE: Thank you Sir

    NANCY: thanks darlin'

  29. RWA: I love celebrations and love to throw parties
    I am for hire!


    FRED: Can I come live with you? I LOVE women's shoes...not to wear - to admire...

    LEELEE: you know I made that antipast for New year's at Turn's, right?

  30. Vinny, what a great celebration of Turnbaby's birthday! I'll go over and wish her H.B.! :D

  31. THE TEACH: Mary TY and I am sure she will appreciate it.

  32. Anndi Says:
  33. Happpy birthday Turnbaby!

    Nice of you to remember a friend on her birthday, and she is worthy.

    I know you don't just throw those celebrations for just anyone.

  34. Nice tribute. Good friend...

  35. Tug Says:
  36. Well done Bond, happy birthday Turn! (What do I have to do to get me a new man for MY birthday?)

  37. Meribah Says:
  38. Hmmmm, me thinks somebody has a thing for shoes....LOL :P
    HAPPY B-DAY, TURN! May it be all the fun you want it to be. Hugs.

  39. The Ferryman Says:
  40. You are so awesome, my friend.

    So...does Nancy need any shoes? There seem to be a lot of them here. I bet I can sneak some out of here...

  41. ANNDI: She is worthy.

    BUD: Thanks

    TUG: Thanks...OK when is the birthday..I will see what I can do

    MERIBAH: SHE does..NOT me....LOL

    MR. FAB: Glad you enjoyed...

    I have a few pair in mind I would love for Nancy to have, but let me let you in on a secret...there are silent alarms..and electricity....and large men with large clubs...
    AND...what the hell are YOU doing ONLINE?

  42. cathy Says:
  43. Happy Birthday Turnbaby.

    Oh wow! Shoes!
    I need to go shopping :)

  44. Mimi Lenox Says:
  45. Very nice Mr. Bond. Friends are to be treasured. Happy happy to Turnbaby!

  46. Kimmie Says:
  47. Bond...what a sweetheart you are! A Lovely Birthday Tribute to Turnbaby. I sent her birthday wishes and listened to her show also. Sounded like she had a very Happy Day!

  48. TopChamp Says:
  49. Aah that's so lovely.

    Happy belated birthday Turn (off now to see her).

    Sorry I've not checked in for a few days but it's not my fault... blogger wouldn't let me!


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