Creative Photography Week 2- Rockefeller Center 1

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, June 26, 2008


Roger has a new contest we have spoken of before. You can find all the details by clicking the graphic...

This is my first foray into entering the contest. This picture is hanging on the wall as you walk upstairs in my apartment. It is actually larger than the bed on my scanner, so I had to position it just so to get the areas I felt were most interesting.

This was shot years ago at Rockefeller Center. It is above the skating rink there. These tinted glass globes are actually part of the elevator that takes you from street level down to the ice rink and the restaurants there. The reflection caught my eye and the way the 30 Rock Building curves from the arc of the glass really took on it's own life.

One row of lights were out, so it helped to see some of the details.

Hope you enjoy it click to enlarge.

30 Of Your Sparks

  1. I like to take "reflected" photos. Sometimes you get the most interesting views.

  2. Songbird...yes you do..thanks

  3. That is a great shot. Very well done.

  4. RWA: should get involved in, with your eye you will win every week...forget I said to get involved!

  5. Kb Says:
  6. What a great creative picture! From looking at the reflection of the sky it must have been a beautiful day.

  7. KB: Yes, a stunningly beautiful day, which is one of the reasons I decided to shoot Rockefeller Center that day...i have many more pictures taken that day, one of which was published.

  8. Anonymous Says:
  9. What an awesome picture!!! Very nice idea for HNT! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my page and commenting... the buises will heal ;)

  10. MSSOLITAIRE: TY but the HNT is below...or maybe that is the picture you meant! LOL I always screw this up posting twice in a day!

  11. cathy Says:
  12. I loke the pic, so many details!
    I'm taking a sort of break but may pop by ocasionally to say hello.

  13. desert rat Says:
  14. Excellent photo! I like looking through as well as at the reflection - the curves, shapes, and especially the colors of the flags - beautifully done.

  15. CATHY: We all need breaks on occasion...hurry back...Thanks on the pic

    ADR: Thank you so much...

  16. Julie Says:
  17. Ahhh photography...I love it! Great shot Vinny!

  18. Ralph Says:
  19. I like the fisheye reflection. The emphasis is with the Rockefeller building in motion - merely emphasizing its size, grandeur and style when compared to that other more staid building. Excellent!

  20. Tug Says:
  21. I love 'reflecting' pictures...very nice!!

  22. Travis Cody Says:
  23. That's a great shot! I have about 200 pictures I took when I went to NY, but they are hostages in a digital camera that doesn't work anymore. I'm sure there's a way to access the memory chip, but I don't know enough about that stuff.

    I should probably get some help with that eh?

  24. Dianne Says:
  25. I finally realized I needed to abandon IE and fire up Firefox to get here.

    and I'm glad I did.

    what a great shot. I love Rockefeller Center. and you captured it beautifully.

  26. This is a fascinating capture full of shapes, details and colour.

    Very nice!

  27. Patti Says:
  28. This is a wonderful photo. I love any picture that contains a reflection.

    Very creative! Good luck in Roger's contest.

  29. Lu' Says:
  30. Real nice Bond!

  31. Kimmie Says:
  32. Oh bond,
    This is a wonderful photo! I love the reflection and all the colors and textures. Fantastic job my friend! :-)


  33. Mimi Lenox Says:
  34. Great angle and reflection. Nice work. Thanks for sharing.

  35. JULIE: Thank you so much my friend

    RALPH: That really caught my eye and I moved around until I had it positioned where I wanted...thank you

    TUG: Thanks!

    TRAVIS: oh my there a USB connection on the camera that you can tie to your computer and pull them off? Or go to a good camera shop and they should be able to grab them DO IT BOY DO IT!

    DIANNE: I am glad you came over into the light of firefox! And Thank you for the kind words...

    MAMC: Thank you so glad you have a wonderful eye from what I have seen of your work

    PATTI: Many good entries this week, I appreciate your compliment

    LU': THANKS!

    KIMMIE: thanks..I appreciate it

  36. Gattina Says:
  37. Very beautiful and creative !

  38. RW Says:
  39. Vin thank you, awesome submission for Creative Photography.

  40. Sandee Says:
  41. Very nice. I like the different flags.

  42. Ladynred Says:
  43. That is beautiful shot and very creative. Goodluck! Thanks for the lovely comment.
    Scrapbooking and Photography

  44. Linda Murphy Says:
  45. Hey fellow NY'er...I am displaced to Phoenix, but lived in NY for 30 years exactly.

    And I have been on that elevator quite a few times! I love this photo and the reflection of the flag in the globe-wonderful catch!

  46. Vinny, love your Creative Photography entry! Rockefeller Center, ah yes! Clever to shoot through window... Am going into the city tomorrow to see "The Waterfalls" another public art show like The Gates...:) I'll take pix.

  47. Angell Says:
  48. Excellent shot Bond. Absolutely gorgeous.

  49. GATTINA: Thank you

    SANDEE: I appreciate it

    LADYNRED: Thank you for your lovely comment and Good Luck to you.

    SNOOPMURPH: We may not live in NY but we will always be NY'ers! Glad you enjoyed.

    THE TEACH: Mary, OH Enjoy and I can not wait for the pictures

    ANGELL: Thank you my friend.


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