HNT - Legs

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yeah the camera was shaking a bit...

ZZ Top


Tomorrow, we will preview the new John Mayer album and give one lucky reader a chance to own his newest project....

Come on by a sit a spell....

42 Of Your Sparks

  1. Matt-Man Says:
  2. Wow, Vinny. That is a lovely color that you have painted on your toenails. Cheers!!

  3. Charlene Says:
  4. vince
    got my first HNT up also
    i'll call or text you as soon as i hear from dax

  5. Charlene Says:
  6. i like you and dn pic

  7. Uh huh, and just WHY was the camera shaking a bit? *wink*

  8. Dana Says:
  9. Ha! If that doesn't say sensual, I don't know what does! Thank you for sharing this moment with us.

  10. Anndi Says:
  11. Whoop whoop! Nancy has the legs indeed... next a shoe pick.

  12. Anndi Says:
  13. Is there a reason you have Rod Stewart in your labels?

  14. Bond Says:
  15. MATT-MAN: It is called "Cajun Shrimp" and my fingernails were the same color of course!


    SONGBIRD: ummm well...ya see... ummm

    DANA: Why thank you...We enjoyed taking it

    ANNDI: YEs she does indeed...WAIT! What about mine? LOL
    Well actually, I almost put two songs in and then decided to save Rod ....maybe for the shoe pic? LOL

  16. RWA Says:
  17. Great picture, bond.

  18. Baby Says:
  19. I have OPI's Cajun Shrimp Too! My favorite- Cute Photo :) Happy HNT!!!

  20. Paul B Says:
  21. Very nice pic...looks like a cozy moment!


  22. Vixen Says:
  23. That is very sensual..... Love it.


  24. Starrlight Says:
  25. Mmmm...hotel sex is the best ;)

    I am jazzed to hear your take on the new Mayer. I was going to buy it but went with buying To Have Heroes instead cause I likes to show loves to the Indie artists =)

  26. Helga Hansen Says:
  27. Top tune, to go with the sexy legs on view! HHNT!

  28. Bond Says:
  29. RWA: TY...I obviously had help!

    BABY: Thanks for sitting on THE COUCH today...It has also become my favorite color!

    PAUL B: Welcome to THE COUCH...It was very cozy

    VIXEN: Hope you enjoyed your stay on THE COUCH...TY...glad you enjoyed the photo

    STARRLIGHT: noticed it was a hotel..That was in Tunica before we saw BB

    HELGA: Welcome to THE COUCH..glad you enjoyed the Tuneage and the legs...

  30. Ro Says:
  31. There's something deeply appealing about that shot ... and the song is pretty damn good too :)

    Have a happy HNT, sir!

  32. Starrlight Says:
  33. Dude I have hotel sex radar like no one else :P

    And fixed it on my blogroll. For whatever reason I had to add yours via the google feed. Stupid blogger!

  34. Bond Says:
  35. RO: Thanks for sitting on The Couch...Glad you enjoyed both

    STARR: Intelligent and so many talents rolled into one lovely lady....Thanks for the fix...maybe it has something to do with my settings?

  36. What a wonderfully intimate photo. Happy HNT!

  37. Lapis Ruber Says:
  38. Why has my imagination run riot? You know very well :-) Happy HNT.

  39. Bond Says:
  40. GREG & SHERYL: Thank you very much and thanks for visiting THE COUCH

  41. Bond Says:
  42. LAPIS: Mine did also at about that moment! LOL Thanks for the visit

  43. Very sexy! Very HOT! A very Happy HNT 2 U ; )

  44. Bond Says:
  45. I SMILE: Thank you...we enjoyed taking it...Thanks for taking a seat on The Couch

  46. Hmmm... haven't been by in a while but I couldn't pass up the HNT. Is that a mirror on the wall opposite the "Cajun Shrimp?"

  47. Bond Says:
  48. ADR: HEY THERE! Yes it would be a mirror... It was taken at the suite at The Horseshoe Casino / Hotel...there was a larger mirror next to the bed!

  49. Ooh la la!!

  50. leelee Says:
  51. I love it!! Nice Rock pic..and oh yeah...LEGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    I like that photo a lot..its true what they say..a paicture IS worth a thousand words..

    super nice..


  52. Anonymous Says:
  53. I thought that looked like a hotel room! Welcome to the madness that is HNT :)

    (P.S. Love your random question & answer on your blogger profile. Maybe that should be next week's HNT?)

  54. Bond Says:
  55. ADR: hehehehehehe

    LEELEE: Thankson both...HUGS

  56. Tug Says:
  57. YAY! HNT as a 2-fer, with TUNES...very nice job!!

  58. Lu' Says:
  59. Nice pic. Good looking feet. Spot on tune too :)

  60. Kimmie Says:
  61. You and Darlin' Nancy got it going on! Love this pic! Nancy your toes looks lovely, great color! Thanks for sharing sweetie. ;-)

    Nice HNT you two Lovebirds.


  62. Boo(duh) Says:
  63. Very nice first HNT. Lovely gams, those. ;0)

  64. Bond Says:
  65. TUG: hehheeheh yup...HNTTFWT LOL

    LU': hanks...the tune was the easy part

    KIMMIE: Thanks ...heheheh welaughed while taking it...YUP that is why the camera was shaking ...yup!

  66. katherine. Says:
  67. I trying to figure out what position that is....

  68. I love the intimacy in the shot, that's lovely even with a shaky camera.

    Happy (late) HNT!

  69. Turnbaby Says:
  70. Purrrrrr

    HHNT you two!

  71. Angell Says:
  72. B - U - T - FUL shot. Makes me smile.

    Thanks for sharing.

  73. Bond Says:
  74. KATHERINE: Position # is called AHHHHHHHHH! LOL

    MS. IN: heheheh .. thank you...

    TURNBABY: oooo thank you

    ANGELL: Thank you so..

  75. Dr. A Says:
  76. Nice.

  77. Dixie Says:


    I may try HNT when I get back from Virginia...



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