It's Friday!

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Friday!!!!!!!

You know, I had a post for HNT and totally forgot about it. It is going to be my first post for HNT and now all y'all are going to have to wait until next week.

Maybe I forgot because as of Monday Mom Joan and Dad Vince begin their summer sojourn. 2.5 months of car travel from Florida to Virginia (via the auto train) to Long Island / New Jersey to Saratoga Springs to the Berkshires to Cape Cod back to Long Island to Scranton, PA to South Carolina to Memphis and then finally back home in mid-September.

They do this every summer and it is amazing that one of them have not been found lying on the side of the road! JUST KIDDING!

Safe travels...Love you and can not wait for you to pull into Memphis. They will be meeting darlin' Nancy at that time and I look forward to it.

If you did not see it in the comments, Nancy thanks all of you who left heartwarming messages about the loss of Sam.

My Dear Vinny, Thank you for sharing the loss of our beloved pet Sam with all your wonderful readers. My addition to your post is to let everyone know of the 11 years Sam was part of our family, I can honestly say he was one hell of a cat. Even in the waiting room yesterday I had brought some treats and as Peter was holding him I offered a palm full … Sam politely put his paw on my hand with one claw inserted (ouch) to let me know HEY I may be sick but don’t you dare take those treats away. A huge hug & kiss to everyone for their kind comments.

Not sure what the weekend holds for us as I write this early Thursday evening. As I have mentioned son Peter is playing in the Mississippi State Championships, which began today. I have not heard a report on how his team did today. They need to get out of their bracket to continue on to playing on Saturday. If they are playing Nancy and I will hit the road early Saturday morning to get down near Jackson, MS to watch.

If, unfortunately, they do not advance, we will stay closer to home. Probably head over to the pool here at my complex and quench our thirsts with some cold brews.

We are planning on hitting the video store for an OLD MOVIE NIGHT this evening. I will let her select two of her favorite classics and we will crank up the surround sound, make something yummy for dinner and make some popcorn and just cuddle on the couch.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Have you checked out the summer show on CBS "Swingtown"? Set in 1976 it is the story of a Chicago suburb and the revolution of sex going on for the people that live there. I have found it real interesting and the soundtrack is most excellent. Liz Phair is the musical coordinator and is doing a great job. When I heard she was involved I was not sure if I would enjoy the soundtrack, but I have.

In the premier episode the newest addition to the neighborhood meets the couple across the street and they are the swinging couple. At one point Quaaludes are brought into the picture...I can't remember them being available anymore in 1976, but I could be mistaken...the years are sort of fuzzy...

OH dad... remember this is only a humor blog! Or is it??? bwahahahahahahahahahahaha

If you have not noticed, we have added a few new blogs to our FAV listing. If you have not already done so, check out Phfrankie Bondo's "Steamboat Slough". Phfrankie is musically hip and a pretty cool dude.

Also stop and say hey to "Charlene-in-AR". Charlene has been bopping around the bloggosphere for a little while now and finally decided to take the plunge. I actually met her during my days. She and Nancy have met and you will be amazed at Charlene's (pronounced Char-lean) open, honest and blunt take on her interesting (for Doc B. - compelling, intriguing, captivating) account of her life.

Also, remember that Roger from "Idaho Daily Photo" is having a photo contest on his new site "Awarding Creative Photography" site. Post a photo you have taken on your site and go over and let Roger know. We missed the first submission deadline, but will most definitely get involved next week.

And on Tuesdays, our friend The Teach / Mary hosts "Ruby Tuesday". Just post a photo of something Red and let Mary know you are involved.

That's it for the week kiddies...OH, unless you want to check out this cute ditty Dad Vince sent to me yesterday. If you are a boomer, you will enjoy it... I did, though it most certainly DOES NOT fit me...

But this Tuneage sure does....


Stevie Ray & Jimmie Vaughn

Charlie Daniels Band
(from vinyl)

34 Of Your Sparks

  1. Dana Says:
  2. What?? You wrote this post on Thursday and didn't post the HNT?? There aren't any "rules" about the time of the post, and some people even post LATE HNT's on Fridays *gasp*

    You're such a tease!!

  3. Ken Says:
  4. Have a great weekend and I did enjoy that ditty! Ha!

  5. DANA: Isn't the best part of HNT the tease????

    MICKEY-T: Enjoy your weekend also and glad you enjoyed.

  6. Schmoop Says:
  7. Safe travels to Mom and Dad, and have a great weekend Vin. Cheers!!

  8. thanks for the nod, Mr. Couch, do I get one o' them tune player devices you have here on your fine blog?

  9. katherine. Says:
  10. and here I was soooo looking forward to your HNT.....sigh.

    I'm fairly certain I remember hearing something about quaaludes well into the the 80's...maybe.

    ...the little ditty your dad sent was funny...didn't the woman remind you of Carol Burnnet?

  11. BeckEye Says:
  12. Damn, I missed "Swingtown" AGAIN this week. I saw this first ep and thought it was pretty cool. Ever since then, I keep forgetting when it's on.

  13. leelee Says:
  14. Weekend plans?

    I'm thinking THE BEACH!! Its HHH here so no better place to be I guess.

    Loved the "ditty" a friend sent me that a while back..pretty darn funny..but of course it doesn't pertain to me..or does

    Enjoy your weekend and happy trials to your Mom and Dad. I live for the day to get out of South Florida for the summer. Looks like it might be happening sooner rather than later...there's been "talk" YAY!

    HUGS!! and once again great tuneage.

  15. MATT-MAN: They wanted to know your address in Bagwine too!

    PHFRANKIE: I use you upload your tuneage and then it generates a code for you to add to your site. Lifelogger can be bitchy at times, but most of the time it does work. Send me an email if you want more details.

    KATHERINE: Just 6 short days dear! I guess bootleg 'ludes were around ... I was really referring to the Rorer 714's that were the hit of late 60's early 70's
    You know she does remind me of C.B. hehehhee

    BECKEYE: Time for a TiVo my friend...last night episode was pretty good..also check out they run the episodes there

    LEELEE: sigh..beach..yeah I remember what that is...
    Happy Trials or Trails? LOL Maybe that DOES pertain to YOU!

    Talk to leave JUST for the summer?
    HUGS and thanks...

  16. SRV....*weeps*

    Your parents sounds awesome Vinny. I wanna retire and roadtrip for the remainder of my life. That's my dream. Homebase in the Low Country/Tybee Island area and lots and lots of roadtrips. Preferably in a vintage convertable =)

  17. Liz Hill Says:
  18. God I LOVE those tunes!!

    I can't wait for your parents to meet Nancy--she's just awesome.

    And thanks beyond thanks for being my friend.


  19. STARR: It would be very cool to do i wrote a week or so ago, I am thinking I don't have to be in hotels all the time and I can just pull over wherever I want.

    And yes I have loved to have seen he and Duane cut it back and forth...OMG that thought just gave me chills

  20. What freaks me out is that Clapton almost got in the 'copter.

  21. TURNBABY: Yeah both tunes caught my eye and I had to go with them...
    Friends are who they are sweetie...always and forever..that never changes.

    STARRLIGHT: You know I tend to block that vision from my memory...

  22. I had so much I was going to say, and then I watched that video clip. OMG! I was laughing so hard, I nearly peed my pants!

  23. SONGBIRD: Are you sure a little didn't escape? You are close to a boomer....


  24. Hope your parents have a great time! And you can't get better than Stevie Ray!

  25. NYD Says:
  26. Yummy tunes.
    Ludes were around in'76. They were everywhere!

    Parents on the road- can we expect another Blus Brother movie?

    Take it easy Sam. I'll tell Leonine to look you up.

  27. Tug Says:
  28. I hope your parents have a wonderful trip, and you & Nancy have a fantastic weekend! K & the kids will be here tonight, so mine will be wonderful as well.

  29. "Georgia" is one of my all-time favorite Charlie Daniels' songs. Great choice.

    Hope y'all have a great weekend, whether it be poolside or in Jackson.

  30. BUD: They always do and well...I can argue for Duane and Eric and Jimi, can't I?

    NYD: LOL...but not the Rorer's...the ones around were bootlegs... nixon shut down the Rorer production in around 74
    LOL...not quite Blues Brothers...but maybe something close!

    TUG: WOOO for K and the kids visiting you.....

    RWA: It is a special song. You also enjoy your weekend.

  31. leelee Says:
  32. TRAILS! lol...maybe that cartoon does! lol

    Yes...ideally just for the summer...the winter is glorious here..I'm thinking snowbird! My dream!


  33. leelee Says:
  34. Oh MY Bond, you know entirely too much about Disco Biscuits. lol

    sadly I have a story to tell..if I could only remember it.

  35. Actually, I'm considered a tail end boomer, and yes, probably a bit escaped. After all, my body is falling apart and I take Lasix!

  36. LEELEE: LOL...Mom and dad were Snowbirds for a while.... nah...I just read a really...I promise....
    I remember the stories but am not telling unless I get paid for it

    SONGBIRD: LOL...It is OK as long as it all did not escape.

  37. leelee Says:
  38. Yeah...ooooooooooook


  39. Kimmie Says:
  40. Happy Trails to your Mom & Dad! :-)

    Oh your weekend sounds wonderful. We are just winging it, haven't really planned anything just yet. My sister from Washington State and my two nieces will be in on Tuesday for a 3 week visit. So, a big grocery shopping will be in order at some point this weekend.

    Movie and popcorn, topped off with snuggling with your darlin' Nancy...Priceless!

    Have a great weekend, and remember to put on your sunscreen! ;-)


  41. Travis Cody Says:
  42. Sounds like some fine weekend plans. Safe travels to the folks!

    We have sundry shopping and lots of chores this weekend. We may save the chores for Sunday though because it's supposed to rain.

    Have a great weekend!

  43. Jeff B Says:
  44. Good luck to Peter and the team. Hope they advance.

    "Bored...tubby...and mild"

    If that tune by Vaugn bros doen't make your foot tap you might want to check your pulse, cause ya might just be dead.

    Have a great weekend Vinny.

  45. DrillerAA Says:
  46. Been too busy getting ready for Mickey Mouse to cruise by many blogs the past couple of days. Glad I got by here to hear Long Way From Home! That will be us next week...from Arkansas to Orlando....long way from home.
    Probably won't post this week.
    Catch you on the return flight.

  47. LEELEE: hehehehe

    KIMMIE: Weekend plans are all comfuzzled now, but the movie night is happening tonight.

    TRAVIS: You too my friend

    JEFFB: Well, they did not... sad bt true...#1 ranked for their division and they played poorly from what I understand

    DRILLERAA: ENJOY...see you when you get back.

  48. Gee, Vinny, what a good blogger friend you are! Thanks for the shout our about my Ruby Tuesday meme. I'm glad you'll join Roger's contest this week too! Sounds like your parents trip will be a great one! :)

  49. RW Says:
  50. Thank you for the shout Vin! Cant wait to see what ya post as a entry.
    Hope those snowbird parents have a good trip and vaca up north!!

  51. Anonymous Says:
  52. *BGWD*
    Wow, I got mentioned on your blog....that made my wonderful weekend end really nice....

    *BGWD* (Big Grin With Dimples)


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