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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, June 05, 2008

Well, from what I can see, it was a spectacular day in the bloggosphere and PEACE REIGNED EVERYWHERE!

Work was a total PITA yesterday and I barely made it around to your blogs - hell I never even got to eat lunch!

When I got home I put on a song that helps me to push the world away and allows my brain to settle...

My dear friend LeeLee had written me yesterday telling me she had heard it on XM Radio and it just snapped into my brain. She said they had done a mix of MOUNTAIN JAM into SCARLETT BEGONIAS and I just was so overjoyed.

I am totally exhausted and hope to visit some more blogs when I complete this, but be assured, if I have not been to visit, I will soon...

June 17, 1940 ‎ — June 1, 2008

Sadly, we also lost another huge contributor to the 60's music scene the other morning. Once again, the news came to us from Starrlight, who had to tell us she had his posters in her bedroom when she was two years old! Someday I plan on meeting her AND her mom and dad...I think it would be cool!

Many probably have no clue who he is, but along with his partner they created artwork that will last forever.

This is from the Associated Press:(I am breaking the law posting it...but they say it so well)

Artist Alton Kelley, who created the psychedelic style of posters and other art associated with the 1960s San Francisco rock scene, has died. He was 67.

Kelley died Sunday of complications from osteoporosis in his Petaluma home, according to his publicist, Jennifer Gross.

The artwork that Kelley and his lifelong collaborator, Stanley Mouse, churned out from their studio, a converted firehouse where Janis Joplin first rehearsed with Big Brother and the Holding Company, was iconic. It included dozens of classic rock posters, including the famous Grateful Dead “skull and roses” poster designed for a show at the Avalon Ballroom, as well as posters and album covers for Journey, Steve Miller, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles.

For inspiration, the pair scrutinized old etchings and photos, took in the youth culture of the time and dug through public libraries, often breaking into laughter until they were asked to leave by the librarian, Mouse recalled.

“We were just having fun making posters,” Mouse told the San Francisco Chronicle. “There was no time to think about what we were doing. It was a furious time, but I think most great art is created in a furious moment.”

Born on June 17, 1940, Kelley met Mouse in 1965, at the epicenter of the hippie movement — San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district — and soon recognized their ability to work together, in their words “riffing off each other’s giggle.”

In recent years, Kelley’s artwork focused on paintings of hot rods and custom cars, which were sold as fine art and printed on T-shirts.

He is survived by his wife Marguerite Trousdale Kelley; their children Patty, Yosarian and China; his mother, his sister and two grandchildren.

Memorial plans are pending.

Let's just look at some of the work he and his partner did and listen to some of the music that inspired them....(click on all to enlarge)

Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA

Matt-Man read the copy under the Indian
"May The Baby Jesus Shut Your Mouth & Open Your Mind"

Check out the license plate...Wavy Gravy...hehehe a cool dude if ever there was one!

27 Of Your Sparks

  1. OMG...Country Joe! "and it's one, two, three what are we fightin for?"
    The Vietnam Rag. Wow!

    The Terrapin Station one is very cool. Todd had that t-shirt. I should have stolen it :P

    Mom and Dad are seeing Taj Mahal and Keb Mo this summer =)

  2. katherine. Says:
  3. I hadn't heard he will be a big deal here.

  4. Barbara Says:
  5. Hi Bond,
    I'am still with the Blog Blast by a few more rounds this morning.
    Cant get enought of a good thing !
    It is just incredible... if I could only have a whole day to just surf !
    Sorry to hear about the passing of Alton Kelley. I was too young to know about his art, but it still is very cool .
    I apprecited seeing his works .

    Wishing you, your loved ones & evryone continuing Peace and tons of love.

  6. Sparky Duck Says:
  7. Now those are some cool posters, possibly nightmare enducing when you are 2, but cool.

  8. STARRLIGHT: I selected that one because it was Dona Nobis Pacem
    Taj and Keb' together would be so so cool

    KATHERINE: A big deal everywhere in my humble opinion

    SPARKY: Not if your parents are taking you to all sorts of concerts like Starr's did!

  9. RW Says:
  10. I love the art work Alton did some great physcodelics that will live on.

  11. Unknown Says:
  12. Good stuff, my friend...*waves* Hope you are well, and I missed out on the Peace Globes thing this time round, but now I've got lots o' blogs to visit now!

    I just hooked up my bose radio to the computer to enjoy the tunes, btw, and it's perfect for this morning, as I do a bit of gardening and ebay work.

    You'll be seeing 'round these parts again! ;-)

  13. Travis Cody Says:
  14. I didn't know the name, but I certainly recognize the style of the artwork. Some of my friends had posters like this.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  16. ROGER: He is doing posters in Heaven with many of those he knew so sad

    MARGARET: Welcome back dear...missed you around these her parts...your seat on The Couch has been kept waiting

    TRAVIS: Many didn't know the name or thought it was one gentleman as they were always identified as Kelly-Mouse

  17. Yeah man, I was experienced my first riot at like age 3 at a BB King concert in Arizona. For reals!

  18. Tug Says:
  19. Some awesome artwork! I'll be by later to listen to the music...

  20. DrillerAA Says:
  21. Terrapin Station is a spectacular piece of work. Many of the features we now use in PhotoShop, Corel Draw, and other graphic design programs obviously were inspired by these works. These guys had the wrap and warp their text by hand. We just use a few key strokes.
    I think most truly great graphic artists go through this world unnoticed by most of us. We all know who Peter Maxx is, but that's about as far as it goes.
    Have a great day.

  22. STARR: A life that would make a very interesting book my friend...and i would serioulsy love to sit and rap with mom and dad

    TUG: It most certainly is

    DRILLERAA: Sir, you make some excellent points ... hitting the nail on the head as far as the simplicity we have available to us today. Thank you.

  23. Fred Says:
  24. That's some pretty groovy artwork.

    Can't say I recognize this music. It's pretty good, though.

    Have a great weekend!

  25. FRED: OOOPS... Grateful Dead...Scarlett begonias...

  26. Rings on her fingers and bell on her shoes =)

    My favorite Dead song hands down.

  27. Wait a minute. Starrlight had posters like that in her room when she was two years old?!?!?!?!?!?

    My goodness.

  28. STARR: I think my is Sugar Magnolia...but the same theme...a woman that makes you go gaga...LOL

    RWA: How do you think she became such a cool chick?!

  29. LOL and by "room" I am referring to the school bus we lived in and/or the commune :P

  30. leelee Says:
  31. RIP Alton Kelley. Now Heaven Band has got a poster maker. Let me tell you, there is going to be one hell of a concert in heaven when I get there (what???? you doubt me??)

    Glad the tunes helped soothe your soul last night Vinny.


  32. Schmoop Says:
  33. Good post Vinny, and the Baby Jeebus quote was spot on. Cheers to ya Vin!!

  34. Vinny, Alton Kelley is a great loss to humankind. Beautiful posters! :)

  35. STARR: "Can I ride your Magic Bus..."

    LEELEE: I never doubt you...and it most certainly did sooth me

    MATT-MAN: Immediately thought of you dude...

    THE TEACH: Mary, he was incredibly talented indeed

  36. It was a magic bus. It had a stuffed owl in it. How is that for perfectly hippy?

  37. TopChamp Says:
  38. sad - those posters are amazing.

  39. Kimmie Says:
  40. A great loss. I didn't know him by name, but I remember seeing some of the work you posted. Great music also...Thank You for sharing.


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