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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SPECIAL COUCH NOTE: It is SANNI'S BIRTHDAY! Head on over and wish her well

So, our friend Matt-Man has resurrected his campaign for President and yesterday I gave him two little ditties to use in his campaign.

First this one:

Vote For Matt-Man
Truth is his word
He'll screw Korean hookers
and give Kim Jong the bird

He'll never snooze
as long as there's booze
He'll make you a fan
and cook you fried spam

He'll work hard for peace
they'll be bagwine for all
so remember vote Matt-Man
at the polls this fall.

Then This One:

My name is Matt-Man
and this ain't just a fad
I wanna be your President
me and my hanging chad

I know I can beat
that one-armed man
And I ain't like Obama
I just have a tan

I'll promise the world
this much I will say
elect me your president
and no I'm not gay

I will sack any babe
well just let me say
the one I will not touch
is that skank Rachel Ray

McCain is a pussy
and Obama ain't white
I wanna live in the white house
and will put up a fight

Sure I hate Asian chicks
they remind me of young boys
but I'll surely bed Songbird
If she'll let me use toys

So on November eighth
when you pull on that lever
make sure it's for Matt-Man
and I'll love you forever

Both LeeLee and Mickey-T suggested I be a huge part of the campaign and I was shunned by the candidate....

So I put a call in to the Obama and McCain campaigns and have been offered a job by both of them. Now, I will allow Matt-Man a chance to kiss my ass make up with me and will stick with him if he does...If not, it is war and I will make him wish he never learned the word Candidate.

His name is Matt-Man
and you all should know
Huckabee once offered him cash
for a stroke and a blow.

The money was exchanged
and pants hit the floor
Matt-Man liked it so much
he offered to do it once more.

If you look in his home
and searched all the spots
you will no doubt
find pounds of pot

This campaign will get dirty
we'll get down on the floor
and give you the facts
if they ain't true we'll make up some more.

Ball is in your court dude....

The above is a satire and should not be taken seriously...

This message endorsed by the COMMITTEE TO ELECT A FREAKIN' LUNATIC

38 Of Your Sparks

  1. I dunno, V, you might have to call Guido and his buddy to have a "talk" with Matty.

  2. katherine. Says:
  3. there is a committee?

  4. TopChamp Says:
  5. ha ha... mainly I came to the comments box to see what Matt had said. But there's nothing here yet.

  6. Liz Hill Says:
  7. *grabs a BIG bowl of popcorn and a seat to watch the show*

  8. SONGBIRD: Bruno is hurt you forgot his name.....LOL

    KATHERINE: Sheesh girl, there are always committees! LOL

    TOPCHAMP: OH he will comment eventually..won't you Matt?

    TURNBABY: Is it buttered? Hope the trip has begun uneventfully....

  9. RW Says:
  10. Oh I am sure he will like that!

  11. Ken Says:
  12. I recently visited his kitchen and let me tell you, I saw a pot thing in his cupboard. I did, really! He had a bunch up on top of his cupboards too.

  13. ROGER: We will see....but politics can be a dirty business

    MICKEY-T: We are keeping that video for a dirty-tricks TV ad series....

  14. Matt's too busy choking on muffins right now :P

    Seriously Vinny, can I just go on record as saying how much I LOVE the term Hanging Chad? LOVE IT. So much so that when cut off yesterday on my way home by some ass I screamed "bite me you hanging chad!"

  15. STARRLIGHT: I will work "hanging chad" into my posts as often as possible just for you

    If he throws me out of his campaign I ain't giving him the Heimlich

  16. Anndi Says:
  17. I'm shocked and dismayed that you could come up with such a nasty ditty about your buddy. Shocked I say!

  18. ANNDI: Politics is a dirty business...what can I say?

  19. Schmoop Says:
  20. Because I love you so much, I will offer you the job of intern. Slip into your blue dress, light my cigar, and give me a blow job. I'm President Matt-Man, bitch!! Ha. Cheers Vinny!!

  21. Ok Mental Image I DID NOT NEED........

    But I think my sheep comment on Matt's blog probably helped contribute :P

  22. MATT-MAN: Campaign manager or you are going to go down like YOU are wearing that blue dress....

  23. STARR: No worries...it is NOT something he will see either

  24. Kimmie Says:
  25. Ha! Good one! A devil in a blue dress!!! LOL! Bond I think you did good. (((Giggles))) It may look good on him...who knows?

  26. Matty is a handsome devil, he'd look good in just about anything ;)

  27. Tug Says:
  28. Happy Birthday to Sanni!

    WHO'S wearing the blue dress? I want pics, e-mail please.


  29. j Says:
  30. Oh WONDERFUL! Something told me to visit today. YEA!

    I saw your slogans in Matt's comments and the conversation that followed.

    Revenge. Best served COLD. You got him but good!

    Thanks for the giggle.

  31. BeckEye Says:
  32. I think America is ready for a President who screws Korean hookers.

  33. Fred Says:
  34. I hear McCain needs a good speech writer. You just may be the right guy.

  35. Meribah Says:
  36. Duuuude! Remind me not to get on your bad side! LOL Why not elect The Puppy for President??? I'm cuddly, I have big, blue puppy eyes that will cause everyone (including my enemies) to melt and become like molten Puppy Chow in my paws AND I won't declare war on anyone cuz I'm too nice a puppy for that! On the other paw, I'm Canadian, so that might cause problems in electing me for the AMERICAN presidency....:P

  37. KIMMIE: I have the videos he does look good in blue

    STARR: If you are commenting on my blog, how about some sweet words for me too? Sheesh

    TUG: That would be Matt and the video is under lock and key until he decides to make me his campaign manager

    JENNIFER: I wish oyu would visit everyday dear...As a Sicilian I live by the revenge is best served cold credo

    BECKEYE: I totally agree

    FRED: he offered me the job but could not sign the contract I was holding up chest high

    MERI: Ummm AND, you never come out in public...could be a deal breaker

  38. My what a nice cigar you have ...wink wink nudge nudge.....

    Better?! :P

  39. STARR: bwahahahahahahahaha


  40. katherine. Says:
  41. can't you boys just play quietly?

  42. KATHERINE: And the fun in that is what?

  43. DrillerAA Says:
  44. You have reminded me why I could never seek a public office. Thank you. I really appreciate it.

  45. DRILLERAA: You telling us you have skeletons in the closet? LOL

  46. Kb Says:
  47. Aren't they all one big "COMMITTEE TO ELECT A FREAKIN' LUNATIC"???


    Thanks for taking the heat last night. XO

  48. Travis Cody Says:
  49. Thanks for the reminder about Sanni's birthday!

  50. KB: LOL umm yes I guess they are...
    and that is my role...LOL

    TRAVIS: I wish I had remembered before this morning

  51. Lu' Says:
  52. Ha Ha Ha Funny but Matt-Man gets my vote. The thought of his flag at full staff makes me all a flutter. I'm sure he will serve the country like no other. Well maybe Bill... But now tide has the stain sticks you can carry with you so he should be OK :)

  53. Lu': His flag is never at full staff....

  54. Now THAT type of promotion would be a fresh approach to political campaigning.

    If I am ever foolish enough to run for office, I will be in touch.

  55. DrillerAA Says:
  56. No, I'm tellin' ya I don't need one of those jingles for my campaign!!!

  57. Lu' Says:
  58. Bond, I don't know. One who salutes it regularly could surely get the banner to rise :)


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