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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, June 23, 2008

Well the weekend did not go exactly as planned. Peter's team, ranked #1 in their division, did not play well and lost their first game. They won the second, but got knocked out of the tournament when they lost their third, so driving to Jackson on Saturday was not necessary.

Saturday darlin' Nancy and I each did some errands around our homes that needed doing and then she came by that night with the movie "The Bucket List". I made some of my special calzones which are filled with ground Italian sausage and meatballs from my gravy and Parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella cheese. They came out yummy if I do say so myself. They are based on calzones the local pizza place did when I was growing up in Commack. The owner, called them Sal-zones. It made sense, his name was Sal. Each one I made was made with a pound of pizza dough. Those things Pizza Hut sells called Pizzones can not hold a candle to mine! bwahahahahahahahaha

The movie was fantastic. If you have not seen it, do so. Nicholson and Freeman are excellent together.

Sunday, Nancy came by and we walked over to the pool in my complex to find it was closed! ARG.

Matt has his interviews this week for the Police Department. My good friend has spoken with the Chief and the Sargent who I also knew when living in NJ. They both said that Matt has a good chance to be selected. They plan on hiring one officer in July, one in September and one in January, so we will see. My buddy gets the feeling they are set on the one candidate who came in first on both the written and the physical, but the interviews are very important. They have already eliminated one of the ten during background checks. Keep your fingers crossed for him please.

I did get some new music digitized on Saturday. It is not a fast process and I was able to do 5 more albums over the course of about 4 hours. I also did some bootleg trading and got a hold of two new Grateful Dead concerts (a 1971 show from the University of Wisconsin and a 1980 show from the University of Colorado), a Blues Traveler concert and a Derek Trucks show. Some excellent Tuneage.

House of Blues, Orlando, FL recorded on May 12, 2006. "Run-Around", performed by Blues Traveler...it does end abruptly as they go right into the next song and the files are separated when I receive them.

January 18, 2003, The Lincoln Theater, Raleigh, NC...this is entitled "Feel So Bad", The Derek Trucks Band...

Tomorrow, I will be doing my book review of the newest Brad Thor book "The Last Patriot" and then tomorrow night on The Radio Happy Hour, Mr. Thor will be joining us to discuss the book and how his life has drastically changed since he wrote it. He is always a great interview...

Don't forget, I will be making my first sojourn into the HNT this Thursday...and YES, Dana teasing is part of the fun of HNT...you know that better than anyone!

31 Of Your Sparks

  1. Vince
    Wasn't the weather in Memphis perfect this weekend? Hopefully I'll be headed back there soon and can visit with you and Nancy. I know my blog needs a remodel. Don't you love it when you have a new "home" and it needs fixin up!!

  2. Schmoop Says:
  3. Vinny? HNT? Is that a good combo? Cheers Vin and Good Luck to Matt!!

  4. CHARLENE: It was perfect. We will help remodel.

    MATT-MAN: Afraid of the competition dude? Thanks for Matt.

  5. RW Says:
  6. Crossing fingers for Matt hope he gets the job!

    I am going to check out the bucket list on your say so Vin, Jack makes a good movie.

  7. Travis Cody Says:
  8. We were thinking of getting Bucket List this weekend, but passed in favor of 300, Jumper, and Michael Clayton. We watched 300 and Jumper...both quite entertaining.

    Good luck to Matt.

  9. ROGER: Appreciate it...and I think you will like the movie. Funny and heartwarming...

    TRAVIS: Saw 300 and enjoyed it. Was a choice of Nancy's boys one Friday night. Jumper looks good also, will have to check it out.
    Thanks for Matt

  10. TopChamp Says:
  11. GOOD LUCK to Matt.

    I don't really get HNT. It's not a prude thing, it's just that I don't feel a need to see folk's naked elbows or knees, or whichever random body part that isn't really very naked they decide to show. Sometimes they're funny and that makes sense to me... otherwise it's baffling.

    What's it for?

  12. Fred Says:
  13. Was the pizza joint in Mayfair? I remember a really good shop in the Foodtown shopping center.

  14. TOPCHAMP: I am not going to be doing it every week, but had one picture I thought would be fun...What's it for? ummm I don't know...silliness I guess

    FRED: The one in Mayfair Shopping Center Pizza D'Amore

  15. Sorry to hear about the baseball team, but those calzones sound absolutely delicious!

    I've also heard at "The Bucket List" is a must-see. I will move it up my list a few spots now that you've given it such a positive review.

  16. Anndi Says:
  17. Good luck to Matt!

    I'm a little too sad today to muster much of anything else so I'll leave you with this:

    "What exactly is 'viewer discretion'? If viewers had discretion, most television shows would not be on the air."
    - George Carlin

    Thanks for the tunes...

  18. So when is my Vinzone arriving in the mail? Hmm? Extra cheese please! And if you could send me some Cannoli I would be forever in your debt!

    Excellent BT song, I loves Blues Traveler. John looks waaaay different now, don't he?!

  19. Coco Says:
  20. Got my fingers crossed for Matt. Sounds like he's doing really well in the process, though.

    I'm really out of practice writing these comment things (was i ever IN practice?) so if it's a bit abrupt ...

  21. RWA: It was unfortunate. I would have liked a chance to be involved with this team. There were some fundamentals that they did not do that could have improved their play. BUCKET LIST a must see

    ANNDI: Sad about George... thanks for Matt and the tunes

    STARRLIGHT: Well I can make it for you if you ever get to Memphis! LOL...If you want the whole show, just let me know.

    COCO: TY dear and HAPPY BIRTHDAY...hope you got my ecard.

  22. Got my fingers crossed for Matt too, Vinny! Also I'd really like to taste your Calzone! :)

  23. Tug Says:
  24. Fingers crossed for Matt...I've heard wonderful things about Bucket List, but have yet to see it - I'll have to check it out.

  25. THE TEACH: Mary Thanks and as I have said before to others...come to Memphis and I will make you one!

    TUG: Thanks and yes, rent it!

  26. Meribah Says:
  27. Oooo! Those calzones sound so gooooood! **drools** Gosh, I love Italians. Y'all make such delicious food!
    And not only will the puppy cross her toes, she will cross her tail, how about that? LOL :P Good luck to your Matt!

  28. MERI: We do some things very right! LOL and TY for all the crossing ...

  29. When I was a sales manager at WBCN in Boston, Blues Traveler performed on air at lunch. I watched in awe. Great tunes!

  30. Beth Says:
  31. Yea! Vinny on HNT!! I may have one myself. Don't be scared!!

  32. leelee Says:
  33. My Gawd! homemade calzones AND the Bucket List? that sounds great!! I have to put that movie on my list over at netflix.

    Derek Trucks band rocks!! Excellent!



  34. BUD: Never seen them live...would like to though

    SCHMOOP: SMOOCHES for stopping and looking forward to yours

    LEELEE: DTB are very hawt...Loved them last year at Blues Fest.
    hehe I might be building up anticipation I can not live up to!

  35. Julie Says:
  36. Mmmmm sugar free chocolate ice cream with fresh home grown strawberries and your blog! What more could a gal want?

    Well...maybe more hours in the day!

  37. JULIE: HOME GROWN???? Man woman... you better be bringing me some of those soon...

  38. TopChamp Says:
  39. funny's good!

  40. Mimi Lenox Says:
  41. Sending good thoughts Matt's way. You must be very proud!

    What's happening on Thursday?

  42. Liz Hill Says:
  43. What a nice weekend.

    You know what--I'm so glad you have someone to cook for--you love it so.


  44. TOPCHAMP: Yup I agree

    MIMI: So very proud..thanks

    TURNBABY: And when are we going to cook together again? Hummmm?

  45. I told you that you would love The Bucket List. It's destined to be a classic.

  46. Dana Says:
  47. I'm finally grabbing my seat on the couch! Yes, the tease is a critical part of HNT and you did it quite well!


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