Wonderful Birthday Treats...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thanks to all who sent Birthday wishes yesterday...when I arrived at work I was told I should go home and enjoy the US Open and my birthday. So I grabbed a sub sandwich at Lennys (Italian - genoa salami, cappocola, provolone, prosciutto and ham) with lettuce, onions, red pepper relish and spicy mustard) and headed home. Grabbed a beer and watched 3.5 hours of incredible competition.

Eventually Tiger won his 14th Major, but Rocco Mediate was just so great also, it would have been nice if they could have tied as they were after 18 holes of playoff. On the first hole of sudden death, Rocco slipped and Tiger won it with his almost 1-year old daughter Sam in attendance.

I heard from Matt early in the day as I did on Father's Day. As my friend Anndi stated yesterday, no matter how far your children end up from you they always live in your heart.

And a huge update. Friday was the physical exam for the Police Department. Matt was 20th out of 240 on the written exam. They called back the top 90 for the physical exam which was a 1 mile run (timed, he did it in just under 7 minutes), then 35 pull-ups, 35 push-ups and finally 35 sit-ups, (timed at 30 seconds for each, Matt finished all but 4 sit-ups), a 50 yard drag of a heavy bag (timed he did it in 3.7 seconds), a run up and down 2 flights of stairs with medical emergency equipment (timed - I do not have his time on this) and then 2 laps in an Olympic size pool. No rest between activities.

Matt called back early this evening to tell me he came in 2nd out of the 90 on the physical exam and ranks 6th overall. They had the cut at the top 10 for the oral exam, so he is one step closer! I am so incredibly proud of my son. What a birthday present that call was!!!!

I tried to visit some of you, but it was just such a whirlwind day, I did not get to all of you. As I write this I wait for darlin' Nancy to come by, because she said she has CAKE!!!! Even better...CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!!! This sucker weighed about 6 pounds there is so much chocolate in it!

Dig in Travis and Bee..and everyone else.

Isn't my baby just darlin'?

Photo will enlarge

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OH and this just happens to be my 600th POST!

43 Of Your Sparks

  1. Way to go, Matt! We're all pulling for you! Vinny, you must be so proud of him. He's an awesome young man.

    And Nancy? Wow! What a cake! Hope you two didn't go into a diabetic coma eating that.

  2. Dana Says:
  3. ACK! I missed your birthday!! Seems it's taken me a bit of time to get back into the swing of things.


    Did Nancy happen to find any of that chocolate frosting behind her ear?

  4. Schmoop Says:
  5. Glad you had a good birthday and congrats to Matt. I hate pull ups...Pull ups and I have had issues with each other since I was a kid. Cheers Vinny!!

  6. Anndi Says:
  7. Yay MATT!!!

    Now gimme some of that cake.

  8. SONGBIRD: I am very proud and since I am answering this, I think I survived! It is so incredibly delish...I am bringing most of it to work....

    DANA:TY my friend and I am not telling about where frosting was found!

    MATT-MAN: Thanks Sir....I also hate pull-ups

    ANNDI: Thanks and did I hear a PLEASE?????? Where are your manners missy?!?!?!?! =]

  9. Travis Cody Says:
  10. That CAKE is enough to put us all into a coma. Yum-OH!

    Great news for Matt! I used to could do that kind of physical stuff. And good luck to him on his oral exam.

    Nice of your company to let you go and enjoy the golf. Sometimes the boss gets it.

  11. TRAVIS: It is so wonderful...shall I send a slice or two to your neck of the woods? Thanks for Matt...and yup, sometimes the boss does get it, though it has been a long time since I had one who does.

  12. oboy! cake!!! oh, and congratulations on your 600th post! i got "cake brain" there for a minute!

    smiles, bee


    Still bitter about that sub :P

    And I wanna see what post 666 looks like!

    Good Going Matt! Being a cop is hard work and I always find it kinda sad that most of the press coverage of police is of the ones who are bad cops. There are bad everyones. Cops, Dentists, Milk maid....you get my point :P

  14. Mimi Lenox Says:
  15. YAY for Vinny's birthday, Yay for lovely Nancy and the yummy cake and YAY for Matt. All reasons to celebrate!

    Pass a plate please.

  16. Tug Says:
  17. Glad you had a great birthday, and wow - that cake looks delish!

    YAY.MATT!!! I can see why you would be so proud of him - much deserved!!

  18. BEE: PLEASE take more cake! And thanks on #600

    STARR: Grab a hunk my friend...the sub was yummo....sorry heheheheh
    I was thinking about the 666th one last night...great minds !
    I get the picture and you are so correct....ummm Milk Maids? hehehehhe

    MIMI: So many reasons....YAY!

    TUG: Thanks...and I love happy Bondday...I do! How can i not be proud, as you are of yours.

  19. AtriaBooks Says:
  20. Happy 600 and Happy Birthday!

    Also, that is one fine looking dessert in that photograph...the cake looks delicious too.

  21. Now Bond if I didn't toss of something totally out of left field you'd worry about me :P

    And ya know what I want today? Jewish Deli..........oh man, a Reuben and Egg Creme. GAH!

  22. DOC: Thanks on 600 and the Birthday and you are one funny guy...Nancy thinks so too....

  23. DrillerAA Says:
  24. Congratulations on your 600th post. It's gonna be a few years before I get there, if I get there.
    It is a huge blessing when our adult children do things that make us proud and confirm the fact that maybe we weren't such bad parents after all.
    Congratulations to Matt. Dad has a right to have his "proud papa" face on and it shows!
    Have a great week.

  25. STARR: See the thing is, I did not consider that "out of left field" hehehe

    and the GAH was a good thing right?

  26. It was the sound I made while stamping my tiny foot in anger at lack of said food.

  27. STARRLIGHT: Sheesh I read it as "And do you know what I DID today" silly me...

    DRILLERAA: Thank you Sir...believe me it has been along road on 600 and posting - for the most part - 5 days a week. It is a blessing indeed and the smile on my face as I received the phone call was wider than The Joker's only not maniacal!

  28. Well now I am pondering Kornblatts in NW Portland. Parking is a nightmare, the yuppies abound and it is teeeeeny. But, I could get my Reuben!

  29. Jeff B Says:
  30. With a name like Matt, how could he go wrong! That's pretty darn impressive to rank that high on the list.

    Happy belated Birthday to you my friend. One more notch on the belt of life.

  31. STARR: DO IT! Do not procrastinate... DO IT

    JEFF: LOL I agree...and ty for the belated.

  32. leelee Says:
  33. OMG..Happy Birthday!!!


  34. LEELEE: Thank you dear friend

  35. Fred Says:
  36. All righty then:

    1. Happy Birthday.
    2. Happy 600th post.
    3. Happy Father's Day.
    4. Good luck to Matt!
    5. Love the picture of the cake and Nancy.
    6. The music is perfect.
    7. Ciao.

  37. I can't believe your job sent you home for your B-day! Great! And you're forgiven about Ruby Tuesday! No problem! But come by my blog to see a new Coney Island header photo when you get a chance! :D

  38. FRED: ok THEN

    1. Thanks

    2. Thanks

    3. Thanks and you also

    4. Thanks for him

    5. Thanks so do I

    6. Thanks, I didn't write it!

    7. Ciao

  39. Vinny, for you I'd wear spiked heels! :D

  40. Bar Says:
  41. If anyone deserves a nice birthday and a 6 lb chocolate cake its you!

  42. Ken Says:
  43. Belated greetings Vinny!

  44. FYI - I'M BACK!!!!!!

    Oh and where is the cake???? I want some cake!!!!


  45. TEACH: Mary... Now That is what I wanted to hear! LOL

    LAYLA: Barbara..thank you so very much

    MICKEY-T: Thank you Sir.

  46. psssssssssst did y'all hear DIXIE IS BACK!

  47. You should be very proud of your son. It seems life is going well for you, so keep it going. my friend. A belated happy birthday. I hope it was special!

  48. Kimmie Says:
  49. Great Job Matt! Bond, you are beaming with pride...I can feel it through your words. I wish him the best and hope he gets the job!

    Your darlin' Nancy is beautiful, and that cake is to die for!

    I am so happy everything is going well for you all. :-)

  50. BeckEye Says:
  51. Oh, snap! I forgot to wish you a happy birthday! Well, I hope you had a great one!

  52. Maggie Moo Says:
  53. First, happy belated birthday!

    Second, I am blown away by Matt's results! What a fantastic b-day present indeed. I can't wait to hear how the rest goes.

  54. BUD: OH I am always proud of him of course...but he really did himself proud this time

    KIMMIE: Thank you so very much...it is nice for things to be moving forward

    BECKEYE: TY ..I don't make a big deal of it for me..I enjoy celebrating others...

    MAGS: TY so much I am also so excited..I knew he would do well.he is a real fitness nut...but he really excelled

  55. RW Says:
  56. Happy belated birthday Vin I am sorry I missed it! I got a template all screwed up and could give up on it for three days. I missed out on a bunch but am truly sorry I missed out on your b-day.

  57. Kb Says:
  58. Happy Birthday, Vinny!!!!!

    Got any cake left??

  59. ROGER: Thank you Sir. No worries...I will make you say it twice next year! LOL

  60. katherine. Says:
  61. Happy Birthday Vincent

    (better late than never)

    I wish you a wonderful year!

  62. My apologies for not being around the past few days.

    Let me wish you a belated Happy Birthday. It sounds like you had a great day. That cake looks delicious!


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