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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Busy Day yesterday...I missed some of your posts
Hoping to catch up today

Week #6 for me participating in Roger's Creative Photography on the banner above if you want to learn more and enter or just feel like sliding around the Bloggosphere and checking out some really fantastic photos...

This was taken this past July 4th...Germantown, TN put on a pretty cool fireworks display for a small town. Nancy darlin' and I were so close, many of them were bursting nearly on top of us...

The only adjustment that I made was to blacken the sky around these two bursts - they were shooting in a parking lot and they had left all the lights on in the lot, so there was some ambient light that made the sky 'blotchy' and I just wanted an even blackness to illuminate the bursts.

They were separate bursts that I captured with two separate shots, double-exposing in the camera if you will...The red one was popular that evening and they were heart-shaped..Hope y'all enjoy...(to enlarge...well, just click)

Going to leave you with two tunes today...both came up on my iTouch yesterday...the first I had not heard in a loooong time. When it came out in 1972 it was popular, but then it kept rising up the charts and in May of 1973 as the #1 hit in America...It got so you could hear it playing on different radio stations at the same time....For me radio killed this song, but yesterday when it came on....I listened and it really is a remarkable piece of music.

From their first album THEY ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT - the Edgar Winter Band included Dan Hartman, Ronnie Montrose and Chuck Ruff. The song is "Frankenstein" and it pioneered the use of the synthesizer as a lead instrument.

I saw them perform this in Rochester in the spring of 1973...I preferred when he played with Rick Derringer, but Hartman, Montrose and Ruff are all excellent musicians in their own right.

The second song is by Susan Tedeschi in concert with her husband's band, The Derek Trucks Band. It is entitled "Just Won't Burn". I just L-O-V-E this song...Her vocals and guitar work are just incredible.


43 Of Your Sparks

  1. Roger Says:
  2. Wow what a awesome shot! Thanks for your Creative Photography submission Vin!

  3. Jay Says:
  4. Great fireworks photo! Very cool.

  5. Charlene Says:
  6. hate to be so stupid, but what is itouch
    and this weekend would be great, but whenever you get around to it in regards to my blog rework

  7. Anndi Says:
  8. They look like graffiti... interesting.

    For a minute there I actually read iCouch... rut-roh!

  9. Matt-Man Says:
  10. Great shot Vin. I do so love fireworks. Cheers!!

  11. DrillerAA Says:
  12. The Photo is very nicely done. It's a winner in my book, but then, I don't have an award to give.
    Love the tunes, and you're right the vocals and guitar licks on "Just Won't Burn" are very tasty. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  13. Travis Says:
  14. I like that totally blackened sky effect. Very cool.

  15. Bond Says:
  16. ROGER: Glad you liked can I get the home addresses of the judges this week? LOL

    JAY: Thank you Sir...

    CHARLENE: It is an iPod...looks just like the iPhone, but does not have phone capabilities 16 GB of memory

    ANNDI: Still had sleep in your eyes?

    MATT-MAN: Thank you my friend...

    DRILLERAA: LOL well I appreciate the fact that you would give me one IF you had one...And glad you enjoyed the tuneage

    TRAVIS: Thanks ...appreciate it

  17. Micky-T Says:
  18. At the beginning of "Just Won't Burn" there were a few "squeaks", that set my dog on fire barking, hehehe. Great tune this morning, feeling a little bluesy.

  19. excellent photo mr bond

  20. Starrlight Says:
  21. I love those fireworks! We had smiley face ones in Seattle that were really cool.

    Susan is the shiz =)

  22. Turnbaby Says:
  23. LOVE Tedeschi!!

    And I really like what you do with your pics

  24. Mimi Lenox Says:
  25. The fireworks picture is really cool. And I need to listen to Susan Tedeschi's song......Be back.
    Great post!

  26. Sandee Says:
  27. Great shot. Fireworks are sometimes hard to capture. GOod luck

  28. Dianne Says:
  29. they left the lights on!? actually now I'm thinking everyone leaves the lights on - I get confused :)

    fireworks are so hard to capture - this is a great shot!

  30. RWA Says:
  31. That photo is absolutely fantastic, bond. Very well done.

  32. Tug Says:
  33. Wow. I've always heard that fireworks are hard to shoot - LOVE this shot!

  34. leslie Says:
  35. LOVE this! And that song by Susan Tedeschi is awesome. Love her voice!

  36. Raven Says:
  37. Fireworks with a heart! How cool is that!

  38. genny Says:
  39. Thats a pretty shot and very creative.

  40. BeckEye Says:
  41. Woo, nifty picture!

  42. Bond Says:
  43. MICKEY-T: Making a note to remove the squeaks

    SARGE: Thank you sir

    STARRLIGHT: Thanks...and I agree about Susan

  44. Bond Says:
  45. MIMI: Thanks and you must listen it is fantastic

    SANDEE: Thank you for visiting...I have been shooting fireworks for years and found little tricks

    DIANNE: I was surprised they did not turn them off...but...Thanks

    RWA: Thank you honor me

  46. Bond Says:
  47. TUG: You need to play with exposure and timing to get them right...glad you enjoyed

    LESLIE: Welcome to The Couch..glad you enjoyed the photo and the music

    RAVEN: They had many of the heart this year...Welcome to The Couch

    GENNY: Thank you very much...hope you enjoyed your stay

    BECKEYE: Thanks!

  48. Ralph Says:
  49. Lovely fireworks, especially the heart. It was good to blacken the ambient light pollution at lower altitudes.

    For Edgar Winter, I totally enjoy 'Keep Playing That Rock & Roll', I think from around 71-72. With the brass. Love it!

  50. Bond Says:
  51. RALPH: Thanks and yes, you have to darken the sky or it is mottled and gray...Great song also...from the WHITE TRASH album - 1971

  52. Mags Says:
  53. Oh how cool is that picture!?! Way to reminds me of the journey albumn cover.

  54. Lori Stilger Says:
  55. Very nice shot - the even black does work well for showing off those works! :D
    Thanks for stopping by to comment on my entry today. :)

  56. Linda Says:
  57. That is a really great picture! I have tried taking some fireworks photographs this year but they just haven't turned out the way that I'd like them to. Too much smoke and I'm not talented enough with a photo editor program to figure out how to filter it out. I really like the way you darkened the sky and how it makes the fireworks themselves pop right out of the picture!

    Good luck to you!

  58. Anonymous Says:
  59. Fireworks!! They're one of the most beautiful things on earth to capture. Nice one you've got here, especially with it looking pretty artistic.

  60. Michelle Says:
  61. Great Photo! I love that heart shaped one! I tried to take a couple pictures this year. I was too excited to watch them than focus the camer!

  62. Bond Says:
  63. TURNBABY: Somehow your comment went missing...Glad you like the pic and Susan is wonderful

    MAGS: Why thank you

    LORI: Glad you enjoyed and Thanks for sitting on The Couch

    LINDA: You just have to keep trying ...they are not as difficult as most think...they just take patience

    NAPABOANIYA: Thanks and thank you for sitting on The Couch

    MICHELLE: LOL yes that miss some when taking pictures

  64. Patti Says:
  65. Very nicely done fireworks photo. I love the heart. ;-)

    Like Linda, I have trouble taking fireworks shots. There is always too much smoke, then they get blurry.

    I posted some blurry ones anyway. I'm brave like that.

  66. Roger Says:
  67. Hey Vin congratulation's!!!!!

    Your this weeks #1 in Creative Photography!

    Come over and pick up your award.

  68. Anonymous Says:
  69. I'm back to congratulate you on winning #6 Creative Photography!! :)
    Woohoo!!! *claps*

  70. Star8278 Says:
  71. Congratulations! A well deserved win.

  72. Bond Says:
  73. PATTI: Thanks...ALways be brave with photography

    ROGER: I am honored..thanks Roger

    NAPA: Thank you

    STAR: Hey thanks so much

  74. Tug Says:
  75. CONGRATS to you!! Well deserved!

  76. Sanni Says:
  77. YAY! Very well deserved, Vinny - congrats. I absolutely LOVE your photo... I'm a huge fan of fireworks... and I s*ck badly at taking photos of it. Too many "Ooooh"s and "Aaaaah"s I guess. That's why I love your photo even more. You id a fantasic job!


  78. Linda Says:
  79. Congratulations on winning the Creative Photography Contest! That truly was a wining picture and someday I hope I can get fireworks to look like that, too!

  80. Patti Says:
  81. Congrats on winning Roger's contest.

    Your award is much deserved. It's a wonderful photo. I would get a print made and frame it, if I were you.

    Trying hard to be brave (in a photographic sense),


  82. Gattina Says:
  83. Bravo, bravo (clap,clap) congratulations you are this week's winner ! It's true your picture is very beautiful !!

  84. Sweeta Says:
  85. Congratulations on winning the Creative Photography! You deserved it!


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