Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, July 03, 2008

Is the post pushed down below the sidebars for you? Is the post centered or aligned to the left? I am getting complaints and can not figure out why this is happening. Please let me know. AND tell me the browser you are using. This is really making me crazy! (Well crazier than I normally am!)

The last two years, I have posted a history of the
Declaration of Independence

If you have not read it you can find it HERE

This year...we are going to just ask you all to be safe...

to have a wonderful time with friends and family

and to remember that this day is truly about remembering

we are all here and allowed to live our lives
because a group
of men gathered and

wrote a document which gives us the freedoms
we all sometimes take for granted

Sometimes it feels as if these freedoms are
not there
but if we all stay as one,
they will be for generations to come...

May our men and women who are in danger

around the world all come home safely,
so that next year they
too can celebrate

with their loved ones



42 Of Your Sparks

  1. desert rat Says:
  2. Beautiful. Have a safe weekend, yourself, Bond.

  3. Jeff B Says:
  4. Nicely done my good man.

    As much as we all like to complain about the way our country is or has been run at times, it is still one of tremendous freedoms.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Schmoop Says:
  6. Have a great weekend Vin. Cheers!!

  7. Anndi Says:
  8. First, I hope you have a lovely weekend celebrating the birth of your nation and all she means to you.

    To all your American readers: Stay safe, enjoy your family and friends and thank a soldier for your freedom.

    Lovely pictures!

    I hate to say it but your post is still all the way down after your sidebars with a couch next to "America the beautiful". And no, I haven't changed my settings.

  9. ADR: Thanks and to you and yours be safe and enjoy

    JEFFB: Thank you Sir...and I agree whole-heartily

    MATT-MAN: Don't serve underaged kids dude

    ANNDI: Thank you to our good friends from up North
    I fixed the couch next to America The Beautiful...still not sure why it is pushed don. Made a few small changes. Hopefully that fixed it.

  10. Kimmie Says:
  11. Oh, what a beautiful and moving post! It gave me the tingles. Thank you Vinny! We are very blessed to live in the "Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave!" Happy 4th Of July to you and darlin' Nancy! :-)

  12. RW Says:
  13. Good 4th to ya Vin!

  14. I have had some problems recently with IE - but not today. It looks fine.

    Great post. I hope you and yours have a Happy and safe Fourth.

  15. Dana Says:
  16. Sometimes saying less says the most! Have a wonderful, safe holiday!

  17. Dana Says:
  18. Forgot to mention that I use Mozilla Firefox version and have no issues!

  19. your blog looks perfect to me bond, all nice and neat. i am using doris and firefox browser.

    and the post is lovely too! have a great safe 4th!

    smiles, bee

  20. I am using FireFox also and there is not problem with your post.

    Just so you know, I think it could be your best post ever, I love America, I have seen other places and they just do not measure up to the good old USA.

  21. KIMMIE: Yes, we are extremely lucky...May you and your loved ones enjoy a wonderful celebration of our Nation and all be safe.

    ROGER: And to you Sir

    RWA: Thank you Sir and the same to you and yours.

    DANA: I tried to get right to the point today. HUGS and Happy 4th to all of you...CD should be on the way on Saturday.

    BEE: Enjoy your 4th and thank you

    SARGE: Sir, thank you for your service and for your love of our land.

  22. DrillerAA Says:
  23. Great post.
    Last week in church there were numerous quotes posted by those who signed the Declaration of Independence that indicated the Christian heritage and influence on that document and their vision for this great nation.
    Have a safe and happy holidy my friend.

  24. Our freedom because of the sacrifice made by others - yup, I never forget.

    You and darlin' Nancy have a beautiful weekend, Vin.

  25. leelee Says:
  26. Nice post..and appreciated...

    HOWEVER..I was oping for more HNT




  27. leelee Says:
  28. Oh and Firefox..no problems!

  29. bond~~nice shots~~~
    happy fourth
    and maybe after the fourth it will be real good


  30. katherine. Says:
  31. looks perfect on IE7

    and the content was perfect as well...Happy Independence Day Vincent to you and yours.

  32. Dianne Says:
  33. lovely post! have a wonderful weekend

    I can never get here with IE but when I use Firefox you come through loud and strong and fierce :)

  34. Mimi Lenox Says:
  35. A thank you to those who have served our country in the past and continue to do so.

    A prayer that this war ends soon and they all come home safely.

    Great post.
    Thanks Vinnie and Happy 4th!

  36. Ken Says:
  37. What a great post!
    Have yourself a Merry, Merry,
    Independence day Mr. Bond.

  38. Tug Says:
  39. Beautiful post Vinny - have a safe & happy 4th!!

    IE7, it looks perfect!

  40. You have the BEST holiday ever, my friend!

  41. TopChamp Says:
  42. it is centred for me.

  43. Anndi Says:
  44. Fixed!

  45. Travis Cody Says:
  46. I'm on IE and the post is perfectly centered for me.

    Happy Independence Day! Have a great weekend!

    (Still having trouble with LifeLogger, although I think I figured out why.)

  47. Kb Says:
  48. Happy birthday, America!

  49. It looks great to this Firefox 3 user!

    Happy Fourth, Vinny. This is a beautiful post.

  50. Twyla Says:
  51. Happy 4th of July!!!

  52. Fred Says:
  53. Happy 4th, Vinny. The post is perfectly centered. I'm using Firefox 3.0.

  54. Jay Says:
  55. Happy 4th of July dude! Have a great weekend!

  56. DRILLERAA: And to you and yours Sir.

    SONGBIRD: I will never forget either...and to your entire family, the greatest of Holidays!

    LEELEE: I tend to make you wait for HNT...build the suspense! Enjoy your 4th! HUGS

    CHARLENE: Have a great weekend!

  57. KATHERINE: Thanks and I hope your family stays safe and has a remarkable weekend.

    DIANNE: Well I hope you keep coming with firefox, you also have a great 4th

    MIMI: Enjoy your weekend and the prayers are coming strong.

    MICKEY-T: Thank you Sir and enjoy the fireworks on the boat!

  58. TUG: Enjoy the beauty of the weekend in the Rockies...HUGS

    BUD: Will my steaks be here in time? Enjoy the family my friend.

    TOPCHAMP: Thanks

    Anndi: So glad it is fixed for you

    TRAVIS: Enjoy your holiday and weekend with Pam and friends...

  59. KB: YES!

    BARBARA: Thank you so much..have a great 4th!

    TWYLA: Thanks and enjoy your trip...

    FRED: My best for a wonderful holiday to you, the Missus and the ladies (not girls anymore!)

    JAY: You also enjoy...glad you are here.

  60. Meribah Says:
  61. Bond, m'man! I knew you would put up a post worthy of the event, and you didn't disappoint. This makes me feel patriotic...and I'm not even American! I may have said that before (probably last Independence Day) but it still holds true. I love all my American peeps. Hugs and smooches to y'all! :D

  62. Meribah Says:
  63. Oh, and everything is perfectly centered for the puppy using Firefox 3! :)

  64. You got it right, Vinny! Happy 4th! :) I'm back from Boston and writing on Sunday! See you Monday!

  65. The Bridge Fireworks picture is amazing!

  66. Unknown Says:
  67. That was beautiful!

  68. MERI: Thank you and we love our friends to the North

    TEACH/MARY: Glad you had a good time

    STARR: Isn't it? I wish it were mine though/

    DANA: Thank you and welcome back


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