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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, July 21, 2008

Hope y'all had a most wonderful weekend, because I surely did...

Friday was an enjoyable evening out to the local pub for a few beers and dinner with darlin' Nancy. Then home where we had a few more cocktails and watched some TV.

Saturday I went over to the gym ready for my first meeting with a trainer, but it was not to be...guess I misunderstood...anyway I took care of some other needs while Nancy was out on her daily run.

When she returned, we headed down to her home and took care of the dogs, then headed back to my place. We stopped and picked up some things for dinner and then got home.

Dinner was my Grandma Marini's Chicken and Onions...sauteed the chicken (breasts and thighs), then pile about 10 onions sliced thin on top and cover. let it cook on simmer for about 40 minutes and a wonderful au jus is formed and the onions just melt down until OH so yummy... I do mix in some sweet with yellow...

Also made some mashed potatoes and a chopped salad. While we ate we watched "Untraceable" with Diane Lane...a decent cyber/thriller. I also came across a leak under the kitchen sink...UGH...

Sunday we woke and I called in the repair and then headed over to the gym for my first meeting with the trainer. We spoke for a while, I answered a bunch of questions (lifestyle/diet/exercise)and then he showed me some core muscle "homework" exercises. Some I knew from the years of baseball...some I knew from living with a chronic pain sufferer for so many years and a few were new.

Mine Does Not Have An Escalator!

I am not going to make this a huge subject here until I get to where I want to discuss it again. Suffice it to say that some pictures were taken and some measurements as well. I will be charting the same monthly with a new picture taken each month.

Went home, took a shower and then headed to help Nancy with some shopping. We then ended up back at her home for a delicious pork chop dinner with steamed zucchini and baked yams.

We listened to our good friend Turnbaby on her BlogTalk Radio Show...As am sure many did, I had guessed her "Special Guest" and was happy to hear them together.

Then again...what is it with people who have no life of their own, so they find it their purpose in life to act 'holier than thou' and just make crude, unintelligible, sophomoric comments in chat and then by calling in? If there is something that bothers you, move on. No one makes you come to a blog or listen to a radio show, do they?

Is your meaningless life so void of any redeeming values that this is how you spend your Sunday evenings?????

CLIMBS DOWN OFF SOAP BOX.....ok, sorry....

I did almost no internet the whole weekend...never even sat at the computer Saturday and it was fun fun fun...

Sunday morning I did read/answer a ton of emails and also posted a bunch of comments and then responded to them.

The last week of the month I have to travel to Dallas on Monday, returning Tuesday. Nancy and the boys are going away for a few days on vacation that week, so I am considering taking Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off and doing something that has begun to poke at me again recently.

I am going to stay here, hit the shuffle on iTunes and write. "The Quest" is calling me again and I think this is a perfect opportunity to really focus on it and it alone for 5 - 8 hours a day.

IF I decide to do this, I will be taking a week off from blogging I will not be posting or reading. I want to work with a clear mind and not be reading your words, or using mine to do posts.

I figure depending upon the weather I can write inside (if raining or too damn hot), or outside by the pool.

Justin Timberlake hosting the ESPYS is really annoying....real dumb featurette inserting him into press conferences and sports plays.

My Yankees have come out of the All-Star break hot, winning three in a row and now only 4.5 games out of first place.

April 1st - April Fools Day - the location is Amsterdam, Netherlands. The band is Janis Joplin & The Kozmic Blues Band. The song is the incredibly-most excellent-brilliant "Summertime". It is most certainly the summertime here in Memphis, TN....

Funny...I did a Google search for Kozmic Blues Band and the best picture I find, I click on it and is from The Couch! From our 9/24/2007 Tuneage Tutelage on Janis...LOL


28 Of Your Sparks

  1. charlene Says:
  2. i know i wanted to reach out and knock some sense into the asshole when i listened to the show late last night~~loved the summertime by janis

  3. Matt-Man Says:
  4. That Asshole banner thingy would look so good on my site. Sounds like an enjoyable weekend, Vin. Cheers!!

  5. Dana Says:
  6. I was quite disapointed in the behavior of the "adults" listening to Turnbaby's show. I had hoped they would just leave things alone - move on - grow up - but clearly there are just some folks out there that SUCK!

  7. Travis Says:
  8. Oddly enough, I was going to ask you about The Quest today. I wondered if the words were going to unstick. I'm glad to hear that you're getting the inspriration again.

    My Dodgers took 2 out of 3 from Arizona to pull even coming out of the break. So good baseball news all around!

  9. NYD Says:
  10. Nice post! I like the way treat those who have nothing better than to complain about the world around them.

    Going to the gym is a great idea, but I ain't too sure about the pictures. I'd have to draw the line at that.

  11. RWA Says:
  12. I have to agree with you about commenters and folks who feel the need to be negative or just rude. Why? If they don't like it, don't read it or listen to it.

    But, I realized a long time ago that there are some people who behave like that for no other reason than to attract attention to themselves for their comments - "shock value" basically.

    It's sad, but they are out there.

  13. Fred Says:
  14. Your weekend meals sound great. I especially like the chicken recipe.

    AS for gyms, the only time I walk into one of those are when we have pep rallies at school. I get tired watching some of them work so hard.

  15. Starrlight Says:
  16. Janis can do that song oh so well. I cringe when most people try it. If it ain't Ella or Billie it usually sucks!

    And don't diss the small minded, Bond. Without them I'd never get any ball sniffing invitations!

  17. well okay bond, you can turn us off but warning, you will miss us. ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  18. Turnbaby Says:
  19. Awesome banner Vinny!!



    And I'm so happy you had a good weekend---you deserve it.

    Thrilled to hear you will be writing again--you know how I love it.

  20. Bond Says:
  21. CHARLENE: This was my verbal knockout

    MATT-MAN: to describe you????

    DANA: SUCK with all Caps indeed

    TRAVIS: They feel like they are ready to I am going to take advantage of some down time
    I saw that with your dodgers...good news.

    NYD: Thanks on the post...and didn't you order 5 8" x 10" glossies??? LOL

    RWA: Yes it is sad...I just needed to call the asshat on his behavior

    FRED: Meals were outstanding...and I have been gym-phobic for way too long

    STARR: Totally agree on the three women doing that song...I would hate to have your ball-sniffing invitations dry up

    BEE: HAHAHAHAHAHA...never turn you off Bee

  22. Bond Says:
  23. TURNBABY: hehehehe I loved it when i found it...

    You did a great job last night.

    The weekend was incredible until it had to end =[

  24. Mimi Lenox Says:
  25. Bond- First the food: I am beginning to understand why people love to cook now. The way you guys cook is so effortless and creative. I need to investigate this phenomenon in my next relationship.

    Your writing: If the juices are flowing shut everything else down and lock yourself in a room with a pen and paper (ala keyboard) and let it fly. That's soo exciting to hear.

    Being in love is sure-fire inspiration. I imagine that might be a littttle bit at play here, eh?

  26. Jay Says:
  27. I didn't listen to Turnbaby's show (yet) but I was afraid that some of those holier than thou assholes would show up or something. I can't stand those people.

    I also can't stand the Espys and I refuse to watch it. I barely watch ESPN anymore either. It's more like MTV for sports. Their reporters and hosts are just gossip reporters now with no credibility whatsoever.

  28. Tug Says:
  29. Glad to hear you had a wonderful were you a 'guest' last night? I didn't notice your name, but yeah - there were a couple losers in there.

  30. Great tunage, as usual!

    I was up at my in-laws' yesterday, and we were talking about "Home" - which, coincidentally, is Arlington (yes, YOUR Arlington just up the way). We were wondering if the ducks still paraded around at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis? Do you know?

  31. Bond Says:
  32. MIMI: Cooking can be very effortless...and you should definitely investigate even before the next relationship...I am hoping the neurons are firing next week

    JAY: Well they did...and they were even worse in the chat room which you will not see obviously...I had just turned them on while I was writing and turned them off just as quickly..though I still watch ESPN religiously

    TUG: Actually, we were signed in under Nancy's screen name...

    ADR: the Ducks still march twice a day at the Peabody...down to the fountain in the morning and up to their penthouse in the evening.

  33. Micky-T Says:
  34. I like the asshole banner too!
    I remember at some point in my life I got all pissed off at something and said that I had been dealing with assholes all through my life and by jesus it's my fricken turn right NOW! Felt Good!

  35. The weekend sounded great and so did the food. And GO YANKS!!!

  36. Ralph Says:
  37. Marini's Chicken and ought to market that dish. If not an outright sacrilege, peppers would be a nice addition...

  38. Bond Says:
  39. MICKEY-T: Think we were commenting on each others blog at the same time! LOL I love that banner!

    BUD: What a great weekend you had also my friend...Sad about Jorge though

    RALPH: When I open my prepared food store, it will be on the daily menu and maybe some red sweet peppers...Not sure green bells would go well..but maybe

  40. Meribah Says:
  41. The world is full of arse'oles. You just have to remember that they are simply doing what comes naturally to them...expelling waste and hot, stinky air. Ignoring them and spraying air freshener is best! :P
    By the way, kudos to you for taking the first steps to getting in shape. Just remember to keep at it and stay away from the fast food places!

  42. Sparky Duck Says:
  43. Share the recipe!

    and I need my email fix everyday

  44. Dixie Says:
  45. *scrolls phone numbers in cell phone* ahhhhh yes... I found Bruno and Guido's phone number. I think I may give them a call. Maybe those holier than though folks should clean tne skeletons out their closets first before trying to past judgement on someone else.


  46. Roger Says:
  47. It's good to hear you had a great weekend Vin! Sounds like that trainer going to get ya in shape in no time. I need to do something like that.

  48. Roger Says:
  49. Oh and thanks for hosting my ad on Entrecard!

  50. Dana Says:
  51. Could have been worse - you could have spent your weekend fighting off diarrhea and anxiety/panic attacks. At least then you'd be doing something :P


  52. katherine. Says:
  53. glad you had a great weekend...hope the upcoming one is as well...

    I listened to turn's how and agree wth you my world "asshole" is a term of endearment.


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