Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, July 18, 2008

Flash back to Wednesday's post...about talking about things out loud and whether you believe by doing so you might jinx them from happening...

When Matt decided to apply for the Police Department in NJ, I pondered mentioning it and did...when he did well on the written test, I pondered mentioning it and did...when he kicked major a** on the physical test, I pondered mentioning it and did...

He found out yesterday he is not moving on in the interview process. He told me when he got the email, he called the Detective he had been working with to ask, respectfully, if there was something that made their decision for them. The response he got was vague at best.

Anyway...as we were hanging up the phone, Matt said something that flashed back to when he was in 7th grade. he had tried out for the Middle School baseball team and I was home that afternoon. I watched him walk in the door and I pretty much knew. he said "Dad, I did not make the team." I was crushed for him at that moment.

I said something encouraging (can not remember what)...and then he looked up at me and said "Hey dad, no problem...next year when I make the team they will regret not taking me this year."

I knew then he would be OK...today, as he hung up he said "I'll have to try again." I asked what he meant by that and he said "They are not the only Police Force around...I will find one that wants me."

He will be OK...me on the other hand spent the rest of the day with a knot in my stomach, feeling badly for my boy and wondering...did my mentioning it here maybe change the outcome? Should I have waited until he got the job?

So, had my 6-month physical the other day. BP is doing pretty good 130/98...but I know my good cholesterol is still too low...and I am now back to 197 lbs...and I have not exercised in way too long. There is this "Exercise Facility" in my complex...IT SUCKS! The machines don't work..it is small and just not inviting...

I was told they were replacing or repairing the machines (a step-machine, a bike and a treadmill ---YUP THAT'S IT!) never happened...oh and they all have problems and really don't work to capacity...

So yesterday I drove over to get some lunch (Taco Bell) and passed it by..because right behind it is a 24-Hour Fitness location. I went in and took a tour of the facility...nice big lap pool...saunas, steams, a huge work out area with every machine or free-weight imaginable...and clean...not a "go to the health club to meet people" type of place...no knuckle muscle heads, just a place I can get myself back in shape. Due to a bad knee, I really can't run, so running with darlin' Nancy - who used to run marathons and still runs everyday - is out of the question.

So, I signed up...month to month...no long term deal...$31/month...and got 2 free Personal trainer sessions on top of it. Going to go by on Saturday and get the 1st PT session in and have them build me a program I can do in 45 minutes or so, that way I can do it on my lunch break.

Time to get rid of the Marini stomach...it is really the only place I am carrying excess weight...so if I can lose 10-15 pounds and build some muscle tone back and then dump the smokes...maybe I can enjoy the next 50 years of my life...

I am probably going to take a picture of the gut area before I begin and then take one every month...maybe seeing the progress will help me keep it up...Will I share with you... HELL NO...it really is kinda embarrassing to have this damn overhang...

Oh and BTW... it was the tiger on the right that was cloned...guess I will have to do better next time since those that took a guess got it correctly...

Well..have a most wonderful weekend...stay safe...enjoy your family and friends...have a beer or wine or cocktail in my honor...come on back on Monday and we will start this all over again.

A few people including Starrlight, who actually requested a specific song, spoke about their love of Ms. Bonnie Raitt...

Thought we would just play a couple of additional songs by this talented artist. The fact that she has been doing this since 1971...let that sink in for some...and really did not find "success" until 1989 and some don't even know these early albums...Personally, I prefer the old Bonnie...when her music was much more raw and there was a 'tarnish' to it....Not sure you will understand what I mean by that, but I mean it in the best possible way.

The first player is the aforementioned request, John Prine's "Angel From Montgomery", originally recorded for from Ms. Raitt's 1974 STREETLIGHT album, this is a live version of the song.

And then the second song, Chris Smither's composition "Love Me Like A Man" from the 1972 album GIVE IT UP...I love her guitar work on this song and the lyrics are pretty cool too....(YES! I talk like this!)

37 Of Your Sparks

  1. Matt-Man Says:
  2. Have a great weekend Vinny and good luck with the work outs. Cheers!!

  3. DrillerAA Says:
  4. Matt is absolutely correct. They are not the only police force around. God may have much better things in store for him somewhere else. He will be in my prayers this week, but be thankful that he has such a great attitude about the situation. This was not a failure, it was simply and re-direction.

    Have a great week-end.

  5. Dana Says:
  6. Sorry to hear about Matt, but I'm one who believes that every time one door shuts, another opens. Disappointing? Yes, but it sounds like you've done a phenomenal job raising him and he has the determination to reach his dream - and he will!

  7. Roger Says:
  8. Have a good weekend Vin!

    Thanks for the bribe of booze, I think the stalking Tigers are very cool!

    Hey I rated this post 6stars Sezwho, Sezme lol, I just love that new gadget.

  9. Micky-T Says:
  10. To me, Bonnie is the best.
    So real, and the word you used "tarnish", perfect!

  11. Bond Says:
  12. MATT-MAN: You also on the weekend..not so much on the workouts...

    DRILLERAA: WOnderful words my friend...thank you ...and you enjoy your weekend also...

    DANA: TY ..and dang how did I forget your BIRTHDAY?!?!?!?!?

    ROGER: But the booze did not help!!!!! LOL..I am deciding what to do for this week...It is a cool gadget..thanks for the rating

    MICKEY-T: Made me smile that you got what I meant...she is incredible

  13. Exercise...I've heard of it, I think. I'm not sure.

  14. Starrlight Says:
  15. Did you have to talk about working out?!?!? Seriously I hear ya. We should make a go to the gym email support club.

    And THANK YOU SO MUCH for that song! You put a smile on my face for what is sure to be a loooong day. I am feeling virtous though as I have posted the first half of my concertpalooza rap up on my blog :P

  16. Starrlight Says:
  17. Oh and I remembered last night what happened to that CD! It fell out in my car (or my cd case atleast) during a move. And I no longer own that car =(

  18. No one could read your blog and not know what a swell dad and family member that you are. You can't jinx things, and you were right to be proud. There could be a zillion reasons, nothing to do with Matt, that came into play. Racial quotas or someone with insider help.

    I am sure he will be a great police officer. And he is right. There are a lot of towns to coose from. I am off to the Stadium. Peace, my friend!

  19. Jay Says:
  20. Sorry about Matt and that job. But, he's got the perfect attitude and I'm sure another force will be more than happy to bring him on board.

    I quit my gym when they raised the price by almost 35%. We have a free fitness room here at my apt complex so it wasn't worth it.

  21. Your son is so right: They are NOT the only Police Force around! In fact, he could probably have a job TOMORROW if he wanted to relocate to Phoenix. I'm always, I mean The City of Phoenix, is always looking for good men (oh, yeah, and women).

    The gym! Ye'gads! Good for you! At least take photos for yourself - definitely - because it's hard to notice the subtle changes, sometimes, but always gratifying to look back and see how you've progressed.

    Love Bonnie. Love John Prine. Your musical selections are always enjoyable.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  22. Turnbaby Says:
  23. Matt will be just fine sugar--he's not going to let one disappointment stop him.

    Love love love Bonnie Raitt.

    What is this weird rating thingy?

  24. Twyla Says:
  25. Sorry to hear about Matt, but I'm sure something else will come along. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be, and something MUCH better is just around the corner. :-)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  26. Bond Says:
  27. SOAPY: Welcome to The Couch

    STARR: Come on we will all go together and cheer each other on...
    Glad you smiled... I do love the song

    BUD: TY Sir for the kind words...hoping your time in NYC is fantabuloso

    JAY: Thanks...if the fitness room in my apartment complex was worth a damn and the things worked, I would not spend the money

    ADR: Thanks...I am sure he appreciates the support...LOL photos are being taken...just not shared
    Love that you love the music...Great weekend

    TURNBABY: I know..he is strong
    Rating thingy is part of Entrecard and Sezwho...it is popping up all over...as a matter of fact I have an ad on a site you visit often =]

    TWYLA: Thanks..welcome back

  28. BeckEye Says:
  29. I'm moving to Harlem, so Matt can be my bodyguard if he likes. I could only afford to pay him $0 a month though.

    I love "Angel From Montgomery."

  30. Travis Says:
  31. Sorry about Matt, but he's got the right attitude. Since he is determined, I'm sure he'll find the right place for himself.

    Good luck with your get in shape program.

    Thanks for the Bonnie...I like all of her work, but I haven't heard this early stuff in ages.

  32. Tug Says:
  33. Sorry to hear about Matt, but I truly do NOT believe you mentioning it had a thing to do with it - it just wasn't his time or place.

    We've got a nice work-out room here, but I still can't get myself to go...I'm not a fan of the 'e' word. Have a great weekend!

  34. Lu' Says:
  35. I'm going to vote for you not jinxing it because you are to special to carry around that guilt. God has other plans that's all. Just for the sake of superstition don't even bring it up again until you are telling of the precinct of his new employe.

  36. Kimmie Says:
  37. Hey Vinny,
    I'm sorry about Matt's disappointment. I am a firm believer that all things turn out for a reason, whether good or bad. He will find his place.

    Good Luck at the gym and thanks for the great tuneage. :-)

  38. Charlene Says:
  39. bond~sorry to hear about matt~~he'll find the best place~~your son and my two brothers~~what happened to us where we don't wear the badge~~BGWD~~

  40. Anndi Says:
  41. No such thing as a jinx... it just was not what was in his lifepath for right now.

    Matt's strong... he won't let a disappointment crush him. I'm glad he has that trait.

    I'm probably going to be the only one to take you to task on this but.. ya think I'll change? Nope...

    Here goes: I'm glad you've signed up to a gym, but they are not magical. SO...Change your diet (Taco hell indeed! thank goodness you drove by!) and STOP SMOKING PRONTO! Not eventually. I know it's difficult but you've been talking about quitting for about as long as I've known you.

    I don't want to hear any excuses... Just do it. Besides... your taste buds will work better after you stop smoking.

  42. Anndi Says:
  43. abd um.. think you'll ever get rid of comment moderation? It takes a while before people's voices are heard.

  44. Fred Says:
  45. My blood pressure was 120/78 last week, but my cholesterol sucks. My doctor has me on meds for that and I'm not very good at taking them on a regular basis.

    Matt's got a great attitude. I can remember Gary C. had to wait a few years until it worked out for him.

    Speaking of, I'll see the gang in a few weeks in Philly. Look for a post on that one. (If I can remember what happens.)

  46. Julie Says:
  47. Yup yup yup! Me too! Angel is great Bonnie and for a change I can HEAR it! YAY!

    Now about jinxing...nah...don't believe in it. Nope nope nope! Everything happens for a purpose and I'm learning how I don't control the big picture. Now...as long as I have control of my emotions with the way the big picture is evolving...there in lies the true control.

    That's a sad thing about Matt not getting accepting...our hearts ache when our children try and don't succeed. And it doesn't matter if they are learning to sit up for the first time as an infant or if they are forging on in their adult lives.

    **clicks "Angel" for a 3rd time**

    Now about your health....do it baby! Do it! Since I started my 10K steps a day my BP has dropped and my heart is already getting stronger because I walk the same mph and my pulse is lower! Cool huh? Not to mention buns of steel.

    Oh crap....there i go lying again!


    You don't have the dickidoo award do you? You know...you tummy sticks out further then your dickidoo?


    Okay, okay...I'm outta here!


  48. Bond Says:
  49. BECKEYE: What type of benefits program do you offer? LOL and Harlem was even getting popular when I was still working in NYC.

    TRAVIS: Thanks and I am sure he will do fine...and the early Bonnie is great

    TUG: You are probably correct, but it made for a good post! LOL...Hoping I can get friendly with the 'e' word

  50. Bond Says:
  51. LU: Excellent idea...

    KIMMIE: Thanks for being so kind..

    CHARLENE: I have 5 other friends who are currently cops or have retired from the force...Me...nah...

    ANNDI: Why should I think you would not continue to try and take me to task! hehe
    I know Matt will be fine... that I do know.
    Comment Moderation...staying on.

  52. Bond Says:
  53. FRED: I take it every day..today is the first day of my 'new life'
    Have a great time in Philly...I know you guys will

    JULIE: I LOVE when you come sit on The Couch..it lacks when you are not here...
    Do you do two shows on Wednesdays!
    Your comments about Matt are so wonderful.
    As far as that award.. in what "state" are you measuring...relaxed or 'energized'??? LOL WELL it matters as to my answer!

  54. Angell Says:
  55. It wasn't your fault. The Police are a bunch of boneheads. :P Matt will do great next time around.

    Maybe he should be training you...hehehe.

    Good luck with the weight loss and the gym - I hear ya on the excess weight and getting rid of it.

    And YES, lose the smokes. My hubby did and feels so much better. Of course he is now addicted to Starburst so he might wind up being diabetic ....TOUCH WOOD. LOL.

    Smooches and hugs babycakes.

  56. Anndi Says:
  57. chicken


  58. Sparky Duck Says:
  59. PA is always hiring too, though I am sure its just as political. Bonnie Raitt? Whose that? ;)

  60. RWA Says:
  61. Sounds like Matt has the right attitude. He'll find a police force that's smart and realizes he will be an asset to them.

    Best of luck with your workouts.

  62. Mags Says:
  63. Hey Vinny-I'm sorry to be late commenting, but I wanted to let you know I'm sorry to hear about Matt not making it-BUT knowing what we do about Matt, I'm sure he will be fine...

  64. Bond Says:
  65. ANGELL: If he lived here, he would be training me! LOL
    I know...they have to go...HUGS

    ANNDI: Personal preference

    SPARKY: Thanks for the heads up...and ummm I am not sure...anyone know who Bonni Raitt is?

    RWA: He does indeed.

  66. Bond Says:
  67. MAGGIE: Thank you...No comment is ever late...

  68. jennifer Says:
  69. Oh Man. Good luck with the new fitness plan. I hope you do so great that you inspire me to do it too. Geez Louise being middle aged with a serious sweet tooth sucks out loud.

    My favorite Bonnie Raitt song was the duet she did with Ray Charles on his album. She has a soulful voice and they really jived together.


  70. Mimi Lenox Says:
  71. Matt is a fighter and a winner. You taught him well.

    Your health: Is there an Anndi echo in here? Stop smoking please....said your friend who cares about your health and your future. You can do it. It's not easy but you can do it.

    Because Vinny is a fighter and a winner.


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