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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So, Friday evening I am sitting watching TV in darlin' Nancy's living room and Iron Chef is on. Now, I love this show. I love the ability to take an unknown ingredient and turn it into 4-5 dishes. Now, of course in Kitchen Stadium they have every food known to man and woman, which allows the chefs to be totally brilliant.

Nancy was sitting with me and she had never seen the show and it perked her interest. Then the promo for "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" came on. They mentioned they were going to be in Memphis, so I decided to stick on the Food Network and see what they were going to feature.

Show came on and they were somewhere else to begin...I was doing some things outside and watching through the window until they were in Memphis. Well the place they visited is called UNCLE LOU'S FRIED CHICKEN and they mentioned it was located over near the airport. Nancy and I watched mesmerized as they did the segment. This gentleman has his own spice compound and flour seasonings. Guy Fieri is the host and he was totally rocked out by the food.

I look at Nancy...she looks at me and we agree that on Saturday, we are going to find Uncle Lou's.

Well we did hit the road Saturday afternoon and found the place. Tucked away in a small strip mall...a place you would drive past 2,000 times and never stop in...unless you knew.

We entered and there were a few tables taken. It was past lunch hour, somewhere around 2:30 or so. We grabbed a menu (though we had decided on what we were ordering the night before). We both ordered a "Honey-Dipped Smoke Sausage Sandwich" for right then and also ordered a whole fried chicken with the Honey Mild dipping for dinner.

Ya see, Uncle Lou fries the chickens whole and then they are dipped (well dunked) in a vat of the Honey Barbecue Sauce. You can get it mild or hot. As Nancy's son Peter was going to be having dinner with us, we went mild.

We sat and waited for our Sausage sandwiches. A few of the employees stopped by to see "How y'all doin'" and a few other parties arrived and we could hear them talking about "It being just like on the show"...others who were checking it out for the first time after seeing it on Food Network.

One of the people working there began chatting with us and asked what we had ordered. I told him the sandwiches and then a whole chicken for dinner. he laughed and said "Y'all eating a sausage sandwich at 3:00pm, you might not be eating dinner tonight."

Well when the sandwiches came, we knew what he meant. Each sandwich came with two full pork sausages quartered and stacked on two slices of thick white bread and they were ooozing the sauce they were dipped in. I put some of the cole slaw on mine and dug in and OMG!!!!!!!! I was in freaking heaven! I then heard Nancy emit a groan of total satisfaction as she took her first bite.

As we were eating Uncle Lou showed up and as he made his way from table to table he stopped at ours. We again explained that we had come because of the show and he laughed "Yeah, he told me things would be changin'"

The show had aired all last week and the phone had heated up and new faces were appearing in the restaurant. We talked for a while and he explained they had filmed in January and it was now just getting on the air.

As we finished our sandwiches our whole chicken was finished, so we thanked them all again and headed home.

Later that evening, I put some corn on the cob on the grill and we put the chicken in the oven to reheat.

As you will see on the video, they inject the bird first (it is a garlic butter mixture), then they flour and deep fry it. When it is completed, they dip it in your choice of the two sauces.

When I tell you, succulent, juicy, infused with an incredible flavor and then coated in this sauce that Guy describes as "sweet spicy love"...this was the best chicken that has ever passed my lips.

I am actually having some left-overs tonight (Monday) as soon as I finish this post.

I tried to find the segment on youtube, but it was not to be. I did find this news feature from the local FOX station, shot while the DD&D crew was there shooting...You should get the idea...

OH and I love their jingle, which includes the line "If the Colonel had Lou's recipe, he would have been a General..."

Check out his website HERE. While we were there, we heard two phone calls come in from other parts of the country asking to order things. They are going to begin an online store and Uncle Low himself told us that he had been experimenting with freezing the whole fried chickens and then reheating them so he might begin shipping them also. Definitely check out the "About Us" page and read about the "Monster Burger" they also feature, and their challenge to all comers.

I have made a new resolution...I am carrying my camera everywhere I go from now on...I keep 'seeing' things that I know will make great shots. I was on ebay today looking to replace my 80mm-200mm zoom which no longer works and is not worth fixing. I actually saw one auction that includes another camera body, a 50mm, a micro 28mm and two zoom lenses and a speed winder (which I never had)...going to track it and see where it goes...

Welcome to another addition of RUBY TUESDAY - click on the logo above to head over to The Teach's blog to see all the entries this week. This idea has really caught on around the bloggosphere.

This little guy lives at the Memphis Zoo Aviary...I have no idea what kind of bird he/she is...I am not really a bird kinda guy...I am sure someone out there knows...(click to enlarge)

Well, these two just jumped into my brain when writing this post about chicken and am off to eat some wonderful food, y'all enjoy the music....

"Dixie Chicken"
Little Feat

"Cornbread & Chicken"
Alan Jackson

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31 Of Your Sparks

  1. Micky-T Says:
  2. Sounds like Uncle Lu's is not to be missed!

  3. Matt-Man Says:
  4. I saw that episode of DDDs...Love that show. Sounds good Vin. Keep on eatin' the pig. Cheers!!

  5. DrillerAA Says:
  6. 3D is one of my favorite shows on the Food Network. My wife and I are determined to take a driving vacation next year. Where ever we go, we will research to see if a DDD segment has been done there and then visit that place. Yes, the Memphis place looked great. I have had the BBQ nachos and spaghetti at Neely's and it is very good. Have a great Ruby Tuesday.

  7. Turnbaby Says:
  8. I LOVE the Food Network. Guy Fieri won the "Next Food Network Star" and got that show. I like how he's like us--food noises and all.

    I'm thinking I need to deep fry me a whole chicken. I have done turkeys so why not chicken? YUM

    We'll HAVE to go there when Brad and I visit y'all.


  9. TopChamp Says:
  10. has the comedienne been on before? I felt a bit deja vu-ey there.

    I think your bird's a lovely ruby tuesday entry but also have no idea what kind it is.

  11. Bond Says:
  12. MICKEY-T: Totally not to be missed...It will be a stop for all that visit me in Memphis

    MATT-MAN: It is a great show...ummm this is chicken dude! Well the polish sausage had pork in it

    DRILLERAA: I will be expecting notice when you come Memphis way...

    TURNBABY: Gee...YOU love the Food network...who woulda thunk it!?!?!? LOL It seems like a no brainer to do a chicken..but man ya gotta taste what he does...and when you and brad come down, it is on the sked.

  13. Bond Says:
  14. TOPCHAMP: She was supposed to be on last week and had to cancel...your feelings are right on..thanks regarding R.T.

  15. Ralph Says:
  16. I like the old Little Feat and wondered about the Commodore Hotel...

    Your sausage sandwiches with the fat oozing into the pores of the white bread - your description is perfect. Don't, however, make a habit of these deadly delights...

    The bird is perfect for Ruby Tuesday!

  17. Bond Says:
  18. RALPH: Glad I could make you 'see' the sandwich and no, I will not make them a habit!
    Love old Little Feat...
    Glad you like the bird...

  19. BeckEye Says:
  20. I'm not super fond of the Food Network, but I do like that Diners show. I love crappy diner food though, so I guess that's why. My favorite show on the Food Network though is "Ace of Cakes."

  21. Dianne Says:
  22. I love when I hear about small businesses that do something special and get acknowledged - and apparently for Uncle Lou rich and famous too!

    Made me want to fly to Memphis for lunch.

    Love the bird! the one that isn't cooked that is ;)
    when I enlarged the shot the detail is amazing - like a painting.

  23. leelee Says:
  24. OMG Vinny, I saw that show..and it has now become the second best reason to visit Memphis..



  25. i LOVE it when finding places like lou's! good for you...

    smiles, bee

  26. Starrlight Says:
  27. Dixie Chicken was a non negotiable for this post. And you were right I am REALLY jonesing now. Stupid Yankee state, no good chicken, no collard greens, look at me like I am crazy when I talk about deep fried pickles.....grrrrrrrrrrr.

    I need to go on a vacation and hang with Belle and RWA and you, Vinny. Maybe we could TP the ex's house ;)

  28. Jay Says:
  29. I love the Food Network. And I'd be all over that smoked sausage sandwich!

  30. Mojo Says:
  31. There's a sushi place a half mile from my house that I only discovered a few months ago... it's been there for years, right next to the grocery store I shop at.

    But I'll be back!
    - Mojo

  32. dot Says:
  33. I like that bit about if the colonel had his recipe he'd be a general. Very funny!

  34. Anndi Says:
  35. Is someone I know supposed to be watching what he eats?

  36. Bond Says:
  37. BECKEYE: Ah I love Food network

    DIANNE; Wondered if anyone would pick up on it looking like a painting...and when are you coming to Memphis?

    LEELEE: I am waiting...

    BEE: Thanks

    STARR: well, last year I was told you would be in Memphis this past June...LOL..I know things get your butt here missy

    JAY: Come on over to memphis..what is it 3 hours?

    MOJO: Thanks for sitting on the Couch...Incredible when we find a gem...

    DOT: Thanks for sitting on the Couch...I love that too

    ANNDI: At the gym 5 days a day a week I splurge...I am not dead and will never be a rice cake eater... nope

  38. Mimi Lenox Says:
  39. It must have been incredible chicken for you to say it was the best that ever "passed your lips" make even the leftovers sound scrumptious!

  40. I adore Guy Fieri and Triple D (D3). He comes here quite often, too; in fact, he featured my friends' restaurant, and now it's more crowded than ever. Sheesh!

    Whenever I watch D3 and see a Memphis joint, particularly a BBQ place, I often wonder if you've checked it out. Thanks for the report. I think you need to give us reports on other food joints, especially ones that Guy has visited (just for affirmation purposed, you know?)

  41. Tug Says:
  42. I LOVE finding little places like that - they almost ALWAYS turn out awesome! There were a couple in Vegas & Phoenix I just loved... I need to start watching the Food Network I guess.

  43. I am now SO hungry. If I leave now what time would I get there?

  44. Bond Says:
  45. MIMI: No lie...the BEST

    SONGBIRD: Well ask me and I will tell you! LOL

    TUG: This show is so much fun...

    BUD: Tomorrow just in time for dinner!

  46. leelee Says:
  47. I'll get there!!

  48. Love that show..The bird looks like an American Robin to me..

  49. Meribah Says:
  50. Now why did you have to go and make me all hungry just before bed??? I've got drools all over my computer and stuff! Sheesh. :P

  51. Travis Says:
  52. Oh man! That chicken sounds fantastic.

    And I never have my camera when I need it either. I used to carry one, but it got ruined in my briefcase. So I'm a little more careful, but the price is never having the dang thing when I want it.

  53. the teach Says:
  54. Wouldn't it be great for Vinny (my husband ) and me to come to Memphis, visit you and Nancy and then go to Uncle Lou's? Huh? Vinny, huh? :) Your RT post looks like a robin to me, but the head is different! :)

  55. Bond Says:
  56. LEELEE: I am waiting!

    RAMBLING: It did to me also, except for the head.

    MERI: Sorry about the drool

    TRAVIS: It truly is my friend...We both need to just carry them.

    TEACH: Mary..anytime...anytime...

  57. Dianne Says:
  58. Wow Vin so many folks coming to Memphis! We should charter a jet and make an excursion out of it LOL

    Mary lives near me, we could start it off!!

    I do want to visit Memphis, always have. I will let you know when dreams become reality :)


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