Creative Photography #9 - Hot Tuna

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Week #9 for Roger's Creative Photography on the banner above if you want to learn more and enter or just feel like sliding around the Bloggosphere and checking out some really fantastic photos...

Back to the early '80's...New York City...Beacon Theater...Jorma Kaukonen & Jack Cassidy...HOT TUNA ACOUSTIC!

I had a seat off center stage about 15 rows back. In those days, they did not hassle for I had my A-1 and the 80mm-200mm zoom.

This is the picture as it is today after many years of being in a frame. I need to go through all of my negatives - after I digitize all my music and scan all my photo-prints to digital and slides that is. (All will enlarge by clickity-clicking)

Then I decided to smooth out the background and darken it
to allow Jack and Jorma to show better.
After that I decided to play with my new toy GIMP
(I am beginning to like it Roger...)

and colorized from the second shot...First in Yellow
Then to Blue
Then To Red
Then I added what is called a "Supernova" effect to the shot
Finally, I added "Ripple" (reminds me of a few concerts I saw in the day! LOL)

Well...hope you enjoyed a little Creative Photo Contest Photo Manipulation...
or as I like to call it...

What else goes with pictures of Jorma and Jack, but music by Jorma and Jack...

First electric Hot September 12, 1989, The Ritz in New York City with "Walking Blues"

Next, From the LIVE AT SWEETWATER album, from 1992 this is "Genesis"...

Finally, acoustic Hot Tuna from a great concert, December 13, 2000 at the Fox Theater in Bolder, Colorado, it is "Hesitation Blues"...

22 Of Your Sparks

  1. I love checking out your photo "experiments."

  2. Anonymous Says:
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  4. Dianne Says:
  5. I love the SuperNova effect!! And I relate to the wobbly one - reminded me of my view in the 80s

  6. Ralph Says:
  7. Yes, "Ripple" could/does evoke the corner of Haight and Ashbury, say in '67 pretty well...

    "Supernova" actually lets the light accent and showcase the talented musicians. It is the best effect of all.

    And the acoustic work is amazing!

  8. Vinny, good luck in Roger's contest. I like the supernova effect the best! Good luck! :)

  9. SONGBIRD: Why thank you ma'am

    JOHN S: Interesting concept you have...looking forward to seeing what you do with it

    DIANNE: LOL..I think the ripple one will remind many of those times

    RALPH: LOL..'67...'68...'69...'70...'71 etc...They are amazing to see in concert..I have seen them many times

    TEACH: Mary Thank you so much

  10. Ivanhoe Says:
  11. I really really like the second to last pic. The one with supernova in it :o) Good luck!

  12. Patti Says:
  13. That Supernova effect is the best to spotlight the musicians, I'd say.

    And the Ripple Effect, that's just too funny! Or should I say Groovy?

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
    those are ripples ^

    good luck in Roger's contest

  14. Great shots, Bond, and I'm sure that must have been a fantastic show.

  15. leelee Says:
  16. mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmmmm

    I loves me some hot tuna!

    Oh that photo is so great!!


  17. TopChamp Says:
  18. I'll be back for a listen at a more reasonable hour - looks good though.

  19. Travis Cody Says:
  20. I shouldn't admit this. I don't have any Hot Tuna in my catalog.

    **hangs head**

  21. Linda Says:
  22. I think I'm pretty much with everyone else when I say that I like the SuperNova effect the best - that really makes the picture pop!

  23. RW Says:
  24. Great job Vin on the different variations!

    I think the ripple effect reminds me of good times to lol!

    Thank you for your Creative Photography submission!

  25. IVANHOE: Thanks so much

    PATTI: I agree and thanks

    RWA: It was one of the best I have seen for them.

    LEELEE: Me loves em up too

    TOPCHAMP: Ah that time difference!

    TRAVIS: Well, I could hook ya up...

    LINDA: Thanks

    ROGER: Thank you Sir...

  26. Anonymous Says:
  27. The supernova is a winner in my book! Good luck, Vinny!

  28. Gattina Says:
  29. I see you had a lot of fun with that! I wonder what those two would say that you played around with them, lol !

  30. That last one got the Dead stuck in my brain :P

  31. Raven Says:
  32. Fun series. I think the supernova is my favorite.

  33. SANNI: TY dear

    GATTINA: I think they would like it..both are cool

    STARRLIGHT: OH yeah...

  34. Lori Stilger Says:
  35. :D Pretty cool manipulation, Bond! I like the supernova, but I think the blue one is the best! :)
    Sorry you're not hip on the Christmas in August - I've been teaching classes about Christmas stuff since JULY, so I'm WAY behind the game on this blog.... ;D
    Have a great day!

  36. Anonymous Says:
  37. I love the supernova! Thanks for the comment on my CP!


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