Creative Photography Post #8 - Rockefeller Center

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Week #8 for Roger's Creative Photography on the banner above if you want to learn more and enter or just feel like sliding around the Bloggosphere and checking out some really fantastic photos...

This was taken back in 1986. At the time I was selling printing for a NY company and one of my accounts was Rockefeller Center Management Company. They managed the entire Rock Center complex. One of their products was a monthly magazine that I printed.

One month they announced a contest that entailed people submitting their photographs of the Rockefeller Center complex and the winner would get the cover of the publication.

As I was working with them, I could not submit a photo under my own name. I had spent a few days at lunch wandering the complex and shooting many different objects (including the reflection photo I used in THIS POST).

The photo below is the one I submitted. When I sent it in I used my brother in laws name and home address.

During a meeting one day, the clients were going through the submissions and showing me the group that were finalists. I held my tongue as each person made their comments and selected their favorite.

When the final result was agreed upon I smiled, as they had selected my entry.

I went into the office of my main client along with their creative director and let them in on my secret. They got a big laugh out of it and insisted that I still win.

So, what you see is actually scanned from the cover of the magazine.

It is the ball of flame that Prometheus holds in his hand as he guards over the ice ring there in Rockefeller Center. I have added a photo below to show you the full statue in case you are not familiar with it.

I received these picture in an email from a friend of mine yesterday. One of his friends spent the All-Star game in the blimp that hovered above the stadium that evening. I love the perspective of these shots and you can truly see how the new stadium is coming along.

Though different on the outside the dimensions of the playing field will mirror the old Stadium to a tee. (All should enlarge by clickity clicking)

Some rock and roll from the bad boys of the 60's..."This Could be The Last Time"


25 Of Your Sparks

  1. Patti Says:
  2. Very cool close-up of the ball of flame Prometheus is holding. With the Olympics this week, it reminds me of the Olympic torch somehow.

    I love focusing in on interesting details in large things. Sorry I can't think of a better word here than "things" but I mean statues, buildings, cars, etc.

    It's an artistic shot ~ good luck in Roger's contest!

  3. Starrlight Says:
  4. Maybeeee the last time, I don't know!

    Great Stones are ow stuck in my head!

    That picture is gorgeous Vinny. You deserved that win!

  5. Ralph Says:
  6. Prometheus' and his flame add that Art Deco feel to much of classic NYC, such as Rockefeller Center od the Chrysler Building.

    There is far more style than symmetry in the ball of flame. The flame seems to be in motion without ever extinguishing. Nice.

    And bronze makes the the sculpture so much more a classic...

  7. Dianne Says:
  8. Ya know I've passed that statue a million times and never saw the ball of flames in any detail.

    Wow! How's that for articulate? lol

    I couldn't come up with anything creative this week.

    and congrats on the award from charlene - she's something else, I love her :)

  9. Bond Says:
  10. PATTI: I totally understood your comment. As they say, the "devil is in the details" and I feel the same way about my writing. It is the small details that makes a story.

    STARR: Not a bad song to be stuck in your head...Thanks on the picture...a lot of great photos out there this week

    RALPH: I really zeroed in on the ball of flame because the statue is so large, I felt it gets lost

    DIANNE: I just said above...most people don't even focus in on that small portion of the statue...
    Charlene is special fer sure...

  11. RWA Says:
  12. Great shots from Rockefeller Center ... and incredible pictures from the blimp.

  13. Turnbaby Says:
  14. That's a great shot! You really should do more --you have such a good eye.

  15. Dana Says:
  16. Beautiful pic of the flame, and I am sooooo jealous of the blimp shots - I've always wanted to ride in a blimp!

  17. Daryl Says:
  18. nice shots!


  19. Jay Says:
  20. I love that first picture! That's really awesome.

    And the pics from the blimp are cool too.

  21. Lori Stilger Says:
  22. AWESOME story, fantastic shot - congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) You should be really proud!!! :D

  23. Fred Says:
  24. Pictures galore!!

    Nice shot of the statue. I hope you got a coupon for free chicken wings, too.

  25. Meribah Says:
  26. Oooo! Bond doesn't play by the roooools! LOL The puppy kinda likes that! :P
    Nice pics, by the way.

  27. YES! I GOT IN! But thru the back door. I clicked your icon on Starr's blog and presto! I am back. Got I missed this couch... Great shots of the stadium and the photo you took is awesome, my friend...

  28. Anndi Says:
  29. You just can't follow the rules can you? hehehe

  30. Raven Says:
  31. Exquisite close-up. I can see why it won. Cool shots of the stadiums too.

  32. Chica Says:
  33. I like your blog, you combine a ton of things into one post a lot, and it seems to work for you. I enjoyed the pictures from the blimp. Oh and thanks for your Creative Photography submission. :)

  34. Tug Says:
  35. Holy cow dude, LOVE the picture, and YAY.YOU again!! Awesome.

    K came home from NYC OHSO excited (I got a million texts while she was there, too)...she loved the old timers game, and they got to go into Monument Park - she could have died then, and been happy. My brother's also going to the last Yankee Stadium game. ;-)

  36. Bond Says:
  37. RWA: Thanks for the Rock compliment...

    TURN: I know, I need to take my camera with me more often and replace my 80-200 zoom

    DANA: I think riding in a blimp would be so cool

    DARYL: Thanks!

    JAY: Thank you Sir...

    LORI: Thank you very much.

    FRED: ummmnope no chicken wings! lol

    MERI: LOL..not all the time ...nope

    BUD: WOOOOO Welcome back your seat is always waiting

    ANNDI: Yeah, you know I can't hehehhe

    RAVEN: Thank you but it did not win this week...Sanni did

    CHICA: Thanks...glad you like it here...always room for another. Thanks for watching over it for Roger...

  38. Bond Says:
  39. TUG: No no I did not win....LOL AWESOME...I am soooo jealous

  40. Travis Says:
  41. Cool shots from the blimp! So are you trying for tickets for opening day 2009 at the new digs?

  42. DrillerAA Says:
  43. I love how the new stadium pays homage to the game and to the house that Ruth built. I only regret that I never got to see a game in the old stadium.

  44. Tug Says:
  45. TUG: No no I did not win....LOL

    The magazine cover? I know it's from the past...but that's what I was referencing with the excitement.

    Am I lost? Or are you??

  46. Bond Says:
  47. TRAVIS: I have made some inquiries...

    TUG: DOH no I am the one who is lost...I get it are perfectly sane...well maybe not sane...but you know...LOL
    thank you......

  48. Tug Says:
  49. Phew. So my thread that I'm holding on by is still attached at some point - thanks for that. ;-)


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