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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, August 18, 2008

So, how would you feel if you had this to hang on your wall?

400 m individual medley - Gold Medal 4:08.26 - World record

100 m butterfly - Gold Medal 51.25 - Olympic record

200 m butterfly - Gold Medal 1:54.04 - Olympic record

200 m individual medley - Gold Medal 1:57.14 - Olympic record

4 x 200 m freestyle relay - Gold Medal - American Record 7:07.33

4 x 100 m medley relay - Gold Medal 3:30.68 - World record

400 m individual medley - Gold Medal 4:03.84 - World record

4 x 100 m freestyle relay Gold Medal 3:08.24 - World record

200 m freestyle - Gold Medal 1:42.96 - World record

200 m butterfly - Gold Medal 1:52.03 - World record

4 x 200 m freestyle relay - Gold Medal 6:58.56 - World record

200 m individual medley - Gold Medal 1:54.23 - World record

100 m butterfly - Gold Medal 50.58 - Olympic record

4 x 100 m medley relay - Gold Medal 3:29.34 - World record

Oh and gee...guess not everyone can be perfect...he even got two of these:

200 m freestyle - Bronze Medal - American Record 1:45.32

4 x 100 m freestyle relay = Bronze Medal 3:14.62

You've done yourself and all of the USA proud Michael...

After the Olympics, Michael is going to bring his skills and love of swimming back to the place where he learned under the tutelage of Bob Bowman, his coach since he was 7 years old. In May 2008, Phelps said he intends to return to Baltimore following the 2008 Olympics saying, "I'm not going to swim for anybody else. I think we can both help the North Baltimore Aquatic Club go further. I'm definitely going to be in Baltimore next year."

Bowman became swim coach at the University of Michigan when Phelps went there, building a top program. The NBAC has announced that Bowman is leaving the University of Michigan to become the club's CEO.

Won't it be fun to see Michael Phelps at the 2016 Olympics coaching a young protege?

Wacky weekend here in Memphis...Things kept changing every 20 minutes, but in the end darlin' Nancy and I spent some quality time together and had quite a few laughs.

In the end though, I got very little done in the way of cleaning. Gonna have to get this place real clean in the next two weeks as Mom Joan and Dad Vince are only three weekends away from hitting the Home Of Rock and Roll & The Birthplace Of The Blues...

Tomorrow we will be honoring a special man in another edition of Tuneage Tutelage. Hope you can join us then...In the meantime, we will give you two songs that he had much to do with.


"Son Of A Preacher Man"
Dusty Springfield
John Hurley, Ronnie Wilkins
Atlantic Records - 1969

Dusty Springfield - vocals
The Sweet Inspirations - backing vocals
Reggie Young - guitar, sitar
Tommy Cogbill - guitar, bass guitar
Bobby Emmons - organ, piano, electric piano, congas
Bobby Wood - piano
Gene Chrisman - drums
Mike Leach - congas
Ed Kollis - harmonica

"Gotta Serve Somebody"
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
Columbia Records - 1979

Bob Dylan - Guitar, Vocals
Barry Beckett - Keyboards, Percussion
Pick Withers - Drums
Tim Drummond - Bass
Mark Knopfler - Guitars
Muscle Shoals Horns - Horns
Carolyn Dennis - Background Vocals
Helena Springs - Background Vocals
Regina Havis - Background Vocals

27 Of Your Sparks

  1. Micky-T Says:
  2. Congrats to the swimming machine. It's going to be real tough to beat that list.

    The Dylan tune didn't play for me.

  3. Matt-Man Says:
  4. Mmmmmmmm, Dusty Springfield. One of the sexiest voices, EVAH. Cheers Vinny!!

  5. DrillerAA Says:
  6. The secret to being a great coach is finding a pupil with the desire and work ethic of a Michael Phelps or Shawn Johnson. These are very special people and they only come along once in awhile. I think Michael will attract those type of athletes to his program and the future of U.S. Swimming is very bright.

  7. RWA Says:
  8. Michael Phelps has had two incredible Olympic performances. It seems he will compete in London in 2012, but I wonder how many more he might participate in?

    If Dara Torres was in the Olympics at 41 years old, who knows?

  9. Dana Says:
  10. Michael Phelps has made this country proud! I continue to be amazed and inspired by his talent, dedication and demeanor!

  11. It was a tremendously enjoyable weekend watching the Olympics this weekend, and not JUST because of Michael Phelps. I was tickled pink at Dara Torres's performance. Gotta love the experienced gals!

  12. Bond Says:
  13. MICKEY-T: Yeah lifelogger seems to be acting up - WHAT ELSE IS NEW?

    MATT-MAN: you be stroking?

    DRILLERAA: Totally agree Sir...will be fun...

    RWA: Yes, he will compete again...can anyone say 21 Golds?

    DANA: As do we all...

  14. Jay Says:
  15. I give Phelps a lot of credit for going back home and staying dedicated to his sport and all that stuff. I was afraid we'd start seeing him in all the gossip pages with the Olsen Twins and Kate Hudson like Lance Armstrong has done. Good job Phelps. Ya freak. LOL

  16. Starrlight Says:
  17. Phelps seems like a good kid in addition to being super talented. His taste in music sucks though :P

    Excellent choices for tomorrows previews. Humor Starr and toss in some Ray ;0

  18. Dianne Says:
  19. I saw an interview with Phelps where he was talking about 'raising the bar' and coming up with 'more challenges' - have to admit I was impressed with that interview. The Olympic fever just never strikes me.

    Dusty Springfield rules, rocks and all other exclamations :)

    I have her box set and those CDs are always playing.

  20. Bond Says:
  21. JAY: Well that does not mean the Olsen Twins will not visit in Baltimore!

    STARRLIGHT: OH you will get some Ray...and you are correct...he does seem like a good kid.

    DIANNE: Dusty is hot hot hot...

  22. TopChamp Says:
  23. I know these tunes... woo hoo! (not usually the case with your Hot Tuna or Allman Bros etc)

    Why did Phelps' coach say he hoped he didn't win before one of the races? I caught that on commentary but didn't get the 'why' part.

  24. Bond Says:
  25. TOPCHAMP: WOOOO to knowing the songs...I am not sure it was his coach who said that...I thought it was the swimmer Thorpe who did.

  26. Michael Phelps was simply amazing! But I find ALL of the athletic performances astounding!

    Am I the only one who finds it disturbing when the announcer says "settled for the bronze?" I mean, I know everyone wants gold but, my God!, in these events a fraction of a second can make the difference between gold, silver and bronze. It's astounding. What the heck is up with "settle?"

    Just asking.

    Oooh, Mark Kopfler on guitar! Love Mark Knopfler!

  27. Fred Says:
  28. I read something today that said those medals could be worth up to $50 million in endorsements and appearances.

    I think I'll start taking swimming lessons.

  29. Bond Says:
  30. ADR: Yeah, it is weird to hear the say things like that, no doubt....

    FRED: If you are going to start swimming would you like to adopt need a son!

  31. Michael did us proud, no doubt about that.

  32. Lu' Says:
  33. Michael Phellps made the Olympics watchable for me. I find that when I have company coming the clocks ticks faster than normal when you have cleaning to do. I suggest you not put it off much longer or, KNOCK KNOCK company's here and they are writing I was here in the dust on the mantle an stepping over your dirty shorts HA HA HA. Well, at least they aren't writing in your dirty shorts, oh ick.

  34. Meribah Says:
  35. I imagine his parents must be some proud of him too. Congrats to Michael!
    Anyway, dusting is over-rated...well, a little bit...sometimes...Argh! Okay, it's not over-rated at all! The puppy was trying to make you feel better, but her neatnik side won't let her.
    Would yuh like me to come over to clean your house, throw out the rubbish and rearrange everything in a neat and orderly way? LOL :P

  36. Ralph Says:
  37. Phelps is awesome, and his work ethic makes others around him (ie: relays) work even harder in the pursuit of the gold...

    Dusty Springfield's voice had a soulful bluesy quality to it...

  38. Tug Says:
  39. Not much to say about Phelps but JUST.WOW.

  40. Mags Says:
  41. Well, you know what they say, "A clean house is a sign of a wasted life."

    I don't know if I agree with that 100%, but I've been known to leave dishes in the sink so that I could go live.

  42. Travis Says:
  43. I was awed by the gold medal swims, but even more in awe of how he held it together and managed his schedule. From qualifying heats to his media responsibilities, Phelps was the consumate professional.

    I think the future of swimming is very bright.

    Love me that smokey sexy voice from Dusty!

    BTW - I'm watching women's tramploine tonight in the Olympics.

  44. Bond Says:
  45. SARGE CHARLIE: That he did Sir

    LU'; yeah but if I clean now in 16 days it will be dirty again!

    MERI: Can you be here the weekend of the 29th? They arrive 4 days I will expect you!

    RALPH: Very true Sir...and oh yeah baby it is incredible

    TUG: That about says it

    MAGS: OK, well I leave dishes also...I really need to do a good dusting and is MOM ya know!

    TRAVIS: You had me totally wrapped into your comment and then you tell me that?!?!!?!?!/! Sorry, that is NOT an Olympic sport bigger than baseball or softball...NOPE...NO WAY!

  46. I feel so unloved. You overlooked me.

    *sniff, sniff*

  47. Bond Says:
  48. SONGBIRD: my apologies...I think you came in when I was commenting on others...but I never overlook you


  49. katherine. Says:
  50. I am bettin' they will be hanging on his Mama's wall for a


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