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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, August 14, 2008

For some reason this week has lasted a month...not sure why as I was off-site yesterday and even though it was work related and a full day of brainstorming, being off-site usually makes the week seem shorter.

So I am surfing the tube last night and I come across this show "Sunset Tan"...Have you seen this show??? OMG, they will put anything on television it seems.

It about a real company that comes to your home and gives you a a spray on tan and even airbrush tanning...and they have all these interpersonal problems...Big-breasted women wearing revealing tops and short short shorts...One girl goes to a house to find out the woman is married to Vince Neil from Motley Crue and the chick from the tanning salon is like drooling in front of this woman and all gaga...


Sorry...but she probably deserves it.

That is about all I could stomach...sorry I made you aware of it...oh it is on E! (watches as Jay and Matt-Man set their TiVos to record the show!

Michael Phelps is just a freakin' you realize he is swimming 11 races in this Olympics??? That includes the prelims and the finals...and for some he only has like an hour between swims...and he is just simply kicking a** and taking names.

The Gymnastics is pretty cool, especially the men. They are doing moves that were unheard of just a few years ago (yeah I pay attention to Olympic gold medalist Tim Daggett and Elfi Schlegel when they give us facts). These guys can invert their entire body without even flinching it seems...

My boy Bobby Costas is doing his normal solid job in the studio. Went to High School with the Bobster back in Commack, NY (Also the High School of the big fathead Rosie O'Donnell - though she was my sisters age...guess she was a fathead even back then). Robbie-do was two years ahead of me but I knew him through mutual friends.

I really have no interest in the "Redeem Team" (what a totally ridiculous name) and am absolutely amazed that Platform and Springboard Synchronized Diving, Badminton and Handball are Olympic competitions but the almighty International Olympic Committee has decided to drop Baseball and Softball from the competitions. It is all about the Committee being mostly from European Nations where the two sports are not very popular.

Now get this, because they are deleting Baseball and Softball, THESE are the sports under consideration to be added in really, grab a hold of your chair so you don't fall out of it...OK, hope you are prepared...

Golf, Rugby, Karate, Squash and "Roller Sports"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, sorry I am NOT kidding here....ROLLER SPORTS!?!?!?!?!?!


(Not sure where this league plays...)

I mean, I love Golf, but come on now....And it is not like the US has dominated on the baseball diamond...hell Cuba has had the most success while it has been an Olympic sport. In 4 competitions held Cuba has 3 Golds and a Silver; Japan has 1 Silver and 2 Bronze and the US has 1 Gold and 1 Bronze.

Now on the Softball side, the US has dominated winning the Gold Medal in '96, '00 and '04. Japan won the Silver in '00 and the Bronze in '04. Australia won the Bronze in '96 and '00 and the Silver in '04.

But RUGBY!?!?!?!? SQUASH!?!?!?!? FREAKIN' ROLLER SPORTS!?!?!?!?


This one came up on the radio in my car yesterday and it brought back memories of my time as a "Rock & Roll Hero" in my band ....
...Peace Of Mynd...

We used to do this song by Deep Purple released in June of 1968...I loved playing the Bass part on this song...(I did the howl also!)"Hush"

* Rod Evans - lead vocals
* Ritchie Blackmore - guitar
* Jon Lord - organ, backing vocals
* Nick Simper - bass, backing vocals
* Ian Paice - drums

When I went and googled the song, I came up with a piece of information I did not know.

In October of 1967 a country artist, Billy Joe Royal released a single of "Hush". The song was written by country music artist Joe South for Billy Joe Royal, who had recorded several other songs written and produced by South. South cited the gospel song "Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name" (a minor hit for Bobby Darin in 1960) as an influence in writing Hush.

So I went looking and found Billy Joe's version. (I also looked for the Bobby Darin song, but could not come up with it).

25 Of Your Sparks

  1. TopChamp Says:
  2. That's right - it'd be ridiculous to include rugby, a sport that many of the major nations play including all of the largest continents with the exception of... oh yeah - America.

    Anyway they haven't dropped Baseball or softball - they just weren't selected for THIS olympics.

    None of the sports listed received enough votes to be added to the olympic list anyway.

    p.s. I love rugby.

  3. katherine. Says:
  4. it has been a very long week...phelps is a phenom...I've never seen the tan show...and the change in sports confuses me too...

  5. that's pretty funny about the tanning show bond. so okay it is not official. we will put anything on tv and someone will watch it. ha ha ha (i would have watched!)

    smiles, bee

  6. Liz Hill Says:
  7. HA! I do love that song. I'm miffed about them dropping softball. However i think rugby would be killer to see. I'm the one who loves curling remember. SMooch

  8. Schmoop Says:
  9. Sunset Tan. I got 2 minutes of it once. It is indeed, God Awful. Don't be kncokin' the Badmitton. Cheers!!

  10. DrillerAA Says:
  11. Are we suprised that that golf would eventually make it? Do they allow the pros or just the amateurs? Roller sports, is that an attempt to cut into the "X" games or we talking about "Roller" figure skating and inline skate racing? Either way, I'm not interested.
    Have a good one...hang in there, the week-end is almost here.

  12. TOPCHAMP: They are in this Olympics but will not be included going forward unless the Committee revotes them in and they will be replaced by two of those sports in 2012...

    KATHERINE: So, we agree across the board...

    BEE: It is on E!...check out the schedule...

    TURNBABY: Glad you like the song...not sure what they are thinking...Curling??? Curling???

    MATT-MAN: Welcome back Sir...Even you were not swayed by the hot chicks???? Of course YOU like Badminton!

    DRILLERAA: I would believe the Pros will be able to play since they are in other sports...I think the 'Roller Sports' are both X-Games and inline skate racing...

  13. desert rat Says:
  14. Sigh. Times, they are a changin'

    Rugby might be cool, but Golf? Gag! I get enough of that during the "regular" season which, thank God, is almost over and lot more interesting, in my opinion, since Tiger has been sidelined.

    ... I'm actually surprised at some of the CURRENT events: sailing? ping pong? Where does one draw the line between athleticism and skill?

    Phelps has been AMAZING! And watching the male gymnasts is jaw-dropping!

    LOVE Bob Costas! Have you read (of course you have,right?), "Fair Ball?" (Baseball made me think of that.)

    Have a lovely day!

  15. Daryl Says:
  16. I only caught some of the events .. so this was fan to read.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  17. BeckEye Says:
  18. All I need to know about "Sunset Tan" are the ridiculous clips they show on "The Soup."

    You know a show is REALLY bad if even I won't watch it. ;)

  19. Tug Says:
  20. I watched Sunset Tan one Saturday (re-run?) and that was plenty. ew.

    I just cannot get into the Olympics this year for some reason, but have caught some of Phelp's - he's just awesome. Yeah, a machine.

    As for the changes they're thinking of...yeah. There goes what little interest I had in them.

  21. Jay Says:
  22. haha .. I had to draw the line at Sunset Tan. Those two girls from that show were on Chelsea Handler and their combined IQ didn't reach room temperature.

    I really don't understand dropping baseball and softball from the Olympics. What's their reasoning? Not competitive enough? That's silly.

    I can see "roller sports" being added. The winter Olympics added some of the "extreme" snowboarding and skiing sports and they were a big hit.

    I think part of the appeal of the Olympics to people who like them is the fact that a lot of the sports aren't "mainstream" sports. They're stuff you don't see very often on network TV. So roller sports would fit that bill.

  23. I have not watched any of the Olympics other than some Volleyball. This entire game with it's faked singers and fireworks and forced perfection is just leaving me cold.

  24. ADR: Welcome back...I have read the book...and I wonder about ping pong too...

    DARYL: glad I could give you some entertainment. Thanks for sitting on The Couch

    BECKEYE: It is THAT bad!

    TUG: Ew is too kind...barf is more like it...I have enjoyed some of it...I prefer Winter except for the baseball which they, of course don't show

    JAY: Man I thought even you and Matt would like that LOL - think their reasoning is basic "Europeans don't play...we don't care about the US...screw you

    STARRLIGHT: The volleyball was cool too

  25. Jeff B Says:
  26. Yahooo, IE will once again let me view your site. The last few times I've tried visisting it shut down with an error message. Anywho, It's been a fun Olympics so far. The Chinese divers are a pretty amazing bunch too.

    Like someone else said, the roller sports seems to be an Xgame rip off. And how much viewership could golf possible attract? On a lazy Sunday afternoon maybe, but for prime time I just don't see it.

  27. Maggie Moo Says:
  28. Rugby I can sort of see-but roller sports? Not so much. That's so crazy...but I guess everyone getting a chance to go for the gold is neat...but, really...roller sports?!?!

  29. JEFF: yea!!!!!! glad you can see us...but you know Firefox is much better than IE...heheheh just saying

    MAGS: Agree 1000000%

  30. Hush is a great song! Good story today...

  31. It's all a conspiracy - although the United States hasn't been that dominant in baseball.

    Golf? The Olympics?

    Personally, I would prefer that they get rid of anything that involves others judging for results. That is entirely too subjective.

    It's not that I don't respect or appreciate gymnastics, but when someone else is determining the outcome based on their personal opinion, that just doesn't seem right.

  32. Okay, now I concede you have a valid point about other countries besides the US being proficient at baseball/softball. BUT, at the risk of sounding like a Euro-phile, we 'mericans are a very small percentage of the overall, worldwide population, albeit a loud, mighty, proud, and relatively affluent bunch, and a cross sectional sports competition like the Olympics should have a more broad spectrum appeal, unlike, say, the Pan Am Games or Europeans Championships.

    That said, while I question the inclusion of roller sports (what the HELL?!), I could go with rugby. After all, it's a no-holds-barred, kick ass kinda sport that beer chugging rednecks and martini-sipping yuppies in 'merica could both appreciate.


  33. Travis Cody Says:
  34. There hasn't been an outcry to drop diving from the Olympics because the Chinese are too dominant and nobody else can compete with them, so I'm hesitant to suggest that the IOC is out to chop down the number of sports that Americans do well.

    I don't know what they mean by roller it like speed skating, which I love to watch during the winter games?

    If we have soccer (football to the rest of the planet), why not rugby?

    I guess I'm just a sports guy. And unfortunately, some sports have to be dropped to include others.

    OH! Mr Costas is in my top 3 of best sports anchors. And I think that Mr Daggett and Ms Schlegel are one of the best teams at the games in terms of knowledge and enthusiasm for what they are doing.

  35. BUD: Agreed...and thanks

    RWA: It certainly was a bias as far as baseball and softball are concerned

    SONGBIRD: But baseball is played by almost 20 countries...this is not about us ' is about only 2-3 of those countries being from Europe

    TRAVIS: Good points Sir...but why not sports like ping pong being dropped as opposed to baseball.
    Agree 100% on the announcers.

  36. Travis Cody Says:
  37. I would suggest that sports like table tennis and badminton have an extraorinary international appeal to them, much more than baseball or softball. Baseball and softball may be growing in popularity, and it can be argued that keeping them in the Olympics could advance that popularity.

    But there is an established international popularity to some of these other sports that the IOC must consider. Limited popularity in a host nation can also be a factor.

  38. TRAVIS: Do they have a huge appeal in the European nations? Yes they are popular in the Asian countries and even here in the US. I guess there is no answer to this quandary. Baseball and Softball will apply for reinstatement for the 2016 games, but I am not hopeful. In the case of Softball it really is a shame. The sport is really growing world-wide and now there is less opportunity for international competition.
    OH and the US Baseball team is now 1-2 after losing in extra innings to Cuba. The Cuban team is screwed..the Olympics is what they live for.

  39. Travis Cody Says:
  40. I don't know that any of it makes sense. It often comes down to money and strong federation lobbies for these sports.

    Some have said that team sports don't belong and that the Olympics should be about individual achievement in sport.

    I don't know what the right answer is. But I do know that as I get older, I have a greater appreciation for the sports that I'm watching. I watched archery this morning and was fascinated by the concetration and precision of it.

    But is that really a sport? It's certainly a skill. But a sport? Or even an athletic competition? Table tennis or badminton seems to require more athletic ability.

    Perhaps if the archery competitors were required to run a lap in between shooting rounds...oh wait. That sport is called modern pentathlon and they do it with pistols and swords, with a bit of swimming and horse jumping.


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