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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, August 15, 2008

Many asked in comments yesterday what was meant by "Rollersports"...this is what i found...

It is part of the proposal made by the International Roller Sports Federation made to the International Olympic Committee:
Four Events
  • Included are four events: a 300 meter time trial, a 500 meter sprint, a 5 kilometer race, and a 20 kilometer elimination.
    The final event, the 20 K elimination, would have all the skaters of each gender starting together. After several laps, depending on the length of the track, the last skater to cross the finish line would be eliminated.
    Subsequently, the last skater to cross the finish line at the end of each lap would be eliminated. Finally, with three laps to go, five skaters would be left to battle for the gold.
  • All the races would be skated on an outdoor loop 400 and 600 meters around.
  • Only 72 skaters -- 36 men and 36 women -- would participate in the Games. Skaters would be drawn from five regional competitions, one each in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) and Africa.
  • Europe, the Americas and Asia would each send 20 skaters (ten men and ten women.) Oceania would send eight; Africa, four.
  • All skaters would compete in all events.

Welcome to another Friday of new music. As we stated last week, we will only offer up two artists this week to allow you to concentrate on them more.

To open up today, we present FIVE A.M., a band out of Santa Rosa, CA (YUP...your neighbors Katherine)...

Five young men making some pretty heady music. I enjoyed listening to their preview songs. The music is upbeat and well played, the lyrics draw you into their stories.

They claim their influences as U2, The Replacements, The Beatles, Tom Petty, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ryan Adams, Dave Matthews Band and The Police

They have been compared to The Fray, Augustana, Snow Patrol, U2, Dishwalla and Live

The band consists of Trent Yaconelli on Lead Vocals and Guitar; Zach Hammer on Lead Guitar and Vocals; Jason McGrath on Bass; Jed Friesen on Drums and Benjie Kushins on Piano, Keys and Percussion.

They are busy touring and will be supporting Sister Hazel in the coming months...

Aug 22 2008 - 7:30P - Napa City Nights - Napa, CA
Aug 23 2008 - 9:00P - Russian River Brewing Co. - Santa Rosa, CA
Aug 26 2008 - 7:00P - Riverside Park - Grants Pass, OR
Aug 29 2008 - 7:00P - Cameo Theater - St. Helena, CA
Aug 30 2008 - 7:00P - Cameo Theater - St. Helena, CA
Aug 31 2008 - 11:00A - Sausalito Art Festival- Main Stage - Sausalito, CA
Sep 09 2008 - 7:00P - The Showbox (Sister Hazel) - Seattle, WA
Sep 10 2008 - 8:00P - Crystal Ballroom (Sister Hazel) - Portland, OR
Sep 11 2008 - 8:00P - The Independent (Sister Hazel) - SF, CA
Sep 12 2008 - 8:30P - Sunset Station (Sister Hazel) - Las Vegas, NV
Sep 13 2008 - 9:00P - House of Blues (Sister Hazel) - West Hollywood, CA
Sep 14 2008 - 8:00P - Dream Catcher @ Viejas (Sister Hazel) - Alpine, CA
Oct 18 2008 - 12:00P - Oktober Harvest Festival - Yreka, CA

Want to know more about Five A.M.? You can check out their website HERE and their myspace page HERE.

From their third and newest album Rise The Sun, here are two songs for you to listen to and give your opinion.

"Be Still"

"Just Say Anything"

Our next artist is G Tom Mac aka Gerard McMann and his band mate and collaborative producer Tony Silver, they hail from Los Angeles. He has been around for a while now, not a new kid on the block for sure...

Mr. McMann's body of work as an artist & songwriter has covered a massive array of ground beginning with his powerful Goth pop classic "Cry Little Sister" from the fantastic movie "Lost Boys".

The two men have created music for films such as "The Banger Sisters", "Chasing Amy" and "Kicking and Screaming" and have had featured songs on TV programs such as "The Shield", "Scrubs", "Charmed" and "Witchblade". Their songs have been covered by KISS, Carley Simon, Robert Plant & Roger Daltrey.

They list their influences as The Clash, David Bowie and John Lennon. Their website is HERE, myspace page is HERE and they even have a facebook page HERE. There are no tour dates as of this time from what I could find.

These songs are from their newest album Thou Shalt Not Fall, which was released this past Tuesday.

"Cry Little Sister - Cave Club Video Mix"

"Box Of Fantasy"

Thanks for voting. Remember the artists or their reps will be checking to see what y'all think.


26 Of Your Sparks

  1. Jay Says:
  2. Well you've explained "roller sports" and I'm still not sure what they are. haha ... Maybe ESPN will start showing them late night or something.

    Good music choices.

  3. Kb Says:
  4. Happy Friday, Vinny!

    LOVED 5 AM! G Tom Mac is okay.

    Thanks for the introduction to 5 AM!

  5. Schmoop Says:
  6. Have a faboo weekend yourself, Vin. Cheers!!

  7. JAY: LOL...yeah well I guess it is inline skates around a track...wooo-freakin'-hoo
    Did you vote?

    KB: My pleasure KB...hope you voted for both

    MATT-MAN: You also dude

  8. 5 AM is not bad in that Fray Dishwalla way. I can hear the Ryan Adams influence. They are dreaming claiming the Replacements though :P

    GERARD OWNS! Cry Little Sister is the best damn thing about Lost Boys and there was a lot to love about that movie, like Jamie Gertz playing Star. Good name and back in the day we looked a great deal alike. Oh the stories I have with that song as the soundtrack...

    When I listen to those songs of his I hear a definate T Rex/Sweet/Face glam riff influence as well.

  9. That's a very interesting re-make of "Cry Little Sister."

    I'm still not convinced "roller sports" will attract my attention.

  10. It was interesting, wasn't RWA? It sounded vaguely like it was mixed with something by Nine Inch Nails.

  11. STARR: Yes, Sweet...I could not put my finger on it...

    RWA: I thought so as well...very interesting remake.
    I would NOT be interested in 'roller sports' sorry

    STARRLIGHT: Do I hear a little Marilyn Manson in there also?

  12. Yes I think you do, Bond. Early Marilyn. Back before Brian got too big for his britches. Or straightjacket. Or nippleless boobie suit. Or something :P

  13. STARR: It would have to be early Marilyn since I have not really cared for them for a while! LOL

  14. Lemme guess, post Twiggy and Rose McGowan days, right? I hear ya. Nothing beats "Lunchbox" when you are pissed ;)

  15. Dianne Says:
  16. In-line skating as an Olympic event! I must say I was intrigued by Rugby.

    As Craig Ferguson calls Rugby - "violence with a ball"

    Perhaps Rugby on skates while handling a ribbon in one hand?

    Have a great weekend and thank you for your comment today and for the link to your incredible October post.

  17. STARRLIGHT: yup...before I got old! LOL

    DIANNE: LOL - with a ribbon except for the final round when it is a flaming torch
    Glad you liked the post.

  18. Love the music! Have a great week. I'll see you on the flip side...

  19. katherine. Says:
  20. I'd go see Five AM...I made a note of their schedule.

    well done.

    (santa cruz just got a women's roller blade team...I am in fear one of my girls will join...ha!)

  21. DrillerAA Says:
  22. Truly, I think there are too many Olympic events now. I'm not even sure basketball, synchronized diving, and beach volleyball belong, much less golf and roller sports.

    Yep, Five A.M. is the winner of the battle of the bands.

  23. Lu' Says:
  24. Nicely done Sir Bond. Have a gooder :)

  25. Travis Cody Says:
  26. Roller sports sound a lot like some of the chase events in cycling, so I think I could get into it.

    As for the music, the first one was ok. Didn't care for the other.

  27. I may just go check out 5am at the Crystal!

  28. Unknown Says:
  29. I think I liked 5 AM more - but I did like them both!

  30. Ken Says:
  31. 5 AM...liked them alot....love the lines in "Be Still".......

    Is anybody there?
    Am I thinner than air?
    Can you here me from this wreckage?

  32. Tug Says:
  33. LOVE 5AM, but the other was very good too, and on a different day and different mood I might like them better - LOL. Truly liked both, and will be searching for their music now.

    I can't believe TRAMPOLINE is an olympic sport - where have I been?? Insanity I tell you, insanity.

  34. Jeff B Says:
  35. OK Vinny, Just for you (or for the sake of viewing your site) I installed FireFox.

    Can't view you with IE so the old dog had to go to a new trick.

    Anyhoodle, I lived in Santa Rosa for about 20 years. Don't know any of the guys in the band though.

    I'd pay to go see them.

  36. Fred Says:
  37. I had a great weekend. Unfortunately, it's back to school with students tomorrow which kind of ruins it a bit.

    Had a great time with Rich and the boys in Philly. I'll blog about it at some point.

  38. RW Says:
  39. Hope you have a good weekend Vin.

  40. Julie Says:
  41. *waves*

    It's really and truly me!


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