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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, August 29, 2008

Last night...one word....WOW!

OK, more than one word...I listened and I heard cogent, well thought out ideas. I heard strength...

See...it really only needed one word....WOW!

Welcome to another Tuneage Tutelage - Music Review Friday here on The Couch.

Do you like this feature? Please let me know.

I am going to select two artists of different genres this week. I have about 15 artists in my 'to review' box, and was tempted to go with three this week, but I do think two at a time works.

Let's meet Rhoda from New York, NY. She has been compared to Amel Larrieux, Tamia and Heather Headley, and lists her influences as Whitney Houston, Sade, Prince, CeCe Winans, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott.

Her new album is entitled Rhoda. Rhoda was born in Uganda and raised in the Washington, DC area. She attended the University of Virginia where she was a member of an all-female a capella group.

She was also an understudy for the Sally Bowles part in Cabaret with the NY based Harmony Theater Company.

She is also a licensed attorney in both New York and Washington, DC. You can find out more about Rhoda at her website HERE, on her myspace page HERE.

One smart lady with a ton of talent. Her voice is silky smooth with a raw edge when called for. Rhoda is someone I would take the time to see in a club. I think it would be a wonderful musical journey evening. As a reality check, tell me I am crazy or sane, I hear some Annie Lennox in the second song.

Here are two songs from her new album...

"Oh Yeah"

"I'm Nobody (Without You)"

And this video was available. Honestly the sound mix
is way below par, but I thought I would include it anyway:

The Ponsonby DCs hail from Ponsonby, Auckland, Australia.

The Ponsonby DCs had started life in Auckland in the mid-eighties co-led by Bassist/ Guitarist Keith Dion – best known now for his work with Arthur Lee and Love and the late Noel Redding (from The Jimi Hendrix Experience).

Keith had returned to San Francisco in 1986 with a bunch of demos recorded with The Ponsonbys DCs. These recordings grabbed the attention of Keith’s friends the Dead Kennedys whose enthusiasm helped persuade him to return to Auckland and put together this excellent debut album.

At the time there was great interest in the group on the alternative and college music scenes in the States, reflected by rave reviews in the North American media– most notably in Spin Magazine which dubbed The Ponsonby DCs “sons of Dire Straits meets Lou Reed” and cited the great humour and the “remarkable lyrics” that underpinned their quirky and original individual sound.

The record was then sent back to New Zealand as a US import gaining much press attention and eventual airplay.

However things had been quiet for a while until, in late 2005, Keith’s co-leader in the group – chief songwriter Gavin Buxton received an email from a leading TV film producer inquiring about their classic New Zealand song, "G’Day Mate" - seeking permission for its inclusion in an upcoming TV documentary. As a result the album was reviewed by Nick Bollinger on Radio New Zealand who described it as “… a pioneering piece of Kiwi Pop, an underground milestone” and “a genuine New Zealand classic, years ahead of its time …”.

Besides Dion and Buxton, the rest of the line up includes several of New Zealand’s most acclaimed and talented musicians – award winning song writer John Quiqley, sax and trombone virtuoso Chris Watts and one of New Zealand’s most in demand and award winning drummers - percussionists Jay Foulkes.

Their website can be found HERE and their myspace is HERE

I don't know. There is something that makes me want to like these guys, but then there is a whisper in my ear saying ..."nah...pass 'em up (mate)"...but I keep listening anyway.

Lyrically, it is all a spoof. They certainly enjoy their humor. Musically they hearken back to the surf guitar of the 60's...The Ventures, The Safari's, Dick Dale and others mixed in with the rawness the Velvet Underground (one of their influences) brought to their music.

Two from them....

"Pluto's Not A Planet Anymore"


Please cast a ballot. The PR Company I have been dealing with is excited by the polls and the responses all y'all, my most wonderful guests, leave in comments.

To clarify...I am not paid for these reviews and listings. I do it because I get some great new music for my collection and also because I love sharing new music with y'all.

We will not be posting on Monday for Labor Day, so see y'all on Tuesday.


17 Of Your Sparks

  1. hope you and nancy have a wonderful holiday weekend bond! eat some cake...

    smiles, bee

  2. TopChamp Says:
  3. I was really excited! I thought I agreed with everyone this time. But now I'm wondering if I'm the first voter.

    I didn't like the first one on the basis that it is a recording and her voice sounds dodgy on the first track. Saying this, I am listening on laptop speakers which are rubbish.

    The second band - Liked them really. They amused me and I'd go to see them play.

  4. Bond Says:
  5. BEE: Trying to stay away from the cakes ....trying to get fit

    TOPCHAMP: Might have been the first voter...thanks for weighing in.

  6. DrillerAA Says:
  7. DC's first song is a no. "Girls" is really good. Has a little ZZ Top, blues, etc. working.
    Last night, I heard a lot of dreams, but I know that our current system will not allow most of it to happen, nor do I know how we pay for it and I don't think he does either. He is an outstanding orator, but I doubt if he or anyone else can deliver. Washington has a way of bringing everyone into conformity with the system, regardless of their party affiliation.

  8. Travis Says:
  9. I like this feature.

    Rhonda's voice is on the border of that register my ear finds annoying, although I didn't really hate it.

    Did not like the the second group at all.

    Didn't listen to any of the speeches this week. I've already made up my mind.

  10. DrillerAA Says:
  11. I know, just call me Mr. Killjoy.
    Hey, it is what it is.

  12. leelee Says:
  13. yeah...WOW!!!



  14. the teach Says:
  15. Vinny are the WOWs for Obama's speech last night? Huh?

    I think you've guessed I'm not into too much new music. I like Rod Stewart, Aerosmith, The Beatles, Michael MacDonald. that's about it...

  16. Starrlight Says:
  17. I liked both artists this week. Like, not loved. I doubt I'd change the channel if they were on but I think both have a certain gimic that might wear thin. And yeah there were shades of Annie.

    Watched last night as well. Best thing I heard was the return to telling Democrats they need personal responsibility. That has been missing for far too long in our party. I think Kennedy was the last to state it so bluntly.

    You have a great weekend too!

  18. I didn't like either one. I LOVED THEM! These songs will be on my iPod by Sunday. Great job Vinny, & thanks!

  19. Lu' Says:
  20. Have a good weekend Bond.

  21. Mimi Lenox Says:
  22. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with Darlin' Nancy!!!!

  23. Lu' Says:
  24. Hmm I didn't care for the vocals of either artist. The first for me was the tone, too high pitched. The second, not enough strength, I liked the musice though.

  25. RWA Says:
  26. While nothing has really jumped out and grabbed my interest, I think this is a great opportunity for you.

    When I worked at the record store, I used to grab all of the "samples" that came in. Most of it was junk, but some of them were great.

  27. Fred Says:
  28. 0-2 on the music for me. Then again, my favorite group is The Archies.

    Have a great Labor Day.

  29. Charlene Says:
  30. just got back and have to go to LR tomorrow to see dr, take dad to see his best friend who is in hospital, and replace my non toilet friendly cell phone (i'm assuming you tried to call me) i should be caught up in a few days from several days with no technology~~nice relaxing break~~i'll call you after i get in touch with my friend~~hope all is well

  31. Bond Says:
  32. DRILLER: Thanks for your opinions...I think thee is a way to do some of those things and some are better than none

    TRAVIS: Hope we can please your ear next time...thanks

    DRILLER: Nah..just giving your opinion and all opinions are welcome here

    LEELEE: Hope you did also...

    THE TEACH: Yes Mary the WOW was...
    nothing wrong with that music either

    STARRLIGHT: Agreed...nothing exceptional this week...and also agree that I like personal responsibility

    BUD: Glad you liked them...

    LU': Hope you enjoyed yours

    MIMI: Thanks sweetie

    LU': Thanks for your opinion

    RWA: Never know what you might find in that pile...

    FRED: And the Archies like you

    CHARLENE: Glad to see you surface...


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