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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, August 11, 2008


August 20, 1942 – August 10, 2008

Over the weekend we lost a great American musical icon. Isaac Hayes was found dead in his home here in the suburbs of Memphis, TN on Sunday afternoon. He was found next to a still operating treadmill and it appears he suffered a simultaneous heart attack and stroke. Mr. Hayes suffered a stroke in 2006.

A police spokesman said last night: "Family members believe it is a medical condition that might have led to his death. Mr Hayes was being treated for a number of medical issues." He was 65 years young.

Born August 20, 1942 in Covington, Tennessee, Hayes' beginnings with his sharecropper family were never far from his mind. He eventually bought an estate in East Memphis overlooking the same cotton fields where he grew up.

He began singing in church at age five and in high school caught the attention of a guidance counselor who persuaded him to enter a talent show.
"When I finished, the house was on its feet, man, and I was a hit ... So I started pursuing music big time," Hayes said on his official website.

He was renowned for his characteristic baritone voice and mastery of several instruments, including the saxophone and the piano.

After graduating high school in 1962 and winning seven college scholarships for vocal music, Hayes turned down higher education to launch his music with Stax Records, where he worked with some of Rhythm and Blues biggest names at the time, including Sam & Dave, Otis Redding and Booker T & the MG's.

Hayes became Stax's rising star starting in 1966, and over the next few years some 200 Hayes-David Porter compositions became standards.

His career took off in 1969 with the landmark Hot Buttered Soul album, which stayed on the pop chart for 81 weeks and forced the music industry, for the first time, to conceive of soul music as an album art form.

At the time of emerging Black Power and with the death of Martin Luther King as a conscience building experience, Hayes transformed his image into a revolutionary statement, dressing in black leather, draping his bare chest in rows of gold chains and shaving his head completely.

Hayes also acted in scores of movies and television series. His guest star appearances included TV shows "The Rockford Files" and "Miami Vice." He also appeared in feature films such as "Escape from New York" and "Hustle & Flow."

But of course Mr. Hayes is best known for two projects. His career-defining soundtrack for the 1971 movie "Shaft," for which Hayes picked up an Oscar, three Grammy awards, a Golden Globe award, and an Edison award, Europe's highest music honor, and then for a new generation, the voice of "Chef" on the animated TV show "South Park".

Hayes left the show after the the episode "Trapped In A Closet", which lambasted the Church of Scientology to which Mr. Hayes belonged.

A brilliant writer, musician and singer, Mr. Hayes put his stamp on the music industry of the 70's and 80's and paved the road for the R&B and Rap artists of the 80's, 90's and into this century. His influence will be felt for years to come.

"The Look Of Love"
Burt Bacharach, Hal David
...To Be Continued
Stax Records - 1970

Isaac Hayes: vocals, producer, arranger, piano, electric piano,
bongos, timpani, vibraphone

* The Bar-Kays: instrumentation
o James Alexander: bass guitar
o Cliff Acred: bass guitar
o Ben Cauley: trumpet
o Michael Toles: guitar
o Ronnie Gordon: keyboards
o Harvey Henderson: saxophone
o Roy Cunningham: drums
o Willie Hall: drums
* Hot Buttered Soul Unlimited: backing vocals

"Walk On By"
Burt Bacharach, Hal David
Hot Buttered Soul

Isaac Hayes, Alvertis Isbell
Hot Buttered Soul
Enterprise Records - 1969

Issac Hayes: vocals, keyboards

* The Bar-Kays: Rhythm Section
o James Alexander: bass guitar
o Ben Cauley: trumpet
o Michael Toles: guitar
o Ronnie Gordon: keyboards
o Harvey Henderson: saxophone
o Willie Hall: drums

26 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA Says:
  2. I saw Isaac Hayes in concert in Tulsa in the early 70's. It was a wonderful evening. I owned "Hot Buttered Soul". I really liked his music.
    With all due respect, today's "Rap Crap" artists aren't worthy of carrying the sheet music of the likes of Ray Charles, Billy Preston, and Mr. Hayes.

  3. Travis Says:
  4. I didn't see this news. He was an icon in music.

  5. RWA Says:
  6. Isaac Hayes was an incredibly talented musician. It is a shame that the "young folks" today only remember him for his work on that cartoon TV show.

  7. Roger Says:
  8. Hey Vin its good to be back.

    I watched some episodes of South Park and did not no that was his voice of Cook. I don't blame him for leaving that show whatever his religious conviction.

    There goes another great artist.

  9. Dianne Says:
  10. A great tribute - thanks for putting it together so beautifully.

    I was a big fan of his.

  11. Bond Says:
  12. DRILLERAA: Never saw him in concert...but his music touched my soul

    TRAVIS: Big news here of course...and he was

    RWA: LOL Agreed...

    ROGER: Welcome back dudester...the band in heaven just got Soul

    DIANNE: Thank you...glad you appreciated it.

  13. Starrlight Says:
  14. His walk on by was soooo much better than Dionne's.

    My kid knows Isaac outside of Southpark, but you can not the deny the musical genius of Chocolate Salty Balls ;)

  15. Bond Says:
  16. I almost posted Chocolate Salty Balls...then decided I wanted to leave it to his 'serious' work...

    and yes, his take on both Bacharach/David songs were above all others

  17. Nice tribute Mr Bond, he was far too young to die....

  18. the teach Says:
  19. Thanks for the great post, Vinny! Isaac Hayes was a wonderful talent! I heard about his untimely death this weekend! So sad! His voice, I'll never forget his voice!

  20. Jessica Says:
  21. So sad...I didn't know he was suffering from health problems. Nice tribute. He was a great artist.

  22. Thanks for doing this excellent tribute to Isaac...he was so multi-talented and known by three generations of people!!!

    Plus, I have to say it...he was one hot sexy dude!

  23. He was way too young if you ask me. What a great talent he was too. Excellent tribute to Isaac Hayes. Have a great day Bond. :)

  24. Bond Says:
  25. SARGE: Agreed...far too young

    THE TEACH: Mary...a voice that will live on for a long time

    JESSICA: They kept it quiet for a few years. Thanks for stopping by

    BARBARA: Had to do it..I loved Isaac...and you can always say it ...LOL

    SANDEE: Thanks and thanks for coming by...

  26. Jessica Says:
  27. @Barb-haha...I was going to mention that too, but decided I'd better not! :)

  28. Bond Says:
  29. Sex talk is allowed here Jessica...let it out...you will feel so much better

  30. Jessica Says:
  31. lol :)

  32. Turnbaby Says:
  33. It's been rough with these losses so piled on each other--thanks for the tunes!

  34. Bond Says:
  35. JESSICA: You laughed, but you did not say it!

    TURNBABY: Not a good week for celebs...glad you enjoyed the Tuneage

  36. I'm waiting for the third shoe. First Bernie Mac, then Isaac Hayes, then the news of Paul Newman fighting lung cancer. Paul should be next, I fear.

  37. Jeff B Says:
  38. Admitedly, I didn't know that much about the man, but knew you'd have some great words to share with us. As always, thanks for the history.

  39. Bond Says:
  40. SONGBIRD: Well I thought the third shoe was estelle getty...

    JEFF: Thank you Sir...glad you got something out of it...

  41. Tug Says:
  42. RIP Isaac...RIP.

  43. Jessica Says:
  44. Ok,Ok, :) Isaac Hayes was definitely sexy!

  45. Lu' Says:
  46. Nice tribute Sir Bond. I may have to tribute Bernie Mac. I've seen so much talk about Mr Hayes but not so much about Bernie Mac a very talented comedian and actor.

  47. katherine. Says:
  48. I loved reading all these details...and that last picture...wow.


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