Creative Photo Contest #13 - Week 3...Niagara Falls

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I have decided to allow the AC/DC DVD Contest to go another day, so if you have not told me why you deserve to be awarded the incredible DVD of this fabulous band, go HERE and give it your best shot. Winner will be announced on Thursday.

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This is from one of my most special places in the world. A true testament to Mother Nature...Niagara Falls. I have visited the Falls many times, beginning as a child with my family.

Then I went a few times when I was in college in Rochester (normally on our way to the Molson Brewery in Toronto...). I brought a lady I was dating there once when we had been in Rochester to visit the campus, and also went when Matt was a wee-lad (though that visit was marred by a spousal dispute)...

This was from the trip I took with Diane, back in the late 80's. I look forward to taking Nancy there at some point and sharing my love of this majestic area with her.

For my submission, I added some contrast and darken it slightly to bring out more of the water details.

Hope you enjoy...(click to enlarge)



Saturday is just around the corner and if y'all do not remember, that is the night Nancy and I get to see The Allman Brothers at Bluesville in Tunica. Bluesville is the venue we saw B.B. King at, and although we are not as close for this concert, a venue that holds 2,000 max does not have a bad seat in the house.

The Stage At Bluesville

A good friend and his lady-friend were supposed to be coming down from NY for this one, but a scheduling conflict arose, so we had two extra tickets. I called TurnBaby and Brad, but they have tickets to watch Kentucky play West Kentucky School of Auto Repair & Cosmetology that day and I guess Brad loves cosmetologists!

So now Charlene (who lives in AR not AK Vinny! sheesh) and one of her friends will be joining us for this great concert.

I will be taking some pictures and have begun doing a Tuneage Tutelage on The Allman Brothers for next week...Funny that I have not done one on them or The Grateful Dead, so this is a perfect opportunity.

I will forewarn you though, it will be long and include a lot of music, so it will go over a couple of days (if not three)...

Just feel like spreading the love of the Brothers for the rest of the week...

This is from the album Duane & Greg Allman. It chronicles the time just after The Hour Glass broke up in early 1968. Duane and Gregg went back to Florida, where they played on demo sessions with the 31st of February, a folk rock outfit whose drummer was Butch Trucks (later to be one of the two Allman Brothers drummers).

The sessions took place in September of 1968. When they were completed, Greg had to return to California to fulfill the recording agreement signed by The Hourglass.

You will hear a raw sound here, but focus in on what Greg is doing on the organ and in his vocals and, in the background, Duane's guitar work and you can hear the beginnings of what was to come.


32 Of Your Sparks

  1. Oh, sure, leave all of us wanting that DVD on hold for one more day. Fine.

    Oh, and whassup with that pic? Is that a flying fish or did your editing equipment put a burn hole on that?

  2. TopChamp Says:
  3. Enjoy the gig - you educate us all you want!

  4. i left you a little something at my blog for you

    the charlene in alaska blog

  5. SONGBIRD: Just one more day....Click the pic to enlarge and you will see

    TOPCHAMP: LOL...consider it done

    C: OK, will stop by

  6. Schmoop Says:
  7. My entire marriage was one big spousal dispute. Have fun Saturday. Cheers!!

  8. Travis Cody Says:
  9. Love that blues feel. And I think 2-3 days of the Brothers is just fine.

    I've never been to the Falls. It's on the list though.

    Have a fantabulous time at the show!

  10. Jay Says:
  11. I don't know what that is coming out of the falls, but I think I would stay away from it. I bet somebody could come up with a pretty cool science fiction movie about creatures that live beneath Niagara Fall.

  12. OOOOOO So jealous!!! How is Gregg doing these days? Remember he got sick a while back and they had to cancel a bunch of shows. As for the tuneage you gotta include the Statesboro Blues story. I love that one!

  13. Well dang it I got all flibberated over the Allmans and forgot to say I really liked the color changes you made on that shot. That sea green is one of my favorite colors and the darker blue almost has an indigo tone to it.

  14. Great shot of the falls! Sounds like a great concert. How can you go wrong seeing the brothers in that type of venue?

  15. I DID click and enlarge, but I couldn't tell.

    Oh wait...rafters!

  16. MATT-MAN: Yup...I feel that pain

    TRAVIS: I am getting excited about writing this one up...Thanks

    JAY: LOL...gee I did not think it was that tough to tell...see Songbird below

    STARRLIGHT: I have not heard any more on him, and yes they did cancel the whole 15 days at the beacon in NY...this venue is even smaller!
    Thanks on the photo comments

    BUD: Thanks and it sure should be a great show.

    SONGBIRD: FINALLY! phew...did not think it was that tough...LOL

  17. RW Says:
  18. Those are awesome Vin! I would like to see the falls sometime. LOL love the rafters going over my god have mercy on them.

    Hey Vin your link that you put tool me to your last CP post, I think everybody will figure it out and go to your top post but if you want to add this link on the mister linkies I will take the old link off for you.

    Have a good'en!

  19. ROGER: Thanks and I giggled when I thought about the rafters and added them!
    I fixed the link...thanks

  20. RW Says:
  21. Thanks Vin! I can just image those rafters going OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIII......... lol.

  22. Mimi Lenox Says:
  23. I went to Niagara in the early 90's. I'd love to go again. Great shots!

  24. Tug Says:
  25. I would love to visit the falls sometime - hopefully I'll get out there one day.

    Have a great time this weekend at the show!

  26. Tug Says:
  27. PEE ESS - Can't believe I forgot to say AWESOME PICTURE! Love the 1st one!

  28. Anndi Says:
  29. The falls are a special place for the Honey and I. Maybe we'll go again on my birthday weekend! Or visit wineries... How to choose... how to choose...

    And of course you came to Canada for beer. American beer is just like making love in a raft... fuckin' close to water ;)

  30. ROGER: hehehehe yup that is what they are yelling...

    MIMI: Thanks and it really is a special place.

    TUG: It is a MUST SEE in my humble opinion

    ANNDI: Do both
    and I only drink Molson, but you knew that and tsk tsk young that mouth!

  31. Dianne Says:
  32. that thing that appeared on the falls looks like it has little heads in it! Cool lol

    I'm so glad Charlene is getting to go out and have fun with some good folks :)

  33. Fred Says:
  34. Enjoy the show this weekend. Looking forward to reading all about it!

  35. DIIANNE: It is a group in a white water raft...enlarge to see it clearer...She needs some down-time and this should be good for her

    FRED: No doubt I will...and there will be a lot of writing! THANKS

  36. Lu' Says:
  37. They are going to need a towel :)

  38. CreativeMish Says:
  39. Great photo. Did you take a ride down the falls?

  40. Bob Johnson Says:
  41. Wow, very cool, pick me, pick me I know what it is, it's a meteorite,lol

  42. Kimmie Says:
  43. Hey Vinnybond!
    I was just at the Falls in July. We went to the Butterfly Sanctuary up in Canada and came back Clifton Hill. You won't believe how gorgeous they have redone that area. We only drove by the Falls because it was getting late, we so take it for granted having it right in our backyard.

    Your photos are great! Nice effect with the darkening. It sure does give the photo much more definition. The rafters gave me a giggle!

    Good Luck!

    Have a wonderful time at the concert. :-)

  44. Patti Says:
  45. Cool photo editing of the falls. I laughed when I saw those folks in a raft. That's what that is, right?

    I can't believe you are seeing The Allman Brothers. That brings back memories of the summer of 1980 for me, and seeing them at an outdoor venue here in Connecticut. We sat on dirt on the side of a hill...

  46. Liz Hill Says:
  47. LOL

    So you'll be sure and mention Randall Bramblett's connection with the Allman's right?


  48. Anonymous Says:
  49. *LOL* Now that's one creative editing, Vinny! I ♥ it!

    Noooooo, I'm not envious... I always wanted to visit the Niagara Falls and haven't been there yet, but noooo... I'm not green with envy or something like that *g*

    Good luck!

  50. Anonymous Says:
  51. I do indeed love cosmetologists. They have low standards and low self esteem.

    That's a winning combo.

    Have a great time at the concert, my friend. I hope they do Freebird.

  52. Vin, great photo of our honeymoon destination 42 years ago (I was 12 when I got married!) It was 70-80 degrees in November and we walked around in winter clothes sweating. Thank goodness we found the Caribbean since! LOL! Hope you win the CP contest! :)


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