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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, September 04, 2008

Weird how my comments have gone up and down the last few weeks. Some days I get plenty...others, not so much...

Is it the summer and vacation time? Not sure exactly what is going on, but I see plenty of comments all around the bloggosphere, so maybe it is just that my posts are not so interesting...

I did a nothing post on Tuesday yet my stat counter says there were over 238 individual visits for the day. I seem to get quite a few 'unique visits' each day but don't seem to generate interest in people commenting...
Now, I am not as into the stats thing as I was way back in the beginning when I would check them every day. today was actually the first time in months that I actually went in and looked at what was happening...

Here is what is listed in my keyword analysis as of today (Wednesday):

1 - 8.33% - trix cereal commercial roller coaster
1 - 8.33% - janis joplin back home 66
1 - 8.33% - ac/dc photo 2008
1 - 8.33% - bootleg the doors lost paris tapes
1 - 8.33% - julie taylor dj slough radio
1 - 8.33% - leather blog
1 - 8.33% - information on how janis joplin's song mercedes benz was created,performed, and heard
1 - 8.33% - competition wins for janice waterfall
1 - 8.33% - round leather couch
1 - 8.33% - the ponsonby dcs
1 - 8.33% - doors boot yer butt
1 - 8.33% - new life leather & luggage repair, asbury park, nj 07712

OK, the music I can see, but I am comfuzzled over the visit from the search for 'trix cereal' and 'janice waterfall' clue how that brought them to me...I guess I am searches for sex toys or unusual life-styles bring people here!

People don't seem to spend a long time sitting on The Couch (do I need to fix the cushions...are they too uncomfortable?)

Visit Length

74 - Less than 5 secs
5 - From 5 secs to 30 secs
6 - From 30 secs to 5 mins
0 - From 5 mins to 20 mins
0 - From 20 mins to an hour
1 - Longer than an hour

I use StatCounter for The Couch and right now the total number of visitors it has tracked is 55,655...I can't remember when I put it on The Couch, but I think that is pretty good for a blog that is less than 3 years old...

Now, I have been doing this Entrecard thing recently and I suppose many of those who come around to 'drop their cards' don't really stay...they are hit and run visitors...building up their banks so their blogs are more expensive to 'advertise on'...

Seriously, there are some blogs out there that are over 2,000 credits to put your card on their site, yet when you visit these blogs, they seem to get even fewer comments than I do here on The Couch...

The only other thing I have is the ClusterMap widget, but again I hardly look at it. Interestingly, it has a different number than StatCounter, but S.C. is set to just record 'unique visits'. If you come by more than once a day it does not count you (or it is not supposed to count you) and I have it set that anytime I come on from home I am not counted. Here is what I found today:

Running total of visits to the above URL since 30 Oct 2006: 78,641

You are one of those little red dots...

In the end as a dear friend has said to me a number of times "Are you doing this for 'them' or for yourself?"

Well, of course I am doing this for myself or I would have stopped long ago...but I do wonder how long I would do this if I were getting 10-20 visits and no comments each day.

Why do you blog? Is it for the 'fame' (not putting fortune there) it for the sanity it brings you (or insanity as the case may be)...Do you comment every time you visit a blog? What kind of 'special things/widgets' do you do with your blog to gather stats? How closely do you follow your stats? Do you drill down to see where your visitors are coming from?

Mom Joan and Dad Vince arrive today so if I do not get to visit today or tomorrow I will make up for it next week. Tonight is pasta night at Casa Bond - Memphis.

Funny, they did not have internet access for a number of days while on Cape Cod so when I spoke with Dad the other day he said "I spent some time catching up on The Couch and I want to put in a request that we find time to visit Uncle Lou's!" Got his mouth Nancy and i will be bringing them there sometime Friday.

Also considering going to Holly Springs on Friday (weather permitting - Gustav is drenching us today) for the 2008 Hummingbird Migration Celebration. Holly Springs is a stopping point for these tiny birds as they make their way from Canada to Mexico and Central America for the winter...If we do so, I will be bringing my camera and will (hopefully) be able to share with y'all next week...and YES Fred, I will make sure we get a photo of all of us and I will be saying HI from you to them.

Tomorrow I will be featuring two new musical artists and allow you to rate them. Again, the PR firm has been real interested in your comments and opinions, so please vote in the poll and leave a comment.

Today we leave you with some musical morsels...Joe Cocker with Mad Dogs & Englishmen, one of my all-time favorites and, I believe, the best version of this great Dave Mason song.

The song was originally released while Mason was a member of the
most-excellent band, Traffic. Here is their version:

The song done by it's originator...also a great version

And how the song should not be performed:

26 Of Your Sparks

  1. Ah, the old "Do they still love me?" question pops up. I've not been feeling the love too much either lately, but then again, I haven't been posting that much of substance, so that's to be expected.

    I think sometimes I don't comment because I don't have much to say, and other times I comment, even on the so-called nothing posts, because they are short and to the point. I've found that on my blog when I post something that runs longer than a visual on my laptop (in other words, if you have to scroll and scroll to read), then the comments are fewer and much less in depth. Oh well.

    Anyway, glad that your parents are coming for their long-awaited visit. Be sure to post photos of Mom and Dad at Uncle Lou's!

  2. Gattina Says:
  3. Gosh ! I don't even know how to do that, lol !

  4. well bond i actually read the post in the google reader and then when i click over to comment it doesn't take long.

    you and i have seemed to come to a comfortable few comments a month. you know you were one of my first ever readers??? yup, you stuck around!

    smiles, bee

  5. SONGBIRD: It really is interesting how it goes in cycles

    GATTINA: LOL be glad you don't

    BEE: Yup I am still there and not going anywhere...

  6. Schmoop Says:
  7. Comments have been down everyhere as far as I can tell. As far as Entrecard...

    I have it, but I really don't use for anything other than letting others advertise on my site. Like you said, it may generate some traffic, but it doesn't add anything as far as comments. So I say to myself, why bother? Cheers Vin!!

  8. Anndi Says:
  9. I almost didn't comment because .. really Vince...

    Tuneage: I actually thought Traffic's version was kinda blah... but then if we listen to Joe, everything else after it kinda tastes like coloured water.

    This has to be the most bizarre and eclectic "focus group" a PR firm has ever poled.

    Hope Mom and Dad enjoy their stay.

  10. MATT-MAN: I am considering dropping the Entrecard thing...

    ANNDI: Of course you needed to felt compelled! I actually like Dave's version as much as Joe's...Eclectic yes...bizarre...well I might not use that word...and how else to really get a read then to ask a diverse group such as those sitting on The Couch
    I am sure we will have fun, now you get better

  11. Those are some interesting "stats," to say the least.

    Hope everything goes well with your family in town. I'm sure y'all will have a great time.

  12. Anndi Says:
  13. In statistical studies, you want your target group or lab rats to be as similar as possible so you can extrapolate your results to a bigger group, but when you poll a mixed bag of nuts (we are a bit kooky and yes, bizarre) you may not be able to get a feel for your demographic or determine the spin required with a specific act.

  14. RWA: Thanks my friend

    ANNDI: This is not a is real life and you are looking to find what the public wants to hear. To study a like-minded group would not give you any feel for the broader population, thus polling a diverse group (sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't) will allow you to get a feel for the overall response to a specific group...

  15. I rarely brake 25 visits a day and average maybe 7 comments per post. Way less than you do! If people read, they read. If they comment, they comment. It's a happy biproduct for me if others like to read what I have to say.

    If I got up in blog stats I'd probably be pretty miserable. Or maybe not. I was NEVER popular so I suppose it wouldn't be a new thing!

    And dude, I get visits for "lewd ladies" and "sex with nuns!"

  16. Liz Hill Says:
  17. OKay I get to be the pecan in the mixed bag of nuts ;-)

  18. desert rat Says:
  19. I blog so that my family and friends can see what we're doing. I have a lot of readers who comment in person, on the phone, or in email but rarely in the comments section (like my mom and dad, husband, next door neighbor, my Project Manager in Seattle... you get the idea).

    I have never checked a single statistic. I blog because in addition to keeping friends and family up-to-date, I like to write - kind of clears stuff out. If people stop by that is GREAT but not necessary for my process.

    I don't always comment - no.

    Oh, the Hummingbird Migration! How fabulous! We get some of that here in Arizona. Ramsey Canyon is a great bird watching area. I hope you go - can't wait to see pics!

    I'll be back tomorrow to check out the new tunes! I shall be posting about my home-made cheese! Ha!

  20. Jessica Says:
  21. I try to only comment when I really have something to say, but then I get sulky when people lurk on my blog. :)
    You are right about Entrecard people drop and then don't comment. I'm kind of fed up with the whole thing.

    btw-I just noticed your header...pretty cool! :D

  22. Ken Says:
  23. I'm feeling compelled............
    But I still have nothing to say. Ha

  24. Twyla Says:
  25. I have been away from blogland for a while, but I promise I'll be better and comment more. :-P
    Btw, thanks for the prayers for my friend. Her baby girl just passed away. I can't imagine being in her shoes right now.

  26. Dana Says:
  27. Why do you blog?

    Initially it was nothing more than personal satisfaction and a "dare." Now? The validation and interaction have become quite important to me. I didn't realize how much my life was missing those things until they came to me.

    Do you comment every time you visit a blog?

    I don't feel a need to comment, just to comment. If I've found a post particularly [FILL IN THE BLANK] I will always leave a comment. Generally, I'd say that I leave "regular" comments on about 90% of the blogs I visit.

    What kind of 'special things/widgets' do you do with your blog to gather stats?

    Like you, I don't really gather stats. I do use StatCounter to get a general idea of how many visitors I have. I've heard good things about Woopra ( for more in depth stats.

    How closely do you follow your stats? Do you drill down to see where your visitors are coming from?

    No ... not at all. I seldom (VERY seldom) look beyond my weekly hits.

  28. Fred Says:
  29. Like you, I always checked the stats when I first blogging. Now, I really don't look at them much.

    I used to get more comments, too, but also blogged much more which is why I left for awhile. I got burnt out. I think I have the balance right now.

  30. Anndi Says:
  31. Interesting point... but blogging is only partly real life as it's filled with some people who are open about who they are and people who are all persona and who are far different in real life.

    One blog's readership is not a true representation of society. Not by a long shot.

    Not saying it's not valuable, but they need a lot more data to really get a good grasp of what the public wants (just basic statistics).

    Hopefully, the impact of focus groups won't stiffle creativity.

    I'm reminded of Ridley Scott's Bladerunner in particular.

  32. Travis Cody Says:
  33. I blog about things I enjoy. And of course we're coming up on what has become my favorite blogging season...DWTS and football!

    I don't even know how to figure out stats like that. But it isn't important to me. I enjoy the comments I get, but it's ok if people don't comment too. Sometimes people don't connect with what I write.

    I don't like to leave an "I was here" comment. But sometimes that's all I have, because I don't connect with the post.

  34. TopChamp Says:
  35. Hello, There seem to be loads of comments here usually. I didn't comment yesterday coz I couldn't see the colours in your photo so I didn't have anything to say. As to today's post - I haven't time to read as work looms. Will be back.

  36. STARR: I was actually thinking about you when I mentioned I don't get hits on those subjects!

    TURNBABY: You remind me more of a cashew...

    ADR: Thanks for your comments and I am hopeful for is a gray day here

    JESSICA: Thanks on the header comment...and for sharing your thoughts today

    MICKEY-T: LOL But you did!

    TWYLA: That is horrible...I ache for her

    DANA: You are so good...look how organized..Thanks for sharing

    FRED: Yup, go away and it takes a while for people to migrate back

    ANNDI: I am not the only one who features their music on blogs and they have many radio hosts also on their lists, so this is just one forum for them...

    TRAVIS: Agree there are times I do not connect, but I still feel like I should say something

    TOPCHAMP: Thanks for your thoughts

  37. TopChamp Says:
  38. hello - just to let you know that the colour thing was a quirk of my laptop. When I looked on the real computer (with the old fashioned curvy screen) it was quite clear.

  39. Jeff B Says:
  40. The only thing I do that is stat related is the ClusterMap. It's fun to see where in general people are visiting from, but as for individual things such as url's and what browsers, etc... I could care less.

    I really enjoy the interaction with everyone that comments. I've often wondered if I would lose interest if no one left comments. Probably so, but who knows.

  41. Anonymous Says:
  42. **From a kiosk in North Sydney** The puppy does it for the Scooby snacks, of course! :P

  43. Tug Says:
  44. I think part of the reason the visit times is short is because a lot of people (like me) read the post in a feed reader, then just pop on to comment.

    I comment a lot less now than I used to - I just haven't had time or that much to say really. ;-) Enjoy the time with your parents!


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