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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, September 25, 2008

And now to announce the winner of the AC/DC "No BUll - The Director's Cut" DVD. A number of you shared your reason for being awarded this prize in various degrees of humor and sincerity...I LOVE IT ALL! I hope I can continue to share the new and old music and obtain the give-aways when I can.

That said...


I will if you allow me to do so...This comment was the only one that included lyrics...and how can you not reward lyrics!

Hey if you let me win it, I will award you #1 again "NOT" lol! Whoever you chose will be very deserving of winning it, although a fan I have every album and they made, so I guess I'm gonna ride onnnn ride onnnn ride onnnn! ;D

So, ROGER...congrats my man...a true fan of AC/DC and we get a mini-concert to boot, your comment is the one this time. Send me your snail mail and I will get it out to you.

Thanks again for participating everyone!

Another day closer to seeing the greatest band still on the road today, in my humble opinion. Honestly, if you have a chance to see the Allman Brothers, take it. This lineup with Warren Hayes and Derek Trucks taking on the Dickie Betts/Duane Allman roles is as close to the original as it comes.

I keep thinking about putting bits and pieces of info out there now on this band and their history, but do not want to water down the Tuneage Tutelage for next week.

Nancy is on her way back from Durham and training...OH, did I tell y'all she got a new job! YUP...a better company, a better product to sell, a better life...I am so excited for her! She will work out of her home and have some more traveling to do, but the benefits are great and the incentives are attainable...OH and significant others are included in the incentives! WOO!

It appears they have canceled the Presdential debate for this Friday so that Senators McCain and Obama can get involved with the 'fixin' of our economy'...

I also heard they are unsure if the debate will be rescheduled because the timing is so tight. I deplore this. I insist they have a debate and there better be a Vice-Presidential debate also.

These are the times when the candidates must speak to the issues and not to the 'happy thoughts' they try and hypnotize us with...I am also curious is the $5,000,000 shelled out by Ole Miss will be refunded. The campus has been turned upside down the last few weeks with students inconvenienced as part of the campus were posted as unavailable. There were Secret Service undercover agents in "The Grove" - where the greatest tail-gating party in the world occurs (right Nancy!?!).

There have been undercover agents on campus for weeks, blending into the student body Now at the last second, it is canceled.

Reschedule gentlemen...reschedule.... See I posted last night when I had heard bits and I know it is Senator McCain who can not multi-task...who has asked for a delay...He can't multi-task??? He wants to be President????


And I really think you will hear an announcement that McCain will ask the date to be changed to the same day as the VP Debates were to be held, with a suggestion that the VP debate be canceled and the Presidential debate held instead...

My NY Yankees are out of the playoffs for the first time in 13-years. The longest streak by any team ever. The addition of the Wild Card certainly makes that kind of number more attainable, but no one else has done it but them.

This will be the first year that Derek Jeter does not play in the post season, a remarkable achievement in itself. Now, granted, he had a 'sub-par' year himself. Oh and BTW, sub-par for Mr. jeter is a .301 batting average, 11 home runs and 69 RBIs. The last number is where it hurt us this year.

There is talk that he has been hurting since being hit in the hand by a pitch earlier in the season and he has been asked about it many times. His response is always the same..."Everyone plays hurt during the season".

Class and Dignity...even if you hate the Yankees it is tough to hate a player like Mr. Jeter and be assured, he will be back with a vengeance next year.

OK, going back to the second band Greg & Duane recorded with (the first was called The Allman Joys and there is some music out there, but it is difficult to find), this is Hourglass...the song is "Been Gone To Long"...the record company wanted Greg and 'muted' the talent of the band during the recording of their two albums.

This was not included on the albums, but appeared on Duane Allman Anthology II.
When I digitized this, I lost some of the lower register in the beginning...Going to have to re-digitize that whole album I think....


21 Of Your Sparks

  1. Yay to Nancy's new job! Wooooooooo!!!!!

    Congrats to Roger on the DVD score.

    Sorry about your Yankees. You know I'm not a big baseball fan, but our D-Backs probably won't be in either (rats!), which means Trav's Dodgers are. Oh well. Next season.

    Have a great Thursday, Vin.

  2. Dana Says:
  3. CONGRATULATIONS Roger! That was quite creative!

  4. Jay Says:
  5. McCain wants to show up during the final minutes of the negotiations and then take credit for the whole thing. When Bush signs the bailout package he will call it the "McCain Compromise" or something like that.

    Obama says the debate is still on. I hope he shows up in Oxford by himself. That would be funny.

    McCain's real objective is to cancel the VP debate.

    Congrats to Roger on the win!

    And Nancy on the new job!

  6. Tug Says:
  7. Congrats to Roger!

    YAY NANCY - that's awesome.

    *sigh* Yankees & Jeter...but yep - next year, definitely! I'd say I can now concentrate on football, but um, yeah. Ram fan here.


  8. Starrlight Says:
  9. I am Starrlight and I 100% support everything Jay said in his comment.

    This was an even more obvious publicity stunt than the choice of Palin. Excuse me Johnny but you best be headin south cause I damn sure expect my president to be able to juggle more than one ball at a time.


    I am ready to move to Belize. I vote we all get together and form a blogger retirement island somewhere far far away.

    Duane is the shiz. Even without low register.

  10. Lu' Says:
  11. Congrats Roger :)

    I heard in this time of econmic crisis, the hosting town for the debate has already spent 48 million dollars in preperation for the debate. That is what I heard on the tv this morning any way. That is simply stupid.

  12. Sanni Says:
  13. Congrats to Roger - very well deserved :-)

    And congrats to Nancy, too, of course - and to you. It's so cool when s.o.'s get involved into incentives. This is how I got to Mauritius in a former life (the pre-frank area), but *ssssh* don't tell anyone there's been a life before that man *g*

  14. Anndi Says:
  15. Congrats Roger!

    And YAY for Nancy... no, you hadn't told us.

    Is baseball almost over?

  16. Give my best and congrats to darlin'! Your Yankee eulogy was great. But Hank needs to shut up. Complaining that Torre is gonna make the playoffs with a worse record, really how stupid is that? Anyway my dad is a Cubbies fan. I hope they do it. And I can root for them without any conflicts...

  17. katherine. Says:
  18. good luck to nancy on the new gig...hope you get to enjoy the incentives...

    well done roger

    Most higher eds have insurance to cover the costs in the event an event is cancelled. University of California requires it. Not that I was a financial analyst there or anything...

    If they don't I am fairly certain neither party will allow them to suffer that loss.

    sounds like you guys are gonna have a great time seeing the Allmans...enjoy

  19. Meribah Says:
  20. Congrats to Nancy on the new job! And congrats to you, Bond, for having "in" on the incentives! Wooo! :D

  21. Travis Says:
  22. Hurrah for Nancy!

    Sorry for the Yankees, but YAY for my Dodgers! They clinched today!

    I want to hear the candidates responses to questions. It's important to me to hear that, and not the media spin or the campaign talking points. Questions, answers, rebuttals, and summaries.

    Those answers may come from the campaign talking points, but I still want to hear them in the debate format. Fortunately since the bill seems to have passed, there should be no need to cancel or reschedule the debate now, if there ever was a substantive reason to cancel it in the first place.

  23. Dianne Says:
  24. Roger is so cute! Don't tell him I said anything!!

    Congrats to Nancy on the what sounds like a great new job!!

    I agree about Jeter, I've always thought of him as the new DiMaggio :)

    Have a great time at the concert!! Look forward to hearing about it.

  25. Anonymous Says:
  26. I think someone from the NORTH has no clue what TAILGAITING is all about and to say something about OLE MISS is ridiculous. Your "darlin nancy" may be from the south, but you are not and to assume you know something about US is almost absurd!! ole Miss had nothing to do with the fact that McCain did what he wonder your numbers are down on this ignorant blog!!

  27. Bond Says:

    DANA: Was it not!

    JAY: I thought the same as you regarding cancellation of the VP Debate

    TUG: Rams fan? Man they are in disarray

    STARRLIGHT: OOO a blogger isle..sounds great

    LU": I had not heard that figure...

    SANNI: Thanks form both of us

    ANNDI: Playoffs!

    BUD: He is a clumsy fool...and I would like to root for the Cubs...also would love Joe to win it to slap Hank in the face

    KATHERINE: Glad John M decided to show

    MERI: Thanks

    TRAVIS: Wish my Yanks had a shot at your Dodgers..Thanks from nancy

    DIANNE: Isn't he though? Thanks

    ANON: Well thanks for your comment...BUT:
    I do know what tailgating is matter where I am from. I am confused..No actually YOU are as I never said anything bad about Ole Miss and actually emphasized (you know what that word means) as to what they have had to deal with the last weeks and the money spent and was hopeful the debate went on (which it did in case you missed it).

    now, hiding while leaving a comment...that is the modus operandi (want to go look that up - I will wait), of someone who has nothing real important to say.

    And to clarify...the numbers are very strong here.

  29. Starrlight Says:
  30. That was one of the lamest tirades defending McCain I have seen...well since last nights debate that it ;O)

  31. Bond Says:
  32. STARR: I am not that what that was? I thought it was more about yelling at me since I am not a Southerner and in some way it seems they think I picked on Ole Miss...

  33. Starrlight Says:
  34. That all came off as window dressing to me. At least I HOPE that is what it was, otherwise what we have here is a success at living up to the stereotypical southern cracker image.

  35. TopChamp Says:
  36. Well done to Nancy!

    As to finance: the economy over here's fcked too. It's all a bit disturbing. Much like your anonymous ranter.

  37. Dana Says:
  38. Yay for Nancy! I have started listening to the Allman Brothers thanks to you and I really am enjoying them!

  39. Roger Says:
  40. Holy Cow!!!! I thought for sure that somebody else was going to win that awesome DVD!

    And I heard that Dianne ;D

    Vin thanks man!


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