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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hope y'all had a wonderful three day weekend. Mine was spent with darlin' Nancy cleaning my apartment and her house for the arrival of Mom Joan and Dad Vince. They get to meet Nancy on Friday...I am looking forward to it.

We also made a big pot of gravy, which turned out pretty darn good and we also went down to her mom's on Monday and took her out to lunch which was just wonderful.

One thing did ruin my weekend...My Oakley's are missing! Now you have to know I am very sensitive to light, so no way do I go into a store and leave them and walk back out into the sun.

I am very disappointed in myself...I will miss them greatly and will not be able to afford to replace them anytime soon....

So I will be wearing one of the crappy pairs I have and they are not polarized, so it will not be pleasant when I am out doors...

UPDATE: Oakley's found...somehow they ended up under the sofa at Nancy's...the world is a better place this morning! LOL

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29 Of Your Sparks

  1. You lost your OAKLEYS?!

    Bummer, man.

  2. Dana Says:
  3. Not your Oakleys! I'm sending the Oakley Fairies your way in hopes that they can help you locate them - maybe they are just misplaced and not lost?

  4. Matt-Man Says:
  5. Sensitive to light? What are you, some kind of Vampire? Cheers Vinny!!

  6. RWA Says:
  7. Glad to hear that you found your Oakleys.

    Jenn Sterger, huh? I hope she's found a some semblance of humility since the last interview I heard with her. For someone who was "discovered" basically for wearing a torn FSU T-shirt on national TV, she has seemed a bit full of herself at times.

  8. Bond Says:
  9. SONGBIRD: Found...I am all better thanks

    DANA: $180 Monster Dogs - I love em..and they have been found by the Oakley fairies

    MATT-MAN: I vant to suck de blood...just maybe dude

    RWA: Thanks...We will find out this evening...

  10. ~Just Me~ Says:
  11. Glad you had a great weekend! I finally found you again.


  12. OBLadyBug Says:
  13. Yea for your Oakley’s showing up! It’s going to be a great week.

  14. Dixie Says:
  15. Happy that you found your Oakley's!

  16. Anndi Says:
  17. Crisis averted... thank goodness.

  18. Dianne Says:
  19. your weekend sounds lovely and relaxing!

    exactly who was going on that made the Oakleys disappear under Nancy's sofa!?

    it's OK I'll use my imagination

    enjoy the visit with Mom & Dad!

  20. leelee Says:
  21. Yay you found your Oakleys, I found a missing earring this morning...made me really happy too...


  22. Starrlight Says:
  23. Don't ya hate it when they somehow *cough*couch sex*cough* end up under the couch?!


    I want gravy. And Parmesan. And noodles.

  24. Turnbaby Says:
  25. YAY for finding the shades--you and I are vampiric that way;-)

    And it looks like a big ole pair of fake boobies may be her main 'gameday' qualifications.

  26. I am happy you found them. Have a great visit with your folks!

  27. Fred Says:
  28. Be sure to say hi to your mom and dad for me. I'd love to see a picture of everyone if you can work it into a post.

  29. Patti Says:
  30. It's not just my legs, but I am also glare challenged. I can find perfect use for sunglasses on cloudy days (blue) and rainy/snowy days (amber).

    I buy cheap sunglasses, though. I would hate to buy expensive frames and have the glasses fall in that sweet spot under my power wheelchair wheels...things break quite easily with a combined weight of 300 lb...

    Sounds like you labored on labor Day!

  31. Mimi Lenox Says:
  32. Hope you have a GREAT visit with the folks. Then can I borrow Nancy to help me clean the castle?? You two know how to get things done! Will she make me some gravy too???

    Glad you found the Oakleys.....

  33. Ralph Says:
  34. Bond, the last Patti comment is mine. Forgot to check profile first...

    The prior comments stand on their own!

  35. Bond Says:
  36. JUST ME: Miranda...welcome back

    OB: Nancy you made my morning with your text...Kiss...Looking forward to the weekend and you meeting the parents

    DIXIE: Thank you SugarBaby

  37. Bond Says:
  38. ANNDI: Got that right

    DIANNE: Relaxing? Ummm 6 hours of cleaning..not so relaxing..and I have no idea how they got there

    LEELEE: Finding things makes me happy

    STARRLIGHT: LOL...yeah yeah yeah....and when you get your a** to Memphis, there will be lasagna too!

    TURNBABY: Yes we are...even on rainy days I wear them...Hey fake boobies got a lot of people their jobs!

    BUD: Thanks and we will

    FRED: Picture on the blog...got it!

    PATTI/RALPH: I am now aware that patti is you! LOL I wear the dark ones on any day...and I can imagine a $190 pair of glasses would break under your chair just as easily as a $3 pair

    MIMI We will thanks and ummm..Nancy would need my help on the gravy..but you two can clean while I cook!

  39. Starrlight Says:
  40. Oh I am TOTALLY stowing away on that New York trip you and RWA are gonna take. Then I can get ....cannoli!

  41. Micky-T Says:
  42. I just want to point out that my absolute favorite line in your post that has stopped me cold so I can type this is.........[ made a big pot of gravy,}
    Just wanted to point that out!

  43. Kb Says:
  44. Oh, Vinny I hope you find your Oakleys! Like you I live in my sunglasses. I still have to worry about the wooden stake and garlic but at least I can see them coming. :)

  45. RWA Says:
  46. Starrlight, how exactly are you going to "stow away" on a trip from Memphis, Tennessee, to New York City - when you're in Oregon?!?!?!?!?

  47. Bond Says:
  48. STARRLIGHT: Before I could respond, RWA stole my question...

    MICKEY-T: Come on over to Memphis and I will heat some up with some pasta dude

    KB: Got em

    RWA: You took the words out of my mouth! LOL

  49. Starrlight Says:
  50. I'm trickys. I shall find a way :P

  51. Bond Says:
  52. STARR: Ya better be Houdini! LOL

  53. Roger Says:
  54. Oh Vin at frist I was going to say "Go get yourself some cheep sunglasses" LOL! Glad you found them nothing more irritating than losings your favorite pare.

  55. BeckEye Says:
  56. If only I had been more of a whorebag in my life, I could be hosting the Steelers pre-game show. Drat.


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