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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Sunday, September 28, 2008

Seems they may be from Texarkana, TX, but they are shy!

A comment that came in Friday evening regarding Thursday's post:
Anonymous said...

I think someone from the NORTH has no clue what TAILGAITING is all about and to say something about OLE MISS is ridiculous. Your "darlin nancy" may be from the south, but you are not and to assume you know something about US is almost absurd!! ole Miss had nothing to do with the fact that McCain did what he did.........no wonder your numbers are down on this ignorant blog!!

Well, we just noticed the fine job of spelling 'tailgating' I guess our new friend does theirs on a horse (get it? 'gaiting' hehehe...I crack myself up)...

Here was my response to our new friend...
ANON: Well thanks for your comment...BUT:
I do know what tailgating is ...no matter where I am from. I am confused..No actually YOU are as I never said anything bad about Ole Miss and actually emphasized (you know what that word means) as to what they have had to deal with the last weeks and the money spent and was hopeful the debate went on (which it did in case you missed it).

now, hiding while leaving a comment...that is the modus operandi (want to go look that up - I will wait), of someone who has nothing real important to say.

And to clarify...the numbers are very strong here.

No really, they are - over the last 14 days The Couch averages about 124 first time visits each day.

Well good gosh golly, hope they come by again. I so enjoy intelligent, well thought out banter here on The Couch - not that this person understands any of that!

This person missed the entire meaning of my post...so we will send out three little words to our new friend...

Reading is FUNdamental!

Brilliant...tight...in a groove...fun...all of these describe the Allman Brothers on stage at Bluesville at the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica on Saturday evening.

The show was a bit short for an Allman concert clocking in at just over 2 hours, but every second was filled with music new and old.

The band today consists of Greg Allman - vocals & keyboards; Butch Trucks - drums & percussion; Jaimoe - drums; Warren Haynes - guitar; Derek Trucks - guitar; Marc Quiñones - percussion; and Oteil Burbridge - bass. The first three are original members of the band.

Nancy and I arrived at our hotel around 2:00pm after finding out that Charlene would not be joining us due to her father having had a bad day on Friday in rehab.

When we got to our room we had some lunch (delicious left-over pork loin on rolls, parmesean reggiano cheese, summer sausage and crackers) with a few cocktails.

We headed over to Bluesville and sniffed around for people looking for tickets. There were others with extra tickets and we almost had two sales which, for various reasons did not come through.

Finally about 10 minutes before showtime, we went in and found our seats. They were not where I thought (I hate the seating charts in most venues)...but in a room that holds about 2,000 people, there are no bad seats. We did go up to the side of the area where general admission was set up (the same area our seats were in for B.B. King) and watched the show from closer for a while.

In the future, if we can not get ducats for seats up front, Nancy and I have decided, we would sit in the balcony along the sides. The seats are unobstructed and closer to the stage.

The band hit the stage right on time and, as I said above, were in incredible shape. Playing as well as I have heard with this lineup. It is interesting to watch Warren and Derek, as they hardly ever look at each other as is the case with many two-guitar bands. Yet, they are so totally in-sync as to what they are doing and are going to do, trading lead and slide guitar parts over and over throughout each song.

The show contained "Walk On Gildered Splinters", "Elizabeth Reed", "You Don't Love Me", "Soulshine" and "One Way Out" to name a few.

One of the cool things the Brothers are doing now is putting all their music on their own label and get distribution through a third party. Also, every concert is recorded from the soundboard and you can order online at their website or even order it at the show. I will be getting the CD in about a week or so, and will share some of it when I do.

I even found they have the Stony Brook University show I saw back in 1971 in the archives and I want to look for some of the other shows I have seen. I think this is a great way to share you live shows with your fans. The CD run about $25.00.

At Saturday's show, Greg sounded great. His voice was strong and his keyboard playing some of the strongest I can remember. The trio of drummers; Jaimoe, Butch and Marc were really pounding out the beat last night. When I first read that the Brothers were adding a percussionist in Marc Quiñones I was not sure why as Butch and Jaimoe have always been such strong drummers, but Quiñones adds runs on the congas and timpani that seem natural in even the older numbers where there were none.

Warren and Derek dueled all night long. Searing guitar solos have always been the hallmark of the Allman Brothers and for a while were lost in the 80's when Dickie Betts dueled with keyboards and lesser skilled guitar players. Even when Warren joined in the 90's and before Dickie left the band, the intensity that forms on the stage with Warren and Derek was missing. This is reminiscent of the old Duane/Dickie days.

Everyone who I spoke with or overheard as we were leaving was on fire about the show. As I was taking pictures one guy came over and said "Man, I bet you are getting some great shots, can you email them to me" and handed me a business card. I will be getting them out to him, but you get to see them first...

For the show, the shirt came out again (the only time I seem to wear it now). It was made for me in 1973 by a woman I knew in college. As I have recounted in the past, the day she gave it to me I was offered $150.00 for it.

I did receive comments on Saturday from some people.(all photos enlarge with a click)

And next to it is a closeup of the 'french-knots' used for the peach...it has held up incredibly well...and finally, tickets all set to go...

Shots from the show...

The slide that was up before the concert began - The band with light-show behind them - Warren & Derek

Greg - Warren - Derek - Oteil, Marc & Butch (Jaimoe was impossible to get from my angle)

Nancy got a t-shirt. This is actually from the 2006 tour, but was the one she liked the best...and I added a new shirt to my collection.

On Sunday we lounged around until about noon and then headed over to Harrah's to donate some money to their coffers and to have a great brunch at the Paula Dean buffet.

Then it was time to head home and that is always sad.

I am working on the Tuneage Tutelage for the Allman Brothers and believe part one will be tomorrow. It might end up being Wednesday. There is jsut so much info...I have figured out how I am planning on presenting it over a few days to not inundate y'all...some will be driven away fro the week, but it is time to share the story of this band that will be celebrating FORTY YEARS of playing together next year.


Of course music today comes from The Allman Brothers...This is from their concert on New Years Eve in 1973 at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA. Special guest sitting on this version of "Whipping Post" is Jerry Garcia. His guitar is so distinctive and adds an incredible flavor to this Allman Brothers standard...

This comes from a tape I received that had various performances on it. The song picks up from what seems like a segue from another song and ends abruptly - non the less, it is special even with the rest of the song.


24 Of Your Sparks

  1. I realize that TX is serious about their football, but for cryin' out loud - there are other football fanatical places. Like Ohio and oh, um, Green Bay, WI for example. I'm pretty sure they know how to throw a tail gate party in those places.

    Glad you and Nancy had a great time at the concert, but I'm sorry your companion couldn't join you. The shirts look great (classic AND new!).

  2. Dana Says:
  3. I'm thrilled to hear the concert was everything you'd hoped - love the shirt!

  4. DrillerAA Says:
  5. Nice shirts.
    Glad you had a great week-end. I've always like the Allman Brothers, but then my twenty something years were spent listening to Southern Rock (Little River Band, Alabama, CCR, etc.)

  6. Matt-Man Says:
  7. Anonymous, eh? I didn't realize that big, bad Texans were such pussies. Cheers Vinny!!

  8. Turnbaby Says:
  9. Maybe your anonymous guy and mine will meet up and start an anonymous blog;-)

    You both look great and I'm glad you had a good time.


  10. Kimmie Says:
  11. You and Nancy look adorable in your concert tee shirts. I am happy you all had a great time.

  12. Dianne Says:
  13. All that from "the North" and you don't understand "US" crap is just that - crap!! It is ONE freakin' country. I have no patience for anonymous people. You are far kinder than I am :)

    Sorry Charlene couldn't make it.

    Love your vintage shirt, it's like a work of art.

  14. Sanni Says:
  15. WOAH! Thank you so much for sharing the details and the great photos. I'm glad you had a great time!

  16. sarge had to set his blog to not accept anonymous comments. he doesn't mind any comments, but wants to know who says them, that's all.

    smiles, bee

  17. Bond Says:
  18. SONGBIRD: Love my new shirt...but the original blue jean shirt is my baby!

    DANA; Which shirt? LOL

    DRILLERAA: Yes, we had the same musical tastes back then...

    MATT-MAN: It appears the comment came from Texarkana...and I doubt we will hear from the little whiner again

    TURNBABY: Then we could leave nasty comments on their blog? Would have been better if you had not gone to see the Hair School!

    KIMMIE: Thank you so much

    DIANNE: I loved that i am from the North and could not understand tailgating..and ummm did I even mention tailgating?
    Yes, the vintage one is truly a work of art...if I can not wear it at some point, I will put it in a shadow box and hang it on the wall

    SANNI: My pleasure

    BEE: I like to duel with them on occasion... LOL

  19. the teach Says:
  20. You crack me up Vinny! Nutsy people are the best people! Nice tees! And I like the Allman Brothers... at least I know who they are. :)

  21. c Says:
  22. i am still sad that i couldn't make it~~but glad ya'll had a great time~~hey at least your anon commenter doesn't keep asking where are the nudie pics?

    sad thing~~or funny thing~~

    i know who he is~~a fucking relative

    he was stupid enough to send me an email during the time he was trolling~~and site meter~~~love it

    wonder if i should tell his wife who is my cousin?

    or is it her brother

    either way~~have an anon commenter who you know who is


    i should know my travel schedule by tomorrow

    ill call as soon as i know what day i am headed east~~i'll most likely
    come all the way to memphis

  23. Gosh Vinny. The moron knows your numbers are what? That floored me. We are in a public forum, so keep a thick skin. It sounds like a great night at the Brothers. I'm looking forward to hearing some. Peace, bro. Keep fighting the good fight!

  24. Meribah Says:
  25. Don't mind the ignorant schmucks, Bond. They know not what they do.
    Good to see y'all had such a great time! And did I happen to mention your Nancy is a pretty lady? Lucky guy, you is! :D

  26. Fred Says:
  27. Glad you had a great time. Nothing like a kick-butt concert to get you going.

    I've made my deposits to Harrahs properties, too. Someday, I hope to earn a dividend on all that money.

  28. Starrlight Says:
  29. Oh so jealous of that concert!

  30. Jay Says:
  31. Glad the concert was awesome dude!

    Screw the anonymous pussies!

  32. Bond Says:
  33. TEACH: Well I am sorta nutsy! hehe

    C: Glad dad is feeling better...Let me know when.

    BUD: I kinda got a kick out of it...gave me someone to goof on!
    Allman's were great!

    MERI: Oh really..it is not bothering me at all...We are to help those less fortunate than we! LOL
    She is pretty and I am lucky.

    FRED: I always count on someday getting that check

    STARRLIGHT: You MUST see them.

    Jay: It was fantastic and idjits are fun to play with... heheheh

  34. Starrlight Says:
  35. I really do. There is nothing sweeter than sitting outside in the summer at sunset with a nice cold beer and the Allmans playing.

  36. Travis Says:
  37. Outstanding! I'll have to remember to check out the website order because one can never have too much of the Brothers.

    Thanks for sharing the recap!

  38. Mimi Lenox Says:
  39. I've always loved the Allman Brothers. You two just look too darn cute in your shirts.

    Anonymous needs to get a life.
    Do they know about the dungeon? I'm fierce ya know...

  40. Tug Says:
  41. Wow, looks & sounds like you had an awesome time! Hope your week is going well Vinny...

  42. Bond Says:
  43. STARR: THAT is what I plan on doing when I retire

    TRAVIS: Thank you Sir...

    MIMI: Don't we though!

    TUG: Incredible time was had

  44. Starrlight Says:
  45. What is this "retire" you speak of?


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