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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, September 19, 2008

It is time for the announcement of the winners for the two copies of David Gilmour's new CD Live In Gdansk...

We had two people who shared their stories of their love for Pink Floyd. Actually both people spoke of their love, but mentioned daughters...It seems that my give-aways end up making two people smile, a mother and a son or daughter.

When Dana won the John Mayer CD, she shared it with her son.

For Live in Gdansk, Anndi spoke of her story, which included her daughter Chicklet...

When I was a kid in grade school, every Christmas we would pick a name of a classmate in a bag and we would buy that student a present (like Secret Santa).

We would give our secret Santa a few suggestions because there was no guarantee that your buddy was going to pick you and know which Smurfs you had in your collection and which ones you coveted (I was 10).

I wrote my name on a sliver of paper complete with my signature happy faced flower (I was 10) and one suggestion. There was only one thing I wanted really.

The big day came, we were going to exchange gifts.

Oh boy!

A boy from my class walked up to me with a big smile on his face. His name was Lee, he was Native Canadian and one of only three natives in our school. He always had red cheeks and very kind eyes.

He beemed and handed me the present he had wrapped himself.

I opened it and nearly knocked him to the ground when I hugged him.

In my hands was my very own copy of "Another Brick In The Wall II", the single aka "We Don't Need No Education". The irony is not lost on me.

My love affair with Pink Floyd started when I was 10.

Now my Chicklet is 10 and it's her turn. Monday night, she sat and listened and consoled me as I mourned Rick's passing.

It's time for her to have her own Pink Floyd. This would be a great start.

Combine that with the fact that Chicklet sprained her ankle and is on can I not send one to her!

Then Patti spoke about her love of Floyd, and also how her daughter (KidOne, Allegra) loved them also and a special thrill they shared:

I have a true story...I like Pink Floyd (my era) but our daughter loves, loves, loves them.

Story: when we went on a high school trip in 2005, our tour guide in Paris and London was a musician. He and our daughter got to talking about music, and she told him how she loves Floyd.

As we were on the bus heading to Heathrow to return home, Francy (the tour guide) asked the driver to stop, so that Allegra could photograph the Battersea Power Station from the album Animals.

He did and she did. It was a great moment, and a wonderful memory. I blogged about it HERE:

So, ladies...congratulations...Anndi, I think I have your new address. Patti, send me yours and I will send you both your copies. One will be opened, as I transfered the music to my computer. Patti, your choice to keep it or share it with Allegra.

Live In Gdansk will be shown in theatres across the country. Audiences can thrill to it in digital cinema equipped theatres around the country for one night only on Monday September 22nd.

This one time only special theatrical event, brought to audiences by The Bigger Picture, an AccessIT company and AEG/Network.

Live includes 5 songs not available on the concert DVD: ‘Speak To Me’, ‘Breathe (In the Air)’, ‘Time’, ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’ plus a reprise of ‘Breathe (in The Air’).

The theatrical release of David Gilmour Live In GdaƄsk will be dedicated to the memory of the late Richard Wright, who appears in the film. Richard Wright, one of the founding members of Pink Floyd, passed away on Monday, September 15th after a short illness.

To find the theatres showing the film, you can go HERE

On Monday we have another music give-away. The #1 DVD all over the world will be your prize. Come on by and find out what it is then...

For now, we leave you with another fantastic cut from Live In Gdansk...This is On An Island, the title cut from Gilmour's newest album and the theme of the tour the live CD was recorded on.

Have a most excellent weekend.


21 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. I thought both those mama/daughter stories were great!

    enjoy your weekend as well.

  3. me Says:
  4. i missed pink floyd crap

    i am glad i am back

    i am sooo looking forward to

    i had soooooooooo much fun tonight,
    didn't bingo because
    i was way too much of an airhead
    had a blast, going back very soon for next weekend

    damn, he's 18 not 20, his brother is 20


  5. Anndi Says:
  6. Coolness!

    Chicklet says: Thanks Uncle Vinny!

    I checked out the theater listing.. nothing in Canada *sob*.

    We missed the tour when it came through here, so a recording is the next best thing. Kind of kicking myself a bit though... would have loved to see Rick play again.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Bond Says:
  8. KATHERINE: How can you argue with mother/daughter stories! THANKS!

    CHARLENE: OK,glad you had fun...JAILBAIT!

    ANNDI: Will get it out to you over the weekend. Tell Chicklet to feel better and rest the ankle.

  9. Bond Says:
  10. Not happening in Memphis either...dang...

  11. Turnbaby Says:
  12. Have a great weekend sugar SMOOCH

  13. Dana Says:
  14. You're such a softy when it comes to kids - I like that about you!

    CONGRATULATIONS to Anndi and Patti!!

  15. Travis Says:
  16. Excellent stories and worthy winners both! Have a great weekend and good luck with football picks!

  17. Anndi Says:
  18. Thanks Dana and Travis! :)

  19. Starrlight Says:
  20. Ah Floyd. Kidlet owns the boxset courtesy of the ex boyfriend. Taking your kid to Laser Floyd is quite an experience!

    Congrats ladies!

  21. Tug Says:
  22. Congrats to Anndi & Patti - much deserved - you did good Vinny!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  23. This was a very touching post. We all understand how we mourn the loss of our stars and heroes very much. Great job, my friend...

  24. Bond Says:
  25. TURN: And you dear

    DANA: I am...I like them with fava beans and a nice chianti

    TRAVIS: Thanks and will be by to read your recaps

    STARR: Long time since I laser Floyd'd

    TUG: Thanks

    BUD: Thanks

  26. BeckEye Says:
  27. I've never been a huge Pink Floyd fan, but every once in a while I'll hear a song I've totally forgotten about and add that to my short list of "Pink Floyd songs I like." Most recently it was "Run Like Hell," which I had never known the title of. Explains why I always forgot about it, I guess.

  28. Mimi Lenox Says:
  29. What great stories of music shared between generations. Both writers are fabulous bloggers and wonderful people as well. Great post!

  30. Patti Says:
  31. Thank you so much, Vinny!! I am so excited to be able to be a cool mom and give my daughter a CD I know she will just love!!

    Merci beaucoup ~~~ I really appreciate it.

    Thanks also to Dana and Travis for the nice comments.

  32. Fred Says:
  33. I am having a most excellent weekend. Football, golf, football, golf.

  34. Bond Says:
  35. BECKEYE: A great song...

    MIMI: THey were great stories...I love when one generation passes on their love of music to the next

    PATTI: I am thrilled you got involved and 'played'...Remember to dupe it to your iTunes before passing it along so you will enjoy also

    FRED: Great sports weekend..

  36. Patti Says:
  37. Hi,
    I don't have iTunes...I'm so 1980s.

  38. Meribah Says:
  39. Aw, such sweet stories. Deserving peeps all! :)

  40. Jeff B Says:
  41. "Big man...Pig man...ha ha charade you are"

    "Animals" still ranks as my all time favorite Floyd production. I remember countless hours of skateboard riding with that playing in the background.

    Was also thinking of you as the Yankees played their final home game at Yankee Stadium. The end of another era.


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