Las Vegas Week Part 1 - Monday Music...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, October 13, 2008

In Vegas...Hopefully I will have time to get online in the mornings...I figure by the evenings the monitor might be a tad blurry!

This show ruled! Playboy after Dark only ran two seasons 1969-1970 in syndication and was broadcast late at night.

Hef hosted and it's format was based on a party at Hef's apartment...Musical guests were the best of the best...

The following is a snippet of the information I found on the show at TVParty:

Hefner's first nationally televised series, Playboy's Penthouse, premiered on October 24, 1959. Produced in the studios of WBKB-TV in Chicago, the program was syndicated to a loose network of stations across the country that specifically signed up for the show.

The format was modeled on a hip, swinging bachelor party, the kind of bash where cool people lounged in their cocktail clothes exchanging bright ideas.

Beat poets, writers, comics, and musical immortals like Ella Fitzgerald, Cy Coleman (composer of the Playboy theme song), Nat "King" Cole, Sarah Vaughn, The Limelighters, and Harry Belafonte mingled in an impromptu fashion with Hef and his assembled party-goers.

There had never been anything like Playboy's Penthouse on television. From a historical perspective, this was the first national program where whites and blacks sat down together and partied as equals.

Hef's first "Penthouse Party" (as the show was also known early on) featured raucous comedian Lenny Bruce, a controversial choice.

It was rare for any TV production to book the up and coming nightclub comic because of his rambling delivery and outspoken views on race, religion and politics. Hugh Hefner was making a point on his very first outing, tackling subjects never touched upon in 1950s television culture.

Skip ahead to January of 1969. With magazine sales topping 5.5 million a month, Hefner (then forty-two) again entered the television arena with Playboy After Dark, a 26-week color version of his earlier series.

Once again the party format was carried forward, with an elaborate $35,000 bachelor pad set built on a CBS Hollywood sound stage, complete with a den, sunken living room, and curvaceous bar. Twenty girls and nineteen guys (guess who got two girls) provided the atmosphere and mingled with the exceptional guest stars.

This is from July 10, 1969...the boys looked like they were having fun - whether it was the Bunnies or the chemicals I do not know...I love when Hef says "Well the guys are near their instruments and the kids have settled down"...bwahahahahahahaha

Hope all y'all are doing well..

18 Of Your Sparks

  1. Dana Says:
  2. Damn! I am getting old! I actually remember Playboy After Dark. Great clip Vinnny!

    Oh. by the way, I've been saving up my pennies this weekend, I think I have enough for bail!

  3. Matt-Man Says:
  4. Hef's the Man. Hope you're having fun. Cheers Vin!!

  5. Turnbaby Says:
  6. LOL@ Dana cause I remember it too.

    Have fun sugar--I do expect a drunk dial!

  7. Micky-T Says:
  8. Great stuff! Gerry actually looks comfortable there around all those very clean people.
    What's the flashing hologram or whatever, do you know?

  9. Bond Says:
  10. DANA: Hell, so do I girl..and I am NOT old
    OK, well stay by your phone!

    MATT-MAN: That he does

    TURN: I could have done that last night! LOL

    MICKEY-T: I know he does, like he belongs, but I also heard they spiked the punch that night, but could not find verification! I don't know...

  11. Starrlight Says:
  12. Bunnies and Garcia. Interesting combo ;0

  13. Glad you landed in Vegas safely. I have the bail money safely in hand.

  14. ...of course the punch was spiked!....Great clip! I recognise everyone but the keyboard player.....Owsley? Hunter?....isn't that pig on the bongos?

  15. have fun bond!!!

    smiles, bee

  16. Mags Says:
  17. I have to say that I've never heard of any of this-but it seems pretty cool. And LOL at "the bunnies or the chemicals"

  18. Tug Says:
  19. At least back then it didn't make me go ewwwwwwwww seeing Hef with 2 cute young blonde chicks.

  20. Fred Says:
  21. Hef sans a bathrobe? Who wudda thunk?

    Have fun in Vegas!

  22. Travis Says:
  23. I don't remember that show, but I have heard about it before.

    Enjoy Vegas!

  24. Meribah Says:
  25. Ah, Hugh Hefner. A sleazy purveyor of porn, with lots of money. He's also the very definition of "dirty old man!" LOL

  26. Bond Says:
  27. STARR: I thought so...LOL

    SONGBIRD: SO far so good...

    PHFRANKIE: Almost positive it is Tom Constanten and YUP that is Pig on congas

    BEE: I will thanks

    MAGS: Well you are just a young thing! LOL


    FRED: Bathrobe came later...I am thanks

    TRAVIS: It was a fun show IMHO

    MERI: And he is verrrry rich! LOL

  28. DrillerAA Says:
  29. OK, who really bought Playboy for the articles? They had articles? You mean other than the monthly interview? Who knew. Well my collection is long gone. I travel a different road (like most of us) and Hef is just a distant memory.
    Kind of looks like a scene from an early James Bond film doesn't it?
    Have a great week in Vegas.

  30. katherine. Says:
  31. I remember Playboy After Dark as well...and I was ten...sheesh

    liked the Dead clip.

    been meaning to ask if you saw jackie greene with the allman brothers...I know they were together end of september...first part of october...but not sure where.

  32. Jeff B Says:
  33. I watched that show once, but only for the articles!


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