Las Vegas Week Part 2 - Deep Purple & Ruby Tuesday

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, October 14, 2008

If you LOVE Dancing, then head over to TRAVIS'
for a complete look at last night's program.

Click on the logo above to head over to The Teach's blog to see all the entries this week. Folks, RUBY TUESDAY has exploded across the Bloggosphere...THANKS MARY!

"Flower Time"

This is dated October 1968 but must be from 1969, since the show was not on in 1968...another conversation with Hef and another great line "...I think it would groove the kids if you did it."

Deep Purple...."Hush" just gotta dig the gold lame clamdiggers (well that is what they were called back then) they are capri's...

Hope all y'all are doing well...

16 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. hope you are having a great least one you can tell us about. smile

  3. ...most excellent...

  4. Starrlight Says:
  5. OMG I LOVE that song. LOVE it!

    That flower is gorgeous. I love really deep shades of red that border on purple and black.

  6. Micky-T Says:
  7. Hey I used to go clam digging all the time as a kid [and adult],and I never had pants like that.
    What a groove!

  8. Bond Says:
  9. KATHERINE: So far so good

    PHFRANKIE: Glad you enjoyed

    STARRLIGHT: Wasn't it great?!

    MICKEY=T: So did I and mine looked nothing like those either!

  10. Turnbaby Says:
  11. Still waiting on that drunk dial *giggling*

  12. leelee Says:
  13. Wow, I have never seen so much satin in one place as clothes...

    I really dig this song..they may be wearing bad clothes but they rock!

    Hush! I mean Hugs!!

  14. Fred Says:
  15. The real question is: Are you winning of losing?

  16. Mimi Lenox Says:
  17. You're not in jail or anything are ya?

  18. Ralph Says:
  19. The rose is dusky, but appropriate for Ruby Tuesday.

    When I was a kid ('69) I actually had the 7" single of Hush (Deep Purple, not Billy Joe Royal). It was on an offbeat label, Tetragramaton, or something like that), silver label if I remember. I haven't searched the web for that yet :>). Hear it a fair amount these days on the radio, the best part being the crazy drums after the organ and just before the last 'na, na, na, etc'. That song is as subtle as a 5lb sledge hammer!

  20. Bond Says:
  21. TURNBABY: Did not get drunk enough last night...tonight...just maybe

    LEELEE: LOL satin rules

    FRED: At the moment down by about $70

    MIMI: Not yet!

  22. Raven Says:
  23. Lovely flower. My computer is on video strike right now for some reason. Probably afraid I'll make it run some new political thing and is putting it's - whatever the computer equivalent of a foot is - down.

  24. Mags Says:
  25. I hope you had another good day in Vegas.

    *sigh* I wanna go someplace fun!!

  26. Dianne Says:
  27. bloggin' from Vegas! How cool are you

    love the ruby flower, great shade and shadow

    keep on having a great time

  28. Fred Says:
  29. "Of losing." I'm terrible at proofreading. And looking at pictures. And all sorts of other things.


    Now -- go out there and win more!

  30. Travis Says:
  31. Thanks as always for the shout. Hope all is well in Vegas!


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