Las Vegas Week Part 3 - Canned Heat...Creative Photo Contest #14 Week 2

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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for a complete look at last night's program.

Week #14 - Week 2 for Roger's Creative Photography on the banner above if you want to learn more and enter or just feel like sliding around the Bloggosphere and checking out some really fantastic photos...

Guess I could have used this yesterday for Ruby Tuesday, but...

This is from August 1982. genesis. This photo is completely untouched. Just as it came out of the camera.

Hope you like it. (click to enlarge)

One more from the mansion...And let me just say, if Matt-Man has not already said it in comments...Barbie Benton is by far the hottest Playmate there ever was!

Canned Heat was one of the hottest jam bands in the day. This is labeled January 20, 1969. The video ends just as it sounds like the band was ending the song.

21 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA Says:
  2. The photo is great. It could be an album cover!
    While Barbie Benton is certainly in my top three, I think I will have to go with Victoria Principal as No. 1. But then, I never looked at the photos much. I just borrowed my roommate's issue of Playboy so I could read the articles.
    Yep, it was definitely and different place and time in my life.

  3. DrillerAA Says:
  4. And as for Canned could put this clip in any blues club in America today and it would still be amazing! Probably one of the more under appreciated bands of the day.

  5. Liz Hill Says:
  6. That pic is so cool--I love how those unexpected ones can happen.

  7. Schmoop Says:
  8. I will second that. Barbi, in her day, was smokin' hot. And I looove the picture. Cheers Vinny!!

  9. leelee Says:
  10. Oh I love Canned Heat!! and I'm not embarrassed tosay that Barbie benton IS the hottest Playmate (and I don't even swing that way)

    Have a great Day!!!!


  11. Ken Says:
  12. Lord Have Mercy.....I've Got No Place To Go.

    Good stuff Vinnie!

  13. Music From Big Pink!! I LOVE Canned Heat =)

    Is that the freaky ass mother song where Phil does the "ha ha ha" crap in it? Kidlet saw that video and now she fears The Collins.

    And Barbie was awesome. Hugh traded down when he ditched Barbie.

  14. Stop it!!! You're killin' me oveah heah!!! Larry Taylor is a maniac! Fito De La Parra cooks!!! I saw Canned Heat in 1969 but I don't remember much....thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. WOAH! If I were a rock band I'd ask for your permission to use the CP entry for my album cover... but nobody wants to hear me singing *g*

    Great capture, Vinny! Good luck in the contest!

  17. DRILLERAA: There were photos in Playboy??? I never noticed! LOL And Canned ruled in my mind. Thanks on the photo.

    TURNBABY: Thanks dear...feel better

    MATT-MAN: She has always been my favorite...and thanks on the picture

    LEELEE: lol ...on the Barbie comment and thanks for the kudos on the photo

    MICKEY-T: Thanks bud...I loved that clip and the song

    STARRLIGHT: I did also...they were so raw yet so accomplished. Not sure if that was the song, but it could have been..and tell kidlet, not to fear! Barbie was SMOKIN'

    PHFRANKIE: LOL glad I got your attention dude.

  18. Tug Says:
  19. Wow, awesome pic!!

    Even Holly was (is?) jealous of Barbie. hee

  20. Fred Says:
  21. I'm with you on Barbie Benton. Haven't heard that name in ages, but as soon as I saw her name, I could remember her face. And body.

    I feel like a creepy old man now.

  22. Patti Says:
  23. Great photo! That really could be an album cover.

  24. Julie Says:
  25. Oooh very cool pic Vinny!

  26. Travis Cody Says:
  27. What an amazing effect on the photo! That could be blown up as a poster.

  28. Ralph Says:
  29. The singer looks as if he might be the Wizard behind the curtain...

    Youngsters these days just wouldn't understand film photography. You captured it so well!

  30. Mimi Lenox Says:
  31. That is a very cool picture! Having fun?

  32. RW Says:
  33. Awesome photo Vin! That works in great for the season to! Hope your having a blast out there!!

  34. thanks for your email~~

    getting ready for dad coming home tomorrow!

  35. Dianne Says:
  36. that man is on fire!! cool
    great shot :)

  37. Anonymous Says:
  38. That is a very cool shot! Nice entry for the photo contest. :)


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