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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, October 06, 2008

What goes around comes around....

An incredible almost totally forgotten...

Incredibly THIRTEEN YEARS TO THE DAY, from his acquittal in the murder of his wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman, OJ Simpson was found guilty on 12 charges of armed robbery, conspiracy to kidnap and assault with a deadly weapon.

The armed robbery charges carry a mandatory jail sentence and the kidnapping charge carries a possible term of life imprisonment.

If THAT is not a cosmic F-U to OJ Simpson, I do not know what is...!!!!!!

Congrats to Travis' team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, on their advancing to the NL Championship. The will face the Phillies from Philadelphia.

What goes around, comes around...

My Yankees were up 3-0 against the Red Sux in 2004 in the AL Championship and two players helped with the most incredible comeback in baseball history. Manny Ramirez went 6-18 in the last four games and the winning pitcher for the Sux in game 7 was Derek Lowe.

The manager of the Yankees, was of course, Joe Torre. Torre is now the manager of the Dodgers. Manny Ramirez was traded to the Dodgers on July 31st and since then he hit .362, with 17 HRs, 52 RBIs and 39 runs scored, certainly assisting them in their quest for a title.

When he came over, the Dodger's were 2 games behind the Arizona Diamondbacks. They won the division with a 2 game lead over the Diamondbacks. Not the only reason, but a big part of their win.

Derek Lowe won 14 games this year with a stellar 3.24 ERA and won game one of the series against the Cubs to help put the Dodgers in the Championship game.

Had a beautiful weekend her in Memphis. Watched some baseball all three days, Peter's team lost in the semi-final game on a few real questionable calls...but that is sports and you suck it up and come back next time.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, bright sunny days with temps in the low 80's. Just have to love it....well at least I do...

Was working with my iTunes and with a music list I had from the years I was a DJ and combining them to build a full data base. I went to do some transferring of cassettes and found my cassette deck is on the fritz. It has been a long while since I actually used it. Might have to buy a new one to transfer all the cassettes I have.

While a wedding DJ, I put my music on cassettes (this was just before CDs became popular), because many halls have stages which tend to shimmy and shake and it made it tough to use vinyl. Mostly I used 45's but did bring along compilation albums. So I have many cassette tapes to transfer over, including one I really want to get done.

It is a concert by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band recorded live at the Bottom Line in NYC from 1975!

Well, there is also the tape of the Grateful Dead from the Englishtown Raceway concert that I attended on September 3rd, 1977 that I also would really like to have digitized.

Well, there are also a few tapes back from when I was doing Radio in Rochester and with the Kaleidoscope Network when I was doing shows that ran on stations around the country. The one I have from that time, strangely enough, Dad Vince had and he duped it for me. Not sure how he ended up with it and I didn't have one!?!

So...have to look into a cassette deck....sheesh

Leave you with some Count...From the album The Complete Atomic Basie, released in 1957 on Blue Note Records. This is entitled "After Supper"


Count Basie (piano);
Joe Williams (vocals);
Wendell Culley, Snooky Young, Thad Jones, Joe Newman (trumpet);
Henry Coker, Al Grey, Benny Powell (trombone);
Marshall Royal, Frank Wess, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Frank Foster, Charles Fowlkes (reeds);
Freddie Green (guitar);
Eddie Jones (bass);
Sonny Payne (drums)

21 Of Your Sparks

  1. Dana Says:
  2. The OJ issue? As much as I agree with the verdict, I have to wonder just how "fair and impartial" the jury was. We'll have to see if this stands up over appeal.

  3. Twyla Says:
  4. Sometimes Karma is a wonderful thing.

  5. Schmoop Says:
  6. Manny Ramirez Rocks!! But I still loathe the Dodgers. Cheers Vinny!!

  7. I worked in a predominately black area of town with a majority of black women when the verdict was read. They all cheered.

    On some level I can understand the twisted sense of equality in a black man getting away with murdering a white woman given the staggering numbers of white men who got away with killing blacks, but at some point equality has to leave payback behind and start accepting responsibility.

    I hope he has to toss a lot of salads in the big house.

    The Basie was divine, Bond =)

  8. DANA: According to their news conference they were fair and impartial toward the old case...this was based on this case only and we can only hope it holds up...

    TWYLA: LOL yup

    MATT-MAN: See I totally disagree...Dodgers Rock..Manny I loathe

    STARR: I hope he gets "tossed" in the big house and spends many years there....
    Glad you enjoyed the Count.

  9. Jay Says:
  10. I had a bad feeling that my OJ Acquittal Party was going to be a dud.

    Man-Ram is a baseball God! I know lots of people love to hate him or complain about him, but that mostly comes from the fact that he is just freaking amazing. Baseball is all about driving in runs, and NOBODY does that better than Manny.

  11. JAY: Where was my invite dude...not showing any love...I totally rock at acquittal parties!

    I understand the whole M.R. thing as you explained it, but he is a cancer in the locker room when he does not get his way. Just like T.O. and Randy moss and all the rest.

  12. Tug Says:
  13. I saw an interview with Torre this weekend...he just doesn't look right dressed without pinstripes.


    Be interesting to see what OJ actually gets.

  14. Dianne Says:
  15. I used to rock Englishtown Raceway LOL
    All the security guards knew me

    Loving the Count

    Happy Monday!

  16. DrillerAA Says:
  17. Nevada's definition of kidnapping is extremely conservative. If you cause someone to move by force or intimidation, that is kidnapping. I would suspect, based on that definition, that virtually every armed robbery involves kidnapping. I guess that this is truly a case of "What happens in Vegas, stay in Vegas...for twenty years."

  18. My dad has been a Cubbies fan his entire life. He's 83 and never have seen them win a WS. The last time they were in one, I wasn't even born.

    The Red Sox in 2004 was SO depressing. Much worse than missing out this year.

    I had to buy a new cassette deck when I moved hear. Best Buy had all of 2 to choose from. One was a brand I had not heard of for 89. For 99 I bought the Sony. I will never live long enough to transfer the WTIT tapes to digital...

  19. TUG: LOL yeah, I know it is definitelya sight I never thought I would see

    DIANNE: Englishtown had some great shows...glad you enjoyed The Count

    DRILLERAA: I will remember that when i am there next week.

    BUD: Sorry for your dad....and yes 2004 was MUCH worse...
    Actually Dad Vince has called and he has one he no longer uses, so I am getting it in about 6 weeks.

  20. Jeff B Says:
  21. Long overdue justice I'm thinking. Sure hope it holds up and he finally has to do some time behind bars. What an idiot!

    Being a Giants fan it goes against my grain to be happy for the Dodgers success, but I like Travis too much to not at least feel a little bit good for them.

    .....ok, I'm past that......come on Phillies!!!

  22. Ralph Says:
  23. Perhaps the Sawx and the Dodgers will meet in the W/S. Then the world can judge Manny for being Manny...As a Boston fan, I was glad to see him go. Why he didn't just show up for work every day?

    (Insert cynical disparagements from jaded fans here...)

    I love Basie's famous Evening in Paris and The One O'Clock Jump, both with swing, elegant playing and lush arrangements. Nice choice!

  24. Travis Cody Says:
  25. Thanks for the shout on my boys.

    As to the long-haired, baggy-uniformed, my-helmet-flies-off-when-I-run-the-bases idiot, my dislike has little to do with any kind of success he has had as a ball player. I don't deny he is a talented hitter.

    My issue has always been the sulking and the half-assed play and the bonehead crap in the outfield. I don't like it when an athlete takes it for granted that they get to play a little boy's game and make millions, and basically slap the fans in the face by not playing hard everytime he takes the field.

    And pushing a 60 year old front office worker to the ground over some game tickets is reprehensible behavior.

    So I dislike the guy. I don't care how well he decides he's going to play. Some things supercede athletic talent, like being a decent human being.

    Oh...I forgive Jeff for being a Giants fan.

    And the Basie is sublime.

  26. JEFF: Giants fan (foes back to Willie)...Never been fond of them

    RALPH: I forgive you for being a Saux fan (I spelled it differently just for you!) Basie is always welcome in my home!

    TRAVIS: Perfectly said. You hit the nail on the head. You know I have never appreciated his antics. To be a true star you need to play the game well and also show class and dignity while doing so.

  27. Fred Says:
  28. Plus, the jury deliberated for 13 hours and the sentencing guidelines call for a midpoint of 13 years.

    Good riddance, O.J. Enjoy your cell. you remember where you were when the O.J. chase scene was broadcast on every channel?

  29. Unknown Says:
  30. Thanks for stopping by my site earlier. I'll be a regular visitor here, I like it. Being new I don't want to sound like one of those guys that you're just introduced to that start trying to act smarter than everyone else....but the Springsteen Bottom Line show came out right before his first album came out in the 70s, Born In The USA came out in 1984.

  31. FRED: a buddies house..we were playing golf the next day and watching a ballgame on TV and BAM there was the Bronco

    JOHN: One thing you will find is I NEED AN my dates screwed are absolutely correct.

  32. Lu' Says:
  33. OJ right on bye bye, don't pick up the soap :)

  34. Meribah Says:
  35. Justice may be slow in coming, sometimes, but it still comes! :D


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